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News Article: Roseville Grand to appear on 'Divided By a Common Language' compilation
Leeds alt country rockers Roseville Grand are to appear on a new collection of the best of UK Americana called "Divided By a Common Language" out on Clubhouse Records. | 473 hits
News Article: Irish History Month celebrated in Leeds in March
Did you know that throughout the month of March every year, Irish History Month takes place? An initiative brought about by the Irish Arts Foundation, first celebrated in Leeds in 2007, it is now in its sixth year. | 1,411 hits
Band Profile: The Dead Eyes Of Quint
Assorted current and ex-members of: Bearhead Whores Whores Whores The Grand March Gentlemans Pistols Send More Paramedics The Nothing | 551 hits
Band Profile: Bonestorm
Current / Ex -The Horror, Voorhees, Sex Maniacs, Closure, Grand March, Normal Man, The Osterman Weekend, Pure Graft, Sick-Fuckin-O, UYA, Whores Whores Whores. | 423 hits
News Article: Glissando release a live album as a free download
On December 20th 2008 Glissando performed a rare show as a duo at the wonderful setting of the Union Chapel in London and the band have recently offered the entire 30 minute set as a free download. | 416 hits
Live Review: Laughing Gravy
I am sure I am not the only person who has wondered what would have happened if Tom Waits had chosen to form a skiffle band. | 856 hits
News Article: Leeds musicians raise money for Children In Need
A number of Leeds musicians came together in aid of Children In Need last Friday with the 'Great Musical Bake Off' raising a total of £592.74. | 417 hits
CD Review: Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land
Where to start with Frightened Rabbit? Their wonderfully lo-fi 2006 debut 'Sing The Greys,' despite being heard by few, ranks as one of the most impressive debuts of the decade, and their glorious sophomore record, 'The Midnight Organ Fight' is a stunning and fantastically emotional album, proving the band's worth as one of the best bands to come out of Scotland in recent times. | 525 hits
Live Review: Frank Turner + Sam Airey
Frank Turner has, over the last few years, gone from playing back rooms of pubs to huge festival and Academy shows. | 1,115 hits
Live Review: DJ Scotch Egg + Bilge Pump + Gentleman's Pistols + Red Stars Parade + Pixel! Pixel! Pixel!
As expected from a night run by omnipresent and ever-insane Leeds musicians / promoters / general busybodies Adam Benbow-Browne (Café Adam, Ad Hoc) and Matt Reid (Chickenhawk, The Grand March, ex-Whores Whores Whores), things get off to an unusual start with a rabbit playing Street Fighter in the middle of the room. | 1,156 hits
Interview: These Monsters
Leeds Music Scene caught up with Sam Pryor from These Monsters in the run-up to the release of their debut album, 'Call Me Dragon'. | 898 hits
CD Review: Elmaroe - Tiny Sounds
I recall praising Elmaroe's-- efforts on his last EP, 'Sequences', when I critiqued it in March of this year. | 456 hits

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