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Band Profile: And Then The Amber Slips
rock indie | 921 hits
CD Review: The Good The Bad - From 005 to 008
The Good The Bad have forgone the convention to have a singer in the band: instead they are made up of two guitarists and a drummer. | 390 hits
CD Review: The Sugars - Way To My Heart
This is an odd little soul. When I think of The Sugars, I think of dirty riffs, cheeky vocals, and a whole lot of 50s fun. | 391 hits
CD Review: Dolores - Untitled
I'm intrigued. Track three on this CD is called 'Reykjavik 101', which is a sort of name check of one of my favourite films ever. | 564 hits
CD Review: Japanese Voyeurs - Sicking and Creaming
If EP-opener 'Dumb' is your first taste of Japanese Voyeurs, then prepare to do a double take, because frontwoman Romily Alice has a voice that has to be heard to be believed. | 987 hits
CD Review: Red Go Green Stop - R.E.
Red Go Green Stop's latest slice of adult pop glory opens with an indefinable yet undeniably ska-infused intro proving its status as just that. | 722 hits
CD Review: The Alps - Untitled
Stuttering, swaggering tones with a touch of denim and a hint of suede. If the laidback coolness of the persistent cropped chords belonging to 'The Shining' don't get you, playing the 'Guess The Next Lyric' game will. | 446 hits
CD Review: The Dears - Gang Of Losers
Canada seems to be producing some great bands of late with many beginning to enjoy worldwide acclaim, perhaps it's time The Dears got a piece of the action? | 931 hits
CD Review: Glissando - Live - London 20.12.08
It was two years ago that 'With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Sea' was first released; the full-length debut from the emotive and peerless Leeds band, Glissando. | 561 hits
CD Review: Munkie - Chemical Process
Having reviewed his other album, I feel a bit apprehensive as to what Munkie's done with himself since. | 792 hits
Band Profile: Leesa Mae
Sassy Singer/Songwriter from Leeds- Solo with acoustic guitar or with kickin 5 piece band. Also working as an Art Director on ITV's 'Heartbeat' & now 'Coronation Street'; Leesa Mae has continued to go from strength to strength. Leesa's debut single 'Forbidden Love' is now available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. | 1,489 hits
CD Review: 22 - Kneel Estate
Kneel Estate is the second UK release from Norwegian new energy outfit 22. True to form, it's bursting with captivating melodies and eccentric rhythms from the word go. | 507 hits
CD Review: i concur - Lucky Jack / Build Around Me
As far as 'post-rock' goes, i concur appear to amass all the hallmarks of the genre with the precise and systematic grace of the consummate disciples they purport to be. | 472 hits
CD Review: Metro Station - Metro Station
Metro Station are the guilty party behind 'Shake It,' and seem set to be 2009's version of Hellogoodbye, better known as the guilty party behind 'Here (In Your Arms).' Current, radio-bothering single 'Shake It' is love-to-hate electro-pop naffness that really is a case of once heard, never forgotten. | 1,675 hits
Band Profile: Pet Accessories
Pet Accessories are a Leeds-based band who are unashamably genre-whoring, fusing subversive electronic music and experimental guitar-driven pop, all surrounding a solid core of song-writing. | 856 hits
CD Review: The Cut - Cold Sister
There's something about The Cut that just keeps me coming back for more and it's frustrating that as a music journalist I can't articulate that je ne sais quoi. | 505 hits
CD Review: Juliette & The Licks - Got Love To Kill
Perhaps one of my biggest regrets of this year's Leeds Festival was allowing myself to get swept along with the hype and be all eager-beaverish, arriving early at the Carling Stage on the Sunday to secure a 'good spot' for young scamps, Arctic Monkeys. | 905 hits
CD Review: The Halcyon Band - Sirocco
This 10 track CD on Eggbert Records is a celebration of traditional guitar pop values. Danny Slack, Sam Forrest, Dave Hunt and Tom Johnson do timeless craftsman-built songs as if English punk had never happened. | 669 hits
CD Review: Uprights - Wall Ball
'Wall Ball' by Leeds' Uprights, is one of those albums where the vocals play second fiddle to all the strange noises the band are able to twist out of a guitar. | 463 hits
Live Review: Fizzy Blood + Bi:Lingual + Yawning Dog
Nominally an EP launch gig for Fizzy Blood this free show at the Brudenell was really a showcase for several young, talented bands from the Leeds area and served to reinforce just the buoyant health of the local music scene. | 882 hits
Live Review: Chasing Dragons + Forever And A Day + Further From The Truth + Our Innocence Lost + Time To Leave
When you think gigs in Leeds, several names spring to mind. The O2. The Well. And, of course, The Cockpit. | 640 hits
CD Review: Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball
It's easy to see why Dead Confederate selected 'The Rat' as the lead-off single to their debut album. | 524 hits
CD Review: Sun Dial - Sun Dial
After a lengthy sabbatical, 1990's stoner rockers Sun Dial are back with a self-titled full length. What's impressive about 'Sun Dial,' is how each song manages to sound similar, without ever sounding the same. | 707 hits
Live Review: Múm + Animal Collective
The last time I came to the City Varieties was about three years ago to see Sigur Rós. It's good to see the place hasn't changed that much since then, as I'm sitting here waiting for fellow country men (and woman) Múm (pronounced "moom" for anyone unfamiliar with Icelandic). | 1,364 hits
Live Review: Burst Rondo + Brigade + Vatican Jet + Nothing Special
Joseph's Well in Leeds have played host to some rather well-known bands if their posters are anything to go by - and over the last few months it seems like they've booked mostly Biffy Clyro support bands (thisGirl, The Boxer Rebellion, X is Loaded and some little London outfit named Brigade...). | 1,013 hits
Live Review: Editors
As show time approaches and the Editors backline is prepared by their crew there is a buzzing crowd twelve deep on the barrier. | 1,191 hits
Live Review: Vukovi + Fizzy Blood + Furr
When you hear through the grapevine that 2 of Leeds' finest bands of Alternative origin are supporting a band (that you've never heard of) but are assured that they are amazing would be enough to make a regular on the local scene doff their hat and coat then walk to the nearest venue to investigate such claims. | 618 hits
Feature: 2014 - A Year In Review
The team at LMS have penned our 'best of' moments from 2014, from gigs and festivals, to the best Albums and EPs from local artists and further afield. We collated our most memorable moments and what you should be seeing in 2015 ... not forgetting the all-important, Idiot of the year. | 2,016 hits

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