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Band Profile: 9 Bar
9 Bar are a top covers rock band from Leeds playing a varied mix of quality thoughtfully picked songs from the last thirty-five years. | 373 hits
Band Profile: Jonny B and the Goodes
Jonny B and the Goodes are a Leeds based band that play some awesome rock songs and look good while doing it. | 147 hits
Band Profile: Ins and Outs
Ins and Outs are a Leeds based rock and roll band who write songs for people to singalong with! | 1,021 hits
Band Profile: Juno
Juno are a highly dynamic punk rock band that play a variety of original songs and covers | 749 hits
Band Profile: Geoff Watson
A great singer / songwriter / guitarist producing highly original guitar sounds in the acoustic power-rock and contemporary range, creating a solid foundation of his own original songs. It has been said that hearing Geoff is like 'being swept away by | 408 hits
Band Profile: Neil McLarty
With his debut album 'Roseville Grand', Neil McLarty has created the perfect escape to a time when Neil Young was worshipped like a God, country tinged rock ruled the airwaves and long haired idealists lay back on the grass and soaked up songs like the sun. | 568 hits
Feature: Top 10 alternative Christmas songs
Jon Cronshaw's rundown of alternative Seasonal tracks. | 956 hits
Band Profile: Belladonic Haze
Belladonic Haze are an eclectic rock band hailing from Leeds. Bringing you a classic rock sound with a hint of over the top campness and debauchery! With a mixture of songs that range from pop rock, to jangley indie, to tender ballads, right through to the downright sleazy. Every tastebud will be tickled! Get your hands on their eponymous debut album and keep a lookout for the next instalment! | 812 hits
Band Profile: KLFC
A 6-piece band who play funk/rock/pop/acoustic songs | 299 hits
Band Profile: The Dawnriders
The Dawnriders are a 5 piece from West Yorkshire with a style and sound drawing influences from the 50s, 60s & 70s, playing psychadelic, lyrical, folk rock, blues & country songs. | 704 hits
Band Profile: The Flying Vendettas
TheFlyingVendettas are a three piece Rock band playing original, instantly catchty songs around the UK. | 148 hits
Feature: Black Light Burns: Wes Borland Brings Hard Rock Supergroup to Our Shores.
Matt Benatan introduces Wes Borland's new project, Black Light Burns. | 2,137 hits
Band Profile: Another Life
Classic rock covers band from the Leeds area that perform original songs and covers e.g. Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Guns & Roses etc... | 332 hits
Band Profile: Into The Diode
Into The Diode are a Leeds based alternative rock trio. They play deafening songs as elegantly as possible. Like a cacophony of angelic choir pads on an alien planet, their vast soundscapes are then drowned like new born babies in a vat of grunge and progressive punk rock. The band started as an experimental two piece but grew four new limbs and crawled back into the ether where it regenerated and became wiser. They have a lead guitarist on bass, a drummer on guitar and a genetically engineered viking on the drums. They will make you dance and they will make you cry (both at the same time). | 146 hits
Band Profile: MYNK
MYNK are a six piece electro/rock band with a unique blend of soulful vocals, driving guitars, kick ass drums and bass, all topped off with a heavy dose of electronica .The MYNK sound has been described variously as 'Chemical Brothers with female vocals' and 'Garbage with synths' and a bit like Moloko. In other words, infectious songs with an irresistible groove. Drawing on influences from dance music, rock, soul and funk MYNK perform their own material exclusively, and plans are afoot to record their first album before the end of 2011. | 379 hits
CD Review: John Parkes - 5 Acoustic Songs
I pray to the sweet Lord that the cover of this CD is supposed to be ironic; perhaps it's a nod to the current 80's rock revival. | 439 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Songs of Prey
The Morricones and their troupe have been turning out arrestingly theatrical rock for years now, but the arrival of this new record gives us a fresh excuse to immerse ourselves in their oeuvre. | 370 hits
Band Profile: We Run Riot
WeRunRiot are a Leeds (Headingley) based indie-rock/alternative four-piece whose haunting sound is a diverse mix of delayed and effected melodic guitars, deep driving basslines and pounding intricate drums. Their infectious songs are synth driven and anthemic, laced with fabled lyrics. I, you, he, she.. WeRunRiot. | 496 hits
CD Review: Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
For over 25 years Def Leppard have been one of the UK's biggest rock bands, selling over 30 million records worldwide. | 1,190 hits
Band Profile: Dirty Vinyl
Original songs with our alternative music style | 24 hits
CD Review: Alien Crime Syndicate - Ten Songs in the Key of Betrayal
"Some people tell me to turn it down, I tell 'em no 'cause I like it loud" is a choice phrase taken from Guitar Assault Number One 'Forever Is Rock n' Roll' and a nice little taster of what this album is all about. | 677 hits
CD Review: Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People
'I Know You Are But What Am I?' asks one of the tracks on Mogwai's new album. Well, I am an intrigued music buff and you are one of the finest records of the year. | 595 hits
Interview: The Humour
Rock, Paper, Indie: Charlotte Oxnard talks to Wakefield rock band The Humour. | 1,235 hits
Interview: Minus
Guitarist with Icelandic rockers Mínus (pronounced "Meenush") Frosti, has an informal chat with Gavin Miller about touring, singing songs in English and why Iceland is the hip place to be nowadays... | 1,769 hits
Band Profile: Bad Ideas
BAD IDEAS are an acoustic driven punk/ rock band from Leeds, UK. Blending Chicago style punk rock with old school guitar and vocal hooks. | 281 hits
Band Profile: Casper Hauser
