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Band Profile: Bad Names
We do not have a biography for Bad Names. | 94 hits
Live Review: Jonny Quits + Bad Names + Test Transmission + AVACET
The night consisted of great music from AVACET, Test Transmission, Bad Names and of course Jonny Quits, as well as the DJ'ing and afterparty from Kaleidoscope: AVACET: Tight indie rock that felt genuinely professional. | 484 hits
News Article: Slam Dunk Festival add 8 new names
Yellowcard, Cancer Bats and Mayday Parade will be joining Panic! At The Disco as organisers of Slam Dunk Festival last week announced 8 more bands for the festival in Leeds this coming May. | 426 hits
News Article: Live at Leeds 2016 reveal 70 new names
Organisers of the annual Live at Leeds festival have this week revealed a mammoth 73 additional acts who will be playing at their tenth anniversary event in April. | 525 hits
News Article: Slam Dunk Festival 2016 add 8 more names to line up
The King Blues and Catch 22 were amongst the latest bands to be joining Panic! At The Disco as organisers of Slam Dunk Festival last week announced 8 more bands for the festival in Leeds this coming May. | 499 hits
Interview: Milburn
Sheffield over the past year has lost out on four tradesmen but gained yet another new name to add to their increasing list of bands that are discharging out of the city and becoming national, if not global names. No longer will it be know for its steel industry, but for its abundance of long haired, converse wearing, real life talking bands. | 2,504 hits
Band Profile: Time For Rodeo
alternative indie rock | 328 hits
CD Review: Rotating Leslie - No Requests
Reading Rotating Leslie's biog you'd be forgiven for being ever so slightly disappointed when you actually come to hearing the accompanying CD. | 484 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Drop It Till It Pops
I was looking forward to hearing this album having heard Everyeveryeverything and missing them supporting Maximo Park because of an inability to read my watch. | 444 hits
Band Profile: Three Random Words
Three Random Words was formed, officially, in September 2003. Roger (vocals, guitar) and Danny (lead guitar) had been wanting to start a band for a while, the former having worked as a solo artist for some time, the latter never having had the opportunity to publicly express himself through music. | 853 hits
Band Profile: Bilbao Syndrome
Bilbao Syndrome is a band from Leeds, featuring some very familiar local names and faces such as Matthew Bourne (Fender Rhodes / analog synth) and Chris Sharkey (guitar). | 334 hits
Band Profile: Skye
Skye Edwards is a British singer, born 1974 in south east London. Until 2003, she was and now again is, the lead singer of the band Morcheeba. | 148 hits
Venue: Batley Frontier
The Frontier Club, which in 2006 celebrated its Silver Jubilee, is open from Thursday to Sunday, and the club has re-introduced live variety entertainment from Monday to Wednesday, under the name of Batley Variety Club Nights and has already attracted such big names as Brian McFadden, Paddy McGuinness and the Stylistics back to the Club. | 1,417 hits
Band Profile: Cain Cookson
Producer.Engineer.Songwriter.Performer from Leeds | 279 hits
Band Profile: Sway
Derek Andrew Safo (born 5 September 1982) is a English hip hop artist of Ghanaian origins, who uses the stage names Sway DaSafo or simply Sway; he is also a full-time producer, establishing DCypha Productions. | 167 hits
Band Profile: Seas Of Furious Lizards
Seas of Furious Lizards deliver a crushing and dynamic brand of instrumental rock. Fusing elements of electronica and every hard rock style under the sun, they promise electrifying performances infused with insane stage antics and pumping riffage. | 304 hits
News Article: The Truth About Frank on Dandelion Radio
The Truth About Frank on Dandelion Radio Jeff Grainger Jeff pops in for an hour to remind us all to Vote in this years Festive 50 ... | 281 hits
News Article: Bright Young Things 2003 line-up announced...
Band Profile: Jupiter Falls
Jupiter Falls are a 5 piece classic/hard Rock outfit from Leeds & London, UK. Their debut album "Revolution" is due for release on 10th August 2015 & is produced by the legendary producer Roy Z who has worked alongside some of the greatest names in the history of hard rock. | 1,717 hits
CD Review: Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys - Autumn Lee
One of the most dubious band names for some time coming at you all the way from the USA. This is standard 12 bar blues sung with distorted Strokes wannabe vocals. | 539 hits
Band Profile: Fade Away
Melodic hardcore from Leeds | 510 hits
CD Review: The Yards - Forget Your Regrets
Man, The Yards really did draw the short straw when it comes to 'The' bands names didn't they? I can't think of many nouns that are left but 'The Yards'?. | 481 hits
Venue: Primrose
The Primrose is a small music venue located on Meanwood Road - opposite the Jet Garage - just a short drive away from the Leeds City centre. | 4,262 hits
Live Review: Fall Out Boy + Spitalfield + My Awesome Compilation
"Welcome" - a sign should state on the door "Welcome to the parade of terrible band names". Never has a bill seen a more dastardly set of band names since Butthole Surfers, Anal Beard and British Sea Power may or may not have appeared together. | 2,650 hits
CD Review: John Mayer - Bigger Than My Body
This guy is hot right now and Sony are giving him plenty of backing. Maybe he's not your cup of tea but you're going to have to admit the boy as talent. | 376 hits
News Article: Live at Leeds 2017 announce over 70 additions
Live at Leeds have announced over 70 additions to the bill for the city-wide festival in Leeds on 29th April 2017. | 1,250 hits
CD Review: The Most Terrifying Thing - 80s Love Affair
Up there with the best of them in the running for the "yeah, it's OK" song award are these guys, equipped with one of the most bizarre band names I've clapped eyes on in a while. | 698 hits
Band Profile: Young Ideas
Five Men from Leeds having a good time. That is the main thing. Apart from this, Young Ideas formed in the early days of 2010, meeting and shaking each other's hands via the Leeds music scene. | 670 hits
News Article: Vanilla Gorillaz announce pledge details for their debut album
Vanilla Gorillaz are a pop rock/electronic trio from Leeds who are currently working on their debut album, set to be released later in 2015. | 351 hits
CD Review: Chilli - Broken Hearts
Fronted by Sarah Richardson's strong vocals, Chilli have an ambitious and professional approach. This four track EP is well recorded and expertly played. | 363 hits
Band Profile: ZZ Eliminator
tribute | 338 hits
CD Review: Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer
One time, on one of my regular bored trawls through the lower vestiges of the internet in search of some light entertainment, I stumbled across a semi-amusing game called "create your own em* band name". | 479 hits
News Article: Envoys debut album 'Violescent' goes on sale
Leeds post-metal quartet Envoys have launched the pre-sale of their debut album 'Violescent', which they are releasing themselves in June. | 364 hits
CD Review: Rob Nichols - 2nd Album
Rob Nichols is some rare creature darting across the normally beaten tracks with a flurry of noises and graceful swerves, to disappear in the woods and haunt your memory weeks later. | 510 hits
Band Profile: Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis: singer/songwriter, guitar Paul Jepson: guitar Simon Albone: bass, keyboards Tim Mills: drums This band have been on the Leeds music scene for a good few years under various names (Tragic Minds, The Neat, Overlord, Gee Spot to name a few). | 886 hits
Band Profile: Funktion
funk rock | 567 hits
CD Review: Black Nielson - Love Song To Chan Marshall
The words "best kept secrets" in anyone's biog may as well read "Never really made it... yet" and the story of Black Nielson would certainly go some way to supporting the theory. | 760 hits
Band Profile: Stereophonics
Stereophonics are a rock band who were formed in 1992 in Cwmaman, Wales by friends Kelly Jones (Guitar/Vocals), Stuart Cable (Drums) and Richard Jones (Bass) but no relation to Kelly. | 717 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - A Collection of Calamity: Volume One
This review is being submitted later than intended due to the initial CD not having the correct postage, and after paying the difference, the post office managed to redirect it around Leeds before it arrived on my doormat. | 677 hits
CD Review: Joan As Police Woman - Flushed Chest
There are a few high-ranking names you could try if asked who Joan Wasser makes you think of, but the piano says Nina Simone, even though 'Flushed Chest' uses several other instruments in a finished product that can still leave you feeling as if you've witnessed voice and piano in secluded emotional contact. | 354 hits
News Article: Tour van hire for £39 per day....
