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Live Review: Radiohead + Gallows + Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Crystal Castles + The Old Romantic Killer Band
Facebook Aug 26th: "I'm off to Leeds Fest as it's the only place on earth I can be absolutely sure of not seeing The Killers, even then I'll take a high powered sniper rifle, just in case" Yep. | 1,564 hits
Band Profile: Silverlode
Rather marvellous Skiffle-Prog-Pop merchants. | 2,871 hits
CD Review: Tilly And The Wall - O
Purveyors of lush, romantic rock and roll they may be, but in a world that needs a handle, these guys will - for the time being - continue to be 'that one with a tap dancer instead of a drummer'. | 408 hits
Live Review: Jackie Leven / Michael Weston King
"I took a train out of Leeds in the pouring rain..." Jackie Leven From the onset this was going to be pretty intense; The Black Heart Procession rolls out of the PA and, with nowhere to go, laps around my ankles. | 2,399 hits
Interview: Exit International
The Exit International boys, Scott, Adam and Fudge, dropped in for a little drink, some curry and a chat. We discussed real 'man love' for Castrovalva, appreciation for fishing and coming to Leeds to record their album. | 460 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Sounds of the Rhubarb Triangle
Whilst the 'Rhubarb Triangle' historically describes that polygonaceae-rich patch of land between Wakefield, Rothwell and Morley, I suspect that this compilation celebrates the musical output of the first-named metropolitan outpost. | 979 hits
Live Review: Danny Landau
Once again we climbed the stairs to Richard Watson's 360 Club, a weekly escapade into a world rich with the finest up-and-coming talent from Leeds and beyond. | 753 hits
Live Review: Dead Disco + The Clerks + The Voyeurs + Movement
Regardless of drawing the short straw and getting the booby prize of first slot in tonight's line up, Movement appear to not give a flying turd that the crowd is thin and they are on before your granny's bed time. | 2,007 hits
Band Profile: Ghost
There are at least 17 artists that have used the name Ghost: 1. A Swedish heavy metal band 2. A Japanese experimental rock band 3. | 93 hits

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