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Band Profile: Time To Leave
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3529/ | 1,717 hits
Live Review: Chasing Dragons + Forever And A Day + Further From The Truth + Our Innocence Lost + Time To Leave
When you think gigs in Leeds, several names spring to mind. The O2. The Well. And, of course, The Cockpit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15875/ | 632 hits
Interview: Bridewell Taxis
It's official. The Bridewell Taxis are proving to be the hottest ticket in Leeds. After selling out their re-union gig at Joseph's Well in October in the space of 48 hours, tickets were again snapped up in double-quick time for their appearance at Pudsey's Bien Venue on Thursday December 8th. Pre-ordered sales were in three figures and tickets to see the re-formed band are like the proverbial gold dust.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6083/ | 1,837 hits
Interview: Jim Kroft
I recently took the time to catch up with Jim Kroft, a bursting new talent full of deep, inspiring thoughts and colorful folk tunes! His debut album 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' is available in stores now.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12789/ | 845 hits
Band Profile: Born Silence
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3331/ | 686 hits
Band Profile: Midnight Rising
Midnight Rising are four lads from within the Dewsbury / Wakefield area all with the same goal of being successful and having a good time playing gigs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10835/ | 299 hits
Band Profile: IndifferenT
We are a Post-Hardcore band from the Leeds area looking for gigs both full band and acoustic wherever we can!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17148/ | 536 hits
Live Review: Esclavage
This was only the band's third gig and the second time I have seen them but already they have moved forwards in leaps and bounds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/787/ | 332 hits
Live Review: The Alamo
There were rumours before this show that lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Sweeney had found religion in the remote regions of Tibet, that Chris had been arrested before the show and wasn't going to show, that Holly had developed an eating disorder from going on the Atkins diet, and that The Alamo had acquired a new drummer whilst they have been away.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2657/ | 598 hits
Live Review: Seafood
As beautiful as The Corrs are - there's one big thing that bothers me about Andrea and her bewitching sisters.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/730/ | 286 hits
Band Profile: Black Hearts
Hardcore // Punk
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19433/ | 125 hits
CD Review: Union Jackass - Chasing Dreams
Local lads Union Jackass thought it about time to put something down to chronicle where they are as a band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2371/ | 724 hits
Band Profile: Sweet Savage
Sweet Savage is an Irish band that once included Dio, Whitesnake and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15069/ | 230 hits
Band Profile: Sidecar
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7810/ | 537 hits
Band Profile: The Sound Divide
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4243/ | 769 hits
Band Profile: The Labels
Wakefield-based indie-pop five-piece.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6406/ | 954 hits
Band Profile: The Weekends
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7962/ | 1,120 hits
Live Review: !!!
Having never heard anything by !!! (Chk Chk Chk) before I decided to go see them purely based on what I had read.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3047/ | 574 hits
Interview: From Autumn To Ashes
Daniel Powell talks with Long Island post-hardcore band From Autumn To Ashes when they play as part of Live At Leeds 2007
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8572/ | 5,093 hits
CD Review: Mojo Pin - Stripes
Making notes as I listen to Mojo Pin for the first time I can feel the internal on/off switch clicking at regular intervals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/73/ | 413 hits
Live Review: Sawthroat
The Royal Hotel in Morley Bottoms, my local, last night saw one of its most musically intense nights to date.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1132/ | 363 hits
Band Profile: The Picnic Solution
alternative indie
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7028/ | 498 hits
Band Profile: The Bazaars
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2151/ | 3,694 hits
Live Review: King Tonka + Rockadile
Rockadile play a set of familiar tunes with an uncommon competence and jovial showmanship. Yes, to repeat, it's well played and audience-friendly and gently bounces off of the evening and the environs with big hearted smiles all round.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2901/ | 789 hits
Band Profile: Honest Thief
blues rock
