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News Article: Headingley indie outfit We Run Riot to release a new EP
Headingley indie outfit, We Run Riot, have exploded back on the city's music scene in recent months after a new lease of life has brought them back from the margins and to the forefront of Leeds' emerging alternative sound. | 433 hits
CD Review: Lorimer - George Oldfield
John Peel gets the ball rolling tonight; just as I sit down to review spiky Leeds starlets Lorimer, he plays the cover of Ferry-penned "Over You", the second song on their new "George Oldfield" EP. | 754 hits
CD Review: Little Man Tate - Man I Hate Your Band
'Man I Hate Your Band' is the latest offering from "soon to be massive" Sheffield starlets, Little Man Tate. | 803 hits
News Article: Royal Park temporary closure announced
Panama Promotions have anounced that the Royal Park Cellars will be closed from 30th November to 15th December inclusive while the pub is re-furbished. | 226 hits
Live Review: The Computers
There's a lot of mud on the ground and all over many festival goers, so one can only imagine The Computers have hovered to the stage as they are all dressed in brilliant bright white trousers and crisp white shirts. | 423 hits
Live Review: Dressy Bessy + Saloon + The Seven Inches
Joseph's Well is already half full by the time that Leeds' The Seven Inches open up proceedings, immediately jetting us back to the eighties with some old-skool indie in a Wedding Present style. | 584 hits
Live Review: Middleman + Gabrielle Aplin + Frightened Rabbit + Slow Club + Micky P Kerr + James Blake + Milk White White Teeth + Sam Airey + The Marmozets
This time of year again with some fantastic Leeds artists such as Ellen and the Escapades, Hannah Trigwell, Pulled Apart by Horses and Dinosaur Pile Up getting raving reviews from press it is interesting to see that the Live at Leeds festival has grown and now in its 5th year the small festival acts as a warm up to get people ready for the big festival season coming up this summer. | 1,370 hits

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