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Band Profile: The Paper Bears
The Paper Bears are a funky acoustic trio from Leeds. | 97 hits
CD Review: Just Handshakes (We're British) - Paper Cranes/Talking Pictures
First of all, the 'Paper Cranes/Talking Pictures' release comes wrapped in a bow, with an accompanying origami leaflet entitled 'Make Your Own Paper Crane' which pretty much sums up the intimate, small-scale feel of Just Handshakes (We're British)'s double A side release. | 1,353 hits
Band Profile: Paper Cuts
There is more than one band with the name Paper Cuts. (1) An Israeli Duo that consists of Amit Erez (Guitar. | 197 hits
Live Review: Paper Tiger
Today is the day that many students move into their new places of residence ready for a year of dodgy landlords, microwave food and mould. | 392 hits
Band Profile: Paper Beat Scissors
We do not have a biography for Paper Beat Scissors. | 36 hits
Band Profile: Paper Crows
Paper Crows is made up of 18 year-old Emma Panas and 24 year-old Duncan McDougall. Stand Alight is the debut single released on the label of production and song writing duo Future Cut, the single gained support on Radio 1 from BBC Introducing via Vic Galloway, as well as recent plays on Nick Grimshaw's show. | 64 hits
Band Profile: Bright Paper Werewolves
There are at least two bands named Bright Paper Werewolves. 1) A british band (from Doncaster). | 148 hits
CD Review: Paper Cuts - Born On A Slippery Slope
If any bands were to be related to the late At the Drive-in then Paper Cuts would the immature cousin from across the pond whom the family hate to visit at Christmas as they're the ones who get blind drunk and try to hit on your mother. | 275 hits
Band Profile: The Paper Tiger Sound
The Paper Tiger Sound is a transatlantic project created in 2006 by Dan Gelder who is from England's Eastern shore. | 536 hits
CD Review: Amy Studt - My Paper Made Men
You may recognise the name and remember Amy Studt as a hesitant yet flourishing teenage star. After her debut album sold around 200,000 copies and she gained 3 top twenty singles, she pondered stepping out of the world of music for good. | 1,585 hits
Live Review: OFM + Bright Paper Werewolves
"Doncaster's finest" reads the promo. Overzealous PR, or straight-laced fact? My mission - uncover the truth. | 549 hits
CD Review: Itch - Spiralling Paper Planes
What a great opening. The first 35 seconds of "All our so called bad luck stories" are fresh young and just fantastic. | 420 hits
CD Review: Seafood - Paper Crown King
One of the most underrated acts to emerge from the same Scottish scene as the likes of Idlewild and (obviously early) Snow Patrol, Seafood, through no fault of their own have just never caught on to the mainstream in a way that their combined talents have always merited. | 406 hits
Live Review: Paper Beat Scissors + Tomorrow We Sail
House gigs - there's definitely something appealing about having all your mates rammed into a tiny room all united in the joint causes of anarchic desecration and just straight up trying to royally piss off the neighbours. | 376 hits
Band Profile: Paper Tiger
Live future music. | 503 hits
Live Review: Fenech-Soler + Paper Crows + Escort Knights
After cancelling a myriad of festival appearances and rescheduling their UK tour due to lead singer, Ben Duffy undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer, Fenech-Soler arrived back in Leeds on a bitterly cold evening following a tumultuous year. | 426 hits
Interview: Amy Studt
Joseph C Seager managed to ask Amy Studt a few words about the past, present, and future before her new album 'My Paper Made Men' hits the shelves. | 906 hits
Band Profile: The Paper Smiles
Jonathan Haigh - Vox and Guitar Thom McGowan- Drums Adam Cosheril - Bass | 5,989 hits
Interview: The Humour
Rock, Paper, Indie: Charlotte Oxnard talks to Wakefield rock band The Humour. | 1,235 hits
News Article: Leeds Student to extend its coverage of the local music scene and request your CDs...
Calling Leeds bands! The award winning weekly student paper - Leeds Student - is to extend its coverage of the local music scene by including a demo review section. | 557 hits
Band Profile: Cari Flower
A minimal folk acoustic musician from Barrow-in-Furness, currently living in Leeds. | 345 hits
Live Review: Happy Daggers
Unsure of what to really expect from my evening, I tentatively made sure my bow tie was securely in place, tried not to look too self conscious and alighted the steps into a wonderful little boutique, hidden away in Leeds' market district - Paper Dress Vintage. | 429 hits
Band Profile: Mik Artistik's Ego Trip
Mik Artistik Johnny Flockton Benson Walker Already well known across West Yorkshire as 'the brown paper bag man', Mik Artistik earned his living by drawing portraits (in biro) of ordinary people, on ordinary brown paper bags. | 964 hits
CD Review: The Heartstrings - Try Fly Blue Sky EP
This self-released three-track EP is one of the most unashamedly pop sounding records released in recent times and the fact that The Heartstrings have so far remained under the radar is a bit of a surprise. | 414 hits
News Article: MonMon featured on BBC Introducing Mixtape
New MonMon track "Fullers Slade" was played on BBC 6Music at the weekend by Tom Robinson on his Saturday evening show as well as being featured on the BBC Introducing Mixtape. | 198 hits
Band Profile: My Forever
My Forever are a 5 piece rock/pop band from Leeds/Scarborough | 590 hits
CD Review: Michelle Branch - Are you happy now?
