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Band Profile: Sound Of Sirens
indie rock | 2,003 hits
CD Review: The Downfall - Atrofeed
To be honest I've never seen Downfall before, never heard a single note played by this lot before, I've heard good things, don't get me wrong, but I've never been to a gig to see them play, call it laziness I guess... | 635 hits
CD Review: Little Man Tate - About What You Know
Never mind yer Arctic Blondes or yer Milburn Monkeys, Sheffield's Little Man Tate are proper Lords in a post-post-industrial wasteland where the birds will let you cop a feel for a spam fritter and the alcopops pour like bile from the local BNP candidate. | 788 hits
CD Review: Shy Child - Drop the Phone
I'd heard of Shy Child like many others, in conversations where they were name-dropped alongside hot talents like Metronomy and present kings of the realm, Klaxons. | 1,109 hits
Live Review: Milburn
Apparently 'Lee' in front of me was number 8 and the Chuckle Brother-esque guy "remembered '66", the army of football paraphernalia clad men, held their pints aloft, sweated profusely (football shirts have never been designed for sweat) and from their post McD guts chanted "Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire", taking particular care to emphasise the ork. | 936 hits
CD Review: Yes Boss - See It Through
Waiting in the shadows, Yes Boss watched closely as others quickly burnt out on mediocre releases. They took their time, honing their skills. | 477 hits
Band Profile: Resonance
Resonance, Fouad - Rhythm Guitar John - Bass Jonny - Lead Vocal Mark - Drums and Backing Vocals Sean - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar "Resonance is a great name for the band, big sound, big energy, you are Resonance and need to be on a big stage..." Alan Raw (BBC Radio DJ) "'Shaman' is the standout track displaying their ability to write catchy numbers which also showcase all five members' respective talents. | 995 hits
Live Review: The Young Knives
On the surface of things, The Young Knives do not come across as an instantly likeable band. Their whole geek-chic image, seemingly meaningless moniker and ludicrously named bass player (The House of Lords, those of you who were wondering) make it easy to mark them down as achingly hip, annoyingly pretentious passengers on the indie scenester bandwagon where being able to pout is much more important than being able to play. | 759 hits
Live Review: The Research + David Thomas Broughton + Dungeon Dungeon
A boiling hot summer's evening, I've got my best shirt on, and over the road there's a giant pool of water in which someone is sinking a giant mock-up of the Titanic. | 822 hits
Interview: Ivy Sins
Charlotte Oxnard speaks to Hull all-girl band Ivy Sins | 867 hits
News Article: Buffalo Bones release debut EP
Buffalo Bones - Hell To Skeleton EP - Release date: 21st March 'Hell To Skeleton' is the debut release from Leeds based rock band Buffalo Bones. | 570 hits
Interview: The Rosie Taylor Project
After the recent release of one of this year's sweetest singles 'Black & White Films', The Rosie Taylor Project caught up with Leeds Music Scene to discuss the past, the future, and the city of Leeds. | 1,624 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Album Of The Year 2009
When reviewing each year in music, it's often difficult to pinpoint exact albums that represent the year best. | 1,957 hits

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