Listening to Casper Hauser is like being berated by a hip young mudslinger playing cracked 78s of warped folk songs recorded on a laptop. Casper Hauser's album, It's About Time, is eleven taut fraught shards of angular pop mysticism. | 647 hits
Band Profile: Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band are an inventive female-fronted alternative rock band. Fusing genres of rock, alternative and singer-songwriter with a hint of metal. | 1,439 hits
Band Profile: The Retrose
rock | 937 hits
Band Profile: The Hypnotist Collectors
americana rock | 325 hits
Band Profile: Concrete Bullet
rock | 741 hits
Band Profile: Glam Sensation
70s Glam Rock Covers Band | 288 hits
Band Profile: Selflove
indie post-rock | 265 hits
Band Profile: 6 Fingered Man
indie rock | 1,186 hits
Band Profile: Northern Rokk
Hard working four piece rock covers band from Bradford | 180 hits
Band Profile: Tytania
rock/pop | 3,095 hits
Band Profile: Blindlight
alternative rock | 564 hits
Band Profile: Spin
rock | 287 hits
Band Profile: Kinkymonkey
rock covers | 798 hits
Band Profile: The Longshots
Adrenaline Injected Punk Rock'n'Roll | 1,605 hits
Band Profile: Harmacy
rock | 657 hits
Band Profile: future sons of rome
indie rock | 1,529 hits
Band Profile: The Gastrobots
funk rock | 366 hits
Band Profile: The Riverside Happy
rock | 447 hits
Band Profile: Duncan McFarlane Band
folk rock | 1,038 hits
Band Profile: Astro Circus
Astro Circus - Modern Progressive Rock | 419 hits
Band Profile: In Echoes
In Echoes are a new and exciting 3 piece rock outfit | 448 hits
Band Profile: Chickenhawk
Avant-garde prog ideals and chaotic, balls out, rock and metal | 1,996 hits
Band Profile: The Turnarounds
A blues souled rock and roll band from Yorkshire | 988 hits
Band Profile: The Drastics
The Drastics are a 4-piece punk rock band from Bradford, England. | 281 hits
Band Profile: Sniffs
Synthesised Synaesthetic Rock And Roll | 231 hits
Band Profile: Funktion
funk rock | 472 hits
Band Profile: And Then The Amber Slips
rock indie | 764 hits
Band Profile: Judging Johnny West
funk rock | 270 hits
CD Review: Mainline - Interstellar Rock'n'Roll
I could start this review by saying "this isn't the type of music I usually listen to", which would detract from the credibility of my criticisms and make it a nicer read for the Mainline lads. | 244 hits
Band Profile: Buzzkill
punk garage rock | 1,551 hits
CD Review: Ryan Adams - Rock n Roll
Apparently the result of a tantrum after his record label told him that his initial efforts were too depressing we have former mopey boy turned 80's rock god. | 392 hits
CD Review: Electric Eel Shock - Transworld Ultra Rock
Dispensing with the need to be ironic or clever, having English as a second language is perfect for fists in the air rock, as Ozzy has consistently shown.  Indeed Black Sabbath have been one of Electric Eel Shock's main influences along with a host of other 80's rock luminaries.  It's a style accurately described by their own press as 'fashion proof' and you'd have to agree there's very little here that would identify it as a record made in 2007. | 354 hits
Band Profile: Denied Mercy
rock metal | 394 hits
Band Profile: The 27 Club
The 27 Club are a Rock/Blues band from Keighley | 124 hits
Band Profile: Andrea
pop rock mor | 417 hits
Band Profile: Order:66
indie rock | 536 hits
Band Profile: Santabarbara
rock | 341 hits
Band Profile: Unclejohnny
rock | 560 hits
Band Profile: Fairway View
Rock band from Dewsbury | 390 hits
Band Profile: Five Mile Island
Four piece alt/indie/rock band. For fans of Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Television, Joy Division. First album 'Satellites' recorded in 2009. | 470 hits
Band Profile: Otherside
Melodic/indie/pop rock | 1,999 hits
Band Profile: Blue Note
Leeds based Blues and Funk Rock! from a set of students from Leeds, Doncaster, Liverpool and Singapore! | 260 hits
Band Profile: Toxixity
Rock/electronic from Leeds | 188 hits
Band Profile: Grinn
punk rock | 408 hits
Band Profile: The Hypes
Rock 'n' roll band from Leeds. | 2,620 hits
Band Profile: Kenshin
rock | 311 hits
Band Profile: The Western Front
indie rock | 434 hits
Band Profile: Eureka Machines
Four-piece rock band from Leeds | 1,206 hits
Band Profile: Sergeant Lewis
Alternative Pop & Rock act with a nod towards the more obscure... | 861 hits
Band Profile: Problem Child
rock pop | 508 hits
Band Profile: Black Rose
Black Rose are a female fronted rock covers band based in Leeds | 210 hits
Band Profile: Graceadelica
indie electro rock | 1,411 hits
Band Profile: I Love Poland
pop rock | 1,880 hits
Band Profile: Sophie Sweet and her November Criminals
An original Rock/Country/Blues band from Leeds. Female Lead accompained by a band of men! | 866 hits
Band Profile: Lifescreen
Rock | 1,876 hits
Band Profile: Small Print
Up And Coming Alternative Rock Band | 886 hits
Band Profile: Laika Dog
Rock | 2,466 hits
Band Profile: Daniel Pearson
Melodic Indie Rock from Leeds singer-songwriter | 1,234 hits
Band Profile: Zapiain
punk rock | 589 hits
Band Profile: Honeycomb Love
We are Honeycomb Love. We play Rock n Roll | 1,812 hits
Band Profile: Counts of the Netherworld
Neo-Psychedelic Rock Mofos from Bradford, UK. | 182 hits
Band Profile: Virgin Voltz
Indie Punk Rock band from Halifax | 140 hits
Band Profile: The New Born Kings
acoustic rock | 334 hits
Band Profile: The Rogueflys
indie rock | 458 hits
Band Profile: Wet Paint
punk rock | 1,415 hits
Band Profile: Arizona Rifles
Arizona Rifles are a Leeds 4 piece rock band formed in March 2013. | 90 hits
Band Profile: Take A Bow
Take A Bow are a 4-piece power rock/pop band from Castleford in West Yorkshire | 291 hits
Band Profile: Milloy
punk rock | 2,731 hits
Band Profile: Pierpoint
indie/rock | 1,022 hits
Band Profile: The Alamo
indie rock | 1,625 hits
Band Profile: Tomorrow We Sail
Forever procrastinating future sailors making post-rock-folk-modern classical ambient music. | 686 hits
Band Profile: The Wedding Present
alternative rock | 2,476 hits
Band Profile: The Occupation
rock | 543 hits
Band Profile: Lost in Olympus
