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Band Profile: Idiot Box
Idiot Box are a quirky power pop/rock band based in Bradford, UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1752/ | 917 hits
Band Profile: The Clifford Village Band
Folk Pop to put a song in your heart and a spring in your step
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11283/ | 553 hits
Band Profile: The Spinto Band
In early 1996, the world was seemingly reconciling some of its evolutionary hang-ups. Gary Kasparov defeated Deep Blue in one of the most epic chess matches of all time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6280/ | 345 hits
Live Review: Radiohead + Gallows + Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Crystal Castles + The Old Romantic Killer Band
Facebook Aug 26th: "I'm off to Leeds Fest as it's the only place on earth I can be absolutely sure of not seeing The Killers, even then I'll take a high powered sniper rifle, just in case" Yep.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11126/ | 1,329 hits
Band Profile: The Hypes
Rock 'n' roll band from Leeds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10082/ | 2,623 hits
Band Profile: Valleys
Leeds based experimental pop band consisting of Scott Johnson, Ben Taylor, Curtis Blair and Will Cottam
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10919/ | 391 hits
Interview: Being 747
Dave Cooke talks about life after Landspeed Loungers, Wrath Records, the local scene and the fortunes of his new band...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1608/ | 531 hits
CD Review: Black Wolf Catch - Crackpot Summer Lodge
Black Wolf Catch describes themselves as 'a trio that create heartfelt indie music with a unique and quirky twist.' This happy little record is certainly heartfelt indie music, but I am still yet to hear the unique and quirky twist.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17218/ | 188 hits
CD Review: Thai Bride - Non Contact Sports
Judging them on this release Thai Bride are a bloke's band. Not that they play blokes music as such, it's just that they sing about bloke's things.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3793/ | 771 hits
CD Review: Black Soul Strangers - Lies
London-based Irish quarter Black Soul Strangers' new single, 'Lies' is a quirky indie-rock thump driven by piston-like drumming.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11434/ | 525 hits
CD Review: The Hidden Cameras - Awoo
Awoo, the third album from Canadian oddball folk-rock types The Hidden Cameras continues on a similar musical, a lyrical exploration as previous albums Smell of our own(2001), and Eco Homo(2003).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7569/ | 327 hits
Band Profile: The Vangos
indie rock
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7815/ | 394 hits
CD Review: The Argonauts - Telling Stories
What is it with the British? We complain in winter that it isn't summer, then when summer hits it's "too hot", then when autumn and winter roll around again, we release perfect summertime music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3180/ | 409 hits
CD Review: Koala (NY) - Do not be afraid
It has to be said that koala bears are possibly the cutest and most vicious animals that have ever graced this planet, beneath their cutesy exterior lies the heart of a cold blooded killer; Koala the band on the other hand have released one of those albums emotionally expansive albums that wrap a warm blanket around you on a cold winters day and serves you a hot mug of tea with those tiny marshmallows in.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3558/ | 507 hits
Band Profile: Number Crunchers
Number Crunchers sees core Dolores members Dave Pearson and Tom Lewis indulge their leftfield rock inclinations with the help of jazz drummer Jon Scott.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3484/ | 257 hits
CD Review: We The Kings - Heaven Can Wait
The first single from We The Kings' 'Smile Kid' album, might just be the happiest song ever. The gooey, pop-music sentiments of the chorus are sugar-coated in headrush pop-punk guitars, in a tooth-meltingly sweet double assault.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12639/ | 258 hits
CD Review: The Spills - I'm Scared I Might
Following on from their split EP with fellow Wakefield band The Piskie Sits, four-piece act The Spills release 'I'm Scared I Might' as a download and 7" single on Philophobia Music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11146/ | 449 hits
CD Review: Fountains of Wayne - Stacey's Mom
Perhaps best known in the UK for 'Radiation Vibe' from their eponymous debut, Fountains of Wayne are ready to make a bigger impression with this first release from their third album 'Welcome Interstate Managers'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2504/ | 1,513 hits
CD Review: Simple Kid - #1
I was disturbed when I received this CD through the post. Not by the cover or the content, but by what it said on the label stuck to it.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2546/ | 583 hits
Band Profile: Pointe Blank
Pointe Blank, formed about 4 years ago, has been playing venues all over New England for quite some time now, with their sound evolving from quirky pop to Indie Rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6829/ | 209 hits
CD Review: Cha-Cha - Phonographic Love
The debut single from Cha-Cha, 'Phonographic Love,' comes across a little unsure of its identity. On the one hand, it seems to be aspiring towards cool, quirky indie-rock, with piston-like drumbeats and lurching riffs, but the band then splatter random, garish electro over the top, and transform 'Phonographic Love' into an awkward hybrid.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12437/ | 369 hits
CD Review: Unclejohnny - Old Men Round A Table
I've heard a lot about this band from various people but never actually seen or heard them so it was good to finally hear them.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7465/ | 319 hits
CD Review: Tilly And The Wall - Bottom of Barrels
Sometimes the best ideas appear from the most unconventional of sources. Tilly And The Wall are no exception.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7347/ | 454 hits
Band Profile: ZZ Eliminator
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7274/ | 269 hits
CD Review: Polly Paulusma - Over The Hill
Female singer/songwriters/lad-mag-pin-ups really are 10 a penny these days. You only have to look at the charts to see Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Katie Meluah et al aiming to take a slice of Beth Orton's melancholic pie from under her bovine features.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3184/ | 427 hits
CD Review: The Fiery Furnaces - Single Again
Coming on like a deranged DJ Shadow monkeyed off his eyeballs on uppers and downers, whilst various members of the Beta Band and the Delgadoes point and laugh, this is an eclectic yet energetic 218 seconds of mayhem.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2738/ | 359 hits
CD Review: The Four Marys - Sweet And Sour EP
It's seems that the mighty Pale Man Made have grown some legs and spawned another band in the form of guitarist Christianne's other project known as The Four Marys.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3160/ | 494 hits
News Article: Wild Beasts to release a new single on Bad Sneakers Records
On 23rd April, Leeds band Wild Beasts will release their second single on the Leeds-based Bad Sneakers Records label.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8151/ | 387 hits
CD Review: The Smokin Jones - Untitled
It seems this EP is soaked in past experience and endeavours, a creation of years of gigging, frequent band additions and changes, and a whole heap of direction shift and renewed vigour.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6690/ | 500 hits
Band Profile: Isosceles
There are two bands with the name Isosceles. It is also the name of a British musical theatre company.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9680/ | 279 hits
CD Review: Allison Weiss - ..Was Right All Along
Allison Weiss creates honest, heartfelt pop for the masses with an overwhelming authenticity and from-the-heart feel.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11502/ | 522 hits
CD Review: The Hickey Underworld - The Frog
The Hickey Underworld are a four-piece alt-rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, and from the press release that came with this single, 'The Frog', I was pretty excited- on paper, it sounded as if this single would be quirky, dynamic, and unpredictable.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16966/ | 193 hits
Live Review: Fight Like Apes
Perpetual Leeds mid-afternooners Deftones are foiled by the wind and the Main Stage's recurring sound 'issues', so I make my way to the smallest stage for a band who are fast becoming one of my favourites.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11125/ | 424 hits
CD Review: ninepoundnote - Go National
As ninepoundnote so politely put it, "Well there's people judging music on originality. I move my feet if I like the beat and that's good enough for me!" Well my ska punk playing friend this is Leeds Music Scene and you won't get far with that attitude.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3070/ | 559 hits
Band Profile: Vetiver
Vetiver is an American folk band headed by songwriter Andy Cabic and often joined by Devendra Banhart, cellist Alissa Anderson, and violinist Jim Gaylord.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7881/ | 261 hits
CD Review: Icy Demons - Miami Ice
Contrary to the band and album title, this Chicago based collective's third record is far from a cold and wintry affair.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10764/ | 205 hits
CD Review: Rudolf Rocker - Rabbiting With Richard Dido
This is Rudolf Rocker's second album released on Leeds' very own House Of Mook label. John Peel listened upon the band favourably, as he did with many 'Mook' arists and you can hear why.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6059/ | 372 hits
CD Review: Wot Gorilla? - Kebnekaise
Wot Gorilla? are a scintillating new math rock outfit hailing from Halifax, creating palatable rock for math, indie and alt rockers alike.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16978/ | 309 hits
Band Profile: The Sneakers
The Sneakers were one of the most popular bands on the Leeds pub circuit between 1977 and 1979. They are fondly remembered by fans who went to the gigs, Haddon Hall, Staging Post, Fforde Green and many more.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18297/ | 337 hits
CD Review: Red Bee Society - When We Talk of Horses
Every so often a band comes out of nowhere and punches you in the kidneys before ripping out your heart and then skipping off down the pub laughing.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3260/ | 599 hits
Live Review: Mclusky + Modey Lemon + Tricky Nixon
It's another night down at the Well and tonight we're in the presence of some nice ol' dirty rock. The night kicks off with Tricky Nixon.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3370/ | 760 hits
CD Review: Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring
'Romance Is Boring' is the third album (2008's 'We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed' has ten tracks on it, that's an album, I don't care what the band say) from Cardiff's favourite (no longer) quirky indie-pop band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12165/ | 858 hits
CD Review: Aqute Couch - s/t
I first saw Aqute Couch live at Joseph's Well, and I must admit right now that I enjoy their 9-track CD even more than I liked their live show.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/152/ | 306 hits
Band Profile: The Hit and Runs
"'...Bradfords finest 'INDIE' cuisine...'"