Back with a new album, "Hotel Paper", this is the first single to be taken from it. With a sterling backing band including Kenny Aronoff, Dave Navarro and Jamie Muhoberac it's a tight, punchy slice of pop rock. | 307 hits
Band Profile: Amy Studt
Amy Jane Studt (born in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, March 22, 1986) is a British singer, songwriter and musician. | 904 hits
News Article: Vessels to release their debut album in the summer
Vessels have announced UK tour dates ahead of the release of their debut album, 'White Fields and Open Devices', which is due out in June this year. | 505 hits
CD Review: New Jack Swing - s/t
Take some clunky white man's crusty-funk (the type that wears orange jeans and a green jumper full of holes) and disguise it by calling it "Progressive Groove Rock" and get a black front man with a great voice to carry the show. | 524 hits
CD Review: Sneaky Sound System - UFO
Sneaky Sound System are 2 guys on the club scene in Australia who, in time honoured tradition, have recruited singer Connie Mitchell to add a little glamour to proceedings. | 362 hits
News Article: DeLorean Drivers to release self-titled album on 2nd May
DeLorean Drivers have announced the release of their debut album on 2nd May 2011. The band say their eponymous release "takes elements from disco, glam, dance and pop and re-casts them as the soundtrack to a fourth-dimensional journey through musical space and time" and it was described as "a heady mix of pop, electro, disco and hands in the air choruses" by the Leeds-based Vibrations Magazine. | 390 hits
Band Profile: The Arteries
The Arteries are a punk rock band from Swansea, UK, they have been around since 2005, and according to Jamie "We aren't trying to change the world, we are just a bunch of friends that like to play music together and party - come and join in!" Their debut album, 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' was self released in 3 parts over 2008 in the form of 3 coloured 10" records and is now available via Household Name Records on CD format. | 226 hits
CD Review: Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-e'
As fans we usually sigh at the news of another reissusing of one of our favourite CDs. Knowing that as a dedicated fan we are going to fork out again for a CD we already own but with one whole extra bonus live track that was recorded in Nigeria in 1987 . | 495 hits
Live Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Straddling a Yamaha DX7 and clutching a handful of Talking Heads records, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have surfed across the pond atop a foaming wave of transatlantic synth-pop hyperbole. | 369 hits
CD Review: Anechoic - Subtractive
How do you know a good CD? How do you know that when you first play a song it is going to be one you will play again and again? | 946 hits
News Article: Vessels to release a new single in June
On Monday 16th June, Leeds band Vessels will release the first single to be taken from their debut album 'White Fields and Open Devices'. | 389 hits
CD Review: InMe - Single Of The Weak
One obviously has to hand it to the band for coming up with their own dismissive headline. 'Single of the Weak' is, in a nutshell, exactly that. | 710 hits
Live Review: Hell is for Heroes
Hell is for heroes exploded on to the radio one stage late afternoon on Friday. After seeing them earlier on in the year, and after following the up and down career of 2 of the bands last group, Symposium, you always know that Hell is for heroes will put on an incredible show. | 309 hits
Band Profile: Controller Controller
controller.controller was a Canadian indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band consisted of former vocalist Nirmala Basnayake, guitarists Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas and Scott Kaija, bassist Ronnie Morris and drummer Jeff Scheven. | 118 hits
CD Review: Amy Studt - Nice Boys
Having reviewed her 'My Paper Made Men' album almost a year ago, it appears that what was held back as a digital download could perhaps become a physical album for Amy Studt. | 540 hits
News Article: The Kiara Elles to release a new EP on the Vandal record label
The Kiara Elles have announced the release of their new EP on the Vandal record label (Choque Hosein) on Monday, October 12th. | 417 hits
Band Profile: Guns on the Roof
Guns on the Roof come from the wrong side of Leeds, Crossgates and Halton Moor, areas that spawned the likes of 80's punk bands Abrasive Wheels, Icon AD, Urban Zones and more recently Dead Pets. | 2,075 hits
Band Profile: Michelle Branch
Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch (named after the song "Michelle" by The Beatles) was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States on the 2nd of July, 1983. | 243 hits
News Article: Pifco will release their debut album on July 7th
Leeds duo Pifco will release their debut album on July 7th. Released on the Run Of The Mill Records label, 'Pifco a go go' is the band's first official release since they began producing music together in 2004 - although they have featured on many compilations and have released a tape EP in that time. | 367 hits
CD Review: AFI - Sing the Sorrow
Its been twelve years since Californian based punk rockers AFI first decided to form a band in order to avoid to the real world, and they are finally being tipped to make that jump from underground to mainstream with their sixth album Sing the Sorrow. | 614 hits
CD Review: The Hickey Underworld - The Frog
The Hickey Underworld are a four-piece alt-rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, and from the press release that came with this single, 'The Frog', I was pretty excited- on paper, it sounded as if this single would be quirky, dynamic, and unpredictable. | 193 hits
CD Review: The Steers - Julia