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6170/ | 406 hits
Live Review: Thirteen:13
Polished melodic indie rock that is not unpleasant but nowt to go mad for. Okay, soaring immaculate vocals from Ben Etchells and some interesting moments lifted from their debut LP 'Deny Everything' - but there's nothing new here.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1211/ | 381 hits
CD Review: Red Shift - Violent Cop EP
Not too sure what to think about this EP really. A 4 piece "Yorkshire-based alternative rock outfit", recorded this on an 8 track in their drummer's garage in true punk rock fashion apparently.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/130/ | 261 hits
Live Review: Heaven's Basement + Skarlett Riot + Liberty Lies
An hour before the the doors are due to open three avid fans excitedly talk to Aaron Buchanan (lead singer for Heaven's Basement), enthusiastically telling him how they plan to be at most of Heaven's Basement's UK tour.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17341/ | 712 hits
CD Review: Love Panda - Should'a Seen It Coming
It all started with the White Stripes. Then, all of a sudden, bands started to crop up with strange combinations of musicians.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2698/ | 632 hits
Band Profile: Elephants On Acid
Blues / Garage / Psychedelic
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9426/ | 1,086 hits
Live Review: ¡Forward, Russia! + Amusement Parks On Fire + The Somatics
As The Somatics take to the stage, it is noted that not only is Bruce the drummer the closest thing to Animal from the Muppets on drums, but that he looks stylish in a trilby hat.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3511/ | 1,168 hits
Live Review: Sky Larkin
With all 3 members adorned in bright yellow Sky Larkin add more sunshine to the afternoon with their rocked up pop tunes.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7192/ | 683 hits
CD Review: d-koy - Nothing is what it seems
That's a nice looking lady, or is it a bloke, no it can't be, never, or is it? d-koy have returned again with another example of their zany mixture of pop, funk, metal and rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6151/ | 468 hits
Live Review: The Ataris + Douglas
This was the first ever headline show from Santa Barbara's pop-punk favourites The Ataris and judging by the fan's reaction in the near capacity venue, I'm sure many more will follow.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1130/ | 395 hits
Band Profile: Montagu
Three piece alternative rock band, originally from Blackpool now based in Leeds
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18794/ | 258 hits
Live Review: Mama Scuba + Champion Kickboxer + Last People On Earth + Yorkshire Bone
On paper this was an impressive showcase line-up of cross-Yorkshire talent tonight courtesy of Sandman magazine.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3677/ | 882 hits
News Article: Dub City search for new guitarist...
Leeds rock trio Dub City have confirmed that their current guitarist, Richard Thornton, is to leave the band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1421/ | 289 hits
Live Review: Lightning Bolt + Bilge Pump + Wolves! (of Greece) + Like a Kind of Matador
The venue is slowly starting to fill when Like a kind of Matador take to the stage. A trio comprising of a guitarist, a drummer and a flutist who then proceed to produce some mighty fine concept rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2555/ | 2,507 hits
Live Review: The Lemonheads + 747s
Time for a bit of a honky-tonk jig, as Dubliner's 747s' catchy indie folk starts off, with tracks like 'Rain Kiss' and 'Leave Your Job Today', which employs an assortment of kitchen utensils and pans, adding to the plinky-plonk of the organs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7432/ | 796 hits
CD Review: Mozer - An Aural Demonstration
Getting around to reviewing the four-track CD from Mozer - not to be mistaken with Mozzer... "We're not a Morrissey tribute band" - has been brought to the fore in the last few days due to dialogue with former Seahorses drummer, Andy Watts.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/392/ | 422 hits
CD Review: Zealous - Dust
Vocalist/guitarist Dan Pearce, bass player Pete Green and drummer Chris Smith are throwing their hearts into Zealous.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2869/ | 531 hits
Live Review: Downdime + The Acutes + Quack Quack
I battled my way through the scrum of fancy dress students that seem to be permanently hanging about near the door of the Packhorse, skipped passed the street drinkers getting out of the cold, and headed upstairs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6301/ | 702 hits
Band Profile: ChasinJade
Northern Groove Metal
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9389/ | 1,429 hits
Band Profile: Metro
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3925/ | 1,033 hits
Live Review: Hugh Cornwell