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6986/ | 416 hits
CD Review: Los Guys - La Noche De San Juan
Get yer fake afro on and don you best platforms. Los Guys have in "La Noche De San Juan" delivered what is a truly unique offering, a danceathon jazz fest which spins around your head like the supergran theme once did.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3876/ | 442 hits
Live Review: The Occupation
Enticed only by a cool name and a bit of a bravado, it was with anticipation I awaited the arrival of what was to be one of the most vital live sets I've seen.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/837/ | 235 hits
CD Review: Accolade - Something In The Sky
There's a strong voice and some nice open tunes here. The simple chord changes are fluently done and a Radio 2 audience beckons.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/101/ | 557 hits
CD Review: We Start Fires - Caught Redhanded
Mathematics aside this is a valiant effort from this US grrrl-punk scene influenced quartet. Underneath the guitars and quirky 80s' keyboard effects of this album lies a fair dose of pop-punk fused with the daily trials and tribulations of your average young rock and roll girl.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3221/ | 670 hits
CD Review: The Compression - Au Naturel
Debut single from Wakefield band The Compression is standard indie-rock fare, with an intriguing, psychedelic edge thanks to frontman Matty's fuzzy vocals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10959/ | 318 hits
CD Review: Chumbawamba - Un
Anyone who thought, like me, that after the success of the none-more-irritating 'Tubthumping' that Chumbawamba just simply vanished, are now obviously wrong.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2614/ | 1,234 hits
CD Review: Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain II
The first track ('Spooks') kicks in with Jonny Craig's melodic vocals, backed up with Jonathan Mess' harsher screams.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14378/ | 569 hits
CD Review: FineApple - A New Hope EP
Fine Apple, one of Bradford's unknown bands outside the area, choosing to ply their trade at Rios, bring us a great four-track EP.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/78/ | 338 hits
CD Review: Yellow Stripe Nine - More
'More' starts off with a nice lazy beat, a bit of jangly guitar and then in comes Peter Bott with the vocals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2804/ | 543 hits
Live Review: The Rapture + The Prosaics + Black Wire
It's an early start tonight at the Cockpit, it is 7:30 and Black Wire are already strutting their stuff on stage at their local.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1125/ | 555 hits
CD Review: Demon Summer - Sideshow
The name Demon Summer immediately conjures up images of Satan chilling on a beach in Cornwall while the sun beats down on his already fiery flesh.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3144/ | 557 hits
CD Review: Bastion 4 - The Tale Of Gideon Strange
There appears to be an uncanny tendency for singles that are described on their press blurbs as "infectiously summer-sounding" to make their way into my possession when the weather is generously providing me with the chance to experience first-hand what it might be like to be drowned in a tidal-wave of piss whilst making my way through a Norwegian tundra.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3385/ | 830 hits
CD Review: Vatican Jet - Green Demo
I went to The Vine once in hope to see these guys play but unfortunately when I arrived they had finished and I was treated to this God-awful electro band - but finally I am happy to hear some of Vatican Jet's material.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4036/ | 704 hits
Live Review: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan + Euros Childs
Euros Childs, former frontman of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, provides some strange folk indie to warm up the crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8719/ | 580 hits
CD Review: Senser - Schematic
Emerging in the late 80s Senser were one of the first bands to bring us rap-metal. As innovators of the scene they were doing something new and refreshing.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2676/ | 1,472 hits
CD Review: Kid iD - That Dreaded Monster What If
Bright young things Kid iD charmingly fuse a clean living blend of acoustic blues and folk, occasionally tinkering with bordering genres to mixed effect.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7243/ | 523 hits
Band Profile: The Breech
Leeds based four-piece, The Breech, were formed in July 2001 and have developed a deeply musical and distinctly unique sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1989/ | 1,851 hits
CD Review: Plasticines - Barcelona
If Ladyhawke has taught us anything, it's that girl-synth-rock is fit. And Plastiscines have not tried to hide the fact that their break-through single is in fact a complete cover of Ladyhawke's 'Paris Is Burning', where the word "Paris" has been cunningly substituted for "Barcelona." But I've found myself not particularly caring about this complete rip-off at all; 'Barcelona' is a great pop song that ticks all the necessary boxes.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11322/ | 473 hits
CD Review: Beautiful Feet - Bedroom Demos
I like this CD. Very much. Reviewing acoustic bands is not really my strong point, but this CD just shouts out "play me, play me".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/28/ | 343 hits
Band Profile: King Kananga
Infectious Dirty Rock with a tight Punk punch from this Northern Power Trio - King Kananga
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10566/ | 337 hits
Live Review: These Monsters + Brenda
Tonight our two opposing bands compliment each other well. Both believe in experimenting and trying diverse, intriguing methods of song writing, which is always nice to hear.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4261/ | 545 hits
CD Review: Piskie Sits - Untitled
This three track demo gives notice of an interestingly slap-happy West Yorkshire band with leanings in a Stephen Malkmus direction.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2791/ | 1,778 hits
CD Review: Clockwork Angst - Untitled
I'll be honest. If this review stinks and subsequently I get annihilated by you good reader folks for not delving deeper, or trying to understand the songs or yabba yabba feckin' yabba then in this case, on this very occasion, it ain't my damn fault.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6733/ | 293 hits
CD Review: Volcanoes - Sugar and Snarls
Volcanoes' brand of rock and roll is bubbling hot and this, their latest EP of four songs, is no exception.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12506/ | 380 hits
CD Review: Sound Of Guns - Architects
Sound Of Guns continue to carve a niche for themselves as pedallers of earnest, stadium-rock anthems with added personality, with their latest single, 'Architects.' 'Architects' is a towering roar of impassioned, mainstream-friendly rock where everything is pushed to extremes: the vocals are bigger, the guitars are louder and the drums go off like heavy artillery.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12868/ | 528 hits
CD Review: I Am Kloot - From Your Favourite Sky
I like a good heartbreak song. For years I thought that Tony Bennett was the only man alive who could sing it better than anyone else, and I've yet to be proven otherwise, but this bunch of Mancunian misfits come damn close.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2297/ | 590 hits
Live Review: Shed Seven + 45s
The 45s - now there's a name I don't think we'll be hearing the last of. Impressive at times (though I still think there's a lot to work on) pinpointing the influence in their style has proved difficult; though Britpop is a starter for ten.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/714/ | 297 hits
Live Review: The Research + Pensioner
A pair of beseated little smurfs and a big slutty rock vamp alight the stage in a cloud of barbershop-style harmonies.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1309/ | 547 hits
CD Review: The Fret - Mr Beat
Sometimes I hate writing reviews. I got into it because I love writing and love music. But sometimes you have to review something that you really don't enjoy and it's horrible because it's no fun slagging off bands that put their heart and soul into their music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3775/ | 784 hits
CD Review: Yellow Stripe Nine - Look Sharp EP
Yellow Stripe Nine are a band I've heard of but never heard, until now, and on the basis of this CD I'm wondering why.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/237/ | 364 hits
Interview: Mama Scuba
Talk to us about their stalker and news of a pending debut album...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1609/ | 416 hits
CD Review: Bad For Lazarus - Old Rats On A New Ship
'Old Rats On A New Ship,' the debut single from Bright-based Bad For Lazarus, is a juddering stomp that's torn between a cool, quirky indie shimmy and a grubby, sleazy rock and roll swagger.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11435/ | 471 hits
CD Review: The Blood Arm - Angela
Having converted the many fans of We are Scientists and The Sunshine Underground as a support act on both these band's UK and Ireland tours late last year, The Blood Arm are back to try and win over some more followers with the second single from their new album, 'Lie Lover Lie'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8482/ | 320 hits
Band Profile: My Toys Like Me
My Toys Like Me are: Hypnotic vocals, great hooks, boogey basslines, groove is in the feet, haunting, eccentric, quirky, crazy, beautiful freaks, crazy geeks and power pumping tunes - a perfect blend of electronic alt pop My Toys Like Me were formed by founder members Frances Noon and Lazlo Legezer....
