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CD Review: The Alarm - In the Poppy Fields
The Alarms' fresh new CD has two halves. Tracks one through six are clear throated, sharp sounding 80s post punk rock, evoking U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Country and The Alarm.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2558/ | 1,315 hits
Band Profile: Curving Bullets
Rock n roll/ Punk band based in Morley!!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13273/ | 219 hits
CD Review: The Thermals - We Were Sick
The Thermals have just released their latest album, 'Now We Can See,' a pure and simple jettison of pop punk; and this, their second single from this album is certainly all you've come to expect from the infectious Portland trio.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10887/ | 215 hits
CD Review: The Charlatans - Love Is Ending
'Love Is Ending' is the first single to be lifted off The Charlatan's eleventh studio album, 'Who We Touch,' and it bodes well for the forthcoming album.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13251/ | 1,246 hits
CD Review: Rancid - Last One To Die
In June, Rancid will release their first album in six years, 'Let The Dominoes Fall,' and this is out first taster of the new album.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10725/ | 512 hits
Band Profile: White Rose Movement
White Rose Movement are a post-punk/electro band from London, England. They mix the post-punk style and attitude of early bands of the genre such as Joy Division and The Chameleons with a more new romantic image reminiscent of bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and A Flock Of Seagulls, as well as more modern electroclash and post-punk revival influences.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5815/ | 506 hits
Live Review: Percy
Found in 1996, Percy have been releasing music since 1998,. Although they haven't realeased a full album, there have been various singles and Eps to give fans something to enjoy.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18103/ | 234 hits
Live Review: Taking Back Sunday
Gigs for nostalgia's sake always seem to get me slightly more excited than gigs for bands I currently like or am interested in.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11002/ | 457 hits
Band Profile: Model 13
MODEL 13 were a pop punk/punk band from Bradford, UK. They formed in 1999 after the demise of previous band Casual Sex and recruiting drummer from Jon Doe's with original members Kieran Dunne, Graham Adams , Sean Carrick and Steve Hawthorn.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4377/ | 201 hits
CD Review: The Hedrons - Be My Friend
Over the years all-woman bands and rock haven't always gone well together. They've either been too poppy and flowery like the Bangles or they go over the top like L7, but almost always forgettable.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7031/ | 304 hits
Live Review: Strike Anywhere + The Loved Ones + Down and Outs + The Mercury League
The sound has always been well in the Well, prompting the recent influx of American hardcore bands like Samiam and Propagandhi and these 'intimate' gigs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7682/ | 611 hits
CD Review: Man Overboard - Real Talk
Man Overboard are here to "defend pop-punk" and as a lover of the genre I'd gladly head into battle with them.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16367/ | 187 hits
Band Profile: The Spivs
Three borderline human beings. We're called the Spivs because we are purveyors of dodgy goods like a 1940's wideboy with a banana up his sleeve.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8913/ | 294 hits
CD Review: Everything We Left Behind - Pull Back And Go
The debut mini-album from Bristol-based four-piece Everything We Left Behind has a formula, and that formula is: take all the best features of pop-punk (the energy, exuberance and big, fat choruses,) while replacing all the worst features of pop-punk (the tenancy towards character-less over-production; the irritating over-chirpiness) with some actual punk characteristics, like you actually find in actual punk (and not, very often, in pop-punk.) So, album-opener 'Big Thanks To The Sun' features all the usual offenders of the pop-punk genre - springy drumbeats; "whoooooa" backing vocals; melodic-voiced frontman - wrapped up in a crackly production, with lashings of broken-glass riffing and a general roughness that pleasantly recalls local bands and live music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12323/ | 525 hits