The Stranglers were probably the most out of place of the punk bands - tunes abounded, the drummer was as old as your dad and they had keyboards - weren't they banned?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3224/ | 873 hits
Live Review: Levellers + Ferocious Dog + Gaz Brookfield
25 years of 'Levelling the Land', the album that got many a fan into the Levellers. Is celebrated tonight in Leeds with a cracking set of support acts to boot.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19711/ | 940 hits
CD Review: Flowered Third - She is the Monkey Master
This is a 16 song (count'em), labour of love from the Harrogate lo-fiers. It is peppered with Steven Malkmus inspired alt cuts, fidgeting guitars, meticulously picky rhythms, don't give a f*ck vocals and more time signature swapping than you can imagine a drummer being able to cope with...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/591/ | 309 hits
CD Review: Nex - Secrets & Lies
Punk Metal, a bass player who chooses to go by the name The Professional (but looks like a nerd) and a drummer who wears a black vest - quite frankly the review could end right here!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3830/ | 543 hits
Live Review: Phluid + Catylyst + D-Rail
I saw D-Rail once before at the Rocket and thought they had a lot of potential, even if they hadn't realised it at that time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/843/ | 527 hits
CD Review: Tempting Kate - Waiting For Nothing
Three-piece Tempting Kate are a Scotland-based band with a Garforth contact address - drummer Paul is from Leeds - but even the most tenuous Leeds-link is acceptable as far as I am concerned because these guys have sent me a top-class CD with four excellent guitar-pop tracks.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/160/ | 339 hits
Live Review: Wooden Shjips + Hookworms
Entering the Brudenell this damp evening was like entering a freak wormhole in the space-time continuum to a parallel universe where the 70's never stopped and Prog was still king (though beer was the same price).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15238/ | 1,009 hits
CD Review: Manifesto - Approaching The Traps
The CD kicks off with the track "Human Rights" which to be honest is not a very impressive track. The drums are relatively lazy with the fills being out of time, the bass sometimes lags behind the guitar and vocals in the track.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6020/ | 287 hits
Live Review: Charly Six + The Call + Brutal Tinkerbell
All girl three piece Brutal Tinkerbell may well be easy on the eye, but not so on the ears. It's sort of female rock in that lo-fi grrrl sense, but the pieces don't fit well together: "this lot are a little ropey" was the warning from the Well crew in advance of their first chord and half an hour later I leave with the same conclusion.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1220/ | 427 hits
CD Review: ¡Forward, Russia! - Nine
Nine is in essence the most beautifully crafted shizstorm of noise and melody smouldering together you could ever hope for.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6687/ | 782 hits
News Article: The return of the City... !
After almost a year since their last gig, Dub City are finally returning to the Leeds scene. Following the arrival of their new guitarist, Jonathan Maude, in early 2003, the band have reinvented their style and sound and are now proudly producing heavier songs with a more rock-orientated feel.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1579/ | 302 hits
Live Review: These Arms Are Snakes + These Monsters
Due to early stage times, and late busses I arrive at the Cockpit just in time to catch the last few tracks of WhoresWhoresWhores.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7743/ | 859 hits
Band Profile: The 4s
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4248/ | 641 hits
Band Profile: 45 Revolutions
Dean Roy Holmes - lead vocals + bass Chris Kipper Summers - lead guitar Bryan Bell - rhythm guitar Phil Rhodes - drums From Pudsey in Leeds, 45 Revolutions formed in 2003 and have already played the many respected venues in and around the Leeds area including The Cockpit, Joseph's Well, Rios in Bradford and The Dry Bar in Manchester.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4327/ | 3,728 hits
Band Profile: Braveface
Leeds based 3-Piece originals band playing Popular Rock music
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15942/ | 671 hits
Live Review: The Pipers + The Patrol
Small, dingy, my first trek into the lower gig arena that is "Joe's Well". Having lived and breathed the Duchess experience over a ten-year period, I felt no-way could Leeds produce that feel to a venue again.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9849/ | 256 hits
Band Profile: Red Light Riot
Jordan Kenningley - Lead vocals, Bass guitar Alex Hoole - Lead/Rhythm guitars, Backing vocals Reece Chopping - Drums/percussion, Backing vocals Oliver O'brien - Rhythm guitar We are Red Light Riot, we formed in October 2009 under the band name Tragic Minds there were 3 of us and then we became a 4 piece, played our first show and our lead singer/rhythm guitarist left.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15747/ | 163 hits
