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Band Profile: Aces & Eights
Finger blistering double bass! Apocalyptic fire n brimstone a-preacher-hollerin! Screaming geetar like black-lightning! | 2,096 hits
Band Profile: Ross James Day
Fresh singer/songwriter antics from Leeds | 2,265 hits
Band Profile: The Prowlers
Singer: Andy Townend Lead guitar: Andy Dawson Bass guitar: John Heap Drums: Kev Shaw The Prowlers are a band from Leeds that have been playing since the early 80's. | 2,946 hits
Live Review: The Blueskins + Mojo Pin
For fuck sake, it's deafening in here. Irony is that I avoid suggesting to the soundman that it could be worthwhile him twitching his fingers in a general right to left and downward motion because, quite frankly, it is soooo loud he would not hear my request. | 523 hits
Venue: The Taproom (Batley)
The Taproom, Batley - home to some of the best live music, real ales, fine wines and the greatest atmosphere north of Watford! | 2,824 hits
Live Review: Red Go Green Stop + Rebel Yell + The Nervous Shakedown + Tunji
Seizethedayer Festival, in which promoters of local bands get together and organise an all-dayer, featuring a carefully selected mixture of said local talent at Carpe Diem, a basement venue with a good atmosphere a mere brick throw away from Millennium Square. | 1,699 hits
Band Profile: Ed Stones & The BD3
If you like your retro, metro, dubiously hetero, smacked up, jumped up, mulleted, cosseted, fashionista, too cool, new school, pretty, shitty, processed, hydrogenated, reconstituted, fat-free, colourless, odourless, flavourless, 'I can't believe it's not rock n roll' leftovers (may contain traces of hair, teeth and eyeballs), then get yourself to an unmentionable fast food outlet and carry on pretending that what you're eating even knows what a cow looks like, because you won't like this band. | 607 hits
Band Profile: LITTLEgiants
LITTLEgiants' music is a unique blend of old time, blues, country, bluegrass, rockabilly and just about anything as long as it's raw, and passionate. | 332 hits
Live Review: Imelda May
Despite the touts outside the Leeds Academy offering 'cheap' tickets on a gig that wasn't sold out, the venue was packed by the time Imelda May is ready to take to the stage. | 847 hits
Live Review: The Cat Pack
My first gig of 2003 and in the dreaded month of January, the skint month, the after payday month, the "gigs are low priority on my spending list" month - but no, what's this, "you'll have to squeeze in at the back"; "you can stand on the chairs if you want"; "I'm not going to the bar again, it was murder" for tonight The Primrose is packed for its first gig of the year and the first gig ever for The Cat Pack all 19+ of them. | 476 hits
Live Review: Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos + The Broken Hearts Club Band + Maggie8
And so to a criminally deserted Brudenell. There were people there, but as one of my party said, not the usual Brudenell crowd, but (I imagine) friends, parents and record company people. | 780 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - United City
The folks at Soundpeople who compiled this monster collection are probably the same sort who just can't help themselves trying one of everything at the pick'n'mix stall. | 724 hits
CD Review: Headwater - Lay You Down
Headwater are simply a delight. I haven't come across a blue-grass country record with such sweet, sentimental song writing appeal since I went through a short lived Emmylou Harris phase about a year ago. | 497 hits
Live Review: Morning Bride + mesmer disciples + Sniffs
Anyone turning up expecting verse-chorus-verse or a well-signalled chord change or two from Sniffs would be in for a shock. | 584 hits
News Article: Jumbo Records - Local Pick of the Month for October 2014
The lovely boys at Jumbo Records have been really busy with the influx of students that hit our city for the start of the new academic year, but Matt Bradshaw still had time to put together the best of the local artists' recent releases, for the month of October. | 541 hits
Live Review: Aces & Eights + The Voltaires + Honeycomb Love
Aces & Eights are one of the only recent bands who have not come directly from MySpace. Rather than relying on the support of their, admittedly, over 1000 "Friends" they've worked their way up through the grimy Leeds pubs to arrive, not quite signed and slightly tainted, at the Cockpit. | 1,060 hits

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