Usually, doing a bit of on-line research on a band as you sit listening to their latest single will reveal a little juicy fact or will at least give you the bit of inspiration needed to start writing - even if you just find out the band members' names and where they're from. | 372 hits
News Article: Census time: 1 in every 2000 people in Leeds a 'musician'
The 2011 Census will be landing on doorsteps in March, and it is interesting to note how many people in Leeds list "musician" as their profession. | 583 hits
News Article: 'Spiders' is the three track debut EP from Louise Distras
Louise Distras has announced the release of her three track 'Spiders' EP. The release will be the debut record from the former Blockades front woman. | 367 hits
CD Review: Cal Williams Jr - Driving as a form of prayer
What kind of music does Cal Williams Jr Play? Cal Williams Jr plays very ambient classical folk music. | 417 hits
CD Review: Underoath - O (Disambiguation)
It seems that Underoath have taken a harsher approach since the departure of Aaron Gillespie. Gone are most of the clean vocals (although McTague does the ones still included) instead replaced with Chamberlain's noticeably harsher growls. | 429 hits
CD Review: If I Were King - Untitled
The problem with having seven people in your band, all wanting a bit of the musical pie and having their own bit of limelight, means that unless your influences are sturdily in place and stay there, everything can come across a little irregular for the listener. | 317 hits
CD Review: Pantyraid - Beba
Despite having never encountered the 'futurist hip hop' label before, it's an apt summary of Pantyraid's combination of slowed-down hip-hop grooves and spacey synths. | 374 hits
CD Review: Pifco - Pifco A Go Go
Pifco are one of those bands you're either going to love or hate. The first potential deal-breaker is frontman Ste's habit of barking incoherently rather than singing, which will leave a good many people scratching their heads before switching 'Pifco A Go Go' off. | 449 hits
CD Review: Roe Sham Bo - Serotonin
Apparently Roe Sham Bo have had the luxury of turning down 3 record deals. One listen to their self-released album Serotonin will have you scratching your head and asking "Just who the f*ck were these record companies?" and did they come here in a time machine? | 408 hits
CD Review: Colin Mounsey - The Panda and Piano EP
Colin Mounsey is clearly undaunted by challenging trends and preconceived ideas about what songs should and shouldn't reside together on a record. | 334 hits
News Article: Trumpets Of Death release debut album on 7th March
Trumpets Of Death release their debut album 'Teeth + Teeth = Teeths' on Monday 7th March through the Tin Angel Records label. | 322 hits
CD Review: Blah Blah Tin - The Interesting Inept Music Thing
Home produced and bearing all the hall marks of it Blah Blah Tin are not here to trouble the charts, but instead to do exactly as they please with a drum machine, synth, dirty guitar and big collection of records by The Fall. | 749 hits
CD Review: Baby Food - Posh Filth EP
Some bands spend a fortune on their music. Fancy expensive guitars, Roland keyboards, flash drum kits, the works. | 599 hits
Live Review: FF'ers
FF'ers are confronted by the biggest crowd of the day. It's really hard to get up to the front, and in pretending to be important, with a bag and an officious clipboard I attract the attention of two young fans who ask me who is about to play. | 2,945 hits
Live Review: Half Man Half Biscuit
It's been a while since this band have graced any stage in Leeds, and it's an obvious welcome return judging by the full house that's in front of them, even at 14 quid a pop. | 484 hits
Band Profile: Seafood
Seafood formed in London on August 31st 1996. The have been frequently described as a "post-grunge band" though this is disputed. | 292 hits
Band Profile: Dave Gahan
David Gahan (born May 9, 1962 in Epping, Essex, England) is the baritone lead singer for English electro stalwarts, Depeche Mode. | 220 hits
Live Review: Tiny Tin Lady + Pete Briley
Pete Briley did his best to lift the Monday blues with a chirpy performance of melodic acoustic numbers. | 501 hits
CD Review: The Wind-up Birds - My Life Was Ruined By The Wind-Up Birds
"Warning signal, warning sign, put these thoughts out of your mind" are the first words that you are greeted with when listening to The Wind-up Birds' new EP and they will be same words that you'll spend the next week singing to yourself whether you like it or not. | 801 hits
CD Review: Five Mile Island - Untitled
'Seconds Out,' the opening track of Five Mile Island's debut demo is actually the weakest of the five songs on offer. | 430 hits
News Article: More bands announced for Live At Leeds 2011
More bands have been announced this morning for the Live At Leeds 2011 festival. The official launch of Live At Leeds 2011 festival took place last Friday, with over 60 bands announced for the festival already. | 1,105 hits
News Article: Unsigned Stage to return to Leeds Festival for a second year
Last week we revealed details of the Futuresound competition, through which six local bands get the opportunity to play at the Leeds Festival (Bramham Park, August Bank Holiday weekend) and this week follows the announcement of the Lee Unsigned Stage, undoubtedly the success story of the festival in 2005. | 1,346 hits
CD Review: The Bandits - And They Walked Away (album sampler)
Well, at least I only had to suffer five tracks. If these are the best, God preserve me from the others. | 915 hits
Live Review: Kanyose + Flowe
First up were Flowe from Loughborough. Lead singer Paul Saunders' swooping vocals over a melodic background of jangling guitar gave the band a late 80s indie sound. | 378 hits
News Article: Steve Albini to make keynote speech in Leeds
The sixth annual Art of Record Production Conference will be hosted by Music, Sound & Performance at Leeds Metropolitan University. | 975 hits
News Article: New Additions to Beacons Festival 2011
Frankie and the Heartstrings have been added to this year's Beacons Festival and will be opening the event a day early. | 518 hits
