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Live Review: Kids In Glass Houses + Francesqa + Blitz Kids + Save Your Breath
This tour line up, offers a variety of music genres in the form of the bands. Such as pop punk from Save Your Breath, Blitz Kids who bring pure rock to the table and slow paced melodic sounds from Francesqa.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15512/ | 445 hits
CD Review: Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The Only Medicine
They hail from Arizona, they scream a lot. And I have no doubt if you presented this single to my 4-year-old nephew it would probably scare him.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4285/ | 880 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - The Best KIDS Christmas Album in the World Ever, Ever, Ever!
From the beginning of November it's impossible to escape the sounds of Christmas. Whether it's popular hymns played on panpipes or 70's glam smashes, tolerance levels have usually plummeted before December begins.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7778/ | 372 hits
Band Profile: Aim A Little Higher
Pop punk five piece from Wakefield
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14192/ | 609 hits
Live Review: The Icarus Line + Kids Near Water + Burning Brides
First on were Philadelphia band Burning Brides who kicked off with loud, messy, head banging metal. The trio included a female bassist; Melanie Campbell and frontman Dimitri Coats who hammered his way through the set with ragged vocals, raucous guitar riffs and big, curly Slash hair.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/769/ | 441 hits
CD Review: The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules
Pete Wentz once said that if it weren't for the band The Get Up Kids, then Fall Out Boy would never have even formed.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14186/ | 534 hits
Live Review: Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows + Blitz Kids + Decade
On a cold Saturday night a intimate crowd gathered at The Cockpit for a soon to be phenomenal rock show.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14357/ | 728 hits
Live Review: Lostprophets + Kids In Glass Houses
What better way to spend Valentine's Day than with 2300 others rocking out for nostalgia's sake. Saying that, there are plenty of younger people in attendance, who are clearly too young to remember the beginning of the last decade.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12490/ | 1,576 hits
CD Review: Kids In Glass Houses - Dirt
Having been a huge fan of Kids In Glass Houses for a number of years, ever since the early demo's of 'Skeletons' (which later became 'Saturday') or 'Pick Flowers, Not Fights' (which later became 'Fisticuffs') through 'Epocalypse' and 'Smart Casual' and with an amazing live show to boot, the band have set my expectations incredibly high.
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Live Review: Elliot + Dugong + Future Adventure + Kids Near Water + Skuttle
e·mo·tion (-mshn) n. An intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a strong feeling Emo is a type of music that is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, despite being popular in America for some time now.
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Live Review: Johnny Foreigner + Runaround Kids + Penguin
I'm always a bit behind, 'cos I like to sit in my room, playing my guitar or my star wars computer games and taking absolutely no notice of popular culture.
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CD Review: Further - Punk Rock Vampires
Australian indie punksters Further have been garnering the sort of press you'd sell your gran for, both in this hemisphere and especially the other, where they're revered by seemingly every disenfranchised Antipodean youth with a chip on his or her backpacked shoulder.
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Live Review: Gallops + Redtrack + Lafaro + Exit International + Reaper in Sicily + The Brilliant Things + Wilder + Nerves + Peers + Runaround Kids + Kvelertak + Blacklisters
The quality marking out the artists who did well at Leeds Festival (and maybe in real life too) was that they engaged an audience with themselves and with their music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13424/ | 1,428 hits
Band Profile: The Real Losers
garage rock punk
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1950/ | 785 hits
CD Review: Outl4w - Get in the Van
Just because they're kids with guitars, don't expect Outl4w to be in the same mould as McFly/Busted. You won't find any watered down rock for the teeny-bop masses on this album.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7132/ | 622 hits
CD Review: Pennywise - Reason To Believe
While all around them are listening to kids in tight jeans and crazy haircuts, hoping that they are an offshoot of the good old punk days, these punk leaders have released ninth studio album 'Reason To Believe'.
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CD Review: Mach Schau - Demonstration One
If you think punk rock never died, but it was just hiding beneath the ultra glossed pin-up kids of today, then Mach Schau are here for you and you alone.
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CD Review: Cerebral Ballzy - Cerebral Ballzy
Cerebral Ballzy don't do pop punk. They don't do intelligent, political punk. They're not into genre crossings.
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Live Review: Green Day
The blazing sirens indicate it's the turn of Californian three-piece Green Day to treat the Main Stage to an hour of the best bubblegum punk rock the last decade has seen.
