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CD Review: Flowered Third - She is the Monkey Master
This is a 16 song (count'em), labour of love from the Harrogate lo-fiers. It is peppered with Steven Malkmus inspired alt cuts, fidgeting guitars, meticulously picky rhythms, don't give a f*ck vocals and more time signature swapping than you can imagine a drummer being able to cope with... | 311 hits
CD Review: Ben Kweller - Sha Sha
Ben Kweller's Sha Sha album is out on July 29th on 679 Recordings. It's going to do pretty well for itself, and will probably go down as a legendary album even if sales don't save the Dow Jones Index. | 552 hits
CD Review: Dugong - Hat Danko
This is infectious, intelligent, tough music that thrills the hairs on your arms and tucks your granny up at night with a cup of something poisonous. | 1,018 hits
CD Review: Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go
Do you wanna know how the music biz really works? Cos you are gonna have to accept that we all have psychic powers. | 727 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Strike! Up the Band
Strike! Up the Band is a monster. The 13 songs, the two videos and the SIX SIX SIX count-in absolutely guarantee one hell of a good mood. | 633 hits

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