Live Review: Something Corporate + Kenosha
Openers Kenosha play to around 10 people due to an admissions cock-up tonight, and therefore have a hard job ahead.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1037/ | 289 hits
CD Review: Billy Talent - s/t
Billy Talent: 4 Piece from Toronto, they seem to be getting some really good press at the moment and look set to be the next "Big Thing" with the angst ridden pocket money wielding teenage Sum 41 fans out there.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/638/ | 818 hits
Live Review: Fifth Goodbye + Eborsisk + Misled Vision
MISLED VISION Oooh a girly metal band. Misled Vision have one of the best vocalists I have heard all day in the form of "Jan" and were pretty tight overall.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1034/ | 381 hits
CD Review: ˇForward, Russia! - Nine
Nine is in essence the most beautifully crafted shizstorm of noise and melody smouldering together you could ever hope for.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6687/ | 686 hits
CD Review: Broadway Calls - Good Views, Bad News
Pop-punk is currently a rather oversaturated genre; so, do we really need Broadway Calls' sophomore effort 'Good Views, Bad News?' Well, not really, although if you're looking for a 90s style, back-to-basics shot of melodic punk, you could do a whole lot worse than the Oregon three-piece.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11036/ | 488 hits
CD Review: A - Something's Going On
When the Britpop phenomenon began to die, a drunken conversation at the Good Mixer in the over-hyped Camden Town resulted in the legendary birth of Britrock; a few bands were located for championing in the NME and a few more emerged from the woodwork.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/478/ | 308 hits
Band Profile: Forever And A Day
FAAD was a rockin 5 piece, and later a rockin 4 piece. The band formed from the ashes of a long gone FL punk band, Last Minute.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15873/ | 57 hits
CD Review: Phluid - Iconoclast
Phluid's "Iconoclast" EP, a three track CD, features the band returning to a much more raw, energy driven sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/170/ | 366 hits
Band Profile: Maude
Maude was a punk band from Eastern Connecticut active in the early to mid-1990s, influential players in the scene that coalesced around Vandal Children Records.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1793/ | 192 hits
Band Profile: Filth
Formed in the San Francisco East Bay in 1989, from the ashes of Isocracy, The Vagrants, and Crimpshrine.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5292/ | 199 hits
CD Review: Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames - Signal Noise
Already a mainstay and one of the most immediate and sublime highlights of Leeds' very own 10 legged, triple afro adorned post-punk 5 piece Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames' ever staggeringly good live shows, it's not a shock that 'Signal Noise' is the opening shot of what could be a very special musical journey indeed.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6588/ | 815 hits
Live Review: Gallows + Set Your Goals + Fucked Up + SSS
Punk rock's current poster boys Gallows have come a long way since their humble beginnings back in Watford.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9307/ | 1,455 hits
CD Review: Avosetta - Of Our Lives
'Of Our Lives,' the debut EP from Norwich-based five piece Avosetta is one of those frustrating releases where each song has many good points, that never quite come together right.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12072/ | 490 hits
CD Review: The Audition - Self-Titled Album
The Chicagoan quartet are back on top form with their third studio album, simply entitled 'Self-Titled Album.' This is the band's first release since the departure of original bassist and founding member Joe Lussa and the follow up to 2008's 'Champion.' The opening track 'The Running Man' is an upbeat song with a catchy chorus and an electric mix of drums and rhythm guitar.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10860/ | 215 hits
CD Review: Chase This City - Show Us What You Got?