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Live Review: Blink 182
During their five year hiatus, Blink 182 have inexplicably become much more popular than when they were actually together.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13444/ | 969 hits
CD Review: A - Something's Going On
When the Britpop phenomenon began to die, a drunken conversation at the Good Mixer in the over-hyped Camden Town resulted in the legendary birth of Britrock; a few bands were located for championing in the NME and a few more emerged from the woodwork.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/478/ | 385 hits
Live Review: Marvel + King Tonne + Innocent OJs + Bazooka Joe
The evening kicked off with new lads BAZOOKA JOE. I am told that this was their first show. They definitely deserve credit for their performance, they put on an excellent show with some pretty damn good pop/ punk tunes which got the kids pretty warmed up -like they needed it - I think it was the sweatiest show I have been to all year.) Plenty of people were up dancing especially for the outstanding cover version of Celine Dione's "My heart will go on." Watch out for them in the near future.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/682/ | 505 hits
CD Review: The KBC - Pride Before the Fall
Dance-punk... it's one of those catch-all, media type short-term genres isn't it? You know the score: don't bother with giving some thought to the task you've been set, just dig out some old Shed Seven b-sides (don't get dewy eyed on me now), add a bit of hissing hi-hat and a dollop of white funk bass and the indie disco is your empire.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6254/ | 824 hits
Live Review: Mr Shiraz
Move over Mr Manson, the kids are here and they've got their skankin' boots on. Huddersfield eight-piece Mr Shiraz, fresh from their acclaimed European tour, attract all comers as their fresh-faced blend of ska punk bounces effortlessly off the sweaty, and equally energetic crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1196/ | 471 hits
CD Review: Model 13 - California 4 Play
Model 13's "California 4 Play EP" has now been placed in music collections in over 1,000 households, due to some clever band marketing, and is blatant melodic-punk in a Blink 182 style.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/25/ | 364 hits
News Article: Slam Dunk Festival add more bands to the line up
Adding to this year's pop punk presence, Slam Dunk have announced the addition of 7 new bands to this year's festival bill.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16310/ | 515 hits
CD Review: The Needles - 1,2,3... 5! EP
Pure pop punkers The Needles hail from Aberdeen and yet despite such remote parts they've managed to lay claim to a "Tipped by the NME" tag...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2727/ | 417 hits
CD Review: Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
All bets are off. Vancouver Island quartet Hot Hot Heat will be your new favourite band by the end of the year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/517/ | 448 hits
CD Review: Open Disregard - Black and Blue
These young lads from West Yorkshire are gaining strength from gigging constantly, and this extra practice shows through in their tight sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13468/ | 506 hits
Live Review: Goldfinger
Goldfinger receive a rapturous welcome from a packed-out Evening Session Tent and have many in the crowd bouncing along to a series of catchy pop-punk numbers, including "Tell Me", "Counting The Days" and "Open Your Eyes".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/964/ | 315 hits
Live Review: The Misfits + The Briefs + Daggers And Diamonds
Just as The Buzzcocks and more recently the Sex Pistols have celebrated their thirty year anniversaries, The Misfits and their horror punk are touring for their birthday.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8857/ | 1,209 hits
Live Review: Mr Shiraz + Eighty Six + The 42 Tones
I know it's highly unprofessional of a reviewer to get on stage with a band, and even worse to dance about like an arse and then throw himself offstage into the crowd, but I just couldn't help it.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/686/ | 456 hits
Live Review: Beachbuggy + The Scaramanga Six + les Flames!
School age kids and those a little more, how shall I put it, mature - those that experienced punk the first time round - seem to have a fascination with France's most delectable garage punk export: les Flames!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1240/ | 623 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bilge Pump / Pifco - split single
Now this is going to be a noise fest. With these bands you just know it - two of the nastiest, brashest, craziest acts in the city.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7424/ | 453 hits
CD Review: All Time Low - So Wrong It's Right
If you like your pop-punk to sound just like the early The Starting Line or New Found Glory with a pinch of pre fame Fall Out Boy songs, sweet summary vocals and hooks that could catch Moby Dick, then All Time Low are your new favourite band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9597/ | 401 hits
Live Review: Deadline + The Mingers + The Black Bats
Despite what the trendy music press may tell you kids, punk's not dead. The fact that I don't think I've ever seen the Fenton this busy is good testament to the fact that there's plenty of people who still believe in angry music that has something to say (and sorry Blink 182/New Found Glory fans but "having something to say" does not equate to 33-year-olds pretending to be 15.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3600/ | 1,098 hits
CD Review: Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any
Oh it's so easy to laugh at Simple Plan. Rightfully so they fall foul to the butt of jokes from the majority of the cooler than thou music fans.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3617/ | 1,421 hits
CD Review: Michael Ainsley Band - Cyclone
This is the second release by Michael Ainsley and the first with a full band backing him up, recruiting band members from Wakefields Retarded Fish, as well as from The Runaround Kids and Piskie Sits.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17349/ | 502 hits
Live Review: The Blood Brothers + Help She Can't Swim
The start time is really delayed, doors are at 7ish and Help She Can't Swim do not appear until 8.45pm.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7862/ | 659 hits
CD Review: Phluid - Iconoclast
Phluid's "Iconoclast" EP, a three track CD, features the band returning to a much more raw, energy driven sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/170/ | 443 hits
Live Review: Tempting Kate + Jon Does + Acacia Avenue
