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News Article: Fightstar Live in Wakefield!!
The almighty Fightstar fronted by Charlie Simpson are booked to play the opening night for Black Flag Venue on Smythe Street in Wakefield. | 401 hits
CD Review: The Enemy - Had Enough
With the first twelve seconds sounding like it could be the opening theme of a new American drama, (I envision a big collage of shots of good looking actors in a hospital or running from the police) The Enemy's new single 'Had Enough' is with us. | 786 hits
CD Review: Little Japanese Toy - Calling Disused Numbers
This is a very nice single from the Star Harbour label. It tucks right into the New Art Underground as if Chicago or Montreal were just up the road. | 412 hits
Live Review: Young Heart Attack + Seven Hours
I'm starting to wonder if someone's put a curse on me which has condemned me for an eternity of always missing the opening act when I go to review gigs at Joseph's Well - this is no less than the third time in a row that it's happened. | 851 hits
CD Review: Sounds Of Swami - Halcyon Days
Keighley's Sounds of Swami don't hang about on 7" 'Halcyon Days,' blasting through six songs in seventeen minutes. | 899 hits
CD Review: Polaris - s/t
I wish I could start this review in the same way Polaris start this eponymous album of theirs. Because then you'd understand exactly what it was I was setting out to do. | 777 hits
Live Review: Tristan Mackay + Andrew James O'Brien
I like expanding my musical tastes, seeing a diverse range of gigs in random venues and this one was different in more ways than one! | 931 hits
Live Review: Lorimer + 5ft4 + Floozy
Another cracking line-up courtesy of the Blue Star boys, this time with a bit of a rockier edge leading to possibly the fullest showcase since Leeds Music Scene maestro Dave Sugden and Joseph's Well manager Karl Baird began the monthly nights back in December 2000. | 551 hits
Interview: Young Guns
With their much-anticipated debut full-length released earlier this month, Jessica Thornsby spoke to Simon Mitchell, the bass player in High Wycombe's Young Guns. | 1,410 hits
Live Review: Fall Out Boy + The Academy Is... + Thursday + Hundred Reasons + Capdown + The Hush Sound + Hellogoodbye
In the absence of an arena (or anything bigger than the Uni's Refectory in actuality) it seems Millennium Square has stepped up to the plate to become the pinnacle of Leeds' gigging venue possibilities. | 941 hits

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