Lost in Olympus are a heavy rock band from Leeds. | 263 hits
Band Profile: Ticbox
rock indie | 335 hits
Band Profile: All I Live For
Four-piece rock band from Leeds, UK | 162 hits
Band Profile: Offramp
rock metal grunge | 1,004 hits
Band Profile: An Invitation To An Accident
rock post-hardcore | 412 hits
Band Profile: Dusty Not Digital
indie experimental rock | 960 hits
CD Review: Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock
For the undecided or uninitiated, Band of Horses are one of the best things to happen in music in a long time. | 651 hits
Band Profile: O Fracas
alternative rock | 6,483 hits
Band Profile: Accolade
indie/rock | 4,235 hits
Band Profile: Idiot Box
Idiot Box are a quirky power pop/rock band based in Bradford, UK. | 899 hits
Band Profile: No Hope Without Liars
No Hope Without Liars is a Leeds based Alternative Rock band. | 302 hits
Band Profile: Pray For Hayden
Rock, Indie, PowerPop | 1,961 hits
Band Profile: Ethos Theory
All Rock Band<br />All Rock Band! | 399 hits
Band Profile: OperatorSix
rock | 479 hits
Band Profile: Hurricane Sunday
rock | 971 hits
Band Profile: Finka
indie rock | 1,672 hits
Band Profile: Sound Of Sirens
indie rock | 1,746 hits
Band Profile: Warfaces
WARFACES write, perform, record and promote ROCK. | 151 hits
Band Profile: Cav
Acoustic Rock | 817 hits
Band Profile: The Real Losers
garage rock punk | 616 hits
Band Profile: The Heat
rock jazz blues | 433 hits
Band Profile: The Sighting
The Sighting are a West Yorkshire based indie-rock band. | 1,048 hits
Band Profile: Soul Circus
Indie Rock | 1,879 hits
Band Profile: Fused
indie rock | 558 hits
Band Profile: The Minor Fall
rock | 407 hits
Band Profile: The Locals
indie rock | 312 hits
Band Profile: Sulphursky
alternative rock | 365 hits
Band Profile: A Lot Like Eskimos
A Lot Like Eskimos- pop / punk rock | 1,857 hits
Band Profile: Leatherhead
Leatherhead are an alternative rock 3-piece from Leeds. | 754 hits
Band Profile: Sniper
indie rock | 582 hits
CD Review: Luke Hirst - Rock n Roll Begins At Home
Bradford singer songwriter Luke Hirst specialises in the sort of no frills, pop-infused indie-rock songs that we don't seem to see much of anymore, what with 90% of popular acts either being a band, or a female solo artist (ala Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse, Duffy etc.) Consequently, it's debatable whether Luke Hirst's new EP 'Rock n Roll Begins At Home' will find a ready audience, but that's no comment on its quality. | 376 hits
Band Profile: Nicola's Cage
Nicola's Cage are a female-fronted 5 piece rock/metal band from Kirklees | 706 hits
Band Profile: The Picture Palace
Folk-Rock 4-piece based in Leeds & Manchester. | 399 hits
Band Profile: Flawless Attitude
rock punk metal | 837 hits
Band Profile: The High Chairs
indie rock | 5,267 hits
Band Profile: Dressed in Death
rock | 381 hits
Band Profile: Canterbury
Indie/pop/rock band from Hampshire | 832 hits
Band Profile: Jonny Goode
'Melancholic Rock,.. think The Jam meets Elliott Smith' | 137 hits
CD Review: Space - Suburban Rock'n'Roll
After the bloated corpse of Britpop (1992 - 1998) had finally gone up to the musical genre in the sky, it left its protagonists in an agonising position. | 1,103 hits
Band Profile: The Cribs
indie rock | 14,757 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Monsters Build Mean Robots
Pete from Brighton-based post-rock/shoegaze act Monsters Build Mean Robots chewed some StrangeForms Festival fat with us... | 369 hits
Interview: All My Friends Are Dead
Gavin Miller speaks with Leeds' newest post-rock prodigies All My Friends Are Dead | 1,651 hits
Band Profile: Zeitgeist Zero
alternative industrial rock and roll | 511 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Shock Rock: Wall Of Sound
New rave. Makes you want to look away doesn't it? New talent being pigeonholed into genre specific straight jackets, and all as a sorry excuse for the latest scene or fad to grow and take hold of our vulnerable teens. | 412 hits
Interview: Guns on the Roof
Guns on the Roof released their new EP, 'Last Orders', on Monday, June 16th. Victoria Holdsworth caught up with the band to ask them about the album, punk rock and music in general. | 805 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Lost In The Riots
Next we caught up with Andy (drums) from Watford post-rock outfit, Lost In the Riots. | 472 hits
Interview: Pulled Apart by Horses
Pulled Apart by Horses are a new, sickening, rock-dirge act who seem to be getting a little bit of attention, even though they've only played about four gigs and have two tracks on MySpace. Chris Lowe asks this motley crew what the deal is. | 1,845 hits
Interview: Ricky Warwick
Ricky Warwick was, and still is, the formidable front man for one of the heaviest rock acts the UK has ever seen. Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions... | 2,168 hits
Interview: Wintermute
Lesley Jackson catches up with the drummer of Leeds' hottest band, Wintermute, and chats with Ben Johnson about rock socks, 'Robot Works' and why moody performers are just no fun. | 614 hits
Interview: Alabama 3
The Alabama 3 train of country blues electro rock rolled into town recently and we caught up with them for a brief chat in their dressing room after their gig at the Cockpit... | 457 hits
Interview: The Futureheads
On a cold, wet and dark Tuesday night Gavin Miller talks with Ross Futureheads from the highly showbiz and rock and roll location of a Leeds Travel Lodge... | 1,140 hits
Band Profile: Delirium Theory
DELIRIUM THEORY have worked hard to acquire a reputation on the Yorkshire music scene as a band who move between genres, producing some of the most technically diverse, and yet readily accessible hard rock to ever come out of this great county. | 472 hits
Band Profile: The Sailmakers
The Sailmakers are a Folk Rock band from the north of England. <br />The band consists of, Ryan Madden (vocals/guitars), John Chapman (guitars), Luke Argall (vocals/bass guitar), Tess O'Donovan (Flute/Vocals) and Matt Exton (Beats). | 761 hits