CD Review: Castrovalva - We Are A Unit
Castrovalva are a Leeds based power trio specialising in bass driven rock. Their debut 'We Are A Unit' is soon to be released on Brew.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12827/ | 462 hits
CD Review: Tilly And The Wall - O
Purveyors of lush, romantic rock and roll they may be, but in a world that needs a handle, these guys will - for the time being - continue to be 'that one with a tap dancer instead of a drummer'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10067/ | 408 hits
Live Review: Otherside + New Vinyl + The High Chairs + Ins and Outs
The first act to play the bigger stage of the Cockpit tonight are Ins and Outs. The Leeds-based band stumble through a set of 'lager rock', accompanying two big pairs of lungs which concentrate on being as loud as possible, instead of the idea of tuning.  What did entertain the crowd was probably more to do with their unique dance moves.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8288/ | 1,418 hits
Live Review: The Sailmakers + Good Moves + The Astral Plain + OperatorSix
The Sailmakers are launching their single tonight and spirits are high. People are chatting and generally having a good time awaiting the first band to set it off.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17344/ | 557 hits
Live Review: Hot Dead Fox
This venue was the first place I ever came out to in Leeds and I can now appreciate what a find it is.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6523/ | 583 hits
Live Review: A Certain Ratio + Pifco
All present and correct.... the heavily chorused chorused bass, the plaintive vocals, the small but perfectly formed brass section.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10942/ | 928 hits
CD Review: Mr Dogg - Get Out of the Warehouse
This 6 track EP races insanely through Jam popness, Pistols punkness, punk skaness and punk death metalness.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/232/ | 458 hits
Live Review: Kid Symphony + Sixty 6
A half full Fibbers sees local lads Sixty 6 take to the stage for their first ever gig. The youthful three piece burst into their opening number with a degree of confidence and if I'd not been told you wouldn't have thought it their first time on stage.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1285/ | 570 hits
Band Profile: Working With Kenzi
Working With Kenzi formed in 2004 in a moment of boredom-induced bedroom songwriting. Long-time friends Emily and Fliss, tired of writing parodies of songs they hated, set about writing a more serious tune.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7541/ | 427 hits
Live Review: Ash
After being introduced by Cold Feet star James Nesbitt (why?) the will they/won't they saga of the weekend is finally settled.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1013/ | 355 hits
Live Review: Shakinouts
If the last gig Shakinouts did can be classified as the end of an era with the departure of their bassist Ben Hope, this one can be the new beginning, introducing new member Rupert Stroud.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12805/ | 715 hits
Live Review: APB + Bosseye + Bonsai Kittens
Although sporting an impressive name, as soon as the Bonsai Kittens emerge onto the stage all hopes are lost.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2398/ | 792 hits
Interview: The Dharma
Victoria Holdsworth caught up with local band The Dharma when they headlined the Cockpit in Leeds
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10131/ | 889 hits
Live Review: Laughing Gravy
I am sure I am not the only person who has wondered what would have happened if Tom Waits had chosen to form a skiffle band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3621/ | 850 hits
Band Profile: As I Fall
George MacDonald Joe Stephenson Charlotte Snowden Jake Pollard As I Fall as it appears now was started just before Christmas 2009 by Guitarist/Vocalist George MacDonald, Guitarist Joe stephenson, Bassist Charlotte Snowden and Drummer Jake Pollard.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14104/ | 414 hits
Live Review: David Thomas Broughton
Anyone arriving at the venue tonight expecting to bask in the gentle, bucolic yet wistful folk of Broughton's Outbreeding album are in for a rude awakening as, when the singer appears it very quickly becomes apparent that as a performer he has more tics than a stray dog.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16070/ | 1,186 hits
CD Review: The Downfall - Transporter
It's been a long time since we last heard from The Downfall with their last CD 'Atrofeed' which got rave reviews from several sites, and I think they've just about managed to keep the tradition.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4332/ | 516 hits
Live Review: Hatch + Aeon