Band Profile: Sir Richard Bishop
Since 1981, Sir Richard Bishop has been traveling the spaceways as 1/3 of Ethno-Improv Pioneers, Sun City Girls. | 235 hits
Live Review: Lostprophets
Like Weezer's triumphant Saturday evening showing, Lostprophets turn out the sort of set that transforms they-did-that-Last-Train-Home-song-right? | 458 hits
Band Profile: Lapsus Linguae
Four young men from Glasgow, consisting of Penelope Collegefriend (vocals/piano/bass), Magaloof Taylor (vocals/bass/piano), Gunthor Hunter (guitar) and Raga Wu (drums), whose name translates as 'slip of the tongue', are a seething blur of punk rock hairstyles, gothic mascara, razorsharp cheekbones and skinny fit pseudo-metal Lapsus t-shirts. | 191 hits
CD Review: Remo - Let It Go
Remo are from the growing collection of "alternative" rock bands hailing from the city of Bradford lately. | 269 hits
CD Review: Chikinki - Lick Your Ticket
"Lick Your Ticket" is Chikinki's major label debut but is by the letter of the law their difficult second album. | 693 hits
CD Review: Savior Adore - Bodies
Read a review of any emerging artist coming out of Brooklyn and you're bound to find the words 'young,' 'fresh' and 'exciting' casually strewn across the page. | 329 hits
Live Review: Weezer
Unassuming-looking frontman Rivers Cuomo is transformed into festival hero over the course of Weezer's set, as he indulges in all sorts of tomfoolery, ranging from donning a long blonde wig and treating us to some Lady Gaga, to balancing on top of billboards, bouncing on an onstage trampolinelime, dad-dancing, and pointing and mugging into the cameras like he's recording some cheesy 90's pop music vid. | 461 hits
CD Review: In:Audium - Drawing Silence
How exactly do you "draw" silence then? Do you sit down with a crayon and a piece of paper next the National Institute for the Mute and wait for something non-vocal to grab your artistic muse? | 393 hits
CD Review: The Whip - X Marks Destination
Whilst the music world seems to be in a fervour over the latest wave indie bands from the North West who all sound remarkably and uninspiring similar, Manchester band The Whip have produced a stand-out indie-electro dance album. | 1,117 hits
Band Profile: St Vincent
Annie Clark is an American multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who performs under the moniker St. | 212 hits
News Article: 28-track Doot Doot Recordings compilation album available on free download
A free download of the compilation album "Gone to See the Birds and the Trees" is now available. The compilation has been put together by Doot Doot Recordings and features 28 tracks from a non definitive selection of musicians with links to the Leeds LS6 DIY scene. | 503 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - ...and besides everyone knows it's not just boys fun: Manifesta Compilation #1
Everyone knows that women do not a good rock star make. That is, of course, utter bollocks, and Manifesta are out to prove it. | 786 hits
CD Review: Nex - s/t
It was some time around Christmas 2003 if I remember rightly. I was at a festive gig at the Royal Park Cellars to see Robochrist, Xi and the Sisters of Murphy. | 578 hits
Live Review: Emmy The Great
During the course of the hour Emma Moss is on stage tonight she ponders whether MSN is an outdated reference, apologises for over-using the term 'sexy', invites us all to add her as a friend on Google+ and urges us to show our appreciation by earning her zoo bucks on the Tiny Zoo app. | 418 hits
Band Profile: Ben Butler & Mousepad
Ben Butler & Mouse Pad is Joe Gay vs You/Germlin's new project. Anyone exposed to the furious shake & pop of pixelated DIY dance fury from either act should expect excellence. | 23 hits
CD Review: The Noise - The Electric Press
This is very primitive guitar rock with a swagger and attitude that some people are just going to love. | 472 hits
CD Review: Virginia Creep - Crack Out Baby
There was a time, years ago, when hulking behemoths stood astride the world we call 'Rock!' with their axes in hand and their lean bodies covered in garish spandex, tight fitting leather and tremendously outrageous haircuts. | 654 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Drat
"i found a skull today by the motorway its bone was paper thin could crack under anything" because drat create fiercely intelligent ferociously random observational songs with two guitars a bass a drums and a notebook that lends catchy loops to some of the quirkiest yet shamelessly honest compositions i've encountered for a while sung through telephones bolted to microphone stands following introductions every bit as surreal i mean songs about bells palsy don't hit you in the face very often even if youd only half notice when they did but drat are an aural and visual acyclovir-prednisone cocktail tasting of smile on my lips which is of course a first rate thing as the bending notes plus quirky chords swish with sway around the busy buzzy royal park cellars where there are no s m u k punk royal girls stretching today but lots of untailored folk instead even sitting on the floor which is effective although i wouldnt as its covered in stout spilt earlier but got away with i think a sample lyric might shed some light so theres one at the top of the page on their exemplary website there is brittle pale blue and theres even a guitar tuner so go and observe for yourself four day hombre get better and healthier every time i glimpse them which hasn't been enough lately but sufficient to see their hair grow out as their songs strengthen until i love the choruslines that flex and spin like simone clarke like on don't go gently where they probably really did give it away but its okay to remember and reflect that if your miss u contestant did thump you in the chest it was probably just to keep you going believe me sometimes thats more than you deserve child then the im sorry song lifts the place back up in a flurry of oxymoronic harmony joy soon theres drink too both beer and tea which is apt since four day hombre are so very english sounding by which by i suggest they are eloquent when using its not like it used to be you need to download the video you need to offload but in the interim simon or richie or both can do that for you by proxy while you put your hand in the back pocket of those jeans but not to buy the boys the drinks they request from the stage maybe later because right now bathed in red light he looks like john cale before the nobodys little girl song resolves and until the epic single room wends steadfastly into the night we don't have to go home from for a while yet | 877 hits