Just a year after forming, Lancaster-based Chase This City release six-track mini album 'Show Us What You Got?' flaunting a talent for penning towering, pop-punk choruses, that's impressive to say they've been together a short time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10984/ | 385 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Supercharged
Nu-metal has become increasingly popular over recent years, so much so that it can now be afforded its own place in the compilation CD market, no longer confined to an occasional Kerrang cover disk; one such recent compilation is the Supercharged album, a twenty track mix of nu-metal, pop-punk and primarily Americanised, now mainstream, rock marketed directly to the young kids at Garage and Star.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/393/ | 10,176 hits
CD Review: Ultraxine - Taking Sweets From Strangers
'Taking Sweets From Strangers,' the debut album from female-fronted Ultraxine is a hit and miss affair.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10279/ | 433 hits
Live Review: Feeder + Cay + Subcircus
This was a night to remember - it rocked! And it ROCKED! And the longer it went on the better it got.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/872/ | 379 hits
CD Review: Mybe - The Calm Before The Storn
Sheffield-based Mybe are on the brink of completing their as-yet-untitled new album and, to celebrate in profile-raising style, they're offering up this five track EP free from www.mybe-music.co.uk which features two album tracks and three EP-only tracks.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10430/ | 574 hits
Live Review: The Research + Piskie Sits + The Venna Blast
The Venna Blast - angular post-punk that rather washed over me I'm afraid. A few half decent songs were present but my interest was not.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4162/ | 671 hits
CD Review: Goons of Doom - For A Girl
This is the first single from the Goons' second album 'I Hate My Hair And Want To Die', which carries on their very stripped back, garage band esq.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10166/ | 1,569 hits
CD Review: Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall
"It's all I've ever done, all I've ever known, just wanna play one more show and make some music with my friends".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10806/ | 676 hits
Live Review: Ghosts in the Nightclub + Bearfoot Beware + The Talk + Daljit Dhaliwal
A new branch for the 360 Club tonight, as the four act unsigned bill is moved over to the Library for a Friday band session, and I was intrigued to see how this would work out.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11361/ | 1,029 hits
CD Review: Eureka Machines - Everyone Loves You
'Everyone Loves You' is the first single to be lifted off Eureka Machine's full length debut 'Do Or Die.' A power pop rollercoaster of rock and roll riffs and stomping drumbeats, topped off with euphoric pop vocals, 'Everyone Loves You' successfully takes the rock and roll swagger of old, and slathers it in a pop gloss.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10577/ | 752 hits
CD Review: The Knife - Deep Cuts
Storming out of Sweden are brother and sister combo Olof and Kristin Dreijer, aka The Knife. Unlike other famous brother and sister combos, the music isn't thrashy garage rock, nor is it arty punk pop.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3118/ | 2,856 hits
Band Profile: Buzzcocks
Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band formed in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK in 1976, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Pete Shelley for nearly their entire existence.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6447/ | 473 hits
Live Review: Valleys + L-Mo + The Talk
Back from its summer holidays, the 360 Club is in full swing tonight, albeit with a modified bill due to some last minute events.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11243/ | 419 hits
CD Review: The Subways - Oh Yeah
'Oh Yeah' represents everything that is thrilling about The Subways; their beauty, youth and passion all rolled into just under three minutes of loud, racy punk rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3700/ | 1,883 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Duels + Robochrist
A charity gig for the Asian earthquake appeal saw local men-of-the-moment Kaiser Chiefs headlining on the eve of their short tour in America, and saying a fond farewell to the Joseph's Well crowd that has championed them over the last year and more.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3480/ | 3,892 hits
CD Review: New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight
Right from the start, New Found Glory's sixth studio album is exactly what you'd expect from the Florida five-piece.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10518/ | 425 hits
CD Review: Wildhearts - The Wildhearts
Wow. No. Honestly. WOW! After hearing their last major studio release '... Must Be Destroyed', most fans' hopes of The Wildhearts ever producing an album as good as 'Earth Vs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8469/ | 654 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Holly Is The Enemy
For years the beguiling Holly Hernandez has charmed this scribe through her 'Demo Hell' column in the Melody Maker and more latterly the NME.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/293/ | 785 hits
Band Profile: American Hi-Fi
American Hi-Fi is a rock band originally from Boston, Massachusetts, best known for their 2001 hit Flavor Of The Weak.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5119/ | 258 hits
Live Review: Electric Soft Parade + Chris T-T + Actress Hands
Actress Hands have just released a split with the headlining band, having just toured with their fellow Brighton and Metway studio regulars British Sea Power.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8328/ | 586 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Wrath Records (sampler)
In an ideal world there'd be a Wrath Records on every street corner, little collectives of bands, combining forces and flying the flag for genuinely independent music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/113/ | 281 hits
CD Review: Shrag - Life! Death! Prizes!
When I was about 14 the highlight of my miserable little virgin week was watching 'My So Called Life', an undervalued tee- vee classic starring pre fame Claire Danes and Jared Leto.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13566/ | 1,717 hits
Live Review: Backyards + The Melodicas New Reed + The Coopers + Belleville
It's another rammed night in the Library as Richard Watson's rapidly exploding 360 Club gets underway.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14365/ | 664 hits
CD Review: The Marmozets - Out Of My Control
Without being patronising, to say Bingley-based band The Marmozets have an average age of sixteen (and, apparently, this EP was recorded when they had an average age of just fifteen,) 'Out Of My Control' is impressive.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10871/ | 1,758 hits
CD Review: Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead
Young Guns have a meatier, hard-rock and metalcore influenced take on melodic punk rock. Although this album delivers a sugar-suckerpunch, it has the big riffs to extend that headrush into something more long-lasting.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13080/ | 2,424 hits
Live Review: Tigerbomb + Jinzena + Unexploded Shells + Warning?!-Achtung?!
