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CD Review: The Sweet Chap - Superman 3 / Girl With A Curl
From a label who will only release things as MP3 downloads, which in my opinion, is a brilliant idea, The Sweet chap swings and saunters over to my place, bottle of vino in hand, sleazy look on face. | 464 hits
News Article: DeLorean Drivers to release self-titled album on 2nd May
DeLorean Drivers have announced the release of their debut album on 2nd May 2011. The band say their eponymous release "takes elements from disco, glam, dance and pop and re-casts them as the soundtrack to a fourth-dimensional journey through musical space and time" and it was described as "a heady mix of pop, electro, disco and hands in the air choruses" by the Leeds-based Vibrations Magazine. | 451 hits
CD Review: I Am Kloot - Maybe I Should
Mutually parting company with your record company would probably knock the wind out of most bands' sails but not for Manchester trio I Am Kloot. | 1,369 hits
Live Review: Jonny Quits + Imp + The See No Evils + Monster Jaw
Garage rock band Jonny Quits recently released the second EP 'Golden Age Thinking' on March the 24th. | 444 hits
CD Review: Dinosaur Jr - Crumble
Heavy on the Dinosaur, light on the Junior, dropout lifestyle gurus Mascis, Murph and Barlow return and it's not so much where you been as why are you still here. | 345 hits
CD Review: Earl - What Are You Waiting For?
Now this one's a hard one, not often do I recieve or listen to dance tunes with a huge amount of interest, but as I put this CD on, I suddenly like dance music!! | 371 hits
CD Review: Phluid - Cynical Smile
Punk glam rockers Phluid's debut LP 'Cynical Smile' does exactly what you want it to - plays loud, fast and with it's cross dressing, black-eyed, drug pumped heart on it's sleeve. | 536 hits
Live Review: Bellatrix
I arrived at Leeds' latest venue, The Rocket bar, shortly before Icelandic outfit Bellatrix take to the stage. | 463 hits
Live Review: Micachu + The Invisible
The dumbbell shaped space that is Nation of Shopkeepers, with two bulbous circular seating areas at either end of a long central bar, is not the kind of venue that you'd automatically think would be great for gigs. | 744 hits
CD Review: The Kinison - What Are You Listening to?
Chillingly amazing first song, lads ('The Farm and The Girls'). OoooooOoooOoohh! That was a shudder, that was. | 1,015 hits
CD Review: Lo-Gain - Random
It worries me when a band advertises themselves in their biography by the fact that their lead singer has big tits! | 296 hits
Live Review: Sigue Sigue Sputnik + Liquidhead
Before I start I'd better point out that I like the Sisters of Mercy - have done for years, and probably always will. | 451 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers
This venue is not full of balding/bald middle aged blokes with massive beer guts. There is a decent spread of ages, which you'd expect when a band has been going as long as The Stranglers have. | 848 hits
Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs
A strange little venue, on the third floor of a shopping centre. The key word though is 'little'. About the same size of the Met, it's smaller than anywhere you're likely to find the Chiefs in this country any more. | 479 hits
Live Review: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan + Euros Childs
Euros Childs, former frontman of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, provides some strange folk indie to warm up the crowd. | 738 hits
Live Review: Sundara Karma
Sundara Karma - Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect album signing performance. Live @ Headrow House on Monday 9th January 2017. | 1,554 hits
Live Review: Slipknot + Cowpuncher + Rage Against The Machine + Blink 182 + Mo-ho-bish-op-i + Turn + The Crocketts + Cay
When I set off to the Leeds festival this year, I'd decided upon writing a full length weekend review. | 1,392 hits
CD Review: Le Corps Mince de Françoise - Bitch of The Bitches
A reviewer's job is occasionally made so easy that all their years of highly skilled investigatory, and inspired musical opinionating count for nothing. | 640 hits
Band Profile: Alaska
ALASKA hail from Leeds and create high energy, B-movie-inspired psychedelic garage rock with a surf-pop twist. | 1,639 hits
CD Review: The Acutes - Tonnerre Et Wah EP
The Acutes have kept a surprisingly low profile in the past couple of years, after 2006's 'When I Left Work Today' and 2007's 'Set On You' singles they seemed to disappear as many unsuccessful indie bands of the past few years have done, so when this EP was announced it caught us all by surprise. | 565 hits
Live Review: Leafeater
Leafeater are on top form tonight, showcasing tunes from their eagerly awaited debut album which they are releasing in April on their own label GAK Records. | 419 hits
Live Review: Haven + The Crescent
What a stupid rule! You're in the venue but to get to the room where the bands will be performing you have to go back outside and round to the other entrance instead of walking ten yards through the doors in front of you, quickly supping off the fresh pint you've just acquired! | 349 hits
Interview: Vib Gyor
With Vib Gyor about to record their next single - "Secret" - Victoria Holdsworth caught up with the Leeds band at Beached 2006 | 970 hits
CD Review: The Birthday Kiss - Choking
Love is in the air then, which in our house was excuse enough for me to cook some beautiful rib-eye with all the customary trimmings for my Mrs Pickle. | 497 hits
Live Review: Wildhearts + Sign + GU Medicine
GU Medicine's mix of heavy rock and roll is delivered with convincing force, just like the headliners. | 977 hits
Live Review: Spacehog + Cube + Mariko
Joseph's Well tonight is certainly a strange place to be. Sweltering and packed to the rafters with anybody who's anybody, and anybody whose not, in the whole of Leeds. | 914 hits
CD Review: Ske - Life, Death, Happiness & Stuff