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7706/ | 193 hits
CD Review: Fake Problems - Diamond Rings
Prior to their October tour with Frank Turner, Fake Problems release 'Diamond Rings' off their sophomore 'It's Great To Be Alive' album.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11164/ | 394 hits
CD Review: Mr Hudson And The Library - A Tale Of Two Cities
I first caught this band on the Jools Holland show some months ago and to say that I saw a group of quirky individuals would be a huge understatement.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7968/ | 837 hits
Live Review: Metronomy
Metronomy are currently touring the country in promotion of their latest single 'Radio Ladio' as well as their 2006 album, 'Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe)'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9325/ | 1,184 hits
Live Review: Metro Station
Forming in LA in 2006, the young energetic 5 piece, Metro Station, have built up an incredible whirlwind of support, with a highly acclaimed self-titled debut album released in late 2007, this band have a lot to prove across the pond.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10373/ | 481 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + Polon
Sheffield noise mongers POLON pose a curious schizophrenia question. Just what is it that they want to be?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/707/ | 300 hits
Live Review: The Ramona Flowers
Somewhat confused is the way I would sum up how I feel after The Ramona Flowers' opening performance for Bastille at Leeds Universtiy Union on Sunday with an at times enjoyable but mainly cringe-inducing seven song set.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17419/ | 414 hits
Live Review: Bodixa + Brazil + Cooper
"We're the warm-up band" announces Cooper's entrance to tonight's proceedings. Following on from the previous night where we were entertained not only musically but also through an on-going dialogue with Four Day Hombre, we are again in conversation with tonights bands.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/897/ | 273 hits
CD Review: Narco - Control of the Stereo
Narco are the start of a riot. Machine gun fire pings round my room and I duck for cover before the dirty grinding bass line of 'Hey You' kicks in like an exploding atom bomb on repeat.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4202/ | 759 hits
Band Profile: The Chalets
The Chalets caused quite a stir in the Irish music scene, winning rave reviews and packing out venues.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5926/ | 6,110 hits
Live Review: Modeliste + Being 747
Live music returns to Halifax town centre with the launch of "The Dog House", a new band night upstairs at The Royal Oak pub.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3632/ | 860 hits
Live Review: Morassi
Although not advertised on the initial line-up, the appearance of Morassi caught my eye at last Friday's Joseph's Well HMV Showcase gig.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5964/ | 309 hits
Live Review: Orka + Helen + Albeit + Baseborn
Joseph's Well saw a storming gig on Saturday night as everyone is treated to four top bands, a brilliant atmosphere, a full venue and plenty of beer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/881/ | 533 hits
CD Review: Little Fish - Baffled and Beat
Little Fish's debut album is a mixed affair, consisting of quirky indie rock 'n roll that oozes laidback cool, and barebones, repetitive songs that feel constrained by Little Fish's two-member head count.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13332/ | 1,434 hits
CD Review: Underdog - Sunny Estate EP
Upon the first listen to this EP I would have sworn I was listening to a group of twee American rockers, however these lads are from Essex!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7836/ | 333 hits
Band Profile: Sergeant Lewis
Alternative Pop & Rock act with a nod towards the more obscure...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6333/ | 865 hits
Live Review: The Mystery Jets + The Young Knives + Larrikin Love + Battle + Polytechnic
Transgressive hasn't half done well for itself. Just a casual glance at the arsenal of bands at their disposal tonight to showcase to a global audience displays that.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7697/ | 492 hits
Band Profile: Mates of State
Mates of State are an American indie rock duo, who have been active since 1997 when they formed in Lawrence, Kansas, United States.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5173/ | 183 hits
CD Review: Semifinalists - s/t
No two ways about it. This is a purely beautiful debut album. Semifinalists have managed to condense hours of sweeping, emotional epic music all the way down into 3 minute wedges of charming pop music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6559/ | 757 hits
CD Review: Hillstomp - One Word
Hillstomp claim to play a brand of North Mississippi trance blues... yep that's what I thought. But surprisingly this is a real musical gem.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2730/ | 551 hits
CD Review: Field Music - Write Your Own History
The shining, swirling, sun-drenched pop with peculiar but often alluring percussion that made up Field Music's self-titled album is, unsurprisingly, the staple of this B-sides collection.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6642/ | 407 hits
Band Profile: thisGirl
thisGIRL were a blues/swing-influenced hard-rock band from Rotherham, near Sheffield,UK. They were: Liam Creamer - vocals, Chris Shepherd - Guitar, Matt Westley - Bass, Ryan Jenkins - Drums.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5001/ | 213 hits
CD Review: The Envy Corps - Rhinemaidens
Making new discoveries is always exciting. Few self-respecting music fans will disagree that finding a promising new band is one of the main reasons to get up in the morning - perhaps only over-ridden if somebody's cooking something lovely for breakfast.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8950/ | 337 hits
CD Review: The Dharma - Can You Rely On Them
Upon receiving this CD, I thought - 'Looks promising, very slick. Maybe a better photographer could have made the live looking cover shot look a little less like they are performing at an open jam night to an empty pub.' 'Can You Rely On Them' is a tune that upon first listen seems to pull no punches, upon second or more listens you will be thinking 'what the hell is going on with these guys.' It is filled with lots of quirky little solos, which do showcase a lot of musical talent that is there, somewhere!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8692/ | 373 hits
Band Profile: Farrah
Farrah are a UK power pop quartet formed in the north east of England in 1999. After releasing their debut single "Terry" on the indie Noisebox label in the UK they were signed to The Police manager Miles Copland's Ark 21 label for the release of their debut album Moustache.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4955/ | 269 hits
Band Profile: OFM
Formed in 2002, OFM display a togetherness that can only be achieved by playing with people you love, or with lots of practice, or both.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4691/ | 196 hits
Live Review: White Heat
Let's say, you're in the centre of Leeds, surrounded by armies of hen parties, hungover students out on the lash and after a tiring day at work...I'm wandering around Leeds trying to find Santiago's bar (if you were wondering?).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17057/ | 397 hits
Band Profile: Bikini Black Special
indie pop
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8322/ | 877 hits
CD Review: Jonny Quits - Untitled
Jonny Quits are an Alternative-Rock band formed in North London but the twin brothers in the band Jon and Chris Beagley soon migrated up North where their energetic live shows have given them another large fan base, rivalling that of their native London.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17307/ | 286 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers + Rezillos
There's a time in your life when you are looking for new experiences, to open doors, to seek novelty and thrills, and for the majority of the audience at the 02 tonight, that time was approximately 1978.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19023/ | 738 hits
Live Review: Unclejohnny + Vatican Jet + Spitfire Charlie + Silverlode
Every time I go to the Packhorse, Leeds seems to be in the middle of a hurricane or similar. The walk from the city centre up to Hyde Park is a blustery and soaking one, but once inside things start to pick up immensely, with one of the most impressive local lineups at the venue in some time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6041/ | 876 hits
Live Review: U R Penetrators + Rochelle + The Chiara L's
The Chiara L's kick off tonight's trio of female fronted bands each of whom bring their own distinct style and charisma to proceedings.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8740/ | 416 hits
CD Review: The Coral - Nightfreak & The Sons of Becker
The latest recording form The Coral is the product of improvisational sessions. I awaited the release of this CD with anticipation since I saw them in November and heard two of the songs live.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2321/ | 444 hits
Live Review: The Hubbards + The Arrogance Of King Canute + Rex Manning Day + Grant K. Fennell
First on at tonight's 360 Club is Grant K. Fennell, or as the wonderfully typo-ed posters would have us believe, Granny K.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16157/ | 496 hits
Live Review: The Phoenix Fall + LazyBaby + L-Mo
First up on this evening's bill is a band who has become stalwarts of the 360 Club. L-Mo have put in some astonishingly professional performances at HiFi, and it looks as though tonight is to be no exception.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11436/ | 629 hits
Live Review: Snow Patrol + Astrid
When Morrissey sang the immortal Smiths lyrics: "I should have been wild and I should have been free/but nature played this trick on me" he had in mind the kind of people that are in the groups I'm watching tonight.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2469/ | 636 hits