Interview: Bury Tomorrow
Sam Panasuik chatted with Bury Tomorrow's guitarist/singer Jason Cameron, frontman/vocalist Dani Winter-Bates and bass guitarist Dayvd Winter-Bates, who were talking about guilty pleasures of not being stereotypical rock stars, a sad death at one of their shows, how they will reply to you on twitter and their love of Katy Perry. | 466 hits
CD Review: Xi - Montauk
Rock music. It's not that simple these days. Like a supermarket that has so much variety it's hard to know what to get, rock music has so many flavours, it's hard to pin down which flavour of rock music is rock music these days. | 558 hits
CD Review: Thousand Natural Shocks - Under The Sun / Attack
Exeter based rock band Thousand Natural Shocks latest double A-sided release 'Under the Sun / Attack' doesn't provide much variation on the current influx of new wave/art-rock songs. | 263 hits
CD Review: Russian Circles - Enter
When Russian Circles recorded this album they knew that it could never be a "disjointed batch of songs". | 366 hits
Live Review: White Miles
In 1974 the American music critic Jon Landau wrote "I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen". | 221 hits
Band Profile: Taylor Max
50's and 60's covers band | 207 hits
CD Review: Volcanoes - Shaking That Brass
This Sheffield four piece came crashing out of my stereo and their brand of rock made me smile. Far from allowing their audience to settle into the usual indie snooze where the bands are so determined to sound 'alternative,' Volcanoes actually do offer something to stay awake for. | 428 hits
Live Review: Dopamine + Gavin Butler + Road To Horizon + Thomas Jenkins
As the small crowd flowed upstairs to the Cockpit Room 3, the festive spirit was in the air, as Dopamine were back together for a one off Xmas show. | 633 hits
CD Review: The Ga Gas - Crash And Burn
A bold effort from The Ga Gas here; their melodic rock sound has certainly set them in line to be pretty big up and coming. | 351 hits
Band Profile: Rise & Fall
5 piece female fronted Metal band from Leeds \m/ | 94 hits
CD Review: Bushbaby - Skinny
Folks, you're going to love this band; imagine a merger between Terrorvision, Cube, Spacehog and Phluid and the story is thus: three spiky rascals betray their sinister ballsy rock exterior by revealing a love of catchy guitar hooks. | 341 hits
Band Profile: Sprayed Aces
Sprayed Aces are a Leeds born and bred 4 piece rock band. The band was formed in early 2009 and we have been writing new material, covering songs and gigging ever since. | 182 hits
Band Profile: The Big Fat Kill
Jon Palmer - vocals/guitar Tom Cassidy - bass Jeremy Bradford - keyboards Paul Milek - drums The Big Fat Kill is part singer/songwriter, part rock n' roll, and part contemporary acoustic. | 501 hits
Band Profile: Pointe Blank
Pointe Blank, formed about 4 years ago, has been playing venues all over New England for quite some time now, with their sound evolving from quirky pop to Indie Rock. | 209 hits
Band Profile: Conner
Review by David Reis Conner are four young guys from Lawrence, Kansas - Bryce Boley (drums), Phil Bonahoom (bass), James Duft (guitar/vocals) and Tom Wagner (guitar). | 378 hits
News Article: Belladonic Haze debut album out now!
Eclectic rockers Belladonic Haze have been doing the rounds in Leeds for quite some time now, while all the while working tirelessly on their eponymous debut album. | 401 hits
CD Review: Nerve Engine - Underneath The Sprawl
This is the second release from the multi regional band and once again self recorded in keeping with their independent attitude. | 511 hits
CD Review: The Sugars - Doo Wop (Sugar So Sweet)
Bands such as Arctic Monkeys may dispute that image isn't everything, and whilst it certainly isn't, it's always good to find a band who, in addition to writing first-rate songs, also have a good ol' bash at looking damned good. | 1,391 hits
Band Profile: Dallasheros
indie | 429 hits
Band Profile: Under The Gun
Jay - Vocals Jimmi T- Guitar Mikey D- Bass Tommy- Drums Under The Gun are a 4 piece hard rock band which is all about good songs with less of the bullshit. | 102 hits
Band Profile: Nylon 66
Melodic indie with a twist of grunge | 520 hits
Band Profile: The Royal Chains
The Royal Chains are Adam Roddick (Vocals/Drums) & Dan Lawley (Guitar). They write pop songs that are probably more rock. | 94 hits
Band Profile: Lastwire
Aidan L - Lead guitar Hannah M - Drums Kenny S - Guitar, Vocals Reece T - Bass Lastwire is a 4 piece alternative rock band from West Yorkshire. | 50 hits
Live Review: Straw + Cube
Cube scare me. It defies all rules of rock when even the drummer is good looking. Yet it makes sense with the mirror-posing rock that they play. | 287 hits
CD Review: Hundred Reasons - Shatterproof is not a Challenge
A British rock band that sound British? What? How novel! Failing to be swayed by the influx of rock acts at the moment that seem unable to retain any sense of their own accent Colin Doran sings and screams his way through this second album in a most definitely British voice, in much the way Gary Stringer of Reef has always done. | 480 hits
Live Review: Dirty Pretty Things + Humanzi + Louie
There's the possibility of a successful band here, but it's unlikely to be named Louie. I mean, it could form from Louie, or component members thereof, but for now all we see before us is a band going through the stage of self-finding, identification and formation. | 1,105 hits
CD Review: 16th Round - Matchstick Man
It's actually quite hard to write decent meaningful songs about totally irrelevant rock clichés like angels crying, hard times, girls who don't pay you any attention, dragons etc, and not surprisingly like so many before 16th Round don't manage it either. | 379 hits
Live Review: Filth + The Nervous Shakedown + Sawthroat
As the first band of the night Sawthroat take the stage, many people in the venue seem unaware of their presence. | 515 hits
Live Review: Man Can't Fly + Munich + The Almanacs + Boy on a Pedestal