CD Review: Liam Prodigy - Back To Mine
Back to Mine are at the pinnacle of the music compilation scene, providing interesting and eclectic selections from some of the greatest names in the dance music scene and beyond including, The Orb, Underworld, New Order, Faithless and by far the best up to date Groove Armada. | 1,012 hits
Live Review: Faithless
You just know it's going to be a killer night when you're informed (after arriving at the venue) that your photographer's official photopass allows them to go absolutely anywhere and do absolutely anything except take photos... | 681 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - She Gives Me Nothing EP
You know those times where you're sure you've seen something before, but don't quite know what it is, and it pisses you off for the rest of the day trying to figure out it out? | 415 hits
CD Review: Galitza - Laugh Like A Horse EP
There's extra special value for punters with this new and completely delectable horse-themed (note abstract gee-gee cover-art) EP from the Wrath records stable. | 325 hits
Live Review: Pop Threat
I must say I am a little late in reviewing Pop Threat and for that I apologise unreservedly to the delightful Juliet who cornered me after a Scaramangas gig at Ver Well one night last year. | 259 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Icarus Sister + Kenosha
I had a feeling tonight was going to be a good night and it was. Steve Kind introduced each of the bands and let us know what we were in for... | 380 hits
Live Review: Homecut Directive + Helen + Sposh
Now coming towards a conclusion for this year, Futuresound 2001 has been a useful platform for a number of Leeds bands wishing to showcase their music to the city, whatever their genre. | 433 hits
Band Profile: The Boy Least Likely To
The Boy Least Likely To are an English indie pop/folk duo, comprised of composer/multi-instrumentalist Pete Hobbs and lyricist/singer Jof Owen. | 258 hits
News Article: Oxjam 2012 to takeover Leeds on Saturday
It's been a brilliant, busy and breathtaking four months of quality music, good times and hard work, all of which has served as a preamble for the main event: Oxjam Leeds Takeover 2012. | 668 hits
Live Review: Matt Belmont Band + Anaïs + The Coopers + Opie Deino + Alice Ostapjuk + Steph Stephenson
The latest Leeds Women's Aid Charity gig organised by Cool Acoustics got off to a finely tuned start with Royal Park Cellars regular Steph Stephenson. | 530 hits
News Article: Line up for Rock & Rail 2011 announced
Organisers of Rock & Rail 2011 have announced that Steve Cradock, well known as a long standing member of Paul Weller's band and guitarist in Ocean Colour Scene, will be headlining the inaugural festival this June. | 621 hits
CD Review: Mew - Apocalypso
I wasn't going to write about this single; I was going to just sit quietly and indulge in its creamy, glacial atmosphere like one might with, say, a Magnum or a (po) Calypso (har har! | 1,107 hits
Band Profile: Hafdis Huld
Hafdis Huld, acoustic / folk artist and singer-songwriter was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. From the age of 15 she sang and toured the world with iconic Icelandic collective GusGus. | 193 hits
Band Profile: Jacobs Stories
Started in the Summer of 2003 as a collection of four track songs made for friends, Jacob's Stories is music made by a bearded singer songwriter named Stuart Lee. | 192 hits
Live Review: Four Tet + Explosions In The Sky
After a feeding frenzy to buy tickets back in the heady days of summer, I was expecting a wee bit more excitement amongst the gig-goers for this one. | 1,410 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Champion Kickboxer + Last People On Earth + Yorkshire Bone
On paper this was an impressive showcase line-up of cross-Yorkshire talent tonight courtesy of Sandman magazine. | 775 hits
CD Review: Market Fiction - We Borrow Industry
It's a CDR. It's a high street bought CDR in a plastic wallet with a computer printed piece of artwork on cheap paper. | 519 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Sunshine Skylark Bridge
Type the words "Rhode Island" into Google and you'll find websites on The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, The Rhode Island School of Design and The Official Web Site of the State of Rhode Island - Your gateway to information about living, working, visiting, and doing business in Rhode Island. | 578 hits
Band Profile: We Are The Union
Unhappy with the current state of ska music, We Are The Union decided to stick out their own necks and tried to change things for the better in the summer of 2005. | 150 hits
Live Review: Roger McGuinn
Roger McGuinn you ask - who is he? You may well ask. This is the man who defined the sounds of the early 60s with his jingle jangle sound of the 12 string Rickenbacker guitar - a sound adopted and refined by The Beatles no less in many of their early classics (Hard Day's Night springs immediately to mind). | 252 hits
Live Review: Good Shoes + O Fracas + My Luminaries
To say this was a popular night would be somewhat of an understatement. We were packed and packed in proper... | 413 hits
Live Review: Yashin + The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus + Lyu