CD Review: Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Lacuna Coil's latest album Dark Adrenaline starts with their first release single from the album, 'Trip The Darkness'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16104/ | 410 hits
Band Profile: Tom Vek
London's eclectic one-man band Tom Vek (born 1981, London, UK) combines electronic music with indie rock, punk with dance, and influences like new wave and garage (and also made most of his early recordings in his parents' garage, too).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14856/ | 129 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + The Terminals + The Downfall + Vessels
Well blimey! I walk into Joseph's Well at about 3:20pm after standing in the pissing rain for 20 minutes outside the place (yes, you said you were opening at three!) but at least it gave me chance to sober up slightly seeing as I had been in Carpe Diem for the three previous hours and was somewhat jolly already.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7162/ | 1,102 hits
CD Review: Xi - Low
"Five men, a large number of instruments" proclaims the press release accompanying Xi's latest magnum opus, the three track EP "Low".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3515/ | 1,094 hits
Band Profile: Sarah Brickel
Funky Soul/Jazz Singer-Songwriter
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15912/ | 141 hits
CD Review: The Grates - 19-20-20
The Grates are a difficult band for a young man such as myself to review. Having seen them live I am aware of something which cannot fail to cloud my judgement of their latest record.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6947/ | 544 hits
CD Review: In Gratitude - Only In Youth
In Gratitude's frontman Matthew Guttridge's light voice is the delicious, gooey pop centre of this guilty-pleasure EP.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14157/ | 449 hits
CD Review: Being 747 - Weather Girl
Dave Cooke takes his material from the wistful, listless and mundane corners of pop vernacular. He dries it out, tidies up the lyrics, gives it a tune and then mocks it with delicious and subtle cruelty.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/59/ | 543 hits
Band Profile: Ultraxine
Powerpoppunkrock for the masses
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9428/ | 468 hits
CD Review: Mountaineers - Motions Of Interplanetary Dust
Mountaineers 'do not aspire to evoke a past we cannot relate to, they do not sound like anyone else...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3524/ | 534 hits
CD Review: Le Corps Mince de Françoise - Bitch of The Bitches
A reviewer's job is occasionally made so easy that all their years of highly skilled investigatory, and inspired musical opinionating count for nothing.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10509/ | 546 hits
Live Review: The Futureheads + The Rakes + The Holy Terror
The Holy Terror are four impossibly fresh faced youngsters apparently raised solely on a diet of the Slits and Babes In Toyland.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2859/ | 1,101 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Brazil
Brazil are probably the most over-underrated Leeds band not to come from Leeds. Tonight there are times in their set which opens up the night that are literally entertainment of the highest order, and at other times they drift off into a sort of in-between world where your mind wanders and you lose focus on what they are trying to do.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1138/ | 302 hits
CD Review: Maia - Pepper Stars
In the United States, the term "twee", has been adopted retrospectively to describe some examples of indie pop.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17206/ | 252 hits
CD Review: Clayhill - Small Circle
Viva la Britpop! There's been a lot of talk lately about the resurrection of that old forgotten genre of Britpop.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3186/ | 1,288 hits
Band Profile: Yourcodenameis: Milo
Yourcodenameis:milo were an alternative rock/experimental/math/post-hardcore band from Washington in North East England, UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5365/ | 210 hits
Live Review: Cave In + Oceansize
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for any action on stage and supping the over priced bottles of beer (because the draft had run out!) Oceansize took to the stage amidst an array of guitars (6 in total), laptops and large drum set-ups.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1091/ | 310 hits
Live Review: The Window Right + Palo Alto + i concur + Peasman
Ambient, alternative music is on the cards tonight in the ridiculous upstairs room of the Atrium.  Peasman, aka.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8097/ | 473 hits
Live Review: Kill Manticore + Blacklisters + Fixit Kid
For all my scheming and plotting, it is the simple things in life that keep me most amused. Plans. I love plans.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8924/ | 331 hits
CD Review: Elysian Born - Magisterium
Elysian Born have the art of the introduction nailed: each song on this EP promises some taunt heavy metal muscle with a spot-on opening thirty seconds, and then completely loses the plot and throws everything at the listener in its quest for heaviness.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13754/ | 270 hits
Band Profile: The Kiara Elles
"Odio will go blog > indie disco > charts > car advert in a matter of months. Enjoy it." - The Guardian (New Music on Wednesday) "Sharp, Smart & Snappy!" Huw Stephens Radio 1 - "No-one makes a noise like this, an enigmatic singer combines brilliantly with wailing guitars to create a catalogue of tunes that convulse like they're in the electric chair." Chris Martin NME Radio - "They are Indie, They are Electro, They are Sexy, They are Smart, The sound is Urgent and Fast Paced" Music News Scotland 2010 is set to be the year for Leeds band The Kiara Elles.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10422/ | 1,153 hits
CD Review: Nic Armstrong - The Greatest White Liar
Recorded at the currently hip Toe Rag Studios, produced and engineered by studio boss Liam Watson (cf Elephant and The Cribs) "The Greatest White Liar" is a fully realised retro-pop album of songs - and virtually a solo album to boot.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2571/ | 688 hits
Live Review: Two Wheel Fury + Two Legs Bad + Flaming Apes Head + Anabasis
This is the honest truth: I just got off the phone to a friend of mine and when I mentioned that I had been to the student union Battle of the Bands, she said "Oh, and did the winner of the event happen to be a metal type band who did some well known covers?" The formula is that obvious then.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/799/ | 321 hits
CD Review: Fun - Walking The Dog / Be Calm
The new double A-side single from New York-based three piece Fun. is one of those refreshing, un-classifiable releases where you wouldn't even know where to begin the pigeon-holing process.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12608/ | 376 hits
Band Profile: The Bees
There have been several bands with the name The Bees. 1. The Bees (known as A Band of Bees in America, owing to a rights conflict over their name) are a uk band from the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8594/ | 6,167 hits
Live Review: Dandy Warhols + JJ72
Its been four years now since The Dandy Warhols hit the Uk scene with their classic track "Every Day Should be a Holiday", which followed their self-titled album released in 1995.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/891/ | 332 hits
Live Review: Hunting Bears + The Wick Effect + Surprise... Fire + Leesa Mae
As a first-timer to The Library's unsigned night, and with little clue as to what to expect, it was encouraging to arrive during Leesa Mae's exuberant set, received by a large enthusiastic crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12677/ | 469 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + The International Karate Plus + Being 747 + Duels
It's a Friday night at the Vine, it's 8 O'clock, Duels are about to start so where the hell is everybody?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3020/ | 897 hits
Live Review: Plastic Fuzz
This was my first Tea Time Shuffle for some time, and I was excited to be down reviewing a band I actually discovered through LMS - Plastic Fuzz.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9713/ | 407 hits
Live Review: Daljit Dhaliwal + Dan Audio + Leesa Mae + Forty Million Mexicans
Guilty of arriving late to tonight's 360 club, I managed to miss the first ten minutes or so of openers, Forty Million Mexicans.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10782/ | 524 hits
CD Review: The Search Map - Tiny Victories EP
Hearing genuinely talented musicians for the first time is something that I experience very rarely. The Tiny Victories EP by The Search Map gave me one such experience.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8245/ | 319 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Sunshine Skylark Bridge
Type the words "Rhode Island" into Google and you'll find websites on The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, The Rhode Island School of Design and The Official Web Site of the State of Rhode Island - Your gateway to information about living, working, visiting, and doing business in Rhode Island.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2561/ | 578 hits
Live Review: The Walkmen + The Open
Let's be honest and get everything out in the open. The whole of the Cockpit is here solely to hear and see "The Rat" in action, a blistering, demented, Ian Curtis joyride of a song which has been exploding everywhere without even a trace of hyperbole.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2829/ | 590 hits
Live Review: Four Planes In Four Days + Everyday Life + Life is the Dream + Laura Audio + Science Attacks
We are in the middle of a glorious transition, summer to autumn... the young 'un's are returning to school, and for the first time in my life, I'm free from all that bullshit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1283/ | 381 hits
Live Review: Tigerbomb + Jinzena + Unexploded Shells + Warning?!-Achtung?!