A Friday night running up to the New Year and a last minute decision, and a very kind offer of a lift from Steve Kind, sees me travelling out to Woodkirk Country Club, former home to Strychnine Lounge gigs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1150/ | 451 hits
Live Review: The Rub + Bone Box
The Cockpit is filled with lots of people all sporting the same haircut tonight. The anticipation is building for the debut of The Run featuring former Stone Roses drummer Alan "Reni" Wren.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/928/ | 1,484 hits
CD Review: Field Music - You're Not Supposed To
Like a pre-emptive strike, Field Music's new single has an accompanying list of things "you're not supposed to do" with the calculated inclusion of "release a cash-in b sides album".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6702/ | 356 hits
Live Review: sammyUSA + Desolation Angels + Herrod
It's cold, it's Friday night, it's the Royal Park Cellars and it's empty for Herrod's arrival on stage.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1043/ | 521 hits
Live Review: Zombina and the Skeletones + Eighty Six + All Its Worth
I would like to start by saying that I wasn't going to do a review for this gig when I went, but in the Bassment they have these new drinks called 'Vodka Mudshakes'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1314/ | 677 hits
Live Review: The Hair
You can take the band and the reviewer out of Yorkshire but you can't take the Yorkshire out... The Hair are an extremely tight outfit who have talent in abundance.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6003/ | 453 hits
Live Review: The Wonder Stuff
It's time for bleeding the money cow dry again, with The Wonder Stuff back in the game. There's the cheeky Miles Hunt, the rocker Malcolm Treece, quiet bassist Mark McCarthy, and drummer Andres Karu hidden behind excellent fiddle player Erica Nockalls, who has good posture and is probably classically trained.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7732/ | 686 hits
Live Review: Seismic Loveshift + Candid
After a day slogging round York, I thought some music was in order to round the night off. Having promised Seismic Loveshift I would try to see their full set this time (failed as usual - sorry!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1171/ | 384 hits
Live Review: The Hold Steady + i concur
A sound that is lacking in music today, i concur's dirty layer upon layer of guitar and vocals, plus the thumping rhythms carrying the tunes along with the tricky bass lines, sound so wrong but so tight at the same time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8658/ | 1,544 hits
Live Review: Duels + The Breech + Samsa + Nikoli + Behaviour
Five bands, three hundred words, no time for an introduction. Go. Tonight's Tea Time Shuffle was opened by current Bright Young Things, Behaviour.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3615/ | 832 hits
Live Review: Mr Shiraz + The Dead Pets + Mr Dogg + Malibu Stacey
MALIBU STACEY This is what I need. I've been at work all day, now I'm out with my ex- girlfriend having been stood up by all the people I was supposed to meet, and here are the first band of the night, the un-heard of Malibu Stacey.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1114/ | 945 hits
CD Review: The Outlines - s/t
This two tracker from The Outlines is a self-produced side step from the rock-pop formula adopted on previous releases.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2848/ | 481 hits
Live Review: The Movielife + Vendetta Red + Piebald
After queuing to get in behind a long line of mainly under 18's the Cockpit is pretty much full. By the time we get in, Piebald have kicked off their set and there are more than a few heads nodding in the audience.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1218/ | 369 hits
Live Review: Air Traffic
Putting Air Traffic as the second band on the line-up is extremely misleading. The implication given to the unsuspecting audience is that their performance will be equal to that of a slapdash support slot; anyone expecting this kind of set is about to be proved wrong in the most spectacular fashion.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8535/ | 475 hits
Live Review: Weeve + The 42 Tones
Continuing on with the now established 'Wednesday... Whatever' nights, we had a bit of a disappointing turn out in all honesty, maybe due to the fact that there were only two bands playing or that the opening band's mates had school the next day.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9837/ | 374 hits
Live Review: Orka + Hatch
Another heaving Saturday night down the Well saw some top local talent taking to the stage to show off their musical merits.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1169/ | 649 hits
Band Profile: The Yalla Yallas
The Yalla Yallas - A Punk Rock n Roll group from Leeds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9803/ | 980 hits
Live Review: 10,000 Things + The Cribs + The Blueskins + The Tennessee Traincrash