Before we get stuck into the review I feel it's necessary to have a whinge. Stealthman were supposed to be playing tonight but unfortunately the landlord decided to be a prick and ban them from the venue due to them being under-age, after they had lugged all their gear in and sound checked.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9832/ | 478 hits
CD Review: Lorimer - Repeat Offender
So, they're good enough for John Peel, then. Still, he's not that fussy, is he? Let's face it, an hour of obscure euro punk and you start reaching for Radio 2 before seizures set in half the time - or is that just me?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16/ | 391 hits
Live Review: Taking Back Sunday
Gigs for nostalgia's sake always seem to get me slightly more excited than gigs for bands I currently like or am interested in.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11002/ | 545 hits
Live Review: NOFX
Insider information is great, but useless if it doesn't get shared whilst on the other hand there's some things that are better left unsaid.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/948/ | 699 hits
Live Review: From Autumn To Ashes + Flood Of Red + Milloy
Mixed bills can (sometimes) be amazing. Other times however, they can kill any atmosphere that there may have been for any of the bands individually.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9150/ | 843 hits
Live Review: Rancid + The Unseen + The Yorkshire Rats
Pontefract youngsters The Yorkshire Rats, with the average age of 20, are a good start to the evening.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7652/ | 909 hits
CD Review: Felix Da Housecat - Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco
Legendary house DJ and producer Felix Da Housecat returns with his latest offering "Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8949/ | 296 hits
CD Review: Bushbaby - Tinsel Town
The first thing I notice about this track is that it has the same name as a great Feeder album track.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/533/ | 357 hits
CD Review: The Gold Fever - California / Hear My Voice
Oh no it's that dreaded genre, a genre in which a band can be very very good or damn shite! Strangely enough The Gold Fever are neither, they have simple Ramones style guitar riffs mixed with indie melodies and vocals, yes kids, here we have another Indie-punk record, a genre which has confused us all.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3922/ | 436 hits
Live Review: Gold Blade + The Longshots + Buzzkill
It isn't every gig that ends with your correspondant being grabbed up onstage along with 20 or so other grinning loons to do backing vocals during the encore.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4001/ | 709 hits
CD Review: Designated Driver - Design At Edd River
Middlesex's Designated Driver do what a lot of modern Emo frat-party nu-punk rockers don't - they actually write songs that feel like they mean it rather than purely sounding good when you've got a skinful.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2442/ | 509 hits
Live Review: Zombina and the Skeletones + Eighty Six + All Its Worth
I would like to start by saying that I wasn't going to do a review for this gig when I went, but in the Bassment they have these new drinks called 'Vodka Mudshakes'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1314/ | 680 hits
Live Review: Bouncing Souls + The Draft + Tat
London-Based Tat are a young trio of punk popsters who have heavy influences of Green Day and Rancid.
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CD Review: Me Vs Hero - Days That Shape Our Lives
After two different versions of the same EP originally recorded in 2007, it is perhaps long overdue that Me Vs Hero are finally releasing their debut full length 'Days That Shape Our Lives'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16369/ | 792 hits
Live Review: The Bronx + Fucked Up + Rolo Tomassi
Let's just say you need to have brass balls to hold your weight against carnage titans The Bronx and Fucked Up.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10477/ | 654 hits
Live Review: Secret Machines
Punk was a reaction against the excesses of the 70s music scene. Songs tripped out, ten, fifteen minutes long.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6585/ | 494 hits
Live Review: You Say Party! We Say Die!
Ho ho, I bet we've all played 'guess the genre' before. Yeah, you know the one, it's where you take the name of a band you've never heard of and try and work out what style of music they play.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6862/ | 763 hits
Live Review: The Misfits + Osaka Popstar
Nights like this, usually, are all about nostalgia. The Misfits are the long-standing torch bearers of a Goth-punk scene that has all but left them behind, younger, hungrier bands such as Alkaline Trio and My Chemical Romance taking Goth to new places and heights that could only be dreamt about back in the day.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7343/ | 681 hits
Live Review: Dirty Pretty Things + Humanzi + Louie
There's the possibility of a successful band here, but it's unlikely to be named Louie. I mean, it could form from Louie, or component members thereof, but for now all we see before us is a band going through the stage of self-finding, identification and formation.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6438/ | 1,208 hits
CD Review: Grand Volume - History / Fire Come Soon
More press bollocks comes armed with Grand Volume, this time literally. 'History' is not the "blistering prog-punk masterpiece" that we are led to believe.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7661/ | 329 hits
Live Review: Emily's Army
I'll start by saying Emily's Army really do put on an exceptionally polished stage show. They're all very good musicians and together make a very tight band who have clearly put in the time fine tuning their performance.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17776/ | 362 hits
CD Review: Mr Shiraz - Nelly's Kitchen EP
"Is this the Mighty Mighty Bosstones?" my mate said as soon as I put this CD in to play. "I used to love them." So what is it with Ska Punk?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/30/ | 470 hits
CD Review: The Subways - With You
This latest offering from the up-and-coming whippersnappers from Welwyn Garden City encapsulates perfectly what this band are all about; a three-minute burst of loud, simple, magnificent punk rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4236/ | 673 hits
CD Review: The Alarm - In the Poppy Fields
The Alarms' fresh new CD has two halves. Tracks one through six are clear throated, sharp sounding 80s post punk rock, evoking U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Country and The Alarm.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2558/ | 1,390 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Supercharged