I had not heard any of these bands before the day of the gig, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6491/ | 740 hits
Band Profile: Deerhoof
San Francisco's Deerhoof mixes sugary melodies and an experimental spirit into sweetly challenging and utterly distinctive music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8637/ | 243 hits
Live Review: Blood Red Shoes + The Cast of Cheers
Dublin based four piece The Cast of Cheers open tonight's show with a mixed display. With urgent vocals and driving beats it's like sophomoric Foals and the majority of their set, although hooky and technical, feels very self-conscious.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16596/ | 361 hits
Live Review: Jarcrew + People in Planes + les Flames! + Pray For Hayden
This was the most treacherous, cold, icy night so far this winter. Fell over on the way to work. How lame is that?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2311/ | 883 hits
Band Profile: Cloud Control
With affirmation of their brilliance in from their homeland, being awarded the critically acclaimed Australian Music Award Cloud Control are set to unleash their stellar collection of quirky layered harmonic psyche-pop on the rest of the world.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15373/ | 83 hits
Live Review: Devon Sproule
There is nothing overly challenging in Devon Sproule's pretty, lilting jazz-inflected folk-pop but the same can't be said for the act of locating tonight's gig at the Brudenell.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17958/ | 202 hits
Live Review: Tom Williams & The Boat + Sets + Daniel Pearson
It might have been the sunniest Saturday of 2011 so far, but everyone who chose to stay on Hyde Park with their disposable barbecues might have missed a little bit of gig gold tonight...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14556/ | 999 hits
Band Profile: Ocean Bottom Nightmare
'What Would Judas Do?' is the debut single from Ocean Bottom Nightmare. Mixed by legendary producer Chris Sheldon (Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Reuben), it is set for a digital release on 10th May 2010.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12447/ | 149 hits
Live Review: Lorimer + Zane + four day Hombre
Can the quality of unsigned Leeds bands get any higher? The FutureSound 2000 has certainly opened a lot of people's eyes to the standard of music out there in Leeds, and if you think of the bands that aren't even playing...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/898/ | 349 hits
CD Review: Allusondrugs - Allusondrugs EP
Allusondrugs formed in Castleford in 2012, recorded this EP in January 2014 (at Greenmount Studios in Armley, Leeds), but have been very busy out and about on the road in the lead up to this coming out.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18733/ | 833 hits
Live Review: New Vinyl + Gallo + Fraser Anderson
CJ's Music Bar is a relatively new venue on the Leeds live music circuit and is tucked away somewhat in the depths of Kirkstall.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2681/ | 866 hits
Live Review: les Flames! + Lapsus Linguae + Little Japanese Toy + My My
It's the craziest thing, really. Anyone who's been down this boozer of a daytime, or indeed walked past, will know that it's about as "indie" as Idi Amin.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1284/ | 347 hits
Live Review: Lorimer + Mr Dogg + Swamp Donkey
Things look very bright for the music scene in Leeds at the moment, and tonight is a great testament to that.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1165/ | 541 hits
Live Review: Lightning Bolt + a.P.A.t.T. + Action Beat + Chops
With the world's loudest band, underground noise legends Lightning Bolt, playing to a sold out Brudenell, the stage, or the floor, was set for a night no-one there would forget.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11568/ | 1,038 hits
Live Review: Miranda Versus The Crok + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + Hunting Bears + Tag-Team Preacher
Tag-Team Preacher open the sold out 360 night with an energetic feel good set sounding at times like the illicit lovechild of the Manic Street Preachers and Alison Krauss.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13722/ | 582 hits
Band Profile: Wrinkle Neck Mules
What the hell is a Wrinkle Neck Mule? A sophomoric phallic reference? Too easy. A pack animal used in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico to transport opium to America in the early 1900s?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5462/ | 232 hits
CD Review: Schizo Fun Addict - Atom Spark Hotel
As sensible as it is plain mental, as simplistic as it is complex, as delightfully naïve as it is pure genius.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3960/ | 1,028 hits
Live Review: Deerhoof + Field Music + Quack Quack + Kit
Entering the Leeds Irish Centre for the first time (after finding it with surprising ease) it was refreshing to find a large audience already gathered and paying attention to the support bands.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8636/ | 553 hits
Live Review: Dancing Years + Sivu + Wolf Alice + Jasmine Kennedy
It is true that there is a possibility that you may have heard of Sofar Sounds. Set up in rebellion to the music scene in London, where it was difficult for good artists to be heard by an appreciative crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18097/ | 400 hits
Live Review: Cold War Kids + The Pink Mountaintops + Derek The Poet
A prolific indie band and a back-to-basics set from a folk-rock band interspersed with poems sung by a rather quirky young man to backing tracks on an iPod were always going to make for an extremely odd gig experience.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8333/ | 500 hits
Live Review: The Chalets + The Research + Fonda 500
Welcome to the Faversham. The pub is stuffed with students, NUS cards in one hand, trying to blag a cheap, fizzy, sweet, artificial, alcoholic drink, yet to realise the drinking maxim - no pain, no gain - nice tasting drinks are just not cricket.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4278/ | 977 hits
Live Review: Dartz! + Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames + Hot Club De Paris
Ah, the mighty Dance To The Radio night strikes again. Never a month goes past without another three bands more than worthy of headlining a show all by themselves being wheeled out and cast asunder to a crowd that in the most part aren't overly familiar with the talent on show but are more than willing to co-operate (or at least pensively listen) to what DTTR has to offer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6567/ | 1,357 hits
CD Review: Mother Mother - O My Heart
Originally released in September 2008, Canadian five-piece Mother Mother have finally gotten around to releasing their second album, 'O My Heart' in the UK, and it's a difficult album to categorise.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12841/ | 538 hits
News Article: Claire Cameron Hosts Leeds Festival Fringe Warm Up on Sunday 4th July
COTHERIA http://www.myspace.com/cotheria The beaten landscapes of England's north are fast becoming a breeding ground for fiercely original metal bands.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13016/ | 898 hits
Band Profile: Ooberman
Ooberman founders Dan Popplewell and Andy Flett met over a piano at their school in Bradford, 1988. The first band they set up was The Forestry Commission, with Andy's younger brother Steve Flett on bass.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4892/ | 216 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + Spearmint + Politburo
Malevolent. Not the crowd - the band. Politburo take to the stage. No lights, a speedy, last minute soundcheck.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/741/ | 341 hits
CD Review: Ictus - Handmade & Homegrown
This mini-album from Leicester-based quartet Ictus, is five tracks of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk, plus one track of run-of-the-mill, buoyant pop-punk with a few added extras that'll have you taking Ictus just that little bit more seriously.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12632/ | 354 hits
CD Review: Hail Animator - We Live In Boxes
The two highlights from Hail Animator's debut EP, are both lifted from their 2009 'Days For These Nights' demo, reinforcing how eerily spot-on Hail Animator got it the first time around.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12776/ | 487 hits