When Boy on a Pedestal took to the stage at the 360 club, they seemed like an interesting take on melodic rock. | 366 hits
CD Review: The Glitterati - s/t
Guitars. Lots and lots of guitars. Leather, screaming girls, sweat, passion, sex, sleaze, bourbon. Just some of the things that pop into my head when I think of the words Rock n Roll. | 1,015 hits
Band Profile: Knievel
The roots of Leeds-based band Knievel lie in vintage rock and roll with classic rock inspired originals and high performance live gigs. | 232 hits
CD Review: Andie Mills - Going Native for Dirty Pictures
A familiar face on the Leeds scene, Andie Mills is a veritable one man music industry. This is his 3rd solo release and is another sombre collection of introspective blues/acoustic rock. | 439 hits
Live Review: The Smokestacks + Loqui + Mary Wanna Smile
Mary Wanna Smile were a very solid, straight-forward rock band, performing some well crafted acoustic ditties. | 598 hits
CD Review: Gavin Butler - Ghosts & Echoes
The first five tracks on this self funded EP are made up of Ghosts, written and performed by Neil Star, front man of Dopamine and Attack! | 428 hits
News Article: Dinosaur Pile-up to release a new single in March 2011
Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album 'Growing Pains' last year, Dinosaur Pile-up are set to release new single 'My Rock N Roll' on 14th March, following their run on the Rock Sound Exposure tour which kicks off on 17th February. | 342 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Being 747 + Solo + Diawara
The very last Blue Star Music gig happens with possibly one of the busiest crowds, best bands and best mix of indie rock from the straight up young upstarts (Solo and Diawara) to the wit, charm and brilliance of the experienced Mama Scuba and Being 747. | 458 hits
Live Review: All My Friends Are Dead + The Lights (Leeds) + Nir Graham
Two things struck me when All My Friends Are Dead started playing. Just where the hell did these guys come from, and what took them so long? | 993 hits
Band Profile: Lucas
Born in Buenos Aires, Lucas began is musical career as a soloist, playing in coffees and pubs around the world. | 121 hits
Live Review: The Ebb + Boabak Cut + Charly Six
I remember the days when Charly Six were Brass Monkey and I was interested to see what they would be like after all this time. | 384 hits
CD Review: Tempting Kate - Last Change
Tempting Kate are a band that play exciting pop punky stuff. And I don't mean the kind that is plugged away on mtv2 all the time, I mean up tempo rock songs with powerful vocals and real melody. | 267 hits
CD Review: All My Friends Are Dead - Days Of Sleep
Falling somewhere between the orchestrated Icelandic experimental pop sound of Sigur Ros and the dynamics of the post-rock genre sits the Leeds based 5-piece All My Friends Are Dead. | 594 hits
Band Profile: The Signs
Dan Pearson - Vox/Guitar Sean Hatherley - Lead Guitar Mike Neilson - Drums Scott Coutts - Bass/Vox The Signs are here to stay..four talented and charismatic musicians brought together by a love of soaring melodies, roaring guitars and seismic drums, the boys have a knack for creating radio-friendly choruses made to be sung around stadiums around the world. | 595 hits
CD Review: Wot Gorilla? - Kebnekaise
Wot Gorilla? are a scintillating new math rock outfit hailing from Halifax, creating palatable rock for math, indie and alt rockers alike. | 305 hits
CD Review: Remo - Let It Go
Remo are from the growing collection of "alternative" rock bands hailing from the city of Bradford lately. | 269 hits
Live Review: The Bacchae
The Bacchae came onto the stage in costumes of various stripes. The band comprise Harriet Hyde doing vocals (a good line in slurred rock wastrel), Jockstrap Jim as the rock guitarist, Dave Vachon on bass and Rob The Fox playing the organ. | 558 hits
CD Review: Slightly Alien - Untitled
Since I reviewed the bands first album last May I have wanted to hear more material from the four-piece. | 496 hits
News Article: Backyards stream remixes of their upcoming EP
Ahead of the physical release, Backyards are streaming remixes/mashups from their EP 'If You're Scared' for one week only. | 307 hits
CD Review: Diawara - Snowfall
Diawara, in my opinion, have to be one of the most improved bands over the last year. Musically they have got so, so much tighter and their songwriting has improved as demonstrated on this EP. | 220 hits
Live Review: The Von Bondies + Kasabian
I hate Coldplay with a passion now. Why you may ask? Well let me tell you. It all began on the 21st April, me and my friends were waiting to see a band from Detroit called The Von Bondies. | 836 hits
Band Profile: The Law
Hailing from Dundee, The Law formed initially to write and play songs as a means of avoiding the perils and pitfalls of everyday life. | 135 hits
Live Review: The Hellacopters
The Hellacopters are so close to being Spinal Tap. Only a lack of exploding drummers, entrances through pods and a miniature Stonehenge is lacking, rockposing and dumb rock songs are the order of the day. | 242 hits
CD Review: Outl4w - Get in the Van
Just because they're kids with guitars, don't expect Outl4w to be in the same mould as McFly/Busted. You won't find any watered down rock for the teeny-bop masses on this album. | 520 hits
CD Review: Kasino - Fearless
Here we have ten diamond white 80s pop songs with mighty swirls of darker third millennium awareness. | 892 hits
CD Review: The Beat Poet - Hardest Battles Fought EP
Usually when a band has an unbelievably pretentious press release then 9 out of 10 times the music will be utterly pants. | 389 hits
CD Review: Purple Orm - Sounds From Small Town
Apart from the name I have little to complain about Purple Orm. This 3 piece from Castleford (I'm guessing) have a steady rock and roll sound that is likeable enough on this 3 song CD. | 303 hits
Band Profile: Take Turns
A guitar band from Leeds. Wilfully nostalgic. Never as slack as we'd like to be. | 215 hits
Live Review: Blink 182