Nu-metal has become increasingly popular over recent years, so much so that it can now be afforded its own place in the compilation CD market, no longer confined to an occasional Kerrang cover disk; one such recent compilation is the Supercharged album, a twenty track mix of nu-metal, pop-punk and primarily Americanised, now mainstream, rock marketed directly to the young kids at Garage and Star.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/393/ | 10,396 hits
CD Review: Quack Quack - Mars / The Great Catsby
This EP of Quack Quack's is something of a schizophrenic: it's a little piece of black vinyl that can't decide whether it's the fey darling of the underground scene...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6976/ | 430 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Wrath Records (sampler)
In an ideal world there'd be a Wrath Records on every street corner, little collectives of bands, combining forces and flying the flag for genuinely independent music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/113/ | 333 hits
Interview: MC Lars
Jessica Thornsby caught up with MC Lars before his UK tour with Zebrahead and K.Flay.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12612/ | 790 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts
Sometimes as a 'reviewer' you grope around in your big bag o' references and with rising sense of panic realise Gang of Four just isn't it this time and in those rare instances it's best just to hold your hands up and say where the fuck did that come from?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6851/ | 883 hits
Band Profile: Hardly A Hero
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6342/ | 368 hits
Interview: Broadway Calls
Jessica Thornsby spoke with Ty Vaughn from Broadway Calls in advance of their 'Good News, Bad Views' album release this week
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11054/ | 706 hits
CD Review: Pink Grease - All Over You
Pink Grease are sexy in a trashy, New York fanshionista way, and with the inclusion of The Greasettes- three girl backing singers- you can guarantee there will be someone on stage you want to fuck.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/572/ | 559 hits
Live Review: Rise Against + The Bronx
The Bronx as support. What a show. I last caught these guys on the Kerrang! tour earlier this year, where singer Matt Caughthran had broken his knee, which didn't stop him jumping into the crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8374/ | 931 hits
Live Review: Your Demise + Trapped Under Ice + Man Overboard + Basement
Rolling through Leeds on this fine April evening is the Rock Sound/Impericon Exposure Tour, hosting a cracking lineup featuring four of the best bands pop-punk and hardcore have to offer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16566/ | 587 hits
Live Review: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
I know there are a lot of cool families out there whose kids were influenced by their parents' love of great music but in my eyes whatever my dad liked was spawned by the devil himself.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14848/ | 788 hits
Band Profile: The Minor Fall
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6437/ | 575 hits
Live Review: The Cooper Temple Clause + Halo + Sahara Hotnights
Sahara Hotnights: four girls who according to the poster at the entrance play "pop-punk ditties"... that's got to sound like The Donnas then?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/789/ | 445 hits
Live Review: King Prawn + Mr Dogg + Mr Shiraz
Tonight showed just how much I enjoy spending my time down at Joseph's Well. Less than 24 hours after being played on national radio, a Peel Session no less, the Lorimer boys are out in force again; Chris on the doors as usual and Jock doing the sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1149/ | 588 hits
CD Review: Sniper - Untitled
I have to start off by saying I was a touch disappointed before I'd even taken the CD out of its case.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6755/ | 459 hits
Live Review: Towers Of London + The Tommys
Oi, Arctic Monkeys fans, listen up! Whether you like it or not, we're gonna flood your marketplace with THIS!!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4355/ | 958 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Cutout Hero + Dum Flux
Dum Flux opened up the evening in a punk rock fashion. Melodic, energetic but let down by out of time guitars and slightly out of tune vocals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1029/ | 521 hits
Live Review: Strike Anywhere + New Mexican Disaster Squad + Fifth Hour Hero + Blocko + Freaks Union
It's bloody freezing outside, it's a 5 o'clock kick off and it's nearly 6.30. Nice one Paul, you tit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1344/ | 739 hits
Live Review: Stiff Little Fingers + Middle Finger Salute
All fingers and no thumbs here. Middle Finger Salute have an average age of sixteen, but sound well beyond their years.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8173/ | 945 hits
Live Review: The Jellys + Catylyst
Catylyst are not having a good night. But it's not their fault; a series of cock ups with Chris' guitar and a bad sound due to the P.A man's efforts (or lack of) didn't do this outstanding band any justice.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/731/ | 411 hits
CD Review: The Thermals - Personal Life
Everything's about context. If it's a fuck up an alleyway or a painting in a gallery, being in love or actually just being drunk, things can only be judged on their own merits.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13727/ | 468 hits
Live Review: The Futureheads
Four blokes in a band with a passion for making a clever arty punk racket grace the stage tonight in a triumphant manner.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3851/ | 1,238 hits
CD Review: The Libertines - s/t
I swear to God. The day I finally get my wish and am sworn in as Supreme Lord of the Universe, one of the first things I will introduce is a law making it compulsory for all groups consisting of skinny white boys with guitars to do two hundred press-ups first thing on a morning to a soundtrack of "I Feel Good" and "Get Up (Sex Machine)" by James Brown.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3058/ | 1,351 hits
Live Review: Fall Out Boy + The Academy Is... + Thursday + Hundred Reasons + Capdown + The Hush Sound + Hellogoodbye
In the absence of an arena (or anything bigger than the Uni's Refectory in actuality) it seems Millennium Square has stepped up to the plate to become the pinnacle of Leeds' gigging venue possibilities.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6815/ | 1,047 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + Yes Boss + The Terminals
A launch gig for a single that isn't actually finished or due out for maybe another month if that... surely such inefficiency can't be associated with The Playmates?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6507/ | 3,112 hits
Live Review: The Starting Line + The Early November + Anberlin