Live Review: International Trust + Micky P Kerr + Die Video Die + The Terminals + Silverlode + Don't Look Down
I'm a prat. Got my times muddled and missed out on opening band Chops. Oops. I hear they were stupid but great, so that's that one hastily out of the way.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9386/ | 2,085 hits
Band Profile: Tegan And Sara
Tegan and Sara is an indie pop duo which formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1995. The band consists of identical twin sisters Tegan Quin and Sara Quin (born September 19, 1980).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9312/ | 215 hits
CD Review: MonMon - Monkey Fist
Leeds' three-piece MonMon's debut EP is an interestingly varied effort, taking in scuzzy indie, melodic rock and more experimental areas.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10693/ | 406 hits
Live Review: New Rhodes + Black Nielson
Southampton scamps Black Nielson swan onto the stage with all the demeanour of your average tramp plodding down the lane to the offie to buy a four pack of kestrel super strength.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3568/ | 675 hits
Band Profile: Newton Faulkner
Born January 11, 1985 as Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner. Faulkner began playing guitar at the age of 11-12 with session guitarist Bob "crazy guy" Cranham and also attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, where he spent 2 years gaining both diploma and the higher diploma award under the tutelage of Eric Roche.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8282/ | 493 hits
Live Review: The Gift + Lunar Camels + Draco
Using a quote from one of the recent CD reviews, I was "suitably impressed" with last night's gig. It's Gone Ballistic yet again gave another three young bands the opportunity to impress in one of Leeds' finest live music venues - as Draco, Lunar Camels and The Gift were the people to rock'n'roll us through the evening.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/839/ | 365 hits
CD Review: The Trophy Cabinet - The First Xi
The Colour Blind James Experience, Robyn Hitchcock, Lloyd Cole, New Order, Edwyn Collins, Blue Nile, Yo La Tengo, Sin Ropas, Cosmic Rough Riders, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19/ | 527 hits
Live Review: Vendettas + Feeds + Carnabells + Bloom
It was the ultimate showdown in musical history at The Wardrobe on Friday night, as some of the best bands in Leeds came to fight for a place at this years Leeds Festival, courtesy of Futuresound Music Ltd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18592/ | 956 hits
CD Review: Day Old Hate - Road We Take / Face The World
This Sheffield-based hardcore quintet has had a fair few changes to their line-up over the past two years, and these two tracks are their first releases with new frontman Oli Swift.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16758/ | 283 hits
Live Review: Dandy Warhols
Fold your hands you walk like a rock star. The Dandy Warhols represent the triumph of substances over substance and their first two albums are testament to this with a handful of quirky, catchy and perfectly snotty pop gems along with dawdling tunes you might call "Atmospheric" or "Filler" if your in generous mood.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1236/ | 311 hits
CD Review: Volcanoes - Vexihomp
I'm a fool for CD covers. The art of downloading has taken a hell of a lot of the magic away for me, as an ugly itunes tracklisting doesn't really have the same appeal as a Beatles or Stone Roses masterpiece.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16180/ | 297 hits
Live Review: Backyards + The Melodicas New Reed + The Coopers + Belleville
It's another rammed night in the Library as Richard Watson's rapidly exploding 360 Club gets underway.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14365/ | 667 hits
Live Review: We Are Scientists + ¡Forward, Russia! + Foreign Born
Once again I found myself racing for the front barrier with roughly half the population of Leeds' High Schools in order to witness what has to be said, one of the most mind bogglingly unhinged extravagancies this city has held in quite some time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6797/ | 334 hits
Live Review: The Paddingtons + The Old House
Christ this was a tough call. Kasabian, Spring and The Paddingtons all playing the same evening. Despite having high expectations of the Bears, (sorry!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3228/ | 1,134 hits
CD Review: Club Smith - The Loss
'The Loss' EP from Leeds-based Club Smith, is an enviable debut release, recalling the electro-indie-with-anthemic choruses of 'Hot Fuss' era The Killers, but with a subtle touch of darkness here and there, adding additional depth to the Club Smith experience.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12264/ | 784 hits
CD Review: Bootscraper - Country & Eastern
Bootscraper's brand of kooky gypsy-punk makes 'Country & Eastern' a fun record guaranteed to get your toes tapping.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13867/ | 532 hits
Live Review: The Maccabees + The Hair
The Hair make me want to do reasonably mucky things to people. I think. I'm not sure. Either that or maybe find a partner to relive certain aspects of 'Dirty Dancing' with right there and then on the shiny wooden floorboards of The Faversham, except we'd incorporate more modern and perhaps more subtle dance moves whilst substituting those items of footwear now relegated to the depths of a chiropodist's hell with slightly more comfortable shoes.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6109/ | 1,561 hits
Live Review: Camborio + The Cutters + The Fauves + Higher Sights
There is laughter in the air tonight; people look determined to have fun. Young innocent faces rejuvenate my past and my Sixth Form days come flooding back to me.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2898/ | 729 hits
CD Review: Sucioperro - Random Acts of Intimacy
Competing for the youth of the nation's musical hearts and minds is no easy task. Sometimes you need a gimmick, a ruse that will make you or your band stand out from the many others who are all after the increasingly short and fickle attention span of the mainstream media and record buying public.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6917/ | 514 hits
Band Profile: Go Cadenza
pop indie
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4290/ | 1,325 hits
Live Review: Electric Six + Junior Senior + Kid Symphony
An evening of pure cheesy-student-rock music laced throughout with lyrics befitting the kind of teenage cliché that surfaces so often on title sequences to All American Highschool dramas.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1346/ | 740 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio Volume Three
The third instalment in independent, Leeds-based record label Dance To The Radio's 4x12" series, kicks off with a brand new song from Leeds' Chickenhawk.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11338/ | 775 hits
Live Review: i concur + The Pattern Theory + Rotary Ten + Mickey Charbagz + Peter Wright
There's a strong sociable ambience at tonight's EP launch for i concur. The whole evening is endearingly informal - partly a product of the choice of venue, but most importantly of the obvious musical friendships between groups.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8516/ | 798 hits
Live Review: Carminho
Fado is a music that stirs the most hardened of souls. As a music that has been a voice for Portugal we in Britain have yet to feel its full truths and wonderments.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17162/ | 311 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents had a chat with Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster guitarist, Drew, ahead of their StrangeForms appearance.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19004/ | 257 hits
Live Review: The Rakes + The Paddingtons + Five O'Clock Heroes
Up first tonight are US based band Five O'Clock Heroes. Perfecting cheerful pop sensibility alongside dirty rock they possess a fiery sound, with each beat of the drum, each bouncy bass line and vocal melody perfectly executed to produce a catchy rock sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3333/ | 955 hits
CD Review: Galitza - Do You See? Do You?