During their five year hiatus, Blink 182 have inexplicably become much more popular than when they were actually together. | 787 hits
Band Profile: Kill Stereo
British Rock music is alive and well and London rockers Kill Stereo are happy to form part of a healthy scene that has developed under the radar. | 135 hits
Live Review: Galitza + The Bilderberg Group + Monte Carlo
Sad times rule at the Well as the latest Monte Carlo incarnation comes to an end. Sad, but happily the tunes as just as fine as ever, as Carl's voice soars above the tight rhythms of his fellow Montes. | 409 hits
CD Review: Grand Volume - Send Me Your Champion
Obviously not short of confidence, this trio from Manchester, as Send Me your Champion aspires to throw down the gauntlet to today's crop of rock bands and, on some levels at least, succeeds. | 614 hits
Band Profile: The Dots
Classic Rock Covers Band - THE DOTS Russ Entwistle (guitar/vocals) Peter Goacher (bass) Andy Myres (drums/vocals) The Dots formed in Jauary 2007. | 307 hits
CD Review: Black Soul Strangers - Lies
London-based Irish quarter Black Soul Strangers' new single, 'Lies' is a quirky indie-rock thump driven by piston-like drumming. | 525 hits
CD Review: Elizabeth Cook - Welder
Named after the family trade, 'Welder' is Country Pop Rock. The first comparison I come up with when hearing this is Shania Twain, and it is a comparison that is inescapable. | 759 hits
Live Review: Jet + The Stands
Been looking forward to seeing The Stands play live since I got a sneak preview of their forthcoming album (on Echo Records) recently. | 270 hits
Band Profile: The Tabbs
We're a 4 piece Rock band from Leeds. We formed in late September 2006. Currently gigging in and around West Yorkshire and concentrating on writing our own songs. | 258 hits
CD Review: The Printed Sound - The Announcement EP
These days the term "Indie-rock" is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most hardened, weathered hack. | 508 hits
Live Review: The Birdman Rallies
For a local band, playing in a local bar, these guys were obscenely good tonight. I've caught them a couple of times before but this was the one where you think "I'm lucky to be in on this early before everyone else finds out!" Already with a couple of albums under their belt, the quality of the songs shone though tonight, doubtless due to the serious rehearsing they must have done to be this tight. | 568 hits
Band Profile: The Prowlers
Singer: Andy Townend Lead guitar: Andy Dawson Bass guitar: John Heap Drums: Kev Shaw The Prowlers are a band from Leeds that have been playing since the early 80's. | 2,241 hits
Live Review: Galitza
There's a band in front of you playing really good music, great pop music on guitars, with beautiful intertwining vocal melodies from a lovely lady and a lovely man. | 237 hits
CD Review: Reuben - Very Fast Very Dangerous
Reuben is one of those bands that have come from similar stables as Hell for Heroes and Hundred Reasons but unlike their counterparts they haven't succumbed to the dreaded second album syndrome, where they fail to create a gripping second album and instead create a the musical equivalent of turd. | 950 hits
Band Profile: Insomnia
We are a Rock Band based in Leeds.. but we play quite a mixture of stuff. We're still finding our sound. | 83 hits
CD Review: Kram - Come The Demarcation
Kram's previous efforts were not well received by Leeds Music Scene. One and half stars and a general roasting from reviewer Richard Garnett. | 457 hits
CD Review: Tug Ether - Year of Evolution
Eddie Vedder inspired an entire generation of rock vocalists to realise they could sing respectably, Chris Cornell spread the word with Soundgarden, but more recent acts have pushed it to exhaustion i.e. | 567 hits
CD Review: Aarkle Hooman - Pink Gorilla EP
The Pink Gorilla EP is the dazzling debut from the bizarrely named Aarkle Hooman. An upbeat electro pop rock duo who were once a full band but then felt that they sounded better as a keyboard/guitar combo. | 650 hits
CD Review: The Undertones - True Confessions (Singles = A's + B's)
Let's not delay in stating the obvious; The Undertones were, and indeed are, a fantastic band, whose influence lives on to this day; you can hear echoes of their early pop-punk work in any number of bands today. | 427 hits
CD Review: Rhode Island - Night Fliers EP
Rhode Island announce themselves with the borrowed voice of a court house judge from some seedy American backwater. | 319 hits
CD Review: Little Plato - Sugarspoon EP
Describing themselves as "melodic Rock... with thoughtful rhythms and inventive guitar parts with distinctive vocals and personal lyrics." Could seem a little self-appreciating, but this is actually a fairly apt description. | 244 hits
Live Review: Fifth Goodbye + Eborsisk + Misled Vision
MISLED VISION Oooh a girly metal band. Misled Vision have one of the best vocalists I have heard all day in the form of "Jan" and were pretty tight overall. | 381 hits
CD Review: Voxtrot - Firecracker
Voxtrot are a band from Austin, Texas. They write songs. Some of those songs were put together to form an album. | 211 hits
Live Review: Herrod + Missed Her Bliss + Afraid Of The Dark + Distophia
The Packhorse is one strange venue. The gigs are held upstairs in the attic right out of the way and it almost feels as though it's a secret club only a few know about. | 352 hits
News Article: Daniel Pearson announces his song-a-week project, "The Blueprint"...
Leeds-based singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson has begun his 'songwriting experiment' The Blueprint, during which he will release a brand new song every week for the next 6 months. | 333 hits
Live Review: Parva + The Union Volts + Being 747
Would putting rock bands in a massive hole work? With a crowd made-up of mostly of people wanting to be seen and grab the free booze, it was a triumph for the bands for so many to be grabbed from the bar by the quality of the music. | 492 hits
CD Review: Eighty Six - What's My Problem Today?
