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Band Profile: The Psycho Strangers
Leeds based socialist indie punk | 736 hits
Band Profile: Goggle-Eyed-Psycho
Hailing from the recesses of deepest darkest Wakefield, Goggle-Eyed-Psycho have played a very active part in the Wakefield music scene since forming in 2007, always turning heads and making new friends along the way with their eclectic yet soulful brand of melodic hard rock. | 316 hits
Live Review: The Severed Alliance + British Fiction + The Psycho Strangers
Rushing around because your brother has a car that would be more use sold for scrap is not exactly the best start to a night out but we eventually got to the New Roscoe and found out that you get a bottle of lager for a pound, result! | 903 hits
News Article: Flylife release a double A-side 7" single...
Flylife's debut double A-side 7" single "Psycho Disco / Sour" was released this week on the 48 Crash label (distributed through Pinnacle). | 358 hits
Band Profile: Robochrist
industrial pop metal techno | 2,266 hits
News Article: Uptight to release their Pink African Violets EP...
Uptight have almost completed their new Pink African Violets EP. As well as the title track the CD will contain the tracks Hypnotised and Blood Soaked. | 258 hits
Band Profile: The Lullaby Junkies
Doncaster's friendliest outcasts join forces to create passionately cheeky, toe-tapping, thought-provoking music. | 298 hits
News Article: Norman Records Review.......
This record left our Brian feeling ecstatic. Some truly scary music from The Truth About Frank. A shadowy Leeds crew who I'd really like to check out live sometime, if they ever play? | 563 hits
Band Profile: Pulverise
New female fronted rapcore hardcore metal band from Leeds. | 420 hits
CD Review: Huey Lewis and The News - Sports (30th Anniversary Edition)
'Do you like Huey Lewis and The News? Their early work was a little too 'new wave' for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, they really came into their own, comercially and artistically'. | 383 hits
CD Review: Gold Blade - Rebel Songs
Don't be silly, of course they're still going. And they've just delivered an album so perfect it chills the blood. | 547 hits
CD Review: Exit 52 - Dandelion EP
Ah the theremin. Not since 'Good Vibrations' have I heard such magnificent use of the instrument. Opening track on this four track EP, and aptly enough the title track, 'Dandelion' thumps along with its array of kitsch 1960s instruments, its sleazy guitar riff and its myriad of churning organs, booming drums and a vocalist that sounds suspiciously like Jason Pierce. | 530 hits
News Article: Reviews of our 6 track EP 'Neon Fractured Night'
****The Sound Projector review 'Neon Fractured Night' The Truth About Frank are a combo from Leeds, creating underground soundtrack and experimental music in an electronic vein; Neon Fractured Night (WEIRD AND WIRED 027) is six tracks of fractured and emblackened semi-industrial grindery, laced with many relentless loop-rhythms, horror-show percussive attacks, and generally sickening synth tones. | 376 hits
CD Review: blumone* - We Are ... blumone*
It's very hard to describe this album. Mainly because it is a hybrid of so many different genres, it's almost impossible to pin it down. | 422 hits
Band Profile: Stevie Vayne & The Slaves
Stevie Vayne's last band after the demise of The Vaynes | 195 hits
Live Review: Paranova + Yellow Stripe Nine + The Breech
I regret to say that last night's show at Joseph's Well was possibly the most unsatisfying one I have seen so far. | 962 hits
Live Review: Butterfinger
After debuting on a handful of live shows the band have a healthy C.V of support slots with Silver Ginger 5, The Jellys and playing with Terrorvision at their last ever gig (which incidentally was their first) Butterfinger are absolutely amazing. | 446 hits
CD Review: Rico - Violent Silences
"Rico sounds like the bastard child of Tom Waits and Kurt Cobain" - Q Magazine. You gotta love Q, once the epitome of cool, now an absolute joke. | 960 hits
CD Review: For Those Lost - This Is Our Fight
When a band comes to you promising to sound like Slayer, Mastodon and Sick of It All, as a metal fan you could be forgiven for getting over excited. | 342 hits
CD Review: Dugong - Hat Danko
This is infectious, intelligent, tough music that thrills the hairs on your arms and tucks your granny up at night with a cup of something poisonous. | 1,010 hits
Live Review: Japanaro + 5ft4 + Herrod + Starkitten
One of the many good things about tonight's gig was that the bands had got together to do a CD with a track from each band on it, free to the first 50 in the door. | 379 hits
Live Review: Gold Blade + The Longshots + Buzzkill
It isn't every gig that ends with your correspondant being grabbed up onstage along with 20 or so other grinning loons to do backing vocals during the encore. | 703 hits
Live Review: The Misfits + The Briefs + Daggers And Diamonds
Just as The Buzzcocks and more recently the Sex Pistols have celebrated their thirty year anniversaries, The Misfits and their horror punk are touring for their birthday. | 1,203 hits
Live Review: The Misfits + Gold Blade + Devilish Presley + Guns on the Roof
Leeds lads Guns on the Roof, with an average age of 18, have supported Stiff Little Fingers and the UK Subs here before. | 1,687 hits
Live Review: Glass Caves
The Hop in Wakefield is a cracking little venue, a labyrinth of tiny bars and rooms, with a reputation for putting on an excellent platter of music; tonight is no exception. | 594 hits
Live Review: Willy Mason + Elvis Perkins
Elvis Perkins and backing band Dearland are the perfect band to get people in the mood for some folk. | 903 hits
CD Review: Slighty Alien - Untitled
Picture the scene, playing a gig and someone comes up to you asking to review their CD. OK or so I thought! | 699 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + The Terminals + The Downfall + Vessels
Well blimey! I walk into Joseph's Well at about 3:20pm after standing in the pissing rain for 20 minutes outside the place (yes, you said you were opening at three!) but at least it gave me chance to sober up slightly seeing as I had been in Carpe Diem for the three previous hours and was somewhat jolly already. | 1,232 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + Hurricane Party + Terrorvision + Days Of Worth + The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster + Planet Of Women + Shortcut To Newark + Hanoi Rocks + Plan A + The Glitterati + The Grit + Tokyo Dragons + Robochrist
So this is what I missed Leeds Festival for then. Catching the train out to the coast first thing on a Saturday morning (well, halfway to the coast - due to trouble on the line I end up getting a bus from York) to see the last ever gig by both Wildhearts and Terrorvision, today has the omens of being a good day. | 1,629 hits
Interview: Jesse Malin
Upon entering Jesse Malin's dressing room at Sheffield's Club Zero we encounter not only the man himself but also a bowl of jelly babies. This can only be a good thing... | 2,070 hits
Live Review: Slaves + We Were Promised Jetpacks + Yak + Hookworms + Rat Boy + Raketkanon + Plastic Mermaids + Gaz Coombes + Gengahr + Treason Kings + Polo
featuring.... Polo, Treason Kings, Gaz Coombes, Plastic Mermaids, Raketkanon, Rebecca Clements, The Mispers, Gengahr, Rat Boy, Hookworms, Yak, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Slaves Yay. | 741 hits

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