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Band Profile: Pale Man Made
We do not have a biography for Pale Man Made | 418 hits
Band Profile: Pale Saints
We do not have a biography for Pale Saints | 274 hits
CD Review: Drat - Brittle Pale Blue EP
Hailing from Ireland, but sounding decidedly American, Drat are here to tide over all the Weezer fans who are tired of waiting for Rivers to get off his ass and write some more albums. | 670 hits
CD Review: Pale Man Made - Show Of Hands
If ever a band sounded like they were a bunch of scruffy no good students who decided to record a few songs during fresher's week then it's Pale Man Made. | 584 hits
CD Review: The Four Marys - Sweet And Sour EP
It's seems that the mighty Pale Man Made have grown some legs and spawned another band in the form of guitarist Christianne's other project known as The Four Marys. | 569 hits
Band Profile: The Program
Ex-Pale Saints, Chris Cooper & Graeme Naysmith create atmospheric instrumental soundscapes. | 913 hits
Band Profile: Angel Chain Diaries
indie rock | 962 hits
Band Profile: Once I Tried
Tom - Bass Toyan - Percussion Craig - Guitars Richy - Vocals Inflicting a Noisecore assault on the Leeds underground scene for the past year, they have also been seen destroying the stage alongside the likes of HONDO MACLEAN, MINUS, MURDER ONE and PALE HORSE. | 470 hits
CD Review: Noisia - Machine Gun
'Machine Gun,' the first single to be lifted off Dutch trio Noisia's forthcoming full-length, is the sort of drum n bass that might, inexplicably, infiltrate the alternative scene, ala Pendulum - although an industrial tinge means this is far darker than anything Pendulum have ever produced. | 1,335 hits
CD Review: Eris - Melody In Mind
Groove Rock? What's that then? Unpleasant... yes but more accurately it's a watered down Chilli Peppers ala The Spin Doctors. | 431 hits
CD Review: Khopek - s/t
This elegantly European-looking collection of four pieces from five piece Khopek comes cloaked in pale blue mystery. | 495 hits
Band Profile: Insect Guide
Formed in Leeds in 2005 by Su Sutton (vocals) and Stan Howells (guitar), Insect Guide released debut album 6ft in Love in November 2007 to widespread acclaim. The album was followed in January 2008 by a limited EP of remixes by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3/Spectrum). | 1,401 hits
Live Review: Drat + Meme
For any regulars on the Leeds music scene, the Cellars has always and will always hold a very special fondness in our hearts. | 624 hits
CD Review: The Bluebirds - The Bluebirds Album
The unwritten law that states "All blues bands must attempt to have either the word blue or blues or some clever word play with the word blue in their name" strikes again... | 414 hits
Band Profile: The Edsel Auctioneer
Leeds' answer to MBV and Husker Du | 633 hits
Band Profile: PlaygrounD
Playground was born in around 1993, and after many summers practice in the bottle shed of the Cricketers Arms Seacroft, we emerged a pale and interesting bunch, with some raw talent and some dark grooves. | 498 hits
News Article: Slaves, Wild Beasts and White Lies announced as first acts for Live at Leeds 2017
The award winning metropolitan festival, Live at Leeds, returns on Saturday 29th April 2017 and the first bands have been announced this week, including Slaves, Wild Beasts, White Lies, Jagwar Ma and The Pigeon Detectives. | 515 hits
CD Review: Little Big Men - Let It Go
I was looking at the Plastichead huge mail order catalogue the other day. It's over a month since I ordered a copy of Cursive's new album from them ... | 374 hits
CD Review: Dusty Not Digital - Solarise EP
In their list of influences on MySpace, Dusty Not Digital do a particularly good job of trying to draw you away from the truth. | 478 hits
CD Review: Prime Mover - Cabbages and Kings
Now then chaps and chapettes, how do you like your bass? Hidden away murmuring nicely in the background, contributing nicely to the overall convivial atmosphere but at a comfortable level where it can be safely ignored, rather like an elderly family member at a Christmas shindig? | 385 hits
CD Review: The Printed Sound - The Announcement EP
These days the term "Indie-rock" is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most hardened, weathered hack. | 593 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Drat
"i found a skull today by the motorway its bone was paper thin could crack under anything" because drat create fiercely intelligent ferociously random observational songs with two guitars a bass a drums and a notebook that lends catchy loops to some of the quirkiest yet shamelessly honest compositions i've encountered for a while sung through telephones bolted to microphone stands following introductions every bit as surreal i mean songs about bells palsy don't hit you in the face very often even if youd only half notice when they did but drat are an aural and visual acyclovir-prednisone cocktail tasting of smile on my lips which is of course a first rate thing as the bending notes plus quirky chords swish with sway around the busy buzzy royal park cellars where there are no s m u k punk royal girls stretching today but lots of untailored folk instead even sitting on the floor which is effective although i wouldnt as its covered in stout