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CD Review: Ash - Starcrossed
As with every Ash album there's always a couple of laidback slow numbers to listen to. Over the years we've had Goldfinger, Oh Yeah and Sometimes. | 559 hits
CD Review: Session X - Energise EP
Hailing from the same village as myself, Session X arrive on the Leeds scene and rip through four tracks of furious funk tinged soulful tunes, guaranteed to have either a foot tapping or a head nodding. | 486 hits
Live Review: Kids In Glass Houses + Francesqa + Blitz Kids + Save Your Breath
This tour line up, offers a variety of music genres in the form of the bands. Such as pop punk from Save Your Breath, Blitz Kids who bring pure rock to the table and slow paced melodic sounds from Francesqa. | 446 hits
CD Review: Countermine - Letters
Apparently turning down deals left, right and centre Countermine seem to be a band in demand. This sub-standard rock ballad is the sort of stuff that A & R men dream of. | 856 hits
CD Review: Situationists - Onwards and Upwards EP
This pleasant enough collection of four tracks gambols earnestly along, but is ever so slightly guilty of failing to engage the listener. | 356 hits
CD Review: The Four Marys - Sweet And Sour EP
It's seems that the mighty Pale Man Made have grown some legs and spawned another band in the form of guitarist Christianne's other project known as The Four Marys. | 569 hits
CD Review: Bloc Party - Little Thoughts
From the opening of this song the bass drum hits every beat, the four on the floor providing the engine for the song. | 948 hits
CD Review: Riser - Untitled
Experience dictates that all but a few outstanding songs ever last this longer than 6 mins 30 secs. Therefore it is with some trepidation I note Riser's average track time somewhere above this. | 345 hits
Live Review: The Hoosiers
Thursday 29th October saw The Hoosiers descend into Leeds, emerging at Mine bar. From start to finish a polished set that had some true classics interspersed with a few new tracks. | 511 hits
CD Review: Elliot Minor - Still Figuring Out
Elliot Minor are now firm favourites on the iPods of the teen-Britain. Having supported Fall Out Boy, playing Download, and obviously hailing from Yorkshire, (the latter obviously being the most important) the five-piece are surely set for big things. | 2,582 hits
CD Review: The Maple State - For The Temperate Lives
Since forming in 2005, Manchester's The Maple State have toured extensively with the likes of Get Cape. | 441 hits
CD Review: Metric - Help I'm Alive
'Help I'm Alive,' the lead-off single from Metric's forthcoming album 'Fantasies' is a steady-burning piece of electro that forsakes the infectious synths that usually categorise this genre, in favour of sublime, shimmery rhythms that seep into your brain gradually. | 501 hits
CD Review: We Start Fires - Caught Redhanded
Mathematics aside this is a valiant effort from this US grrrl-punk scene influenced quartet. Underneath the guitars and quirky 80s' keyboard effects of this album lies a fair dose of pop-punk fused with the daily trials and tribulations of your average young rock and roll girl. | 749 hits
CD Review: The Spills - Spooky Roller Disco
This 'download only' EP from Wakefield's The Spills sounds like four lads recording to tape and having the best time doing so, adding a rougher edge to their earlier polished sound. | 355 hits
CD Review: The Singles - Start Again
This February will have an extra day this year, as it's a leap year and all. But another day in that month which could indeed be good for the music industry is the 11th. | 407 hits
CD Review: Miike Snow - Syliva
NME has heralded them "an almighty force of anarchic-futurism" while Time Out magazine describes "a sublime collection of pinballing sounds." Miike Snow's debut album, of the same name, met raucous critical acclaim back in October and now the Swedish trio return in 2010 for a UK headline tour, hitting Leeds University on Monday 8th February. | 415 hits
CD Review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Delivrance
'Delivrance' is the fourth album from New Mexico folk duo A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Jeremy Barnes and his partner Heather Trost.) The album is a mixture of traditional arrangements and new songs influenced by Eastern European folk music. | 344 hits
CD Review: Brazil - eatitfightitfuckit
Following their well-received "This Is Future-Wave" EP, Brazil have delivered yet another quality combination of guitar-pop tracks. | 388 hits