OK, this is getting ridiculous... yet another Icelandic band ventures down south for some loving. Ske (which means 'happening' in Icelandic, but 'slut' in Japanese) are a collection of writers and musicians that work in the fields of theatre music, film music and TV ad jingles that decided to make an album of guitar based pop songs. | 973 hits
Live Review: Young Ideas
I enter the wardrobe to be greeted by candlelit tables creating a dimmed, warm atmosphere in the room. | 718 hits
Live Review: The Distillers + The Icarus Line + Eagles of Death Metal
It was cold, it was raining and I had to queue up for like half an hour to get in... but to be honest that's the only real negative of the night; well there is another but I'll get on to that soon enough... | 1,177 hits
CD Review: Johnny Foreigner - Waited Up 'Til It Was Light
Johnny Foreigner are a strange band in that they have consistently got great reviews including a 10/10 for their debut EP 'Arcs Across The City' on Drowned For Sound and an 8/10 for this their debut album from NME, yet they still remain an unknown quantity outside of their hardcore followers and have received little hype compared to what a lot of other new bands have. | 567 hits
Interview: Amy Wadge
Joseph Seager had a chat with Welsh wonder Amy Wadge. | 661 hits
Live Review: Clay + Caro
The BBC Introducing Presents showcase comes to Leeds for the first time tonight, and there's no better venue to host an evening of fresh new acts than Brudenell Social Club. | 535 hits
CD Review: Ganglians - Monster Head Room
The Ganglians' debut album, 'Monster Head Room,' is watered-down alt-pop that's all about the sweetly harmonised vocals and the atmosphere. | 500 hits
Interview: Carina Round
"Don't call me PJ" - Gemma Hinchliffe caught up with Carina Round at Joseph's Well... | 1,613 hits
Live Review: James + Jack Savoretti
It may not have been a homecoming for Manchester band James, now in their 33rd year, but for Yorkshireman Tim Booth this gig is just as big. | 786 hits
Live Review: Bouncing Souls + Wet Nuns + Danica Hunter + Coheed and Cambria + Cancer Bats
Cancer Bats are second on the main stage providing a euphoric start to the day with furious renditions of 'Bricks And Mortar', 'Lucifer's Rocking Chair' and 'R.A.T.S.' Signature screeching guitars, burly drumming and Liam Cormier's special brand of frontmanship incite head banging and circle pits galore, demonstrating why they are regarded as one of the best live bands around, and their wonderfully heavy cover of Beastie Boy's 'Sabotage' is met with rapturous applause. | 591 hits
Interview: Kasms
Jessica Thornsby spoke with Rachel Mary Callaghan, vocalist with Kasms, about 'shriekbeat', their name and why they wrestle with people at their gigs! | 1,184 hits
Live Review: Starsailor + David Ford
The Refec is bloody weird tonight. Honest. It's a right merry concoction of young Romeos snuggling up to wistful Juliettes, posh folk draped in gold drinking white wine spritzers, farmers and tonnes of beards. | 1,219 hits
Live Review: Kate Nash + MS MR + Half Moon Run + Jaws + Tripwires
Appearing early on the BBC Introducing stage Reading-based Tripwires, who count Tame Impala amongst their fans (the Australians invited the band to support them on a recent jaunt around Europe), turn the clock back to 1994 with their catchy brand of slacker grunge. | 586 hits
Live Review: Nero + White Lies + Maverick Sabre + Hard-Fi + Katzenjammer + Tom Savage & The Hash Mafia + King Charles + The Pigeon Detectives + Jake Bugg + The Jim Jones Revue + Martha Reeves + Skinny Lister + Kids In Glass Houses
Bingley Music Live descends into Bingley town the first weekend in September and has been doing so since 2007, but before that Myrtle Park has played host to a musical events for the past 21 years. | 836 hits
CD Review: Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See
I distinctly remember the initial thrill and feeling of complete and utter excitement when I first heard a clutch of demos by Arctic Monkeys all the way back in 2005. | 1,009 hits
Interview: Maggie8
Rosie Driver met up with Maggie8 in anticipation of the EP release in May and their appearance at Live at Leeds. | 1,020 hits
Live Review: Bloodhound Gang + Electric Eel Shock
For all of those about to read, if you know either of these bands then you will most certainly know what will be coming up in this review. | 3,694 hits
Interview: The Yards
Sam Saunders spoke to Chris Helme of the Yards in January 2004... | 1,166 hits
Live Review: Post War Glamour Girls + Stalking Horse
Somewhat poetically, Post War Glamour Girls debut album PINK FUR was officially released on Valentine's Day 2014, the day after playing the whole bloody thing live at The Brudenell. | 1,045 hits
Interview: Violent Soho
Jessica Thornsby spoke to Michael Richards, drummer for Violent Soho. | 978 hits
Interview: Outcry Collective
With a new Outcry Collective album currently in the works, Leeds Music Scene caught up with vocalist Steve Sitkowski, prior to the band's co-headlining UK tour with The Computers | 943 hits
Live Review: The Fall + Allo Darlin' + The History of Apple Pie + The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band + Sky Larkin + The Chapman Family + Nine Black Alps + Post War Glamour Girls + The Do's + Let's Wrestle
This compact little metropolitan festival is a perfect aperitif to the season of summer behemoths about to kick off with Glastonbury. | 676 hits
Live Review: Defenestration + Scurge + Misled Vision + One Bullet Left
The Snooty Fox in Wakefield is slightly different to the majority of pubs that you'll will have no doubt drank in. | 1,172 hits
Live Review: Truvine + Kill Manticore + Interruptor Jones + Colin Mounsey
So this is the location for Wakefield's newest acoustic night (featuring two non-acoustic bands tonight, just for the hell of it). | 891 hits

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