Time for the three kings to return to their kingdom, time for a superb local act to grab some of the glory and have some for themselves.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2327/ | 2,515 hits
CD Review: Dinosaur Jr - Beyond
Full kudos must go to Dinosaur Jr for upholding the noble and valiant art of the guitar solo; almost every track on new album "Beyond" features at least one example of smartly-executed fretboard frivolities.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8338/ | 529 hits
Live Review: Foo Fighters + Muse + Jon Spencer Blues Explosion + Ash + Sum 41 + The Hives + Less Than Jake + The D4 + The Libertines + The Pattern
The best days line up of the whole weekend brings about the problem in deciding which of the many top quality bands to see and which to miss.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9739/ | 473 hits
Interview: Aeon
Dave Sugden finds out why Aeon have a problem with drummers!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9853/ | 537 hits
Live Review: The Fratellis
The good news for fans of The Fratellis is that after five years away the Scottish three-piece (here augmented by a keyboardist) can still draw a sizeable crowd to the O2 Academy despite the fact that during their extended hiatus their brand of perky indie-pop has rather fallen out of fashion as shoegaze and nu-grunge have taken over.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18071/ | 572 hits
Live Review: Water Torture + Gets Worse + Satanic Malfunctions + Gunfinger
Temple of Boom is on a massively productive tip at the moment, extending the main gig room hugely into an incredible space, and now with this brand newly started second room which feels like it's still a work in progress but good enough for gigs anyway.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18643/ | 600 hits
CD Review: Disarm - By Any Means Necessary
What can I say about Disarm? This is a band of energetic musicians that makes a team Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud of.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9579/ | 832 hits
CD Review: We Start Fires - Caught Redhanded
Mathematics aside this is a valiant effort from this US grrrl-punk scene influenced quartet. Underneath the guitars and quirky 80s' keyboard effects of this album lies a fair dose of pop-punk fused with the daily trials and tribulations of your average young rock and roll girl.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3221/ | 746 hits
CD Review: Decoy - This Is Disco
Decoy proclaim 'This Is Disco', but sadly the title should perhaps be something more like 'This is a funky tea-dance'!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12/ | 372 hits
Live Review: Tonight Alive + The Summer Set + Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
It was a truly international gig when Tonight Alive hit Leeds on Friday. Hailing from Sydney Australia Tonight Alive returned to Leeds after opening the main stage at Leeds Fest this summer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18822/ | 795 hits
Live Review: The Sunshine Underground + Cosmo Jarvis + Club Smith
Supporting The Sunshine Underground, in Leeds, at the O2 Academy was always going to be a massive opportunity for any support band, especially considering the almost cult-like adored following that TSU have in Yorkshire.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12488/ | 751 hits
Live Review: Washed Out
Like most standing in a packed Brudenell Social Club on a Monday night we were drawn in by the dreamy sound of Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, the would-be librarian who has been signed to Sub Pop on the back of a couple of EPs and a debut album which has caught the chill-out wave at just the right time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15695/ | 757 hits
CD Review: Dive Dive - Good Show
There was a time, albeit brief, when I lived the Oxford music scene, kicked around venues such as Zodiac and claimed bands such as Dustball to be my fave.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3189/ | 892 hits
Live Review: The Fever + Scanners + O Fracas
First of all, I have to report that The Young Professionals are not playing tonight, because the singer has been on a sesh since last Thursday, so just 6 days.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4085/ | 820 hits
Band Profile: Juno
Juno are a highly dynamic punk rock band that play a variety of original songs and covers
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10707/ | 1,002 hits
Live Review: Silver Jews + Adrian Crowley
With a remarkable twenty-year history you might be surprised to learn the Silver Jews only began touring just three years ago.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9524/ | 629 hits
CD Review: Nex - s/t
It was some time around Christmas 2003 if I remember rightly. I was at a festive gig at the Royal Park Cellars to see Robochrist, Xi and the Sisters of Murphy.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7610/ | 654 hits
Live Review: Snail Racing + Tigers!
