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Band Profile: Richard Thompson
We do not have a biography for Richard Thompson | 409 hits
Live Review: Richard Thompson Band
Described in this month's Uncut as " of Britain's greatest living songwriters" - and surely even this glowing accolade does not do justice to the musical genius that is Richard Thompson. | 411 hits
CD Review: Richard Thompson Band - Dream Attic
Most people will know Richard Thompson as a stalwart of the British folk-revival scene and of course of Fairport Convention, the fore-runners of the uniquely British scene. | 2,252 hits
Interview: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Currently on tour with US space rockers Yo La Tengo, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci cohort Richard James gets grilled on playing live, record labels and where that name comes from... | 3,499 hits
Band Profile: Kog Moorcroft
Psychedelic infused Bluesy Folk, delivered with an emotional honesty and intensity. Drawing reference from the likes of John Martyn, Martin Simpson, Richard Thompson, Michael Chapman and Jason Feddy. | 294 hits
Band Profile: Stay The Night
Pop punk band from Leeds | 342 hits
CD Review: Instant Species - Meat Pie Argument
Instant Species have been on my musical horizon for a couple of years now. The presentation always looked professional and serious. | 514 hits
CD Review: Columbus Dixon - Nothing Concrete Ltd
Newcastle four-piece Columbus Dixon play tightly shaped acidic rock music with an inventive edge. The playing is the most enduring quality in this four track EP. | 514 hits
Band Profile: Electric Mud Generator
Leeds band playing psychedelic heavy rock | 1,797 hits
Live Review: P'Kipsie + Simon Wood + Simon Allen
For most bands, The Packhorse can be a difficult venue to play. There's no rise or platform, eliminating all majesty of "taking the stage", it's like walking to the other side of your living room. | 485 hits
Live Review: Kate Rusby
Go to a folk gig... what is that about? Well, I've been into Kate Rusby's music since I got her excellent album "10" as a present from a discerning music lover. | 445 hits
Live Review: Mad Dog Mcrea
'Mad' has many connotations. You can get mad i.e.: when the energy companies raise their prices (yet again). | 1,048 hits
CD Review: Bellowhead - Revival
Four albums in and most people, fans and music critics alike, were running out of superlatives to describe Bellowhead. | 748 hits
CD Review: Lasse Brawn - Untitled
Within thirty seconds of EP-opener 'Watchmaker,' you'll know whether Lasse Brawn are for you or not, as 'Watchmaker' immediately throws up a solid wall of grinding, heavy metal riffs, punctuated by fast and furious drumbeats. | 639 hits
Live Review: Juno 2 + Big Blu + Walker
So, Royal Park Cellars has had a refurb, complete with new stage and drum riser (excellent, now I can see all the hard work normally hidden by the singers). | 485 hits

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