Drifting, as they do, in a special dimension of their own, Galitza pulsate on a separate cycle to the ones we can normally understand.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2594/ | 819 hits
CD Review: The Kirkz - Agroculture
Imagine label-buddies Revenge of the Psychotronic Man with a more riff-centric slant, and you'll have a good idea of what Macclesfield-based The Kirkz sound like.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14002/ | 557 hits
Live Review: Guillemots
Guillemots haven't yet arrived on stage, but the dimming of lights sends the audience into a frenzy only to be silenced by the haunting vocals of Fyfe Dangerfield that magically fill the room.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7555/ | 1,016 hits
CD Review: Lasse Brawn - Untitled
Within thirty seconds of EP-opener 'Watchmaker,' you'll know whether Lasse Brawn are for you or not, as 'Watchmaker' immediately throws up a solid wall of grinding, heavy metal riffs, punctuated by fast and furious drumbeats.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10512/ | 516 hits
Live Review: Those Delta Wolves + The Loose Cut + Hello Operator
To quote De La Soul in their seminal 1988 work, 'The Magic Number', "three times one; (what is it!?/ One, two three!)/ And that's the magic number!" It's clear from this that there really is something nifty behind the number three.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19040/ | 508 hits
Live Review: Unexploded Shells + Bipod + Isobel + Jordan Senior
I've always liked The Primrose as one of Leeds' smaller music venues and I have always managed to catch some good bands there, tonight was no exception.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7946/ | 666 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Vib Gyor + Yellow Stripe Nine + Steer + Spring
The monthly TTS, or the Tea Time Shuffle, could soon become an institution. It's Friday, it's 6 o'clock, the Hi-Fi bar is well and truly open and 3 and a half of Leeds finest bands are playing before your increasingly Southern Comforted eyes and all for just a fiver.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2940/ | 1,338 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Future Relics
'Future Relics' from Geek Pie Records is loosely based around the idea of a compilation being discovered, following the collapse of society as we know it.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11511/ | 682 hits
Band Profile: Divided by Zero
Divided by Zero is an American rock band formed in 2002 in San Diego, California, USA. Best known for fusing elements of melodic hard rock, punk, and reggae to create a highly original sound that combines metal's aggressiveness with classic hooks and melodies, Divided by Zero channel a number of styles into one concrete sound on their ambitious debut album, The Black Sea.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1707/ | 467 hits
Live Review: Hatch + Sugarvalve + Embassy
Live music seems to be undergoing some kind of renaissance in Leeds at the moment, with several new venues popping up here and there.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1137/ | 272 hits
Live Review: Elliot + Dugong + Future Adventure + Kids Near Water + Skuttle
e·mo·tion (-mshn) n. An intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a strong feeling Emo is a type of music that is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, despite being popular in America for some time now.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1159/ | 472 hits
CD Review: Slighty Alien - Untitled
Picture the scene, playing a gig and someone comes up to you asking to review their CD. OK or so I thought!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/149/ | 610 hits
CD Review: Beatsteaks - Limbo Messiah
Beatsteaks' 'Limbo Messiah' is a difficult album to categorise. Opening on a decidedly dark note before flirting with a funkier, quasi-reggae sound, and finally unleashing the hard rocking, hard partying good times with a closing trio of straight-up, fun-loving rock and roll tracks, it also has the disorientating tendency to take hardcore-influenced elements such as gnashing vocals and bristling riffs, and fashion them into hooky rhythms.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13023/ | 399 hits
CD Review: Space - Suburban Rock'n'Roll
After the bloated corpse of Britpop (1992 - 1998) had finally gone up to the musical genre in the sky, it left its protagonists in an agonising position.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2473/ | 1,104 hits
CD Review: Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam
If you're not already familiar with Foxy Shazam, then the opening moments of 'Intro / Bombs Away' will have you hovering over the 'stop' button, as the band decide that the best way to open an album is by imitating dogs barking, and then incorporate that into the song as backing vocals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13794/ | 428 hits
Live Review: The Killers + The Futureheads + Bloc Party + Kaiser Chiefs
It doesn't seem all that long ago that you would see a Kaiser Chief every week, most often behind a bar.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3520/ | 4,448 hits
Live Review: The Sailmakers + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + Jacobean Ruff + Jonathan H. Moss
Hometown favourites, The Kaiser Chiefs, may be playing to a sold out First Direct Arena; but even so, a healthy crowd has battled the inclement autumnal weather to make it to the upstairs room at The Library, to see the four acts appearing at the weekly 360 Club night.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17925/ | 453 hits
Live Review: Phluid + Galo + Sapp
I've always thought band names are important. They can say a lot about the band itself, or its music: like New Order, Spiritualized or Fear Factory.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1174/ | 281 hits
Live Review: Brass Moustache + Sposh + Hipstream
"Smile... JUST SMILE!" Cue camera flash. "Oh, Mum!" Not the most auspicious start to a gig, but what can you do to control proud parents?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/677/ | 327 hits
Live Review: The Feeling + Captain
I didn't have a clue who the support was going to be this evening, so I eagerly awaited the arrival of the support band: Captain.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7701/ | 1,003 hits
Live Review: Catylyst + Brody + Colour of Fire + And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots + Drugdealer Cheerleader
It's nights like this that show what's great about the Leeds music scene. As I'm walking to the Well it pisses it down.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1071/ | 569 hits
CD Review: The Culprit - The Culprit
Despite preparing you for some Innerpartysystem-esque synth-rock with the crunching electro and naff robotic vocals of album-opener 'Welcome To...' the rest of The Culprit's debut album is much more rock-orientated than initial impressions suggest.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12874/ | 467 hits
Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Rosie Driver speaks to Benjamin Francis Leftwich.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15549/ | 541 hits
Live Review: The Xenith Sound + Ten Seconds Of Chaos + The Black Helicopters
With Leeds festival just around the corner it's that time again for the Futuresound competition. Tonight was the turn of The Black Helicopters, Ten Seconds Of Chaos and The Xenith Sound to win over the crowd and more importantly the judges with their interpretations of what passes for good music these days.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2821/ | 1,366 hits
Interview: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Currently on tour with US space rockers Yo La Tengo, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci cohort Richard James gets grilled on playing live, record labels and where that name comes from...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2389/ | 2,860 hits
Band Profile: Stereolab
Stereolab are a UK-based band whose style, mixing 1950s-1960s pop and lounge music with the "motorik" beat of krautrock, was one of the first to which the term "post-rock" was applied.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9746/ | 307 hits
Live Review: Aces & Eights + The Voltaires + Honeycomb Love
Aces & Eights are one of the only recent bands who have not come directly from MySpace. Rather than relying on the support of their, admittedly, over 1000 "Friends" they've worked their way up through the grimy Leeds pubs to arrive, not quite signed and slightly tainted, at the Cockpit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9580/ | 946 hits
Live Review: 5ft4 + Danny Carr + Percy
There's always been a place for humour in music. All the best bands had wit without being cheesy and over the top with it, and tonight proves that humorous observations and amusing asides don't mean you have to be the Grumbleweeds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1160/ | 379 hits
Live Review: Hope & Social + The Jacs + Simon Wiffen
Leeds based singer-songwriter Simon Wiffen, together with acoustic and vocal support from Mark Parrini, provides a packed Library audience with songs which are pure and tender.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10883/ | 1,153 hits
Band Profile: The Matches
Straight out of Oakland, the Matches set the California music scene on fire thanks to twelve explosive, hook-injected songs recorded on the cheap in their basements and living rooms.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7360/ | 165 hits
Live Review: Local Natives + Peggy Sue