Ten-track album "What's My Problem Today?" has a self-classification of "driving, melodic punk" which is a surprise, as 'punk' is clearly not a term I would have used myself. | 305 hits
Band Profile: Out of Nowhere
Chris Pickard - Lead Guitar & Vocals Darren Oddy - Guitars & Vocals Pete Hiley - Drums & Vocals Steve Anderson - Bass & Vocals Rock cover band made up of 4 talented Yorkshire musicians who love entertaining audiences with rock songs that sound very close the original versions. | 398 hits
CD Review: The Singles - Start Again
This February will have an extra day this year, as it's a leap year and all. But another day in that month which could indeed be good for the music industry is the 11th. | 343 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Heathen Angel - Volume 2
The last compilation album I bought was Now 29 on cassette back in 1994 and the last time I saw it was in 1998 when it was discovered in a draw full of old musty books after which it was thrown into a plastic bin bag and donated to some orphans. | 545 hits
CD Review: Miss Black America - Talk Hard
It's wrong to compare, but what first attracted me to this band was a rock rush, the crash of a song, in an unashamedly indie way. | 289 hits
CD Review: Modey Lemon - Thunder + Lightning
Garage rock duo/trio Modey Lemon burst out of Pittsburgh to not only kick out the jams but to actually boot those jams firmly in their jammy balls. | 399 hits
CD Review: No Use For A Name - The Feel Good Record Of The Year
Although punk rock veterans, with twenty years under their belt, No Use For A Name have now released an album that seems to take in influences of too many new wave bands and forgets about what made them great in the first place. | 338 hits
Live Review: All Star 69ers + Lewinsky + Seed + Novello
Tonight's Northern Xposure event is opened up by Welsh band Novello, who play interesting, energetic, loud rock music. | 442 hits
News Article: Huddersfield band Kava Kava included on TV soundtrack
Yorkshire band Kava Kava will have three songs on the new season's soundtrack to FX TV show Dirt (featuring Friends star Courtney Cox Arquette). | 1,290 hits
CD Review: The Fencott Disaster - Ambulance Fever
Shout, scream, whine, loud, fast, stop, start, feedback, riff, rock, ravage, thrash. That's The Fencott Disaster in 12 words. | 371 hits
Band Profile: Freewheeler
Freewheeler was born in the later half of 2001 in London, England. Brought together & inspired by their love of real loud, ballsy, good-time Rock bands, like: AC/DC, G'n'R, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Rolling Stones. | 213 hits
CD Review: Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell Pt.1
This is part of what should have been the "official" (i.e. Demolition was just a collection of demos in reality) follow up to 'Gold'. | 460 hits
CD Review: Pete McGann - Circles
When listening to singer/songwriter Pete McGann, it's clear that he doesn't want to be pigeonholed into any particular genre. | 365 hits
CD Review: Los Lobos - Tin Can Trust
Before I start, let me just say that, aside from scoring the Robert Rodriguez movie Desperado, I know very little of Los Lobos. | 297 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - How Things Are Supposed To Be Done
'How Things Are Supposed To Be Done' is the latest offering from Leeds-based singer/songwriter Rob Nichols. | 359 hits
Band Profile: The Black Box Revelation
Black Box Revelation is a two man garage/blues rock band, founded in 2005 in Dilbeek, Belgium, and consisting of Jan Paternoster (guitar and vocals) and Dries Van Dijck (drums). | 252 hits
CD Review: Crooked Tongues - HeadRush
Crooked Tongues haven't been around all that long. First forming in 2010, they've started to create a name for themselves. | 231 hits
Live Review: Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro kick-start their set with what is surely the perfect opener: the awkward guitar and raucous vocals of 'that golden rule', the first single from 'only revolutions', send the crowd wild from the first note. | 765 hits
CD Review: Story Of The Year - The Black Swan
'The Black Swan' is the new long awaited album from Story Of The Year. Having never really been into them, or really giving them a chance to be honest, I thought that perhaps I was missing out on something, especially as they seem to have a major following and this will be their third studio album. | 273 hits
Band Profile: Tiffany Page
Tiffany Page is an English rock musician and songwriter. Page was born in London, but when she was only a year old her mother took her to live in Zimbabwe for five years. | 164 hits
CD Review: Jupiter and Teardrop - Bring Me Down EP
Jupiter and Teardrop don't reveal whether or not they are named after the song by Grant Lee Buffalo, but there are plenty of similarities in the Americana pop/rock sounds of main man Geoff Martyn's song writing. | 518 hits
Band Profile: Hundred Dollar Cigar
Hundred Dollar Cigar are a three piece rock band from Bradford and have been together for about 5 years. | 305 hits
CD Review: Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow
In December last year cock-rock legends Motley Crue, well known for their drug overdoses and womanising, decided to reform to give music one more crack. | 853 hits
Band Profile: Zook
Zook are an original rock band from Bradford. We have been likened to a heavy Stereophonics as our style blends a bit of punk, indie and rock. | 164 hits
CD Review: Mazeppa - Kick It for the Low Times
It's easy to believe that Mazeppa smell of soap, so clean is their music. Jazz, Blues, Broadway Musical and pub rock roots combine to cut a straighter than straight middle of the road path for this Bolton outfit. | 283 hits
Live Review: The Bellrays
Accompanied by the belting voice of tambourine-wielding Lisa Kekaula, The BellRays play their own brand of old school uptempo punky rock they fondly call 'maximum rock and soul'. | 178 hits
Live Review: Burning Brides + My Red Cell + The Cribs
Mullets. When did they become fashionable again? They're all around me. I nervously feel that I'm being punished for having a chuckle at a few days earlier, or perhaps I've been warped into a parallel universe where all the rock chick style guides insist on one. | 823 hits
CD Review: Seven Story Mourning - The Mourning After EP
For a band that are described as "Sleazecore Metal", there are a surprising amount of Indie Rock influences at work. | 348 hits
Band Profile: Sucioperro
Sucioperro are a three piece from Ayr in Scotland, who play spiralling off kilter alt-rock. They are indeed alt-rock but they go beyond this as a band. | 431 hits