In October 2015, tour vans will be changing. Clown House Records is investing in a new tour van and intends to charge bands the following rates : 1 day - £39.00* 3 days - £109.00* 4+ days - request a quote Bands can reserve the van RIGHT NOW by going to ClownHouseRecords.Com and contacting the record label, or by contacting them at The price includes van hire and unlimited mileage. | 231 hits
CD Review: Seagull Strange - La la la la Ley
As song titles go, it's not up there with the Gods, it's more towards Rola Cola than the Rolls Royce end of names. | 319 hits
CD Review: Tigs - Something New
This girl has balls. Big hairy ones. Now I'm not usually a fan of lady-friends with add-ons but in Tigs' case I very much approve. | 330 hits
News Article: Chickenhawk change name to Hawk Eyes
"When we named our band Chickenhawk after the book by Robert Mason, we never really, like most bands probably, thought things would go as far as they have done for us!," explains singer Paul. | 630 hits
CD Review: Detwiije - Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks for the Rest of Your Life
God bless post rock bands and their inability to come up with short, precise titles. In the world of post rock, reviewers tend to miss the point, and label a band "the new" someone or other, or even worse than that, they simply grab a handful of random bands in the genre and apply their names to newer bands in order to give them a starting point as to what they're trying to do. | 966 hits
CD Review: Joan As Police Woman - Christobel
New Yorker Joan Wasser is the vocal sensation at the heart of Joan As Police Woman. Although with a mind for equal opportunities other band members are mentioned in the biography, it is her voice you will inevitably come back to. | 347 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Classic Rock Presents: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Galloping into view with more nostalgia than a thousand reminiscing grandparents, 'Classic Rock Presents: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' does exactly what it says on the tin, and wastes no time in bringing things right back to the 70s, tearing straight into Diamond Head's 'Am I Evil?', a stone cold classic by anyone's standards, which has seen something of a deserved revival in recent times thanks to The Big Four's performance of it when they play together, such as when they dazzled the Sonisphere crowd with it this summer. | 789 hits
CD Review: Father - Cynosure / Machina
Father have already made an impact across all of the ex Yugoslavian territory over the last two years playing with names such as Anthrax, The Hives, Max Cavalera, Henry Rollins, Sisters of Mercy and Madball. | 362 hits
CD Review: Kurran and the Wolfnotes - Your Four Limbs
If we were in the business of judging bands by their names- I'd probably be talking about a sensitive, animal jumper wearing, 'beardy band' who may unintentionally look like a retroactive Flight of the Conchords parody band. | 589 hits
News Article: The Mexanines to release their debut single
The Mexanines have announced the release of their debut single later this month. The single - Shimmer - is the Q Magazine "single of the week" and also features in the next issue of Artrocker. | 447 hits
Live Review: Phluid + Galo + Sapp
I've always thought band names are important. They can say a lot about the band itself, or its music: like New Order, Spiritualized or Fear Factory. | 339 hits
News Article: Leeds bands to appear on 'NHS Vol. 1' compilation
Leeds bands are set to appear on a new compilation album from the New Heavy Sounds aka NHS Recordings label. | 691 hits
News Article: Mystery Jets added to the line up for Bingley Music Live
Bradford Council have today announced Jon Fratelli and Mystery Jets as the latest acts to join the line up for this year's Bingley Music Live. | 630 hits
Band Profile: Jack's aTTic
Four piece band from Pontefract/Ackworth | 1,900 hits
CD Review: Greg Holden - I Don't Believe You
First hearing the yearning and inebriated message of 'Bar On A' in Preston's 'The Mad Ferret', before its recorded release on Greg Holden's latest album; I knew that such of Holden's Little-Lancashire-To-Big-Apple musical anecdotes would captivate current fans, and create new ones. | 1,014 hits
Live Review: Bayou Gumbo
I like to think of myself as a man of the world, a raconteur, a philanthropist and all those other words I remember my father using when I was a lad to describe himself to some hapless stranger over a pint (he never ever knew what they meant!) However, even men of the world can be caught off guard every now and then. | 394 hits
News Article: First bands announced for the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival 2008
This year sees the debut of the BBC Introducing Stage at both Reading and Leeds Festivals (the stage was formerly the Unsigned Stage at the Leeds site only). | 1,379 hits
News Article: First bands announced for Bingley Music Live 2011
Bradford Council has today announced the first round of bands for Bingley Music Live 2011. The bands announced today are Fun Lovin' Criminals, Maximo Park, Feeder and Eliza Doolittle. | 913 hits
Live Review: The Durbervilles + The Delamores + Jordan Senior
A thin Thursday night at the Roscoe this time. But that's not the way to describe the performances, even when two of the three names on the bill were replacements, only the energetic The Delamores being an original booking. | 1,338 hits
Live Review: Cactus + Instant Species + iLiKETRAiNS
iLiKETRAiNS? Were these lot stoned when they thought up their name? According to their website, no! They do actually like trains. | 2,298 hits
News Article: Leeds hosts a Musicians Networking Day - "The Future of UK Music" - at Host Media Centre
Host Media Centre in Chapeltown, Leeds, is holding a Musicians Networking Day on Saturday November 18th. | 442 hits
CD Review: Harmacy - Carla's Song
I was lucky enough to review Harmacy's first offering. They must have liked what I wrote because they sent me another one! | 486 hits
CD Review: Camera Obscura - Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
I wobbled over buying this after a little digging around the subject revealed niggling Belle and Sebastian comparisons, but luckily it turns out to be the near-perfect three minutes and fifty one seconds of swooning, Spector-ish pop bliss my ears had initially suspected. | 545 hits
CD Review: The Steers - Julia
Usually, doing a bit of on-line research on a band as you sit listening to their latest single will reveal a little juicy fact or will at least give you the bit of inspiration needed to start writing - even if you just find out the band members' names and where they're from. | 464 hits
News Article: Leeds Festival 2016 announce first headliner
Organisers of the Leeds Festival 2016 yesterday announced their first headliner for August 2016. Taking to the Main Stage for what promises to be a phenomenal headline will be Red Hot Chili Peppers. | 785 hits
CD Review: Hot Club De Paris - Live at Dead Lake
A seductive opening near minute to 'Call Me Mr Demolition Ball' kicks the album off. It's anything but demolition-like, but after this, the pace changes and the idea of a wrecking ball becomes more apparent. | 417 hits
CD Review: The Echo - Tin Foil Dreams
With a name as unimaginative and generic as The Echo it is perhaps no surprise that the accompanying soundtrack offers very little in the way of innovation. | 855 hits
News Article: The Pattern Theory announce debut album release in May
The Pattern Theory have announced the release of their self-titled debut album on May 13th via Valeot Records. | 539 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds celebrates tenth anniversary - first bands for 2016 announced
Earlier this week the organisers of Live At Leeds - which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary - revealed the first wave of bands that will be appearing at the annual festival in 2016. | 703 hits
Feature: Advent Calendar: 4th December
Day 4 of LMS's Advent Calendar | 799 hits
News Article: 360 Club and Musicians Union to host free music industry event
360 Club has teamed up with Musicians Union to host a free music industry event on 13th January 2015 at The Library in Leeds. | 737 hits
CD Review: Elektrons - Get Up
Having already released this track once, Elektrons are throwing it out again to precede their debut album 'Red Light Don't Stop' which hits the stores the first week in August. | 551 hits