I had not heard any of these bands before the day of the gig, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6491/ | 740 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - TNS 008
The eighth release from punk record label TNS, is a three way split EP featuring a trio of bands who each have their own take on ska-punk - and none of them sound like Reel Big Fish.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12070/ | 643 hits
Live Review: The Distillers + The Icarus Line + Eagles of Death Metal
It was cold, it was raining and I had to queue up for like half an hour to get in... but to be honest that's the only real negative of the night; well there is another but I'll get on to that soon enough...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2363/ | 1,044 hits
Interview: Simple Plan
Charlotte Hird caught up with Simple Plan when they supported Bowling for Soup at LMUSU
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1623/ | 7,013 hits
CD Review: Duels - The Bright Lights and What I Should Have Learned
There'll be no band on earth more relived to have finally succeeded in putting out a full length recording than the boys and girl of Duels.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7078/ | 897 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Buen Chico + Dustin's Bah Mitzvah
I have to admit that I wasn't really sure whether or not I wanted to see "Meet the Fockers", OK the first one was amusing but was there really enough mileage in the concept to spawn a sequel?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3526/ | 1,417 hits
Interview: Wall Street Riots
Charlie from Wall Street Riots speaks with Leeds Music Scene
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11245/ | 783 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground
Cargo, home of the Shoreditch Twat, overpriced chips, and bad service. However, tonight the service provided by The Sunshine Underground is - unlike the London Underground - First Class.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7283/ | 752 hits
Live Review: 3 Colours Red + The Yo-Yo's + The Smash-Up + Along:Came:Man
I used to love 3 Colours Red I did. Back in 1997 when I was taking my first tentative fumblings with these weird new genres such as "indie" and "metal" (note: post-rock didn't exist back in those days.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4226/ | 889 hits
Live Review: Spear of Destiny + Sugarvalve + Catylyst
About 10 minutes before Catylyst were due on stage, I was asked by a certain gentleman if I'd review tonight's proceedings.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9845/ | 355 hits
Live Review: goad + Nursery + Clone + Mutiny
After such a packed night on Tuesday, it was a bump back down to Earth tonight with a much smaller crowd who'd come to see four very different bands, none of which I'd seen before, so I looked forward to each one.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1164/ | 335 hits
Live Review: Letlive + Feed The Rhino + Marmozets + The Devil Wears Prada
In the middle of the Landscapes set I had to leg it to the Monster Energy Stage to catch The Devil Wears Prada.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18479/ | 292 hits
CD Review: Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - We Are Not Other People
'Unexpected Error' makes no effort to ease the listener into the weird and wonderful world of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, as it opens with a blaring, Atari-esque sound effect that'll make you wonder whether this is, in fact, a comedy album.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10120/ | 561 hits
Band Profile: We Have Band
We Have Band is a London, UK based DIY trio of: Darren Bancroft (vocals, drums, percussion, sampler), Dede Wegg-Prosser (vocals, percussion, sampler) & husband Thomas Wegg-Prosser (vocals, guitar, bass, programming) - founded 2006.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13829/ | 192 hits
Live Review: Yen + sammyUSA + Mutiny
There's not a great crowd down tonight, but there often isn't for opening bands so hopefully it'll fill up later.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/910/ | 435 hits
Live Review: Ols Moore And The Gypsy Dogs + Tag-Team Preacher + Miranda Versus The Crok + Ryan ROCKiT
Well, the weather outside is certainly frightful. But the mood in The Library is delightful (Did I really just type that?) Anyway, it's Christmas time, it's the last 360 Club of the year, and it looks set to be a cracker (pun most definitely intended).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14066/ | 764 hits
Band Profile: Emanuel
There are at least two bands called Emanuel. 1. Christian rock band from Croatia. 2. Four-piece rock band from Louisville Kentucky, United States.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5738/ | 304 hits
Live Review: Parisman + Chevron + Being 747 + Hamster Jam