The emo backlash has definitely started. 'Cooler than thou' kids in studded belts listen to metal, or 'NWOAHM' these days, but no one has told the masses of people queuing in the cold for this emo-tastic triple bill.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4230/ | 585 hits
Live Review: The Tennessee Traincrash
We've been in the Rocket for an hour and a half so far, patiently waiting while amateur night clears its throat.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1261/ | 572 hits
Live Review: Ming City Rockers + The Franceens + Klammer
It's a packed Pack Horse pub in LS2 tonight, for three of Northern England's finest current home grown offerings when it comes to noise by way of drums, guitars and shouting a lot.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18933/ | 770 hits
CD Review: International Trust - Talk of The Town
International Trust are about as complicated as beans on toast. You think this is a derogatory statement?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8579/ | 851 hits
Live Review: Lightspeed Champion + Martin Bignall
Whether it was the presupposed idea that Lightspeed Champion would be akin to Dev's former insane, urchin punk band Test Icicles, or the belief that such a gig would only attract indie scene kids, The Cockpit was looking bare...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8896/ | 527 hits
Live Review: Panic! At The Disco + Men, Women & Children + Forgive Durden
Panic! At The Disco are without a doubt a breath of fresh air and a much needed kick up the arse to that old 'emo' thing the kids are still frothing over.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6708/ | 830 hits
CD Review: Homebrew - The Heart of Insurrection
Homebrew's 'The Heart of Insurrection' is oldschool, cider-swilling punk rock with galloping drums, spiky riffing and bunged-up vocals aplenty.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10831/ | 459 hits
Live Review: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks + Joanna Gruesome
Now Stephen Malkmus has been a mainstay in the music world, ever since he came onto the scene with his band Pavement.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18190/ | 609 hits
CD Review: The Knife - Deep Cuts
Storming out of Sweden are brother and sister combo Olof and Kristin Dreijer, aka The Knife. Unlike other famous brother and sister combos, the music isn't thrashy garage rock, nor is it arty punk pop.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3118/ | 2,920 hits
Live Review: Saving Lenny + Polarized + The Lake Resistance
How could any one miss this gig?!! No, I'm not talking about the fact that this gig is free. I'm not even saying how could anyone miss one of the best young acts in Leeds in Saving Lenny.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1327/ | 510 hits
Live Review: Phluid + Catylyst + Flipside
Given the amount of hype openers FLIPSIDE give themselves, I could be forgiven for thinking I'd walked into the wrong venue had it not been for the stately John Keenan on the door.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/912/ | 420 hits
Live Review: Vivian Girls + Blood Oranges
The first support I catch tonight is Manchester four piece; Get Serious. They're straight forward prickly guitar pop punk.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12237/ | 1,189 hits
CD Review: Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall
"It's all I've ever done, all I've ever known, just wanna play one more show and make some music with my friends".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10806/ | 784 hits
Live Review: OD 60 + Ryder + Flipside + Shallowend
Great my car is playing up, just in time for a drive to Leeds! I finally arrive at the Well to catch the last half of Shallowend's set.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9830/ | 391 hits
Interview: Billy Talent
Billy Talent put us straight on hangover cures and the fact that Canadian music's not all Celine Dion and Bryan Adams...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1633/ | 2,801 hits
Live Review: Samiam + The Draft + Vanilla Pod
It would be easy for Samiam to be resentful by now. They've seen their supporting acts (Green Day, Blink 182, No Doubt among others) hit the big time whilst they've been left listless, waiting in the shadows.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7523/ | 858 hits
Live Review: Palma Violets + Childhood
I was sitting in my room, browsing the web, checking out what gigs were on over the week. Palma Violets were playing Nation Of Shopkeepers in five hours.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17084/ | 622 hits
Live Review: Ikara Colt + The Parkinsons + The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Quick, someone call Tony Blair. If Saddam Hussein gets his paws on this lot we're all shafted!!!! Forget exocet missiles and hydra bombs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/774/ | 443 hits
Live Review: Pink Grease + Honeytone Cody + Robochrist
There's not a lot of bands that can make you feel like you're on a mind-altering drug when you're actually chronically sober.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3343/ | 782 hits
CD Review: !!! - Heart Of Hearts
The first wave of dance punk hit these shores in 2003. Flown in from New York in the wake of The Strokes, Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it was depicted in typical NME fashion as the latest in a long line of movements to descend from the heavens and alter the course of music history.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8094/ | 358 hits
CD Review: Death of Fashion - Hello Movement
New York City envelops and spits out another victim here, unable or unwilling to breathe under its weight of music past.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6821/ | 481 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + Hurricane Party + Terrorvision + Days Of Worth + The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster + Planet Of Women + Shortcut To Newark + Hanoi Rocks + Plan A + The Glitterati + The Grit + Tokyo Dragons + Robochrist
So this is what I missed Leeds Festival for then. Catching the train out to the coast first thing on a Saturday morning (well, halfway to the coast - due to trouble on the line I end up getting a bus from York) to see the last ever gig by both Wildhearts and Terrorvision, today has the omens of being a good day.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4233/ | 1,639 hits
Live Review: Gallows + The Plight + The Hydropaths
The last time Watford went head to head with Leeds, the action took place on a football field and the results were a little different.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7890/ | 1,098 hits
CD Review: The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
The Offspring are one of those rare bands who can get away with putting out the same record time and time again.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10594/ | 723 hits
CD Review: Shrag - Life! Death! Prizes!