News Article: Leeds Festival line up to be announced on 12th March
Festival Republic have today confirmed that tickets will go on general sale at 7.15pm on Monday 12th March 2012, when the headliners and many more names for the festival will be officially revealed. | 1,350 hits
CD Review: Chris Liebing - 10 Years Clr
Starts with a thud, that strengthens, the syncopated cymbal starts and you know you're listening to techno. | 281 hits
CD Review: Buck 65 - Square
An ex-baseball player, originally from Canada, now based in Paris and with 'Square', his first release for a major, maybe the pioneer of 'A.O.H' (that's 'adult orientated hip hop(c)' to you and me). | 412 hits
CD Review: 3milehigh - Cardboard World
If Cardboard World carried the sub-title "Made for an American market only" then so many stereotypes on one record could be forgiven. | 861 hits
CD Review: Catherine MacLellan - Church Bell Blues
Apparently there has been a recent influx of female singer-songwriters from Canada. Names like Kathleen Edwards and Julie Doiron don't exactly ring any bells for me, but joining them on that accomplished list is Catherine MacLellan, and her name could perhaps ring a (Church) Bell or two. | 458 hits
CD Review: Jon Doe's - Just Say Go
The Jon Doe's have been around for a while now - they're a 4-piece emo/melodic punk outfit from Leeds/Bradford - you've probably heard the name but never seen the band... | 332 hits
Band Profile: Louisa Osborn
An acoustic/alternative folk/pop singer-songwriter studying music in Leeds | 828 hits
CD Review: Kasino - Fearless
Here we have ten diamond white 80s pop songs with mighty swirls of darker third millennium awareness. | 965 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Paul Marshall / Tascam Tapes - split single
A couple of names lately added to the ranks of Leeds acoustic singer-songwriterdom. The whole thing - quite deliberately a disc of two halves - begins with Paul Marshall's songs following a bass-and-snare drumbeat that gives way to some pleasing guitar-picking in a slightly hasty style for 'Oh Napoleon'. | 450 hits
CD Review: Andyshades & Us - Untitled
Tell me I'm not the right audience for Andy Shades and you're probably onto something, but I've seen him in concert and know he's a decent musician who works with others of the same ilk, some of whom are the US playing here. | 372 hits
News Article: Nathan Clark named as part of prestigious Indie50 award
The final names for the prestigious Indie50 have just been announced, and Leeds' Nathan Clark, owner of the Brudenell Social Club, is among them. | 1,439 hits
CD Review: The High Chairs - s/t
Dan International, Pete, Roj, Simo and T. Any ideas? Yes. You got it. They are The High Chairs. Well done. | 423 hits
CD Review: Last Night's TV - Daylight Between The Blades
After an initial listen to this CD I'm struggling to make myself listen to it again. I kind of want to prove myself wrong that it wasn't as bad as I thought first time round, but it does take me a while before I force myself to slide it in the CD tray again. | 303 hits
CD Review: Floozy - Untitled
Five nice blokes, four affable tracks. Some springy little guitar riffs and a load of enthusiasm. A goofy, friendly CD with a big SG type guitar in moody black and white on the sleeve. | 461 hits
News Article: More acts announced for Oakwell Music Festival
More local acts have been added to Oakwell Music Festival's line-up after the addition of a third stage. | 363 hits
Band Profile: Eyes Of March
Eyes Of March have created a sound that combines rock influences both old and new. Heavyily influenced by bands such as Them Crooked Vultures, Led Zeppelin and Biffy Clyro. | 517 hits
Live Review: Moving Units + ¡Forward, Russia! + The Holy Terror
Comparing bands is a funny business. You can say that a band are like the Happy Mondays, and mean it to be a good thing, but find that you are actually putting someone else off. | 1,295 hits
CD Review: The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent - Black Amplifier
Well this is as 'out of town' as any review I've ever done: The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent (or The S.I.G.I.T. | 604 hits
News Article: Alternative Stage line up revealed for Leeds Festival 2010
Organisers of Leeds 2010 have today revealed the line up for the Alternative Stage, which will once again host the finest names in comedy, performance art, cabaret, film and plenty more to keep you dancing after the main stages have closed for the night. | 975 hits
Band Profile: AJ Tracey
Born to a father from Trinidad & Tobago and a mother who's a Welsh drum and bass DJ, AJ is a grime MC with a plethora of influences on his sound. | 110 hits
CD Review: The Blood Arm - Say Yes
It would be of no surprise to you if I say that The Blood Arm happen to be Franz Ferdinand's new favourite band. | 666 hits
News Article: 360 Club announce their Independent Venue Week lineup
Bringing together some of the most relevant, important and historic venues around the country, Independent Venue Week (supported by PRS for Music) is a 6 day long series of gigs running from 28th January through to the 2nd February 2014. | 644 hits
Band Profile: The Eyes Of A Traitor
The Eyes of a Traitor released their impressive debut full-length in early 2009. Having been discovered by UK underground label, Thirty Days of Night when they were all just 16 years old, it was clear then that the future was bright for this Hertfordshire based quintet. | 142 hits
Interview: The Concetines
After a year and a half of being a young indie boy band from Leeds, I finally got the chance to have a chat with the boys from The Concetines. And needless to say, the interview was full of banter and sarcasm from each one of them. The band has recently begun to grow more and more successful grabbing an opportunity to share their wonderful music with the audience at Live at Leeds 2013 this summer. | 518 hits
Live Review: Selflove
Milo was hosting Night Vision, an interesting mix of music and poetry. Playing first, a three-piece who didn't give their name gave a short mix of covers including and an innovative re-working of Frou Frou's "Let Go" and a somewhat less innovative version of Ryan Adams' "Oh My Sweet Carolina" (maybe they should've done the 'classic' "This Is It"), as well as traditional Irish folk songs. | 604 hits
News Article: Relentless Stage line-up revealed for Leeds Festival 2015
Known as the latest and loudest stage at Leeds Festival, the Relentless Stage returns for 2015 with another mega party line-up. | 582 hits
CD Review: Pino Forastiere - From 1 to 8
Guitar Chemistry at its very best. Affectionately known as the 'mad scientist' of acoustic guitar by fans, Forastiere cradles his guitar, hunched over it, utterly engrossed. | 551 hits
News Article: The best of Yorkshire music and film-making talent comes together with 20/20/2 Vision
Following the launch of 20/20/2 Vision 2007 at the Faversham on 6th April, 20 local bands and 20 local film-makers have been working hard to come up with twenty music videos in just two weeks. | 579 hits
News Article: Leeds to host a citywide celebration of Irish music, arts and culture
A twelve day citywide celebration of Irish arts and culture kicks off in Leeds from the 6th - 17th November. | 551 hits
CD Review: Piranha Deathray - Dolly Dolly
Piranha Deathray are four camper than camp indie fops who look set to steal the Scissor Sisters' crown for most gloriously tongue in cheek band around. | 387 hits
Live Review: Admiral Fallow
Shopkeepers may be one of the coolest bars in town, but the crowd that gathered for Admiral Fallow was distinctly mixed. | 702 hits
CD Review: The Dirty Heads - Cabin by the Sea
Today, as you read this, a journalist somewhere is putting the finishing touches to an article about the latest catastrophe to befall us all during these difficult economic times. | 265 hits
CD Review: Nine Black Alps - Everything Is
Nine Black Alps are the latest in the long line of bands to be adorned with that oft used title 'The Next Nirvana' but for anyone who is now hearing band names such as Silverchair, Puddle of Mudd and Bush, fear not. | 720 hits
CD Review: Chichino - It Could Happen To You