spilt earlier but got away with i think a sample lyric might shed some light so theres one at the top of the page on their exemplary website there is brittle pale blue and theres even a guitar tuner so go and observe for yourself four day hombre get better and healthier every time i glimpse them which hasn't been enough lately but sufficient to see their hair grow out as their songs strengthen until i love the choruslines that flex and spin like simone clarke like on don't go gently where they probably really did give it away but its okay to remember and reflect that if your miss u contestant did thump you in the chest it was probably just to keep you going believe me sometimes thats more than you deserve child then the im sorry song lifts the place back up in a flurry of oxymoronic harmony joy soon theres drink too both beer and tea which is apt since four day hombre are so very english sounding by which by i suggest they are eloquent when using its not like it used to be you need to download the video you need to offload but in the interim simon or richie or both can do that for you by proxy while you put your hand in the back pocket of those jeans but not to buy the boys the drinks they request from the stage maybe later because right now bathed in red light he looks like john cale before the nobodys little girl song resolves and until the epic single room wends steadfastly into the night we don't have to go home from for a while yet | 976 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bustin' Out
Post-Punk compilations haven't exactly been thin on the ground since the heady days of the late 70's. | 477 hits
News Article: Many more bands added to Live At Leeds 2012 event
Organisers of Live At Leeds 2012 have today revealed the second wave of bands that will be appearing as part of the day-long Saturday event on May 5th 2012. | 1,573 hits
Live Review: Warpaint
When Warpaint amble onto the stage attired in trendily grubby boho-hippy chic and offer a few sunny, charming Californian platitudes by way of introduction you could be forgiven for thinking that what will follow will prominently feature jangly guitars and breezy lyrics about spending days rollerblading at the beach. | 496 hits
Band Profile: Drat
lo-fi indie | 1,999 hits
News Article: Beacons Festival organisers announce final 30 acts
Beacons Festival are pleased to announce the final 30 artists joining this year's event in the stunning Yorkshire dales, including: Admiral Fallow / B>E>A>K> / Disclosure / Double Muscle / Filthy Dukes - Djs / Fun Adults / Goodnight Lenin / Hawk Eyes / Hey Sholay / Holograms / Imp / Japandroids / Juffage / Lanterns On The Lake / Luvjam / Magnetic North / Marcus Worgull / Nope / Pale Seas / Pins / Plank / Post War Glamour Girls / Runners / Soul Jazz Soundsystem / Stalking Horse / Sunless '97 / That Fucking Tank / This Aint Vegas / Veronica Falls / Visions Of Trees / Wot Gorilla These artists will be joining the current line-up below: Wild Beasts / Toots And The Maytals / Roots Manuva / Patrick Wolf / The Felice Brothers / Maya Jane Coles / Junior Boys / Ghostpoet / Factory Floor / Julio Bashmore / Jessie Ware / Pearson Sound / Andrew Weatherall Presents A Love From Outer Space / Cass Mccombs / Willy Mason / Errors / Cloud Nothings / Oneman / D/R/U/G/S / Peaking Lights / Xxxy / Kwes / Willis Earl Beal / Frankie & The Heartstrings / Outfit / Star Slinger / Jacuzzi Boys / Clock Opera / Lunice / Submotion Orchestra / Koreless / Bok Bok / 2:54 / Jam City / King Krule / Weird Dreams / Mazes / Still Corners / Stay+ / Stopmakingme / Gross Magic / Bos Angeles / Grass House / Arthur Beatrice / Hookworms / The Wave Pictures / Au Palais / Bleeding Knees Club / Souljazz Soundsystem / Tall Ships / Blacklisters Beacons video promo: Early bird and second tier tickets are now sold out. | 573 hits
Live Review: Gold Chains & Sue Cie
Leeds very nearly embarrassed these two oddball rappers from San Francisco tonight. The pair walked onstage to be greeted by the empty floor of Joseph's Well, apart from three guys leaning against one wall, and myself against another. | 663 hits
CD Review: The Definitve List - Untitled
There comes a point when someone has to say: "OK lads, that'll do. Now go away and have another listen to the stuff you're borrowing". | 361 hits
Live Review: Billy No Mates + Frankie Stubbs + The Fat Cats
Hot news! The Fat Cats have invented Punk Swing. No, really. And it's dead good. This five-piece (bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, saxophone) are a genre-hopping delight. | 1,825 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - The Program
Jock and Chris from The Program shared a few words with us in the lead-up to their appearance at StrangeForms festival. | 480 hits
Live Review: The Jesus and Mary Chain + Black Delta Movement
Though I was doing something else when 'Psychocandy' first came out in the eighties, the debut album of a The Jesus and Mary Chain that featured the Reid brothers and a young Bobby Gillespie, doing their best to forget that they lived in East Kilbride, I was introduced to the album by a friend who had also introduced me to the 'Loveless' album by My Bloody Valentine. | 667 hits
CD Review: This Days Fury - Nineteen Days To Die