CD Review: Willy Mason - So Long Baby Shoes
It's been some time since Willy Mason's last offering, but here we have it in the form of 5 beautifully crafted songs. | 1,106 hits
CD Review: Benjamin Wetherill - Untitled
Stuck halfway between Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake stands Benjamin Wetherill. Like his mentors, he makes beauty out of misery, armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and the odd flutter of woodwind instruments and a cello. | 553 hits
CD Review: Thursday - No Devolucion
Thursday, the New Jersey rock band are back with their 6th studio album, which still screams out rock, but with a twist of indie infused melodies. | 605 hits
Live Review: The Wonder Stuff
It's time for bleeding the money cow dry again, with The Wonder Stuff back in the game. There's the cheeky Miles Hunt, the rocker Malcolm Treece, quiet bassist Mark McCarthy, and drummer Andres Karu hidden behind excellent fiddle player Erica Nockalls, who has good posture and is probably classically trained. | 693 hits
CD Review: Last Temple Orchestra - Untitled
The debut EP from Leeds' Last Temple Orchestra begins in promising fashion, with the excellent 'Inside.' Its spring-heeled drums are tempered by echoey chords, giving it an interestingly ethereal edge. | 504 hits
CD Review: Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon
Tindersticks are one of the UK's most talented, and rather unfortunately, overlooked bands of the past 10 years or so, and 'Waiting For The Moon', their latest LP, should go a long way to help give the band the attention they deserve. | 675 hits
Live Review: Spectres + Suzy Blu + Fans
Bradfordian indie rockers Fans took to the stage first at this week's Bad Owl Presents ultimately well attended Saturday slot at the Fox & Newt. | 882 hits
CD Review: HildaMay - We Loved, We Lost
If you've seen HildaMay's name floating round in the last couple of months, it's probably been shortly followed by the words 'Hot Water Music', and not just because they shared a stage with the Gainesville legends in August. | 423 hits
CD Review: Kelli Ali - Rocking Horse
Third solo album for Kelli Ali, who must get sooo tired of only being known as the former singer for Sneaker Pimps (you know, 'Six Underground', you've probably got it somewhere), it must be a mixed blessing that since being asked to leave over 10 years ago neither party has been best known for their chart bothering. | 784 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bright Young Things 2007
Fifteen quite individual tracks - and yet there's more than a hint of overall unity to this. Not sameness: far from it, but a feel that it wouldn't be impossible to cook up a narrative thread plotting the journey from minute 1 to minute 59, and so award concept album status as well as whatever other accolades are coming to BYT 2007. | 958 hits
CD Review: D/R/U/G/S - Connected
D/R/U/G/S new EP gets better with every listen. The mechanical simplicity of "Connected" overpowers the need for an overflow of bass or percussion. | 425 hits
CD Review: i concur - Able Archer
In many ways, I Concur have been ready to release this album for quite some time. A large proportion of the songs on 'Able Archer' have been happily settled in their repertoire and have nestled together within an increasingly assured and engaging live show. | 946 hits
CD Review: Three Random Words - Untitled
Remember those bands you had when you were in school? The one I was in, unfortunately, split up after a while, but I'm convinced we'd sound like this if we had kept it together. | 701 hits
CD Review: Mountaineers - Motions Of Interplanetary Dust
Mountaineers 'do not aspire to evoke a past we cannot relate to, they do not sound like anyone else... | 608 hits
Live Review: Juno 2
Juno 2 are a band I've heard a lot about but only seen play live once. They didn't particularly blow me away on that occasion, although I seem to remember thinking at the time that they had some good songs and could be great, if only they'd perform a little. | 313 hits
CD Review: Fleeing New York - AOK
I am loving the whole boy/girl vocal trend that seems to be kicking off at the moment. The Subways, Young Heart Attack, The Raveonettes all get the thumbs up from me for proving that rock 'n' roll is not gendered. | 1,405 hits
Live Review: Imp + Hail Animator + Hannah Trigwell + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles
The annual Futuresound Competition has become a mainstay of The Cockpit's July schedules over the past few years. | 787 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - New Heavy Sounds Compilation Vol.1
This new CD contains seventy minutes of barnstorming recordings from the newest and heaviest acts around. | 586 hits
Live Review: What The Night Brings + Our People Versus Yours + Walk Away From Pain + ExistImmortal
It would be generous to describe tonight's crowd as 'sparse', because in reality the Black Bull is more like 'desolate' this evening. | 448 hits
CD Review: The Cortinas - MK.1
The Cortinas 'MK.1' is the latest release from Bristol Archive Records who specialise in local bands from the mid-70's onwards, "as a vehicle to talk about and remember Bristol's forgotten stars, those people that should have, could have or probably had no chance of fame and Global domination." Formed in 1976, The Cortinas started out as an R&B covers band before discovering punk pioneers like The Stooges and The New York Dolls. | 375 hits
CD Review: Micah P Hinson - Yard of Blonde Girls
Jeff Buckley drowned in the Wolf River in Tennessee on the eve of recording his sophomore studio album My Sweetheart the Drunk in 1997. | 685 hits
Live Review: Cashier No. 9 + Tom Brookes + Bruno Merz
Every Tuesday the Brudenell puts on a night of free music and I have been keen to get down to see what Leeds music scene has to offer on a week night. | 1,039 hits
Live Review: O Fracas + Fear Of Music + That Fucking Tank + Wax Planet
Further proof, if proof was needed, local music is still very much alive and well. The hasty uprising of the Faversham and its current status as indie mothership and NME bum buddy has been nothing short of miraculous, as are their reliably superb Saturday night offerings. | 1,399 hits
Live Review: Blood Red Shoes + The Cast of Cheers
Dublin based four piece The Cast of Cheers open tonight's show with a mixed display. With urgent vocals and driving beats it's like sophomoric Foals and the majority of their set, although hooky and technical, feels very self-conscious. | 546 hits
Live Review: Eliza and the Bear + Lisbon
A bunch of southern lads have made their way north to grace the stage at The Wardrobe on Sunday 12th October. | 772 hits
Live Review: A Wilhelm Scream + Gnarwolves
The last sounds of fast punk are radiating out of the Cockpit, as The Fear are finishing up. I can see the venue is completely full already. | 574 hits
CD Review: Jeff Klein - Everybody Loves A Winner
After around Europe with One Little Indian label mate Jesse Malin, this is Jeff Klein's first UK release. | 543 hits
CD Review: Little Fish - Baffled and Beat
Little Fish's debut album is a mixed affair, consisting of quirky indie rock 'n roll that oozes laidback cool, and barebones, repetitive songs that feel constrained by Little Fish's two-member head count. | 1,515 hits
Live Review: 6 Fingered Man + The Retrose + The Hazey Janes + The Pipers
The Vine seems to have a cross section of every genre of rock 'n roll tonight, as we move through pseudo funk, light indie, Maiden-esque metal and then finally some anthemic indie stompers. | 1,012 hits
Live Review: Songhoy Blues
The Brudenell is packed and brimming with anticipation. The gig is sold out and the crowd is a pleasant mix of young and old alike. | 529 hits
Live Review: The Cribs + Thurston Moore + Pulled Apart by Horses + Menace Beach
Summer in the city is well underway and what better way to kick off than with some of Yorkshire's finest playing to a packed Millenium Square crowd. | 1,358 hits
Live Review: Reverend And The Makers
The Reverend, otherwise known as Jon McClure and front man for Reverend And The Makers got the party started in Leeds Met last night (Tuesday 25th February) to chants of 'Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire'. | 715 hits
Live Review: Caterpillar + Time of Hibu + The Blonde + Tom Bradley
First up at the 360 Club tonight and undaunted by a sparse early crowd, Tom Bradley has our attention the second he opens his mouth, revealing the kind of voice every aspiring singer-songwriter wishes they had. | 661 hits
Live Review: Seismic Loveshift + Candid
After a day slogging round York, I thought some music was in order to round the night off. Having promised Seismic Loveshift I would try to see their full set this time (failed as usual - sorry! | 391 hits
Band Profile: Chasing Dragons
Rocket-fuelled, female-fronted hard rock band. | 1,560 hits
CD Review: Sun Dial - Sun Dial
After a lengthy sabbatical, 1990's stoner rockers Sun Dial are back with a self-titled full length. What's impressive about 'Sun Dial,' is how each song manages to sound similar, without ever sounding the same. | 707 hits