It's a testament to how hotly anticipated tonight's show is that despite the fact it's cold, raining and blowing a gale outside the Cockpit on this truly miserable Thursday evening, there are fans outside the doors who have queued for hours for a place at the front of the venue; it is clear that expectations for tonight's show are sky high, which leaves Birmingham quartet Lyu the unenviable job of warming up this most partisan of crowds. | 890 hits
Live Review: Random Impulse + Post War Glamour Girls + The Spills
Much more than just a gig, Big Fish, in conjunction with Leeds City College, offers aspiring journalists and media students the opportunity to gain experience whilst studying. | 358 hits
Live Review: Cosmo Jarvis
Half way through tonight's Cosmo Jarvis gig in the aircraft hangar-like environs of the Cockpit 3 comes a shout from the crowd for Gay Pirates, the Devon-based singer-songwriter's most well known composition. | 247 hits
CD Review: Sublime with Rome - Yours Truly
I've been a Sublime fan since I discovered my love for alternative reggae/ska back in 2005, and since then, they've grown into my favourite band of all time. | 295 hits
Band Profile: Symposium
The band formed while still in school in Kensington, London, in 1995. The line up was: Ross Cummins (vocalist), Hagop Tchaparian (guitarist), Joe Birch (drummer), William McGonagle (guitarist), and Wojtek Godzisz (bassist). | 414 hits
Band Profile: Douglas
This tag relates to three artists, the Welsh pop-punk band, a Chilean pop singer of the same name, and a Pittsburgh folk rock/rock n' roll band. | 206 hits
CD Review: Itch - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
This is a third release from Batley's Itch. The passion, inventiveness and musical ambition of the 2001 debut "Spiralling Paper Planes" are still all there, with depth maturity and a surer sense of what Itch are all about. | 820 hits
Live Review: Wiht
The Packhorse is a downcast and claustrophobic venue to say the least. But it's that eerie drabness in the air, an atmosphere that seemingly evokes the spirit of 70s pub rock and generally times long since gone, that set the perfect stage tonight for Wiht. | 368 hits
Live Review: Shout Out Louds
The Swedish four piece trip daintily on stage, accompanied by a hurdy gurdy soundtrack that conjures up images of accordion playing moustachioed fellows and Heidi running through lush meadows. | 700 hits
Band Profile: De Novo Dahl
De Novo Dahl is an indie pop group formed in 2001 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States. The band consists of Joel Dahl (vocals, guitar), Serai Zaffiro (omnichord, vocals), Keith Lowen (bass), Matthew "Moose" Hungate (keyboard) and Joey "Mixta Huxtable" Andrews (drums) Drawing on the tones of artists such as David Bowie, Super Furry Animals, The Kinks, Supergrass and many more, De Novo Dahl was created in Nashville's burgeoning rock scene in 2001. | 170 hits
CD Review: Bootscraper - Bootscraper
Having built themselves a formidable reputation on the back of their fervent live shows there is a great deal of anticipation surrounding the release of Bootscraper's self-titled debut full length record. | 283 hits
CD Review: Duels - The Bright Lights and What I Should Have Learned
There'll be no band on earth more relived to have finally succeeded in putting out a full length recording than the boys and girl of Duels. | 898 hits
Live Review: Tom McRae + Ali Whitton
On an evening as hot as this, being stuck in a bustling gig is not a hugely appealing prospect. Passing out from over-heating - which, as soon as you walk in to the Cockpit, does seem likely or even perhaps inevitable - really doesn't strike me as much fun either, but this gig is certainly one worth suffering for. | 619 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The First Brainwash Compilation
A compilation can be such an artificial exercise, in so much as a collection of songs - of any merit or standard - plucked out and forced together will make an interesting patchwork but won't necessarily give the impression of a considered and unified entity. | 612 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre
Tonight was going to be another boring Monday night in as usual. I had planned to go the Faversham to see Four Day Hombre but as I hadn't got a clue where it was, and each of the maps I tried looking at all have different things on them, so I had resigned myself to not going. | 354 hits
Feature: Advent Calendar: 2nd December
Day 2 of LMS's Advent Calendar 2010 | 1,058 hits
CD Review: Middleman - Blah Blah Blah
Patience is no longer a virtue or at least if it is no one really gives a fuck anyway. What people want nowadays is immediacy. | 876 hits
Interview: Amy Studt
Leeds Music Scene spoke to Amy Studt in the first few months of 2008. A year on, they caught up again to discuss developments, club scenes and her album. | 835 hits
CD Review: Ictus - Handmade & Homegrown
This mini-album from Leicester-based quartet Ictus, is five tracks of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk, plus one track of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk with a few added extras that'll have you taking Ictus just that little bit more seriously. | 354 hits
Live Review: Spear of Destiny + Sugarvalve + Catylyst
About 10 minutes before Catylyst were due on stage, I was asked by a certain gentleman if I'd review tonight's proceedings. | 355 hits
Live Review: Bonsai Kittens + Kristofski Kabuki + Penny Broadhurst + Adam John Miller
The regular Tiny Cat nights at the Atrium have been going long enough now for them to be considered part of the Leodensian gigging furniture. | 1,167 hits
CD Review: Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything Behind
'Leaving Everything Behind,' the debut album from Scotland's Flood Of Red, is a frustrating album. Effortlessly churning out dense, emotionally-charged, stadium-sized songs with towering choruses and heartfelt vocals aplenty, the first few songs will blow you away. | 1,167 hits