Pop, soul, jazz, funk. Chichino are inspired by all areas of music, and it's paying off. Having played all over the UK, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and of course Leeds, gracing the airwaves of various radio stations across the land and supporting the likes of success story The View, this is the next song from the funk-a-riffic group. | 515 hits
CD Review: Chickenhawk - Chickenhawk
Chickenhawk's debut long-player is an ambitious and heroic montage of many different types of metal. Crunching riffs swing themselves between battering rhythms and off-kilter tempo changes, and are often interspersed with throat-destroying vocal theatrics and glitches of weird electronica. | 484 hits
CD Review: DanMoFo - Dirty As Gin EP
As names for bands go, Test-Icicles must be the most absurd I have heard this year. A close second though is DanMoFo. | 379 hits
CD Review: Justin Sandercoe - Small Town Eyes
Justin Sandercoe has been referred to as the first internet superstar, because of the guitar lessons he has available via his web site | 2,165 hits
Live Review: Wang Dang Doodle
A dreary Tuesday evening was enlivened on Tuesday by a performance of great soul and energy from recently formed soul outfit Wang Dang Doodle, named after a Willie Dixon song celebrating the joys of drunken and debauched revelry. | 1,117 hits
CD Review: Accolade - Untitled
Right to begin with I promise not to make any comments connecting poor bands with Bradford - I have recently had several, shall we say sharp remarks, pointing to the fact that I may be being unjust regards the city. | 534 hits
Live Review: Graham Coxon + Duels
Support tonight is from fellow band member of Graham Coxon's band, however I didn't manage to catch his name. | 696 hits
Band Profile: Gurgles
Pop people from Bradford UK | 495 hits
CD Review: Fieldhead - They Shook Hands For Hours
When Leeds' own Paul Elam is not making music in The Declining Winter, he hones his talents into Fieldhead - the solo work in a world of its own. | 506 hits
Interview: The Wombats
Jonny Mawson spoke with Murph and Dan from The Wombats backstage at Leeds Met ahead of their gig on the 9th March. | 1,170 hits
News Article: Calling all Leeds music lovers ... Quidrophenia returns
Quidrophenia, Leeds' increasingly popular bandfest, is returning to Oporto for the fourth time with another amazing line-up set to rock Call Lane on 18th February. | 924 hits
News Article: Arctic Monkeys confirmed as Leeds Festival 2014 headliner
Festival Republic, organisers of the annual Leeds Festival, have today confirmed Arctic Monkeys as one of the Main Stage headliners at Leeds 2014. | 2,831 hits
CD Review: Neil McSweeney - A Rope to Hang
From buskers sat on arse-numbing pavements to famous names gently rocking crowds to the land of nod in cavernous venues, performers who opt for the minimal approach of a simple acoustic guitar and tender vocal are ten-a-penny. | 370 hits
CD Review: Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down
Despite Arctic Monkeys' front man Alex Turner's antipathy for media comparisons to their Yorkshire (elder) cousins Kaiser Chiefs -and who can blame him, for they clearly do not sound alike- we should not forget the similarities in their meteoric rise in popularity and whilst they are still relative newcomers in age terms, both have achieved so, so much in just over 12 months; household names is termed not unwisely. | 1,508 hits
CD Review: Signal Generator - Output EP
This four track EP from Huddersfield's Signal Generator manages to do away with (admittedly now antiquated) notion that electronica is an automatically forward thinking and inventive genre. | 361 hits
News Article: Leeds Festival 2004 weekend tickets sell out in record time...
Festival organisers, Mean Fiddler, have announced that weekend tickets for this year's Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival have totally sold out in record time. | 1,860 hits
Live Review: Idlewild + Now It's Overhead
Band names get more elaborate these days. It's a shame the music they produce doesn't. Now It's Overhead are very dull to watch and listen to. | 582 hits
CD Review: Sidearm - Graffitied Litter
Sidearm are an ambitious and adventurous bunch. This idea-rammed CD of three songs shouts out "gi's a gig!" in a loud and convincing voice. | 409 hits
News Article: Festival Republic stage line up announced for Leeds Festival 2010
The Festival Republic Stage line up was announced by Leeds Festival 2010 organisers today and alongside the headliners will be a trio of local bands. | 1,449 hits
Live Review: Downdime + The Acutes + Quack Quack
I battled my way through the scrum of fancy dress students that seem to be permanently hanging about near the door of the Packhorse, skipped passed the street drinkers getting out of the cold, and headed upstairs. | 712 hits
Live Review: The Futureheads
Four blokes in a band with a passion for making a clever arty punk racket grace the stage tonight in a triumphant manner. | 1,238 hits
CD Review: Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies - When we won't have to make the freezing scene no more
Some extravagant praise comes ahead of this CD. So I'm on my guard. But fear not. It's pretty not bad. | 604 hits
CD Review: Eureka Machines - Being Good Is Okay (But Being Bad Is Better)
Chris Catalyst appears to have had his sinister fingers in any number of Leeds-baked pies in recent years. | 1,436 hits
Band Profile: The Cubes
rock pop | 1,275 hits
Band Profile: 16 Days
"Innovative four piece with a hybrid sound comprised of Funk, Rock and Soul." | 1,253 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Chairman Of The Board
Opening with a version of one of the most covered blues numbers of the early sixties, this selection owes a lot to musicians who aren't the ones on the disc. | 481 hits
CD Review: The Lab - Time To Change Time? (Walk)
Urban black speech patterns and street styles in the US and Caribbean lend themselves to snappy call response mutual name calling, bragging and story telling. | 352 hits
CD Review: Revelation Theory - 6 Song EP
The first 29 seconds of this 6 track EP from US newbies Revelation Theory sounds pretty damn good. Consisting of hard, dirty drop D riffage and that unmistakably 'fat' American drum sound. | 1,960 hits
CD Review: Amycanbe - Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated
Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated - sure is! Reflecting the alternation into adult life, Amycanbe's awaited debut album portraits music from the body and the soul. | 495 hits
CD Review: The Noise - The Electric Press
This is very primitive guitar rock with a swagger and attitude that some people are just going to love. | 577 hits
Live Review: Snow Patrol + Astrid
When Morrissey sang the immortal Smiths lyrics: "I should have been wild and I should have been free/but nature played this trick on me" he had in mind the kind of people that are in the groups I'm watching tonight. | 752 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Johnny Boy Would Love This... A Tribute To John Martyn
This album is a tribute to the late, great John Martyn. I suppose it could have been a train-wreck, but it's not. | 750 hits
CD Review: Liam Prodigy - Back To Mine
Back to Mine are at the pinnacle of the music compilation scene, providing interesting and eclectic selections from some of the greatest names in the dance music scene and beyond including, The Orb, Underworld, New Order, Faithless and by far the best up to date Groove Armada. | 1,083 hits
News Article: Leeds music lovers await return of Quidrophenia 3
The increasingly popular bandfest, Quidrophenia 3, is returning to rock the foundations of Oporto this August bank holiday, Monday 28th August with yet another impressive line-up. | 813 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Rock 'n Roll Circus: A Collection of Calamity Vol 2
Sounding like the opening credits to a daytime TV program about property, 'A Collection of Calamity: Vol 2' starts as it means to carry on. | 622 hits
CD Review: Polymath - Reptiles
Brighton-based, instrumental, math/prog-rockers Polymath are no strangers to our fair city having played Leeds twice last year. | 680 hits
CD Review: Ash - Tokyo Blitz
I have to admit that it's been almost six years since I last saw Ash live, since which they've been through the nightmare situation of trying to introduce a DJ to their live show as well as the successful introduction of second guitarist Charlotte Hatherley. | 605 hits
Live Review: The Dizzy Club
