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CD Review: Dinosaur Jr - Beyond
Full kudos must go to Dinosaur Jr for upholding the noble and valiant art of the guitar solo; almost every track on new album "Beyond" features at least one example of smartly-executed fretboard frivolities. | 520 hits
CD Review: Yes Boss - See It Through
Waiting in the shadows, Yes Boss watched closely as others quickly burnt out on mediocre releases. They took their time, honing their skills. | 464 hits
CD Review: Sucioperro - Random Acts of Intimacy
Competing for the youth of the nation's musical hearts and minds is no easy task. Sometimes you need a gimmick, a ruse that will make you or your band stand out from the many others who are all after the increasingly short and fickle attention span of the mainstream media and record buying public. | 595 hits
CD Review: Polaris - s/t
I wish I could start this review in the same way Polaris start this eponymous album of theirs. Because then you'd understand exactly what it was I was setting out to do. | 810 hits
CD Review: Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
That's right folks, the notoriously troublesome second album is due, you've used all your best tunes on the first one and back home everybody else has re-hashed them behind your back while you've been busy conquering North America. | 606 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - DTTR: Something I Learned Today
After 'What Everyone Wants' comes what everyone really wants - the new long player from Leeds' most vibrant and diverse label of the moment; Dance To The Radio. | 853 hits
Live Review: ˇForward, Russia! + Komakino + Kubichek!
John McGee gets all giddy and silly and drunk and strange things happen while watching bands. Forgive me if I come on like a drunken raconteur but that's where the story begins, like all good stories should, in the pub, over a formerly nursed pint of cider now in smithereens on a tiled floor. | 718 hits

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