Interview: Lanterns On The Lake
Lanterns Light up Leeds | 550 hits
Live Review: Kimono + Johnny Poindexter + Vessels
I've been harbouring a prejudice for a long time now. To me, there is something innately distrustful about underground/unsigned bands who have that polished sheen of 9-5s spent in the rehearsal room about them. | 912 hits
CD Review: Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
'Fit The Paradigm' is the debut single from Scotland's indie-rockers Jack Butler. The album kicks off with current single, 'Hit It Out The Park, Son' and, right from the start, frontman Liam Kelly has a voice to split opinion. | 1,093 hits
Band Profile: Plain White T's
Plain White T's are a pop-punk band formed in 1997 in Illinois, United States. They are best known for "Hey There Delilah", an acoustic song performed solely by singer Tom Higgenson originally released in 2005 and later hit #1 in the US in 2007. | 221 hits
Live Review: The Who + Super Furry Animals + The Flaming Lips + Robyn Hitchcock + The Zutons + Bob Mould + Eels
We are ferried at high speed towards said venue by Geldard's Coaches, allowing us time to fuel up on Heineken. | 1,080 hits
Live Review: C.W. Stoneking + Brownbird Ruddy Relic
In this modern era it's not uncommon for disillusioned and quite often deluded members of society to feel that they belong to another time or place, a hubris conclusion that is usually spurred on by an influential novel, film or television series that can lead one to believe that they were meant to be an ad man from sixties Manhattan or an outlaw from the old American west and not say a clerical worker from modern day Uttoxeter. | 559 hits
Live Review: Sawthroat + Misled Vision + Esclavage
ESCLAVAGE A rather melodic beginning for a band that seem ready to tear the new roscoe down. This song turns into a roaring mosh-fest in seconds with all members showing good stage presence. | 423 hits
CD Review: Maybeshewill - I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone
Leicester's Maybeshewill have never previously done things by halves, they have always put the maximum effort into everything they have ever written, and their third album, 'I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone,' is no exception. | 1,177 hits
CD Review: Sounds Of Swami - Halcyon Days
Keighley's Sounds of Swami don't hang about on 7" 'Halcyon Days,' blasting through six songs in seventeen minutes. | 836 hits
Live Review: Strike Anywhere + New Mexican Disaster Squad + Fifth Hour Hero + Blocko + Freaks Union
It's bloody freezing outside, it's a 5 o'clock kick off and it's nearly 6.30. Nice one Paul, you tit. | 582 hits
Live Review: Junip
OK sleepy heads, no cheating now. Hands up who knew Jose Gonzalez had a band of his own that have been slipping in and out of consciousness since their school days in Sweden at the back end of the 90s? | 591 hits
Band Profile: Battle
1) Battle:Also a Korean male band with dance beat genre. 2) Battle was a Finnish black metal band before they changed their name to Ravening. | 223 hits
Live Review: Elliot + Dugong + Future Adventure + Kids Near Water + Skuttle
e·mo·tion (-mshn) n. An intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a strong feeling Emo is a type of music that is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, despite being popular in America for some time now. | 472 hits
Band Profile: Hauschka
Volker Bertelmann is a classically trained composer/pianist from Germany who currently resides in Düsseldorf. | 193 hits
Band Profile: Cazals
Cazals: a short history OK, so let's begin with some things you may already know about Cazals: 1. | 220 hits
Band Profile: Stars
Not to be confused with Japanese rock band, The Stars. There are several artists called Stars: Stars is a Canadian indie pop band signed to the Arts and Crafts label. | 360 hits
CD Review: Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
I like Coldplay. Hardly a ringing endorsement, I know, but 2005's bloated and bland X&Y aside, I've never quite understood the levels of criticism constantly aimed their way. | 797 hits
Interview: Japanese Voyeurs
Ahead of their UK tour with Young Guns and The Swellers, Jessica Thornsby caught up with London-based quintet, Japanese Voyeurs. | 1,738 hits
Band Profile: Exit International
Band biographies, not matter how Shakespearian in their efforts to accurately describe an artist's 'exciting' and 'unusual' formation and the subsequent 'sound' the band have forged for themselves never seem to hit the nail on the head. | 461 hits
Band Profile: The Sleepy Jackson
The Sleepy Jackson is an alternative rock band from Perth, Australia. The band's name was inspired by a former drummer who was narcoleptic. | 189 hits
CD Review: Cazals - What Of Our Future
Scuzzy indie chancers and childhood playmates of Pete Doherty, Cazals caused a few excited murmurs in the East London grotty party scene a few years back, and after being spoken about in the same sentences as The Rakes and The Paddingtons, signed, quite (un)surprisingly to the 'super-cool' and 'uber-trendy' French label Kitsune. | 541 hits
Band Profile: Last Orders
There are 3 Bands called Last Orders, 1, From West Auckland, New Zealand formed in 1985. 2. From northern Island formed ???? | 568 hits
Interview: Funeral for a Friend
LMS writer Daniel Powell spoke to Funeral for a Friend before their show at Leeds Met in December 2008 | 879 hits
Live Review: Catylyst + Sugarvalve + Brody
I was supposed to be going to Josephs Well tonight to see Brody, Sugarvalve and Catylyst. Unfortunately they cancelled, so I rang my friends and said, hey no problem I'm definitely coming to see you guys now, only to check the discussion board and see that it had been rearranged at Royal Park and was going ahead as planned aaaahhhhhh!!! | 377 hits
Interview: Fyfe Dangerfield
LMS caught up with Fyfe Dangerfield, Guillemots' frontman, before his support slot for Corinne Bailey Rae at Leeds Met. | 854 hits