I am from the small village of Boston Spa on the outskirts of north Leeds but until tonight I have never checked out the local jazz club, which bears world acclaim and attracts the big names on the Yorkshire jazz circuit, as well as visiting artist from the USA. | 795 hits
Band Profile: Sarah Brickel
Funky Soul/Jazz Singer-Songwriter | 212 hits
Band Profile: This Black Velvetine
rock | 1,098 hits
CD Review: Being 747 - Weather Girl
Dave Cooke takes his material from the wistful, listless and mundane corners of pop vernacular. He dries it out, tidies up the lyrics, gives it a tune and then mocks it with delicious and subtle cruelty. | 667 hits
Band Profile: The Pretty Machine
rock | 1,383 hits
CD Review: Battle - Break the Banks
I'm going to start this with a disclaimer - if you've recently enjoyed a seven-minute wildly creative single entitled 'Atlas', you needs to pick up the album by Battles, because I'd feel bad if any confusion in the names - combined with this review - would discourage you from picking up one of the albums of the year (Battles - 'Mirrored'). | 493 hits
News Article: The Walkmen head second wave of bands announced for Live At Leeds 2013
Live at Leeds 2013 have this week announced the second wave of bands scheduled to play the festival this coming May. | 404 hits
CD Review: The Pigeon Detectives - Emergency
Perhaps the most sought after album of the year thus far. 'Emergency', the second album from The Pigeon Detectives, released 2 days short of a full year since their debut blessed the ears of indie rockers everywhere. | 1,355 hits
News Article: Leeds jazzes up the August Bank Holiday weekend for the first Big City Jazz festival
A dizzying line-up of acts has been announced for the first Big City Jazz festival in Leeds on August Bank Holiday weekend. | 1,582 hits
Band Profile: Vanilla Gorillaz
Vanilla Gorillaz are an Alternative Rock/Electronic Trio from Leeds | 740 hits
News Article: Fifty more bands added to Leeds Festival 2014 line up
Organisers of the annual Leeds Festival have today announced the addition of 50 bands to the line up for Leeds 2014. | 748 hits
CD Review: Popup - Chinese Burn / Stagecoach
A positively energetic guitar-laden introduction on 'Chinese Burn' paves the way for yet another popup piece of pure [expletive-ridden] brilliance. | 624 hits
Band Profile: The Ultra Girls
You may think you've seen girlbands before, but it's been a long time since you've seen one quite like the Ultra Girls. Going back to the roots of what it means to be girls in a band, Lucy, Lauren, Amy and Laura are taking the essence of Girl Power but moving it into the 21st Century by adding slick dance moves, funky vocals and lashings of attitude. | 3,494 hits
CD Review: Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage
As soon as this DVD begins you know it is going to be a special treat. I had no prior knowledge of Rush, although I have seen them once before and it's the memory of seeing the legend of Neil Peart play that monster of a 360 degree drum kit that made me interested in watching this feature length documentary. | 624 hits
CD Review: Pilot To Gunner - Get Saved
A good name, a good front cover, and a kudos-worthy work ethic, and oh boy it fits in my CD player like a penis in a vagina. | 582 hits
Live Review: The Young Knives + The Rumble Strips
How soon the times change. Only 12 months ago you would have been hard pressed to name more than 2 live music venues in Huddersfield and even then they would have been part-time. | 1,157 hits
CD Review: Danny Cope - The Way I See It
If you love taut song writing, spring loaded guitar playing and adult emotions, go buy "The way I See It". | 877 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Phantom Head
I had never heard of The Scaramanga Six, despite the fact they have been a band for around 15 years, before the album landed in my inbox for review. | 320 hits
Live Review: Bilge Pump + David Thomas Broughton + Dungeon Dungeon
Was I the only person left in Leeds who hadn't seen Bilge Pump yet? I suspect there might be one or two guitar band members who haven't had the experience. | 1,241 hits
Live Review: The Toy Dolls + TV Smith
The Adverts ex-front man TV Smith is supporting tonight. Armed only with an acoustic guitar he pounds out tracks that are real ear-openers at first, like 'Bring The Bull Down' and the slower 'The Lion And The Lamb'. | 905 hits
Live Review: Hot Snakes + The Computers + That Fucking Tank
As a band, Hot Snakes were older than I expected. I should have twigged that they would be closer to liver-spotted than pubescent from the 6 year hiatus they've just come out of, but I was still shocked to see these guys come out. | 1,125 hits
CD Review: Brassik Lynt - Overdrawn
In the field of heavy metal/ hard rock, some bands try their very best to push forward the template to an otherwise limited genre. | 589 hits
To launch their debut album, SMILES FOR MILES, Uncle Frank will play in fans' front rooms throughout the UK, with the first date being in Leeds on the 8th of April 2014. | 289 hits
Live Review: JJ72 + Melaton
After an interminable wait, a severely depleted Melaton grace the stage. The lead singer informs us that traffic made them late and half the band are still stuck in it, so they will attempt a shortened set with him and the bass player. | 330 hits
Interview: The Pigeon Detectives
The Pigeon Detectives have been on a UK wide tour enjoying sold out shows and performing their new songs. Charlotte Oxnard caught up with the band at Leeds Metropolitan University for the home leg of their tour. | 3,457 hits
Live Review: C.W. Stoneking
If there was ever a contest for band names that sound like Sgt. Peppers b-sides, Mr. CD Wallum and his Ten A Penny Footwarmers would surely win it. | 564 hits
Live Review: Jon Gomm + Stateless + d-koy
d-koy have hair that has not been seen since Hundred Reasons first graced the stage all those years ago. | 798 hits
CD Review: Micky P Kerr - / Dreamers Club
Micky P Kerr took the decision leave popular local Leeds act Jack Afro just after the band released their debut single on 1965 Records. | 1,245 hits
CD Review: TesseracT - Polaris
Tesseract are back with their third studio album 'Polaris' released on 18 September. For most fans, this has been much anticipated, given the departure of Ashe O' Hara and the return of Dan Tompkins, who have quite different vocal styles. | 672 hits
CD Review: Stephen Dale Petit - Guitararama
Even for willing listeners this album may challenge sustained concentration, but it's not short of highlights, and has real momentum on opening in quintessential electric blues style with 'Sacramento' and 'Alexis Korner Says'. | 1,494 hits
Interview: Amsterdam
On the 17th December '05, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the hardest working front men in the music industry, Ian Prowse (no relation to the bloke that played Darth Vader). He is the lead singer with the band Amsterdam. | 1,022 hits
Live Review: The Hamsters
Any late December night, the WD40 aerosol may get a chance to prove its worth; and there it was on stage at the Roscoe doing its bit from time to time in getting the guitar of The Hamsters' lead player/vocalist Slim into condition for what he does with it. | 1,804 hits
Live Review: Snow Patrol + Astrid + Terra Diablo
Venues with pillars are shit. Especially big huge stone ones a few feet square. That aside, the Blank Canvas is a rather cool venue and seems to be increasingly used. | 911 hits
Live Review: What The Night Brings + Our People Versus Yours + Walk Away From Pain + ExistImmortal
It would be generous to describe tonight's crowd as 'sparse', because in reality the Black Bull is more like 'desolate' this evening. | 445 hits
Live Review: GoodBooks + Fields + Kid Harpoon
I love gigs like this. You go down to some random (admittedly, in the case of the Faversham, glorified) pub on the outskirts of the city to see a band or two that you've never heard of and to be brutally honest, probably never will again. | 446 hits
News Article: Quarry Hill celebrates music industry legends
Trevor Horn, the producer behind classic 80's anthem 'Video Killed the Radio Star', and legendary Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook are just two music industry names making their way to Quarry Hill next week. | 804 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Dance To The Radio: What We All Want