Live Review: Mariko + One Minute Warning + String Fiktion + Loco
Bank Holiday Monday and "Lock & Load" bring us four local bands to play the Rocket Venue, fast becoming the best middle sized venue in Leeds, following the closure of the Duchess in March. | 472 hits
CD Review: The Dirty Soul - Perfection is bad for the soul
Indeed it is... perfection that is, but is the soul in question actually The Dirty Soul themselves? Not perfect but steady and steadfast, standing as they are on a blues and swaggering pub-rock foundation. | 258 hits
CD Review: La Haine - Untitled
"As far as ambition, hard graft and commitment are concerned, no-one has a patch on us" ... that's as maybe, but as far as songwriting and putting your finger on a good tune there's plenty that do. | 394 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Innoncence
For as grandiose as their biog describes them, employing such everyday phrases as "dramatic melodic edge", "distinctive atmospheric sound" and those favourite biog-bites "inspiration" and "soaring", The Xenith Sound are a rock band. | 385 hits
Band Profile: Little Britain
Five piece band playing the best of British music from the 60s to the present day. | 581 hits
CD Review: Substate - Untitled
Rock. Or, if we're feeling particularly fruity, RAWK. Down-and-dirty, balls-fully-out Rock, fat of ass and fat of riff. | 451 hits
Live Review: The Labels + No AV On The TV + Metro + Never So Few
Tonight at The Bedroom sees WEAREYOU (of Thursday night @ Carpe Diem fame) expand its reaches to Wakefield. | 708 hits
Band Profile: Silt
SILT is a French electro rock/metal band inspired by bands like Tool, Incubus or Pearl Jam. They are set to release their 1st album on September 28th 2008. | 155 hits
Live Review: Bodixa + Brazil + Cooper
"We're the warm-up band" announces Cooper's entrance to tonight's proceedings. Following on from the previous night where we were entertained not only musically but also through an on-going dialogue with Four Day Hombre, we are again in conversation with tonights bands. | 273 hits
CD Review: Johnny Get The Gun - Johnny Get The Gun
Johnny Get The Gun frontman Wayne Lightowler doesn't have the world's strongest voice, but he does have a distinctive edge, which is better than being able to hit those big notes. | 1,334 hits
Live Review: Catylyst
Out of all three bands playing at the Futuresound gig tonight it's obvious as the crowd disperses onto the dance floor which band most people have come to see. | 268 hits
CD Review: Tears of Joy - People Like Us
The debut album from Scottish duo Tears of Joy (TOJ) is a mix of electronica and pop. Busy with studio effects, the album has an impressive array of sounds. | 288 hits
Live Review: Baby Food + The Detonators + The Alamo + The Lodger
Dogged by guitar trouble throughout his set, The Lodger battles on with an aggressive guitar style juxtaposing nicely with the tuneful vocal melodies. | 884 hits
Live Review: The Research + Pensioner
A pair of beseated little smurfs and a big slutty rock vamp alight the stage in a cloud of barbershop-style harmonies. | 544 hits
Live Review: Riot Star + Dionysus + Stonechild
As much as people complain about gigs being continuously empty the Highwood continues to buck that trend totally. | 304 hits
CD Review: Lori Carson - The Finest Thing
A fine cross between Aqualung and Liz Phair, "The Finest Thing" is an intimate and serene album that makes the perfect chill out album for dissertation stress. | 275 hits
CD Review: The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent - Black Amplifier
Well this is as 'out of town' as any review I've ever done: The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent (or The S.I.G.I.T. | 521 hits
CD Review: Longview - Mercury
With recent single "Further" catching the attention of ears across the nation Longview could be on their way to becoming the NME's latest darlings. | 758 hits
Live Review: Yuck
On the previous two days my early morning visits to the Radio 1 / NME tent have provided my ears with a bit of a battering, in the best possible way, so on day three of the festival it is a nice change of pace to encounter Yuck's slightly slower paced, harmonious delivery of guitar led, pop-rock. | 379 hits
CD Review: Orange Fall - Orange Fall
Rock? Orange Fall from Swansea take the pure form and do it sharp justice. Searing and original guitar licks and falsetto harmonies with lumber punching drum and bass. | 299 hits
CD Review: The Breech - I am New Mexico
A hectic lifestyle means that it has taken me a good week or two to actually get round to playing this CD. | 679 hits
Band Profile: Violet Shrink
Amy Boothman, Pete Wheeler, Gillan Cash and Allan Jones are collectively known as Violet Shrink. Bouncing onto the music scene last year with a slightly different line up, Violet Shrink have gone from strength to strength perfecting their catchy songs and refining their sound. | 262 hits
Band Profile: Futuro
There are at least three artists are using the name Futuro: 1) is a three-piece rock band who hail from Scotland. | 130 hits
Live Review: Sound Asleep + 3 Words Too Long + Exit 51 + Dum Flux + Cutout Hero
CUTOUT HERO This three-piece were the first band of the day that I saw as I was late. Playing a mellow sort of rock/punk with even a little bit of ska thrown in every now and then, they sounded pretty good for their age, and were reasonably well rehearsed. | 356 hits
Band Profile: Jesse Malin
Jesse Malin is a New York City-based singer-songwriter who started his performing career in the 1980s in the New York hardcore band Heart Attack. | 358 hits
CD Review: Zealous - Dust
Vocalist/guitarist Dan Pearce, bass player Pete Green and drummer Chris Smith are throwing their hearts into Zealous. | 464 hits
Live Review: Cactus + Instant Species + iLiKETRAiNS
iLiKETRAiNS? Were these lot stoned when they thought up their name? According to their website, no! They do actually like trains. | 1,913 hits
Live Review: Novacain + Kenosha
With the withdrawal of Tempting Kate from proceedings, tonight's Futuresound heat has a delayed late, which means by the time Kenosha arrive on stage there's for once a decent if not huge crowd in attendance. | 347 hits
Live Review: The Donnas + Sahara Hotnights
When I got there I was not sure who was supporting the Donnas and had no great expectations of them. The room took ages to fill up and I thought that it may be quiet due to other gigs taking place in Leeds, but as the SAHARA HOTNIGHTS took to the stage the room was nicely filling up. | 235 hits

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