A certain indescribable atmosphere surrounds Brudenell Social Club. I know I've just made an obvious statement; in fact you'll probably be thinking: 'What's this guy talking about?' and 'Is this guy going to review Local Natives or just the venue?' But I think everyone who's ever been to Brudenell and seen a band play on that stage will agree.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12459/ | 966 hits
Band Profile: Ashley Hicklin
Singer-Songwriter. Travelling monkey. Part-Time Eskimo. Sometime Astronaut. Writes songs in a boat. Debut album "Parrysland" due for release in Autumn 2010 :)
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6130/ | 1,128 hits
CD Review: Five Mile Island - Satellites
Leeds-based outfit Five Mile Island follow up their debut demo, released earlier in the year, with their first full-length 'Satellites.' Three of the five previously demoed tracks have made it onto this release and while they still have all the original flaws, it's encouraging to compare them to 'Satellites's new songs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11412/ | 530 hits
Live Review: Cliquant + Asking Dan + Sarajevo
I've never really been a fan of 'Battle of the Bands'. The combination of short sets, often dodgy sound and unfair or reckless judging doesn't suggest the ingredients for a great gig.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10623/ | 597 hits
Live Review: Duels + ¡Forward, Russia! + iLiKETRAiNS + The Lodger + This Et Al + The Old House
Dance to the Radio was an event. Is it possible to review an event? Even straight description couldn't get deep enough into the complexities and impossibilities of making such a thing not just happen but happen so brilliantly.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3647/ | 2,875 hits
CD Review: The Hickey Underworld - The Hickey Underworld
Belgium's The Hickey Underworld are one of those bands who are desperate to be seen as 'weirder' than they actually are (just take a look at their website, but not if you've neglected to update your computer for a while, all that moving imagery may be more than it can handle.) This is particularly odd as, although The Hickey Underworld aren't your average post-hardcore band, they're hardly pushing brave new ground.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11258/ | 701 hits
Live Review: Nero + White Lies + Maverick Sabre + Hard-Fi + Katzenjammer + Tom Savage & The Hash Mafia + King Charles + The Pigeon Detectives + Jake Bugg + The Jim Jones Revue + Martha Reeves + Skinny Lister + Kids In Glass Houses
Bingley Music Live descends into Bingley town the first weekend in September and has been doing so since 2007, but before that Myrtle Park has played host to a musical events for the past 21 years.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16987/ | 580 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Leeds: 2005
This review is really rather late, for which I apologise profusely. If I may, I shall explain how I came to be so rubbish at time-keeping, life-maintenance and being able to do stuff in general.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4310/ | 836 hits
CD Review: Madame Pamita - Wax Works
Madame Pamita's 'Wax Works' debut is one of those rare CDs where it really isn't about the music. The thirteen tracks that make up her musical debut are completely eclipsed by this album's backstory, method of production, packaging, and the press release that comes complete with tales of Madame Pamita's live performances.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10687/ | 718 hits
Live Review: The Reds + The Working Parts + The Red Shades + Stand Alone
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18686/ | 600 hits
CD Review: Homebrew - The Heart of Insurrection
Homebrew's 'The Heart of Insurrection' is oldschool, cider-swilling punk rock with galloping drums, spiky riffing and bunged-up vocals aplenty.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10831/ | 388 hits
Band Profile: Of Montreal
of Montreal is an indie pop band which formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1997. The band is fronted by Kevin Barnes, who writes, composes, and plays most of the music for his albums.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6018/ | 222 hits
CD Review: Mum Locked In Castle - Vultures
Mum Locked In Castle's 'Vultures' EP kicks off with a song of two halves. The first half of 'Volta! Volta!' is scarily professional-sounding, buzzy rock that blends an unlikely combination of hardcore and experimental elements.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10330/ | 686 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Still Occupied Though Your Forget
Leeds-based independent record label Dance To The Radio turns five this year, and to celebrate they're releasing a compilation featuring acts who appeared on the first Dance To The Radio Release (namely The Sunshine Underground and I Like Trains) alongside some of the newer acts on Dance To The Radio's roster.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12831/ | 682 hits
Live Review: Jamie Lidell + The Sunshine Underground + José González + This Et Al + James Lavelle + The Young Knives + New Young Pony Club + Stephen Fretwell + King Creosote + The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Jamie Lidell is an absolute nutter. Appearing as a diamond geezer dressed in silken bathrobe with gold rope strung loosely, provocatively, around his torso, he headbangs and face-pulls like a schizo on strychnine whilst a masked figure with white wires and whiskers coming out its face lurks about setting up cameras and sending disturbingly delayed footage to the screen at the back before propping up a mannequin's dismembered hand (which is, nicely, impaled on a metal pole, just in case you weren't freaked enough) in front of Lidell's mad-scientist decks; then leaves it to turn, slowly, in a revolving, demented circle.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7109/ | 1,213 hits
CD Review: The View - Which Bitch?
The View's follow-up to chart-topping debut 'Hats off To The Buskers' is an interesting collection of songs that sees the band expand into previously uncharted territory.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10631/ | 925 hits
CD Review: Fightstar - Be Human
Fightstar's third full-length, 'Be Human' finally sees the concept-loving, inherently theatrical post-hardcore band hook up with an orchestra.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10730/ | 933 hits
Band Profile: Kasiuss
Kasiuss are not your average rock band. Combining epic piano and classical chord movements with feel good and sometimes raw and aggressive guitar riffs, poignant lyrics, dynamic builds and catchy chorus', the Kasiuss 'sound' is one that can be hard to define.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10501/ | 1,222 hits
Live Review: Pulled Apart by Horses + The Amazing Snakeheads + Royal Blood + Autobahn
So here we all are again. Periodically researching bands since the line-up was released in January. Sculpting a potential plan of attack since the timetable was announced in March.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18430/ | 742 hits
CD Review: Tiger Shadow - The Rise of The Tiger Shadow
Leeds' Tiger Shadow have a very distinctive sound, but for a point of reference, think somewhere between Skindred and Gorillaz at their most hip hop, with some Faithless thrown into the mix.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10773/ | 732 hits
Live Review: Fifth Goodbye + The River Club + Rays of Helios + Twist Eye
Leeds' local punk, emo and ska promoters Strikepunks put on a veritable banquet of emo hardcore deliciousness this Friday, as the Cardigan Arms played host to four hot new bands playing the circuit for nothing more than that which is the greatest love of all, that wonderful love of music...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2870/ | 643 hits
Band Profile: Ben Kweller
Ben Kweller was born in San Francisco, CA in 1981. In 1982 his family relocated to Emory, TX where his father Howard Kweller became the town's first doctor.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4488/ | 379 hits
Band Profile: Dawn of the Replicants
www.dawnofthereplicants.com DAWN OF THE REPLICANTS 1996 - 2006 A brief year-by-year bio by forward captain frog 1996 A kitchen table in Galashiels, Scotland, is struck by improvisation.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7361/ | 198 hits
Band Profile: Sukilove
IN SHORT : Sukilove is a 5-piece band from Antwerp, Belgium lead by Pascal Deweze (Chitlin' Fooks, Metal Molly,...) who play warped blues-pop-folk-psychedelica.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9549/ | 204 hits
Band Profile: Nick Harper
Son of the legendary folk/blues singer-songwriter Roy Harper, Nick Harper has forged his own way ahead to become recognised as one of Britain's finest acoustic singer/guitarists.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9191/ | 304 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - NME The Album 2009
The press release that accompanies this two disco compilation gives NME the moniker of "the pioneers of all things cool" before promising us an album that "has its finger on the pulse, so you don't have to!" It couldn't possibly be any clearer that this is an album for people who see a band on the front cover of NME, and then spend the next week enthusing about the greatness of said band, regardless of whether they like them or not.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11469/ | 1,370 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Mainstream Music Is Shit
Another credit-crunch busting compilation from DIY, not-for-profit punk label TNS Records. Following on from the success of their Vol.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11323/ | 1,323 hits

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