When I was about 14 the highlight of my miserable little virgin week was watching 'My So Called Life', an undervalued tee- vee classic starring pre fame Claire Danes and Jared Leto.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13566/ | 1,815 hits
Live Review: Liquidhead + The Machine + Dilseed
Metal is on a definite upsurge at the moment, what with Limp Bizkit topping the charts and Amen on the front cover of NME and so on.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1157/ | 555 hits
CD Review: Yes Boss - See It Through
Waiting in the shadows, Yes Boss watched closely as others quickly burnt out on mediocre releases. They took their time, honing their skills.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7915/ | 476 hits
Live Review: Stiff Little Fingers
Stiff Little Fingers in Holmfirth? The sound of tinkling tea cups shattered by Belfast power chords? Mohicans mixing with the blue rinse brigade?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3177/ | 651 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Kerrang! Presents Nirvana Nevermind Forever
Having recently celebrated its 20th birthday, it's only right that Nirvana's classic breakthrough album, 'Nevermind', is given the mother of all birthday celebrations; although this Kerrang!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15403/ | 1,557 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Sixty 6 + Ryan Shirlow and the Bloody Marys
I'm starting to feel like a York correspondent for LMS as I stroll down to Fibbers to catch one of Leeds' most talked about bands of the moment.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2979/ | 2,029 hits
Interview: Simple Plan
Charlotte Hird caught up with Simple Plan when they supported Bowling for Soup at LMUSU
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1623/ | 7,125 hits
Live Review: Martha + Little Big Men + Fifth Goodbye
Fifth Goodbye were the first band of the evening's entertainment, and they had to put in a very solid performance to be able to stand up to the following bands, and a solid performance it was.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1066/ | 589 hits
Live Review: Milburn + Rivers
My day started off surreally, an early morning phone call from my old dear asking me if I've heard of a band from Sheffield, called Milburn?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6838/ | 874 hits
Live Review: Japanaro + Diverse + Chevron + Stealthman
A forte of young bands tonight graced the Well on Friday night. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there was one performer tonight that was older than 20 and many were under 18.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/687/ | 446 hits
Live Review: Pilfers + Mr Shiraz + The Agency
Now I don't know a great deal about Ska, and I'm not overly familiar with punk, therefore I was really looking forward to tonight's gig, as I was sure it would be a bit of an eye opener for me.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/926/ | 681 hits
Live Review: Liars + Broken Social Scene + Chickenhawk + Los Campesinos! + Sky Larkin
I'm fat, and I'm old, and my back hurts. I want this noise to stop, and I wanna go home. I'm watching Liars.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13826/ | 724 hits
Live Review: Jarcrew + Duels + Galitza + This Et Al + Being 747 + The Young Knives + The Scaramanga Six + The Secret Hairdresser + ˇForward, Russia!
Wrathstonbury is, believe it or not, one of the most important dates on Leeds' live music diary. Eighteen bands compete with beer for your attention.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3217/ | 1,179 hits
Live Review: Jim Bob
Some misguided people out there might tell you that the post-Madchester pre-Britpop years weren't much fun to be growing up as an "indie kid".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7313/ | 568 hits
Live Review: Hit The Lights + Bayside + Oh No Not Stereo
I arrive at the Cockpit on what is quite a cold Saturday night to find an ample sized crowd waiting to be let into the venue and out of the cold.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10344/ | 519 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - The Longer You Leave It, The Louder It Gets...