If you don't live, eat and breath it, the Leeds music landscape has almost been unfathomably applauded for the bands it produces and the nights that exist within its figurative walls in recent years. | 1,306 hits
Live Review: Four Planes In Four Days + Everyday Life + Life is the Dream + Laura Audio + Science Attacks
We are in the middle of a glorious transition, summer to autumn... the young 'un's are returning to school, and for the first time in my life, I'm free from all that bullshit. | 522 hits
Live Review: Zane + Visa + Divided by Zero
Well, despite spending an hour and ten minutes waiting for a bus that didn't turn up and a taxi that didn't turn up either, I eventually made it to the rocket in time to catch most of Divided by Zero's set. | 381 hits
Live Review: Bodixa + The Royal Park Orchestra + Mel Newing + Amelia & Me
Those of us braving the wind and rain on Sunday night were treated to a quality evening of unplugged entertainment as the Well played host to another Naked Bar Guitar evening. | 469 hits
Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club
For a band signed to Kitsune I was surprised to see just how many guitars were being lined up at side stage; most of my experience with Two Door Cinema Club is based on floods of remixes, and their album ploughs with a kind of mechanical relentlessness, which is possibly a ridiculous way of saying they might have used electronic drum sounds. | 744 hits
Live Review: Sarah Horn & James Cudworth + Amelia Orgill + Natasha Johansson + Jenni Noyes + Heather Woodhead
Walking down the stairs of the Royal Park Cellars was a very surreal experience for anybody who attended on the bleak evening of Thursday 24th February. | 1,170 hits
News Article: Ricky Fleming EP Launch Show - Sat 19th March - The Key Club
Tickets (£5ADV) are now available here: This is the official event page for the Launch Party of Ricky Fleming's debut EP We Could Be More, at Key Club on Saturday 19th March. | 247 hits
Live Review: Mr Beasley + Café Adam
Predominantly a student venue, the Faversham does exactly what it says on the tin, and you know what to expect: tight jeans, fruity dresses, lots of hair and pointy shoes. | 1,850 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bristol - The Punk Explosion
When you think back to the days of punk rock, Bristol is not the first city name that might spring to your mind. | 1,219 hits
Live Review: China Shop Bull + Elephants On Acid + Acid Drop
It was great to see Carpe Diem so packed out for a good cause, Unity Day. After a swift sound check, and being introduced to be from California, Leeds's Acid Drop started off the night. | 901 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: Alright The Captain
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents had a chat with Alright The Captain guitarist, Marty, in the lead up to their performance at StrangeForms. | 489 hits
Interview: Junction 47
There's going to be a sequel! The charity CD will launch this year's CD at Leeds newest venue The Platform | 527 hits
Live Review: Flies are Spies from Hell
For this sleep deprived reporter, the prospect of having to walk deep into Headingley on a Thursday evening, with an exam at 9 O'clock the next morning, was not a particularly inviting one, but none the less I upped the courage and made the effort. | 682 hits
Band Profile: Acid Drop
Leeds Skatecore Punk | 2,724 hits
Live Review: Apologies, I Have None + Without Fire + Zapiain + PJ Bond
On approach to the venue, there was no immediate buzz. It was lacking where people were concerned. We entered, paid and made a b-line for the bar. | 488 hits
Live Review: Willy Mason + Sam Airey + Michael Ainsley
It is always a challenge to review someone who you hold in high esteem as a musician and a songwriter whilst trying not to be a fan boy, and to also give them the accolade that they deserve. | 698 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2008 to feature a Demo Doctor and 'Local To Leeds' panel
Music lovers will get the chance to see some of the finest new bands in the country next month following the announcement of the line-up for Live At Leeds 2008, the now annual event that began last year as part of Leeds' 800th year celebrations. | 1,210 hits
Live Review: Tom Napper & Tom Bliss
With this year's move to a new home, the world's oldest folk club is suddenly closer to Leeds than ever before, just when folk music is elbowing its way back into the general consciousness. | 906 hits
Live Review: Vinyl Beat + Kenosha
Tonight's openers, Leeds three-piece Kenosha, are named after the place where Happy Days was filmed. This All-American influence has clearly permeated their musical influences as well, with their sound highly reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age at their "Rated R" peak. | 868 hits
CD Review: The Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle
So you start off as a crazy youth with point blank attitude and more guts than sense. You play in stupid venues and say yes to everything and anything, including a name to die with: "Afghan Whigs". | 623 hits
Live Review: Food Fighterz + Hot Red Chili Peppers + This Is Nirvana
Legends of Rock hits Wakefield tonight with 3 of the biggest names in the nineties onwards alternative scene; the grungey Nirvana, the funky Red Hot Chili Peppers and the rocking Foo Fighters. | 560 hits
CD Review: Chris Barber - Memories Of My Trip
This new offering from legendary English jazz trombonist Chris Barber is a double CD retrospective of his sixty years in the music industry working with some of the most important names around. | 563 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Buen Chico + Dustin's Bah Mitzvah
I have to admit that I wasn't really sure whether or not I wanted to see "Meet the Fockers", OK the first one was amusing but was there really enough mileage in the concept to spawn a sequel? | 1,523 hits
Live Review: Miss May I + Chelsea Grin + Abandon All Ships + Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Despite featuring a downright bizarre and eclectic lineup, tonight's gig has sold remarkably well, and it's great to see The Well so full; this means that there are plenty of people there to catch Chunk! | 1,223 hits
Live Review: Wet Nuns + John J Presley + Drenge
The Wet Nuns autumn UK tour came crashing into Leeds like a bull hell bent on destroying the proverbial china. | 630 hits
CD Review: Civil Protection - Stolen Fire
Yorkshire based Instrumental rock quintet, Civil Protection, released their beautifully named debut album this month, 'Stolen Fire' and quite frankly, this release has diverted my taste back into the post-rock scene. | 516 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + Sign + GU Medicine
GU Medicine's mix of heavy rock and roll is delivered with convincing force, just like the headliners. | 976 hits
Live Review: Eborsisk + Re:th + Limited Addiction
Before I say anything, allow me to make perfectly clear that I am not a death metal fan. With that said, I must say that the Monday night show at Joseph's Well was entertaining, educational, and yes, even enjoyable. | 419 hits
Interview: Benjamin Wetherill
In a music scene as wide and varied as Leeds is at the moment, you're bound to get the odd one or two who just seem so captivating, so unique and so... "where the fuck did this guy come from?" | 1,420 hits
Live Review: Twin Atlantic + Fighting With Wire
Twin Atlantic seem to have gone rather low profile recently. Despite touring with big names like Biffy Clyro, Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance earlier in their career, the band have never really lived up to the expectation created with the release of the excellent Vivarium mini album in 2009, so it's now, with debut full-length Free fresh in the shops, that the Scottish alternative rock tykes need to up their game some. | 889 hits
Live Review: Chris Helme + Tom Hingley + Ramon
A major coup for the promoters at Joseph's Well: the increasingly popular Naked Bar Guitar acoustic nights on a Sunday managed to get a former Seahorse and an ex-Carpet on the bill for probably the biggest NBG night yet. | 421 hits
CD Review: Björk - Greatest Hits
In a time before you were born, dearly beloved, an Icelandic child called Björk joined a punk band called KUKL. | 484 hits
Band Profile: Red Fang
Red Fang are the result of the band Party Time recruiting Aaron Beam and eventually changing their name. | 36 hits