Recently, while looking for my inner soul, I got lost and ended up at an emo cult membership party. I spotted a pale young girl staring blankly out of the window. | 524 hits
CD Review: Mint Julep - Save Your Season
"Save Your Season" out November 14th is a great record. Synth-filled, ecstatic-toned with the occasional pulse of bass. | 1,279 hits
Live Review: Experimental Audio Research + Quack Quack + Random Number + Elizabeth
After 6 hours of a mix of all sorts of music at the Woodhouse Liberal Club, a benefit gig for Love Music, Hate Racism, it's time for the next gig just down the road from where I used to live. | 1,012 hits
Live Review: Twin Atlantic + Fighting With Wire + Spy Catcher
If tonight's show is anything to go by, the UK's rock scene is in very safe hands indeed. Not content with releasing one of the stand-out albums of 2011, Twin Atlantic are currently touring the UK in support of it, and anyone who hasn't got a ticket for this sold-out show tonight is missing out. | 705 hits
Interview: Daniel Fell
As lead singer, main songwriter and all around head honcho of The Argonauts, Daniel Fell is now going solo. He's playing in Leeds at Carpe Diem on the 12th February, so Gavin Miller caught up with the man himself to have a little chat about all things musical... | 1,325 hits
CD Review: Souls - Burning Fires of Destruction Leaving Trails of Debris in Their Wake
One-man-band Jonny Mawson has released this soaring, orchestral beauty as a debut for his post-rock solo-project "Souls". | 668 hits
CD Review: Fugitive - In Transit
Hard rock outfit Fugitive specialise in swaggering riffs and brash, rock and roll choruses lifted from an era before hard rock splintered into so many hyphenated subgenres. | 388 hits
Live Review: Biffy Clyro + Hell Is For Heroes + Ghostride
The amount of times I hear 'Mon The Biffy' tonight, if stretched in font 10 end to end would circumnavigate the world 6.5 times. | 1,358 hits
Live Review: The Sailmakers + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + Jacobean Ruff + Jonathan H. Moss
Hometown favourites, The Kaiser Chiefs, may be playing to a sold out First Direct Arena; but even so, a healthy crowd has battled the inclement autumnal weather to make it to the upstairs room at The Library, to see the four acts appearing at the weekly 360 Club night. | 710 hits
Live Review: The Kills + The Gin Palace
The Gin Palace are quite possibly the strangest looking band I have ever seen. Vocalist, Meaghan Wilkie, with her petite, pixie-like features, stood onstage like a tiny girl, playing dress-up. | 928 hits
Live Review: Fossil Collective + David Henshaw
The first of many highlights last night was a stunning solo set by David Henshaw. Performing without the help of band mates or compadre Joseph Lawrenson, David set the scene for an intimate and stripped-back evening with an affably humble charm. | 1,728 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2012 timetable revealed
With less than 3 weeks to go organisers have today confirmed the final acts and stage times for the 6th annual Live at Leeds. | 4,184 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Scared to Get Happy
Apologies to the ace people at Cherry Red for taking so long to write this. Not for the first time I've been distracted by a book I was reading but in my defence it helped with the music. | 418 hits
Live Review: Cosmonaut + katywithout + Cypher
I'd never been to basement before as I kind of think of it as out of the way, and not somewhere I really want to walk at night, but I saw the note asking for a reviewer, realized it was going to be an electronica based night and then got told I could get into the club afterwards for free, once I had paid for the gig - SOLD! | 421 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Latitudes
We caught up with Jon from Latitudes ahead of their headline performance this Saturday at StrangeForms... | 641 hits
Live Review: Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls + Gary Stewart
Friday was an evening of firsts: my first time at All Hallows, the first time I got to watch Gary Stewart and the first time that Miles Hunt had played in a church. | 1,483 hits
Live Review: 30 Day Hex + Invention of Hands + Glissando + Cipher
Mmmmm it's a bit nippy out! So I took the car, unfortunately the heater took so long to get going I was still cold (going blue actually) when I arrived. | 604 hits
News Article: Beacons Festival Announce Stage Times
Beacons Festival 17th -19th August 2012 Funkirk Estate, Skipton, The Stunning Yorkshire Dales. After many months of careful planning and with less than two weeks to go Beacons Festival are pleased to announce the stage times for this year's event. | 996 hits
Interview: Arctic Monkeys
"I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor", Arctic Monkeys' second single and first full-scale release, has shifted a rattling avalanche of around 33,000 copies thus far whilst simultaneously thrusting a very sharp, very painful spear labelled "Reality Check" up the rear end of the boring, apathetic public. | 14,261 hits
Feature: 2013 - A Year In Review
The LMS team got together for a chat and a drink to discuss the musical highs and lows of 2013 in our fair city. And you know what; it was a pretty busy year! | 1,417 hits

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