Lured by some professional quality graphics I bought Instant Species' "Home Alone" CD last year. I ended up a bit disappointed by what I thought of at the time as bleak plodding music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/77/ | 352 hits
Interview: Jarcrew
Whiskas caught up with Jarcrew on their tour with Million Dead ...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1634/ | 546 hits
Live Review: Captain Skalet
When Captain Skalet returned from downtown Tadcaster after a fruitful venture to forage for food (at Ceaser's Pizzas), the signs were looking good.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/717/ | 497 hits
Live Review: les Flames! + Lapsus Linguae + Little Japanese Toy + My My
It's the craziest thing, really. Anyone who's been down this boozer of a daytime, or indeed walked past, will know that it's about as "indie" as Idi Amin.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1284/ | 421 hits
Live Review: Funeral for a Friend + The Rapture + The Von Bondies + Franz Ferdinand
Who was Franz Ferdinand? He was an arch-Duke of the Austro Hungarian Empire until 1914 when he was killed by an assassin in Sarajevo.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2328/ | 1,452 hits
CD Review: Brutality Will Prevail - Root of All Evil
South Wales breeds hardcore. I no longer have to imagine the Welsh punk rock-rooted counter culture scene as a massive glittery concussion of post- hardcore contraventions such as The Blackout or Kids In Glass Houses.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13540/ | 2,005 hits
Live Review: King Prawn + Mr Dogg + Mr Shiraz
Now this was a weird experience for me. My knowledge of Ska/Punk essentially stops at dub and gets about as animated as a stoned lemur, but I had heard the MR SHIRAZ CD, "Off The Tongue", so at least knew I wouldn't be sitting down much through the evening.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/665/ | 430 hits
Live Review: Liars + The Blood Brothers
The Blood Brothers are skinny, polite and nervous. When they perform however, a fairytale nightmare is cast upon the room, melancholy, bitter, estranged from reality and reeling with sarcastic vitriol.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2646/ | 738 hits
Live Review: Bouncing Souls + Wet Nuns + Danica Hunter + Coheed and Cambria + Cancer Bats
Cancer Bats are second on the main stage providing a euphoric start to the day with furious renditions of 'Bricks And Mortar', 'Lucifer's Rocking Chair' and 'R.A.T.S.' Signature screeching guitars, burly drumming and Liam Cormier's special brand of frontmanship incite head banging and circle pits galore, demonstrating why they are regarded as one of the best live bands around, and their wonderfully heavy cover of Beastie Boy's 'Sabotage' is met with rapturous applause.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16942/ | 588 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs + Duels + Robochrist
A charity gig for the Asian earthquake appeal saw local men-of-the-moment Kaiser Chiefs headlining on the eve of their short tour in America, and saying a fond farewell to the Joseph's Well crowd that has championed them over the last year and more.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3480/ | 4,022 hits
Interview: The Wonder Stuff
'Twas a blustery wet night on Sunday 12th March 2006 when I forced my way into a packed out Cockpit in Leeds, to interview not only a legend, to all self respecting indie lovers, but also a rather splendid chap! In the immortal words of Take That would The Wonder Stuff be back for good?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6640/ | 4,230 hits
Interview: Jesse Malin
Upon entering Jesse Malin's dressing room at Sheffield's Club Zero we encounter not only the man himself but also a bowl of jelly babies. This can only be a good thing...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3174/ | 2,076 hits
Feature: Constellations Festival 2010
In Leeds Music Scene's first ever feature, Nick Rowan gets us psyched up for the inaugural Constellations Festival, 13th and 14th November 2010.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13741/ | 2,058 hits
Interview: Alexisonfire
Daniel Powell and Alexisonfire's Dallas discuss everything from gig etiquette to the band's previous albums, and everything in between
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9140/ | 2,753 hits
Live Review: Panic! At The Disco + Yellowcard + [spunge] + Cold Rain
Slam Dunk Festival 2016 Celebrating its 10th year, and showing no signs of stopping, the 2016 Slam Dunk Festival had a lot to live up to.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19556/ | 465 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + Maps + The Little Ones + Kubichek! + International Trust + Hadouken!
Hadouken! - Radio 1 Stage A heaving tent full of sweat and dubious amounts of day-glow welcomes semi-home-towners Hadouken!.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8775/ | 753 hits
Live Review: Pitchshifter + Taproot + The Kennedy Soundtrack
First band up tonight are The Kennedy Soundtrack, a band who I last saw at Breeze 2002, and didn't think were that special.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1032/ | 384 hits
Interview: The Futureheads
On a cold, wet and dark Tuesday night Gavin Miller talks with Ross Futureheads from the highly showbiz and rock and roll location of a Leeds Travel Lodge...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1632/ | 1,226 hits
Live Review: The Moonlandingz + Frightened Rabbit + Idles + The Golden Age of TV
LIVE AT LEEDS 2017 Saturday 29th April Various venues NO MORE SLEEPS! It's LAL-day once again, a time for all indie kids to rejoice.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19774/ | 382 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bright Young Things 2002
The Bright Young Things CD for 2002 is being distributed by Leeds City Council in April as a free addition to the glossy and widely available Leeds Guide.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/92/ | 536 hits
Live Review: JJ72 + Amen + Alfie + Starsailor
The NME brought its Carling Awards tour to Leeds on Tuesday night, meaning the city was buzzing with three different types of music lover.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1158/ | 919 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Mainstream Music Is Shit
Another credit-crunch busting compilation from DIY, not-for-profit punk label TNS Records. Following on from the success of their Vol.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11323/ | 1,716 hits
Live Review: The Xenith Sound + The Humour + The Echo