Live Review: Sawthroat + Misled Vision + Esclavage
ESCLAVAGE A rather melodic beginning for a band that seem ready to tear the new roscoe down. This song turns into a roaring mosh-fest in seconds with all members showing good stage presence. | 565 hits
CD Review: Outcry Collective - articles
'articles,' the debut album from Surrey quartet Outcry Collective, was recorded in a pig sty that the band gutted and converted into their own recording studio. | 838 hits
Live Review: Danny and the Lost Souls + Black Diamond Bay + Backyards + The Indecision
Tonight marks the beginning of a great weekend of live music in the city as Live At Leeds returns but this evening the place to be is 360 Club and the upstairs room at The Library is packed out accordingly. | 818 hits
CD Review: The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
New Brunswick natives The Gaslight Anthem, who only formed in 2006, have risen to outstanding new heights faster than any other bands have in the past few years. | 517 hits
CD Review: Violent Soho - Violent Soho
Violent Soho bring bass-soaked grunge bang up to date with lashings of throat-full-of-broken-glass punk caterwauling on their self-titled second album. | 675 hits
Live Review: Suicide Silence + Deez Nuts + Bleed From Within + More Than Life + TRC + Heart In Hand + Evita + Basement + Polar + Silent Screams + Crossbreaker + The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us have a tough job in opening up the 2nd day of Ghostfest, but rise to the occasion in spectacular style. | 1,410 hits
CD Review: Way Pristine - Inverted / Converted
Way Pristine are melodic rock, and with melodic rock, there's always the danger of it becoming too melodic (i.e. | 442 hits
CD Review: Envoys - Bliss
Bliss is the latest offering from Leeds heavy rock band Envoys. Recorded at 6ft Under Studios in Leeds and mixed at The Grand in Clitheroe, the album kicks off with opening track Strange Attractor. | 1,329 hits
Live Review: Heart In Hand + The Eyes Of A Traitor + Martyr Defiled + Demoraliser + Carcer City
It's gutting to see that The Well is, at best, half full for tonight, not just because this show features 5 of the best up-and-coming heavy bands the UK has to offer, but because all this available to you for a mere six pounds. | 757 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - NME The Album 2009
The press release that accompanies this two disco compilation gives NME the moniker of "the pioneers of all things cool" before promising us an album that "has its finger on the pulse, so you don't have to!" It couldn't possibly be any clearer that this is an album for people who see a band on the front cover of NME, and then spend the next week enthusing about the greatness of said band, regardless of whether they like them or not. | 1,592 hits
Live Review: Tunji + Secret Signal + Labyrinth + The Reckoning
MMMMBZZZZ goes the clock and I'm buzzing for pound a pint. I'm sat there, as per every pissing Friday afternoon, shooting the shit with Tommy B. | 861 hits
Live Review: Tellison + Penguin + Richard Parker + Heliopause + The Spills + Battle Lines + Bearfoot Beware + Darwin and the Dinosaur
Given that this festival was organised in the cause of raising money for charities funding research into lung disease it's a shame that the turnout was disappointingly low. | 1,611 hits
CD Review: One Day, After School... - Prolefeed
After appearing on several Geek Pie and Philophobia compilations, and releasing a demo earlier in the year, One Day, After School... | 524 hits
Live Review: AB Negative + Seven Acres + Accolade + Sofa Pirates
Bands old and new played to an expectant Warehouse on Sunday, as legendary rock gig 'The Valley' resurrected itself from the ashes. | 1,524 hits
Band Profile: My Dying Bride
My Dying Bride is a doom metal band that was at the forefront of the English Doom movement in the early 90s that included such bands as the former label mates Anathema and Paradise Lost. | 584 hits
Live Review: Foo Fighters + Arcade Fire + Rise Against + Hot Hot Heat + The Kills + Dogs + Arctic Monkeys + Million Dead + Nine Black Alps + The Explosion + Senses Fail + Editors
Sunday started like any other day. Apart from this Sunday I happened to wake up in a field with 30 odd thousand other bear soaked, bleary eyed, unwashed, desperate bladder controlling festival revellers. | 3,054 hits

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