Live Review: Haven + The Crescent
It is often said that 'genius steals', however he was usually 'round mi girlfriends' at the time and has ten or fifteen people willing to testify that he's 'a good boy, always in church on Sundays and would never steal so much as a middle-eight'. | 348 hits
Interview: VersaEmerge
Sam Panasuik caught up with Sierra Kusterbeck and Devin Ingelido of VersaEmerge before their gig at the Cockpit on February 5th. | 846 hits
Live Review: Eagles Of Death Metal + Mother Vulpine
All dressed in black; sultry with stiff motions, Mother Vulpine's heavy QOTSA style guitars lap over some gorgeous male to female harmonies. | 1,084 hits
Band Profile: Hurricane Sunday
rock | 1,194 hits
Live Review: Rodney Fisher + Bruno Merz + Happy Red Tractors + David Henshaw + Richard Rowan-Robinson
A Communion virgin until Sunday night, I didn't know what to expect from the once monthly folk event held at The Library, let alone how a Christmas special might unfold. | 1,575 hits
Live Review: Million Dead + X is Loaded + Yourcodenameis: Milo
If the names of the bands are anything to go by, this could be an interesting night of James Bond subterfuge, Pussy Galore and go-go gadgets. | 899 hits
Band Profile: Hayley Gaftarnick
solo acoustic | 2,912 hits
Live Review: Those Delta Wolves + Negative Panda + DRAX
So it was that time of year again, when we all don our latest unicorn outfit and frolic into the sunshine to enjoy the dawn of a new year. | 965 hits
Live Review: Zombina and the Skeletones + Eighty Six + All Its Worth
I would like to start by saying that I wasn't going to do a review for this gig when I went, but in the Bassment they have these new drinks called 'Vodka Mudshakes'. | 680 hits
Interview: Lanterns On The Lake
Lanterns Light up Leeds | 818 hits
Live Review: The Zar + Dog City + The Heist
Occasionally bands with edgy names proclaiming gritty sounds can sell themselves short, others should be seriously checked under the Trade Descriptions Act. | 748 hits
Live Review: Capdown + Joe Ninety + Buzzkill + Tiny Elvis
A night that promised to include feet shuffling ska-punk, long haired men running in circles and maybe even some politics produced a appropriately large crowd. | 534 hits
Live Review: The Playmates + The Hair + O Fracas
Something's in the air tonight at The Cockpit and it's not just the smell of the Leeds music scene's great and good as they sweat profusely in the mid-Summer's heat which stifles the city's infamous indie club. | 1,849 hits
Live Review: Kenny Wayne Shepherd
It constantly amazes me that a small town like Holmfirth, with a population comparable to that of a holiday park, can manage to pull in some huge names in the music business. | 555 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Leeds Urban Fusion 2003
According to the liner notes here in the CD wallet of Leeds City Council's 'Urban Fusion 2003' album it says, rather cringingly, that this is a CD "born from hip hop, r&b and urban flavaz" although what 'urban flavaz' is meant to mean I have no idea. | 936 hits
CD Review: Thursday - A City By the Light Divided
Thursday will forever be cursed with being tagged as the band that sprung the traps on the infamous genre of 'screamo'. | 530 hits
Live Review: Inertia + Nym + Danny Carr
The Royal Park Cellars has a rapidly growing reputation, and gets better every time you catch a band down here. | 468 hits
Feature: 5 bands not to miss at Live at Leeds 2015
Frankie Mullaney provides the top five must see bands at this year's Live at Leeds. | 747 hits
Feature: "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - the importance of written band agreements.
A look at band partnership agreements - the first in a new series of advice pieces for local musicians from Blacks' music law man Pete Bott. | 466 hits
Feature: Jimmy Islip Final Blog
Jimmy Islip's Last Chicago Blog Entry | 884 hits
Live Review: Sawthroat + Misled Vision + Esclavage
ESCLAVAGE A rather melodic beginning for a band that seem ready to tear the new roscoe down. This song turns into a roaring mosh-fest in seconds with all members showing good stage presence. | 565 hits
Live Review: Happy Red Tractors + Outroads
Right, well I've not done a live review before, or indeed any review for that matter, seeing as I've been asked to review the EP as well. | 765 hits
Live Review: Idiot Pilot + The Seal Cub Clubbing Club
It's 8pm and the Cockpit pit is already absolutely rammed. That's saying quite a lot considering there are only 2 bands on tonight, Idiot Pilot and The Seal Cub Clubbing Club. | 1,133 hits
Feature: Salvation - 30th Anniversary
Salvation are one of the bands to come out of Leeds music scene's most diverse and prolific periods, the early to mid 80s. We caught up with vocalist Danny Mass (DM) and guitarist Ben Farvak (BF) at Heart Café, which sits at the center of LS6 the spiritual home of many of the bands from that period. | 1,036 hits
Live Review: Chasing Dragons + Forever And A Day + Further From The Truth + Our Innocence Lost + Time To Leave
When you think gigs in Leeds, several names spring to mind. The O2. The Well. And, of course, The Cockpit. | 640 hits
Interview: Doll & The Kicks
Steve Wright interviewed Doll on Friday October 30th, the day after the band had played at Leeds Academy | 1,182 hits
CD Review: The Quails - Master Of Imperfection
Quail: - a collective name for several of mid-sized birds. This flock are led by Singer Dan Steer with guitarist Max Armstrong and a rhythm section of Sam Banks and Chris Prentice. | 1,561 hits
Live Review: This Et Al + Saving Lenny + Drag Cars Drive Too Fast + Farewell Party
So here we have an "unsigned band showcase". Call me bitter, and even counter productive in the encouragement of fledgling bands but I hate these things. | 1,317 hits
Interview: Night Herons
This week I caught up with Leeds-Bradford 5 piece, Night Herons. Indie? Electro? They're not entirely sure themselves, which is what makes them so exciting... | 723 hits
Interview: Elliot Minor
Daniel Powell talks to York's Elliot Minor as they begin their tour at Leeds' Cockpit venue. | 38,834 hits
Live Review: Ali Whitton + Nikoli + Fran Rodgers + Benjamin Wetherill
Forgetting it's Sunday I turn up just in time to see the end of Rob Galloway's set. This comprises of a song about doing something unsavory to a poor ginger girl's rectum and a cover of Electric Six's 'Danger! | 1,152 hits
Interview: Wall Street Riots
Charlie from Wall Street Riots speaks with Leeds Music Scene | 1,164 hits
Live Review: four day Hombre + Leafeater + goad
I was looking forward to this gig as I knew pretty much nothing about goad and Leafeater and hadn't seen four day Hombre for almost 10 months. | 554 hits
Live Review: LCD Soundsystem + Hot Chip + The Sunshine Underground
The night starts of very well indeed, as I enter the Blank Canvas I notice that tonight we have guest DJs doing sets in between sets which I absolutely loved. | 2,350 hits
Live Review: Chickenhawk + Spectrals + The Neat
Dance To The Radio Stage's Festival Thursday night is one of the special treats of Leeds Festival. For the rest of the weekend this platform becomes the BBC Introducing Stage, where 36 new artists take different kinds of first step into a brighter limelight. | 1,054 hits
Band Profile: Phoenix Pearle
'Phoenix Pearle' is a new band created by writing and producing duo singer songwriter Sara Garvey aka Ella May of Nightmares on Wax, and producer / bassist Hamlet Luton aka James Naked. | 634 hits
Interview: Downfall
Downfall - those long-serving purveyors of rock speak to Andy Roberts on the hiatus surrounding their latest release, perfectionism and The Music... | 530 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Lost In The Riots
Next we caught up with Andy (drums) from Watford post-rock outfit, Lost In the Riots. | 668 hits
Live Review: Ghetts + Frisco + AJ Tracey + Elf Kid
The names Ghetts, Frisco, AJ Tracey and Elf Kid on one bill is enough to make any grime fan a bit feverish. | 529 hits
Interview: Kasms
Jessica Thornsby spoke with Rachel Mary Callaghan, vocalist with Kasms, about 'shriekbeat', their name and why they wrestle with people at their gigs! | 1,184 hits
Live Review: Fossil Collective + David Henshaw
The first of many highlights last night was a stunning solo set by David Henshaw. Performing without the help of band mates or compadre Joseph Lawrenson, David set the scene for an intimate and stripped-back evening with an affably humble charm. | 1,726 hits