Sweat drips from every pore; they bleed your life and finances here folks. Here been the cockpit. Atmosphere is sold in bags, buckets even.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6657/ | 1,497 hits
Live Review: GirlsOnDrugs
Leeds Music Scene was at the annual Martin House fundraiser Centre Stage final at the O2 Academy, where a place on the Reading and Leeds bill was at stake.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18613/ | 680 hits
Live Review: The Enemy + Harrisons
I was first introduced to Midlands three piece, The Enemy, during their hastily arranged support of Kasabian at the Refectory last year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8531/ | 1,535 hits
Live Review: Hopesfall + Nora + A Destructive Issue + Shot By Both Sides
Before I start I'd just like to say that I've eaten the nicest tea I've had in ages tonight. It was a stir-fry.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3004/ | 1,343 hits
Interview: Shout Out Louds
Jonny Dartz speaks to Adam Olenius of the Shout Out Louds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13467/ | 732 hits
CD Review: Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
That's right folks, the notoriously troublesome second album is due, you've used all your best tunes on the first one and back home everybody else has re-hashed them behind your back while you've been busy conquering North America.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4356/ | 614 hits
Live Review: Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies + Pixies + The Subways + Infadels + Ali Whitton + The Black Velvets
Quickly cast aside as quite frankly preposterous any mistaken apprehension that the hushed rumours and tales whispering their way around the Red and Yellow campsites on Saturday morning were of Maiden's amazingly iconic 'Number Of The Beast', Bloc Party's 'Pioneers', aftershow craziness, or even, god forbid you little scamps, the prospect of going to the Aftershock Bar later to more-than-hopefully (with all fingers, toes and, ahem, everything crossed) catch a glimpse of a naked girl in the jacuzzi (not that you could see anything though, I did make it my duty to do a little research).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4170/ | 1,014 hits
Interview: The Gaslight Anthem
Earlier this year, Jessica Thornsby spoke to The Gaslight Anthem drummer Benny Horowitz. Here's what he had to say...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10809/ | 991 hits
CD Review: Gay For Johnny Depp - Manthology
Gay For Johnny Depp's 'Manthology' is a career-spanning retrospective to put all other retrospectives to shame: a whopping thirty-one track roundup of the band's entire recorded output to date.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11582/ | 1,110 hits
Live Review: Bromheads Jacket + Plan B + Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames + This Ain't Vegas + Yes Boss + Kalev + The Hair + The Yell + Bam Bam Francs
The greatest festival of nu-wave this side of anywhere, Nastyfest continues to be the crown jewel in the Faversham's sizeable repertoire.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6764/ | 2,420 hits
Interview: Ricky Warwick
Ricky Warwick was, and still is, the formidable front man for one of the heaviest rock acts the UK has ever seen. Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7965/ | 2,807 hits
Live Review: Vampire Weekend + Noah and the Whale
Start spreading the news; Vampire Weekend have hit the big time. New York's finest staked their claim for stadium greatness by leaving a sizeable bite-mark on a Leeds crowd that lapped up the heavy dose of infectious African rhythms and mad-cap pop that has made them one of the must-see bands of the last five years.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18061/ | 822 hits
Interview: The Dave Bakewell Plot + Herrod + Buen Chico
Andy Roberts finds out about the Halifax music scene...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1622/ | 1,069 hits
Interview: The Casual Terraces
Andy Roberts catches up with The Casual Terraces before their gig with Radio Clash...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1625/ | 2,078 hits
Interview: Aeon
Dave Sugden finds out why Aeon have a problem with drummers!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9853/ | 542 hits
Interview: The Blackout
I interviewed Bob, the guitarist and Snoz, the drummer from The Blackout, in November on their UK tour, to see what was going on for them, how was their 2011, what was next for the band after they'd conquered the UK this year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16145/ | 958 hits
Live Review: Parva + The Bluefoot Project + Mr Shiraz + Galitza
A gig in aid of 'A GOOD CAUSE' eh? (the 'good cause' in question being Wheatfields hospice). Thankfully tonite's gig and the Junction 47 II CD it is designed to promote owe more to the 'Help' album than they do to 'Live Aid' - bringing together genuinely good bands from Leeds to do what they do best - play quality music with scarce a lighter-waving ballad featuring a children's choir in sight...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/943/ | 895 hits
Live Review: Little Fish + Wot Gorilla? + Our Fold + Amy's Ghost + The Gang + We're Only Afraid Of NYC + Sketches + The Mighty Stef + Stagecoach + Mr Fogg + End Of Level Baddie + Arcs & Trauma
Halifax-bred musical primates Wot Gorilla? have a sound animal name, thrive in a West Yorkshire habitat, and seem to have inherited a Minus The Bear tendency from Wintermute.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13430/ | 1,648 hits
Interview: les Flames!
Andy Roberts gives les Flames! a grilling...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1611/ | 516 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: Fly On Byrd, Fly On
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents had a chat with Fly On Byrd, Fly On guitarist, Ari, in the lead up to their StrangeForms performance.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19041/ | 522 hits
Live Review: The Mexanines + British Daylight + PaperPlane + Indecisive Crisis + Another Life + The Artists + Inlaze + The Scandal + Traffic Wire + Distorted Sky + Euthemia + Seas-Of-Green + Glassbody
In the middle of April this year, just over thirty bands competed in the heats of the third year of the Centre Stage competition, where bands compete whilst raising gratuitous amounts of cash for a well-deserving cause in Martin House Children's Hospice.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16796/ | 1,259 hits

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