Considering the headliner I'd expected to see more of a gathering than became evidently 'it' towards the end of the evening.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/751/ | 441 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter
'Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter,' the mammoth twenty song, twenty band round-up of punk bands from in and around the Manchester area, kicks off with 'Midnight Scene' from The Dangerfields.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10371/ | 1,038 hits
CD Review: Elliot Minor - Solaris
The overall impression of Elliot Minor's sophomore effort, is that they've taken it down a notch in order to concentrate on melding their classical flourishes and rock guitars into a more coherent whole.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11456/ | 866 hits
Live Review: Liars + Broken Social Scene + Chickenhawk + Los Campesinos! + Sky Larkin
I'm fat, and I'm old, and my back hurts. I want this noise to stop, and I wanna go home. I'm watching Liars.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13826/ | 575 hits
Live Review: Minus The Bear + This Et Al + Ridgevex
Minus The Bear are a breathtakingly awesome band with a sound so in tune with the times whilst being apart from other bands of the guitar-electronics melody section, base-drums rhythm section set up.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4341/ | 1,017 hits
CD Review: Bowling For Soup - Sorry For Partyin'
'Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup's tenth studio album and, while it's definitely not a case of all killer, no filler, it's a fan-pleasing slab of the tried-and-tested Bowling For Soup formula: sexual innuendoes; big, pop-infused choruses; hidden tracks, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek lyrics.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11265/ | 1,643 hits
Live Review: Foo Fighters + Arcade Fire + Rise Against + Hot Hot Heat + The Kills + Dogs + Arctic Monkeys + Million Dead + Nine Black Alps + The Explosion + Senses Fail + Editors
Sunday started like any other day. Apart from this Sunday I happened to wake up in a field with 30 odd thousand other bear soaked, bleary eyed, unwashed, desperate bladder controlling festival revellers.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4203/ | 2,804 hits
Interview: The Futureheads
On a cold, wet and dark Tuesday night Gavin Miller talks with Ross Futureheads from the highly showbiz and rock and roll location of a Leeds Travel Lodge...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1632/ | 1,140 hits
CD Review: Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet
Second album from rising Michigan hardcore crew Chiodos begins as it means to go on, with the distinctly operatic 'Two Birds Stoned At Once.' Opening with a shiver-inducing Victorian-tinged violin, 'Two Birds Stoned At Once' recalls The Used's 'The Bird and The Worm,' both in terms of its operatic leanings and the Bert McCracken-like twinge to frontman Craig Owens' voice.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10383/ | 1,267 hits
Band Profile: Sum 41
Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band from Ajax, Ontario, Canada, active since 1996. The current members are Deryck Whibley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason McCaslin (bass guitar, backing vocals), Steve Jocz (drums, backing vocals), and Tom Thacker (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboard).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9741/ | 372 hits
Band Profile: The Dears
The Dears is an indie rock band which formed in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band consists of Murray Lightburn (vocals, guitar), Natalia Yanchak (vocals, keyboards), Jason Kent (guitar, vocals), Christopher McCarron (guitar), Rob Benvie (bass), Laura Willis (keyboards, vocals) and Yann Geoffroy (drums).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5517/ | 350 hits
CD Review: Goldie Lookin' Chain - ASBO4Life
'ASBO4Life' is one of the strangest albums I've heard in a while. In an ideal world new material would be judged purely on its own merits, but when a group has previously always followed such a rigid and distinctive formula, it's impossible not to expect more of the same.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10749/ | 998 hits
Live Review: The Mexanines + British Daylight + PaperPlane + Indecisive Crisis + Another Life + The Artists + Inlaze + The Scandal + Traffic Wire + Distorted Sky + Euthemia + Seas-Of-Green + Glassbody
In the middle of April this year, just over thirty bands competed in the heats of the third year of the Centre Stage competition, where bands compete whilst raising gratuitous amounts of cash for a well-deserving cause in Martin House Children's Hospice.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16796/ | 1,014 hits

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