Live Review: Cansei de Ser Sexy + The Last Shadow Puppets + Tenacious D + Feeder + Pendulum + The Music + Hadouken! + Lightspeed Champion + The Whip + Adam Green + Mindless Self Indulgence
Turning up on Friday morning, swapping my piece of paper for my press pass, pitching my tent in guest camping and making my way to the arena, I was really pleased I'd been able to come to Leeds this year. | 772 hits
Band Profile: Black Roots
Black Roots were a powerful and potent force in the British reggae music scene throughout the Eighties and left a legacy of no less than ten albums and more than eight singles before bowing out of the public eye in the mid-90's. | 295 hits
Band Profile: Nightmare Of You
Nightmare of You is an indie rock band which formed in Long Island, New York, United States in 2004. They consist of Brandon Reilly (vocals, guitar), Joseph McCaffrey (guitar), Brandon Meyer (bass) and Michael Fleischmann (drums). | 740 hits
Interview: The Futureheads
On a cold, wet and dark Tuesday night Gavin Miller talks with Ross Futureheads from the highly showbiz and rock and roll location of a Leeds Travel Lodge... | 1,141 hits
Live Review: The Machines Will Take Over + Storytellers + Samskara + Kate Is Cool
First impressions of Featherstone's The Railway? Normal pub... ominous looking equipment lying around... | 863 hits
CD Review: Madame Pamita - Wax Works
Madame Pamita's 'Wax Works' debut is one of those rare CDs where it really isn't about the music. The thirteen tracks that make up her musical debut are completely eclipsed by this album's backstory, method of production, packaging, and the press release that comes complete with tales of Madame Pamita's live performances. | 718 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts + Vessels + Givers + Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks + Stalking Horse + Double Muscle + Dutch Uncles + Exitmusic + Big Deal
Big Deal's slightly awkward, nonplussed banter alone warms up the room noticeably (a half-full, darkened-out Riley Smith Hall at 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems to be a slightly peculiar experience for both audience and band) but, luckily, their bittersweet melodies are pretty winning, too. | 558 hits
Interview: Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Following their packed-out gig at the Cockpit, I was fortunate enough to get some time with Chloe, Dan and James of Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Fresh off touring with bands such as Linkin Park and The Prodigy, I was keen to see what these guys had to say about touring, music, and, of course, hats. | 1,066 hits
CD Review: Cradle of Filth - Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa
A brief intro before I launch into this one. I own Cradle of Filth albums, I have three in my collection, and although they are dusty, they are still hanging in there, like the skin tags you just never get around to removing. | 4,573 hits
Interview: Vessels
Leeds' own Vessels set off on a tour with Oceansize this week and, as a precursor, play Upstairs @ The Library on Wednesday 27th January with Quack Quack and Juffage. Leeds Music Scene gets a bit geeky with Tom Evans (vocals/guitar), Martin Teff (bass/guitar), and Pete Wright (bass/guitar/keys). | 945 hits
Interview: The Rosie Taylor Project
After the recent release of one of this year's sweetest singles 'Black & White Films', The Rosie Taylor Project caught up with Leeds Music Scene to discuss the past, the future, and the city of Leeds. | 1,415 hits
Live Review: Boom Bip + Bracken
I arrived at the Mixing Tin just as Bracken were starting their set. Coming down the stairs I could already feel the Anticon associated bass thrumming up to meet me. | 556 hits
Interview: Bastille
Bastille are a London based band made up of Dan, Will, Kyle and Woody, who are current making waves following highly praised sessions on Radio1 with Huw Stephens and Radio2 with Dermot O' name a few. Just before they took to the stage here at Leeds Festival, and following their appearance at Reading and BBC3 with Fearne Cotton, I was lucky to grab (the very excited) Bastille for a chat. We discussed their love of Sleeping, Hot Sauce and collaboration with Jedward....I kid you not!! | 1,149 hits
Interview: MC Lars
Jessica Thornsby caught up with MC Lars before his UK tour with Zebrahead and K.Flay. | 675 hits
Interview: Fightstar
Daniel Powell interviews Fightstar, one of those bands that manage to inspire fiercely contested opinion. | 1,156 hits
Band Profile: Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire is an orchestral indie rock band which formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2003. The band consists of Win Butler (vocals, guitar, piano), Régine Chassagne (vocals, accordion, keyboards, hurdy gurdy, drums), Richard Reed Parry (bass, guitar), William Butler (keyboards, guitar), Tim Kingsbury (bass), Sarah Neufeld (violin), and Jeremy Gara (drums). | 506 hits
Interview: Thunder
Victoria Holdsworth spoke to Luke Morley from Thunder before another sell out gig in Sheffield. | 1,552 hits
Interview: Ricky Warwick
Ricky Warwick was, and still is, the formidable front man for one of the heaviest rock acts the UK has ever seen. Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions... | 2,183 hits
Band Profile: Felix Da Housecat
Felix da Housecat (born Felix Stallings Jr. on , 1971 in Chicago, Illinois) is a DJ and record producer. | 377 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
"Being a promoter is terrifying" - Leeds guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm takes on the promoter-role as he brings his 'Leeds Guitar Night' concept to the Brudenell Social Club on July 6th. | 1,794 hits
Band Profile: Low
Low is an american alternative group from Duluth, Minnesota. The group was formed in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) and original bassist John Nichols (bass guitar). | 335 hits

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