Live Review: Vampire Weekend + White Williams
Now I don't usually have many options on a Wednesday night, but with both Vampire Weekend and Black Lips playing on the same night I was torn. | 866 hits
Band Profile: TesseracT
TesseracT is a progressive metal band from Reading, UK, that uses math metal, djent, ambient and technical metal elements in their music. | 155 hits
CD Review: Shatner - Energise
By all rights Shatner really ought to be extinct. Given that the Big Brothers who quietly go about the business of corrupting the nation's youth decided to adopt the policies of Pol Pot somewhere around the late 90s, someone ought to have got round to sending Jim Bower & co to the glue factory by now. | 776 hits
Interview: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Currently on tour with US space rockers Yo La Tengo, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci cohort Richard James gets grilled on playing live, record labels and where that name comes from... | 3,498 hits
Interview: Merchandise
Jessica Thornsby caught up with Brad from Bolton-based Merchandise | 1,136 hits
Interview: The Warlocks
Cathy Simpson talks to The Warlocks about drugs, music, guitars and groupies... | 1,063 hits
Interview: Continents
Phil and Tom of Continents spoke to Sam Woodgate after their set at Ghostfest 2012. | 362 hits
Live Review: Napoleon IIIrd + Ali Whitton and the Broke Record Players + Loqui
Even if he is unable to attend - by dint of incarceration, far-flung vacation or other indisposition - the embedded chronological awareness of any Leeds gig-goer will tell him at this juncture (6pm on the first Friday of the month) that he should be nestling within the subterranean catacombs of the Hi-Fi Club. | 728 hits
CD Review: Martin Plock - So Far
After reviewing his recent EP, the split-release with Steph Stephenson and The Matt Burnside Band, I was keen to try more of Martin Plock's music. | 565 hits
CD Review: The Birdman Rallies - Gondola
The first issue I noticed with this CD is that it is titled "Gondola," yet features some vaguely equine illustration for the cover art. | 849 hits
Live Review: Duels + ¡Forward, Russia! + iLiKETRAiNS + The Lodger + This Et Al + The Old House
Dance to the Radio was an event. Is it possible to review an event? Even straight description couldn't get deep enough into the complexities and impossibilities of making such a thing not just happen but happen so brilliantly. | 3,532 hits
Feature: Leeds Festival Roundup
Leeds Music Scene discusses the highlights of Leeds Festival | 635 hits
Live Review: Wrinkle Neck Mules + The Durbervilles
'Even Jesus Christ could use a little wine' Wrinkle Neck Mules: Big Dipper Have you noticed the flyover approach to Sheepscar? | 1,206 hits
Live Review: Nero + White Lies + Maverick Sabre + Hard-Fi + Katzenjammer + Tom Savage & The Hash Mafia + King Charles + The Pigeon Detectives + Jake Bugg + The Jim Jones Revue + Martha Reeves + Skinny Lister + Kids In Glass Houses
Bingley Music Live descends into Bingley town the first weekend in September and has been doing so since 2007, but before that Myrtle Park has played host to a musical events for the past 21 years. | 834 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Latitudes
We caught up with Jon from Latitudes ahead of their headline performance this Saturday at StrangeForms... | 638 hits
Live Review: Come And Smash Me (Said The Boy With The Magic Penis) + Samskara
So we're in Pontefract, it's Tuesday night. The venue... ye olde Counting House, where else? The proposed line-up: Come And Smash Me (Said The Boy With The Magic Penis), Samskara, and last up, Come And Smash Me... | 765 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - DTTR: Something I Learned Today
After 'What Everyone Wants' comes what everyone really wants - the new long player from Leeds' most vibrant and diverse label of the moment; Dance To The Radio. | 873 hits
Live Review: The Law + Shockparade + Motion Picture Soundtrack + Love Ends Disaster! + MidiMidis + My Forever + The Invasion Of... + Lady Fortune + Rotating Leslie + Penguin + Soul Circus + Club Smith
It was Midday, Friday, Leeds Festival, 2010 ... and Club Smith had been dealt the opening slot on the BBC Introducing Stage. | 1,641 hits
Live Review: Penguin + Reverend And The Makers + The Whip + King Charles + Skint & Demoralised + Chris Helme + Redwire + The Glass Caves
This was a festival debut for Crooked Ways at Pontefract Park and a cracking line up for the day's event. | 821 hits
Live Review: King No-One
Centre Stage 2013 Walking into the O2 tonight you would be forgiven for thinking you had somehow stumbled into the Leeds Festival in full swing rather than Centre Stage, a battle of the bands competition and charity fundraiser, offering the winner a chance to perform at the aforementioned festival, given the amount of media in the building which, on top of the multiple photographers and videographers, also includes local BBC radio who are broadcasting the performances live. | 649 hits
Interview: Elliot Minor
Following the release of their second album 'Solaris', we spoke to Alex Davies, singer and guitarist in York band Elliot Minor. | 1,074 hits
Interview: The Rosie Taylor Project
After the recent release of one of this year's sweetest singles 'Black & White Films', The Rosie Taylor Project caught up with Leeds Music Scene to discuss the past, the future, and the city of Leeds. | 1,622 hits
Band Profile: Ghost
There are at least 17 artists that have used the name Ghost: 1. A Swedish heavy metal band 2. A Japanese experimental rock band 3. | 96 hits
Interview: Kleine Schweine
Katriona Gilmour met Kleine Schweine, a Leeds based punk band, after their gig at the packhorse and ahead of their album launch. | 647 hits
Live Review: Drenge + Wolf Alice
Music returned to dominate Leeds City centre last Saturday for another instalment of the annual inner-city festival Live At Leeds. | 606 hits
Live Review: Parisman + les Flames! + four day Hombre + The Somatics + This Et Al + Black Wire
Tonight it's a six band special with some of the Leeds and District gentry cavorting on the same boards. | 2,005 hits
Interview: The Cast of Cheers
Last Wednesday, 29th February I was lucky enough to catch up with Cast of Cheers, four very charming and down to earth Irish lads. Greeted by smiles and handshakes the band introduced themselves before settling down in the upstairs backstage at the Cockpit. We chatted about their upcoming first European tour, living together and random music choices. All very different characters it became clear later on in the gig how they manage to successfully mix different genres of music together. | 799 hits
Interview: ¡Forward, Russia!
The scheme brewing in the collective mind of ¡Forward, Russia!, Leeds' pioneers of screeching, mercurial noise, is a simple one. It goes like this... | 2,361 hits
Interview: Ali Whitton
Lauren Strain caught up with Ali Whitton at Manchester's Dry Bar to look back on a busy 2005 for the songwriter, which included an appearance at Leeds Festival and saw the release of his "Kisses" and "Curses" EPs. | 1,177 hits
Live Review: The Wedding Present + Gruff Rhys + Too Many T's + Post War Glamour Girls
Ah, Long Division festival. This is the third time I've trotted along (out of the four so far), and I've never been anything other than wholly enamoured. | 1,021 hits
Feature: 2013 - A Year In Review
The LMS team got together for a chat and a drink to discuss the musical highs and lows of 2013 in our fair city. And you know what; it was a pretty busy year! | 1,413 hits
Interview: The Yards
Sam Saunders spoke to Chris Helme of the Yards in January 2004... | 1,166 hits
Interview: Dry the River
Katriona Gilmour sits down with Dry the River. | 1,098 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Kerrang! The Album '09
The genius of the annual Kerrang! compilation is that, like the Kerrang!-sponsored Download festival, if you're an avid reader of said magazine, then chances are you're already familiar with every last band on this mammoth forty-two track compilation, even the acts being billed as 'ones to watch out for.' Spanning two CDs, it's conveniently split into mainstream-bothering punk and rock songs on the first CD, and metal and heavy rock on the second. | 2,035 hits

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