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Band Profile: The Ska-Souls
Ska / Reggae/ Punk Show band based in Leeds | 4,936 hits
Band Profile: Little Roots
Little Roots feature Seb, ex D-Koy, on guitar and vocals, Imogen on vocals and their line-up is completed with funky drums from Jules, Feluka, and bass. | 156 hits
Band Profile: Fulibulbus
dub rock dance | 1,186 hits
Band Profile: Robert J Langley
Rob has been playing around Leeds for several years as a member of Hyde Park Times, more recently with Feluka and on his own, playing such disparate styles as pop, folk, soul, rock, jazz, funk, world, ska, reggae, psychedelia, avant garde and pretty much anything else you'd care to mention. | 413 hits
Band Profile: The Moot
Experimental band from Huddersfield. | 620 hits
CD Review: Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch The Ground
'Never Gonna Touch The Ground' is such a fitting title for this debut album from San Franciscan party collective, Still Flyin'. | 377 hits
CD Review: Nightmares On Wax - In A Space Outta Sound
Nightmares on Wax are one of Leeds' most beloved institutions - particularly among those with a certain predilection for a certain form of naturally growing intoxicants. | 327 hits
News Article: Gig Announcement! The Ship-Tones live at 360club, Library on 30th May
The first ever Ship-Tones live experience is finally happening with a full 10 piece live band of some of Leeds best musicians alongside video projections and vocals of some rather well-known singers from Vaccines, Kaiser Chiefs, Cribs, Edwin Collins and Inspiral Carpets. | 307 hits
Band Profile: The Soul Circle Gang
Funk, Soul and World Sounds | 1,287 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Urban Fusion II
Mark Wright of Our Tuli sent this great CD in to LMS. And that tells a tale, by omission. Arts Leeds of the City Council, and a whole boatload of worthy sponsors put time and cash in to make the project possible. | 815 hits
News Article: More acts announced for Oakwell Music Festival
More local acts have been added to Oakwell Music Festival's line-up after the addition of a third stage. | 312 hits
Live Review: Ali Campbell's UB40
Bit of background first. The band UB40 is named after the unemployment benefit form that you had to complete in the 1970s in order to claim welfare from the Department of Health and Social Security. | 964 hits
Live Review: Jack Edwards + Ricky Fleming + Issimo
This past weekend at The 360 Club, there was a varied lineup, with three acts ranging from acoustic, to rock, to British reggae/ska. | 758 hits
Interview: The Kooks
The Kooks: eat healthy and enjoy their humus. Ben Daure speaks wih Luke Pritchard to find out more. | 77,366 hits
CD Review: Curry Quiche - 1 Seed. No Leeches
As bizarre as their name suggests, Curry Quiche, (allegedly) formed over a take-away, are 5 boys from Rotherham, telling their own rather intriguing tales. | 344 hits
Live Review: Dan Audio + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + Films + Miranda Versus The Crok
Miranda Versus The Crok open tonight's showcase with a characteristically solid set. The duo are a reliable opener but, acoustically especially, there is just something which fails to ignite about their music. | 892 hits
Live Review: Sleaze Orchestra
In a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with second-rate Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra imitators, it is refreshing to hear a troupe of young musicians making original, cutting-edge jazz music. | 885 hits
Live Review: Danny and the Lost Souls + Black Diamond Bay + Backyards + The Indecision
Tonight marks the beginning of a great weekend of live music in the city as Live At Leeds returns but this evening the place to be is 360 Club and the upstairs room at The Library is packed out accordingly. | 718 hits
Live Review: The Gaslight Anthem + The Skints + Dingus Khan + Möngöl Hörde + The Flatliners (ca) + Apologies, I Have None
My first port of call upon arriving at Leeds Festival 2012 was, without a doubt, going to be the Lock Up Stage; and what a better way to start the weekend than by melodic quartet Apologies, I Have None. | 496 hits
Live Review: Blast + Diego Snail + The Glavins + Super Best Friends Club + X-Rippers + Spiral Scouts + King Capisce
For the last 8 years Willsborough Mill and Country Park has seen the locals of Barnsley and beyond descend to deliver a great day's festival. | 431 hits
Live Review: Cables Cause Fires + Not Great Men + Empire Safari
There is an atmosphere in the dank cellar beneath the Royal Park pub that owes less to the faint smell of rot and alcohol hanging in the air than it does to the pervading feeling amongst all present that this event is the beginning of something exciting: A night of music organized by the bands themselves in the heart of Hyde Park, with a sense of community and mutual respect amongst audience and musicians alike. | 724 hits
Live Review: Phluid + Galo + Sapp
I've always thought band names are important. They can say a lot about the band itself, or its music: like New Order, Spiritualized or Fear Factory. | 316 hits
Live Review: Razorlight + The Sunshine Underground + King Charles + The Blood Arm + Piskie Sits + Skint & Demoralised + Kate Douglas + The Bishops
I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than sat in a sunny field listening to amazing musical talent. | 551 hits
Feature: Cosmo's Song
Leeds Music Scene talks to the Devon-based musician and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his career so far and what lies ahead. | 353 hits
Interview: Jesse Malin
Upon entering Jesse Malin's dressing room at Sheffield's Club Zero we encounter not only the man himself but also a bowl of jelly babies. This can only be a good thing... | 2,029 hits

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