Having experienced the laid back styles of an ambient-art-jazz band with a preverbial nice as openers, we're jolted sharply into shape by TIGERS.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1250/ | 542 hits
Live Review: Amen + Ikara Colt
As Minus are about to finish their set at 7:40 I stroll into the venue... shit. Ikara Colt take to the stage in the form of a British Von Bondies with ladies at either side of lead singer Paul Resende.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2606/ | 652 hits
Live Review: The Rapture + The Prosaics + Black Wire
It's an early start tonight at the Cockpit, it is 7:30 and Black Wire are already strutting their stuff on stage at their local.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1125/ | 657 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Polymath
We caught up with Brighton math-rock three-piece, Polymath, ahead of their StrangeForms performance...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18346/ | 486 hits
Band Profile: The ABC Club
Zandra Klievens - Vocals Jordan Radcliffe - Guitar Jack Haigh - Bass James Burkitt - Drums David Barber - Guitar Formed in 2006 by Jordan Radcliffe, David Barber and Jack Haigh through a mutual love of The Strokes.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9653/ | 2,005 hits
Live Review: The Scandal + Seeing Hester + The Mexanines + Seth Elton
Approaching 8:20pm, the first band is due on at half past and the atmosphere couldn't be more relaxed.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17164/ | 552 hits
CD Review: Sandfly - Untitled
For the most part, this Lincolnshire based folk-rock outfit, offer pretty ordinary acoustic picking/strumming tunes of the brand that will be eternally popular in pubs whose name begins O' or round the campfires of crusty festivals.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/528/ | 442 hits
Live Review: Melt Banana + Khanate
Extreme. Noise. Terror. Three superb words and once put together, one racket mungously loud outfit, and arguably the forefathers of Melt Banana, who have taken ENT's blueprint and booted it into outer space with extra electro madness.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6046/ | 732 hits
Live Review: The Downfall + Diawara + OFM + Imodiom
Imodiom are a young, energetic, underskilled, 12-year-old pop punk/rock band. OFM are a fantastic, under promoted, slack drummered, great frontmanned, beautifully written, lo-fi grunge band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1067/ | 568 hits
Live Review: The Charlatans
Friends wag Chandler Bing once came up with a slogan for sneakers working as an intern for an advertising agency: 'Strictly not for adults'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14407/ | 1,176 hits
Live Review: Neil Cowley Trio + Joel Purnell Quartet + Steve Parry And The Big Band From Hell
The Leeds Jazz festival has become an easy way for the average music lover to be exposed to a whole host of talented Jazz musicians from across the UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9994/ | 807 hits
Live Review: ¡Forward, Russia! + This Et Al + Snow White
After hearing the amazing split 7" from these two Leeds bands I was positively salivating at the prospect of tonight's show.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3741/ | 1,757 hits
Live Review: Union Jackass + Local Heroes + That's Called Stealing
I'm sat at the Irish Centre, it's about 8.15pm, I'm lost. See, me being a complete tit I didn't think to check how to get to the Roscoe.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2457/ | 979 hits
CD Review: The Answering Machine - Animals
I was at The Answering Machine's third ever show. It was in a cafe in Rusholme, when they still had a drum machine called Mustafa Beat instead of a drummer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13683/ | 550 hits
Band Profile: Hayashi
'Hayashi will make you dance while breaking your heart, as the walls run with sweat.' (Sandman Magazine) Hayashi are a live band with a reputation for playing high energy sets influenced by drum and bass, jungle, breakbeat, hip-hop, electronica and dub-step. Jaw dropping drumming alongside big bass grooves with beautifully crafted keyboard and synth parts provide the foundation for spitfire lyrical front and melodious vocal hooks which combine to give Hayashi their particular sound. Hayashi have appeared at the Leeds Carling Festival and with Pendulum, Skream and Prime Cuts (Scratch Perverts).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3721/ | 1,140 hits
Band Profile: White Light Parade
Time to meet White Light Parade... singers/guitarists/songwriters the brothers grim; Danny & Jono Yates, bass player Tom Emmett & female drummer Nici Todd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6385/ | 2,353 hits
Live Review: The Blueskins + The Bazaars + The Ebb
The Ebb are about to reach make or break time. Ball-busting, tribally triumphant drums soundtrack the band's rock and Borrell swagger onstage, the supremely confident singer causally sauntering across the pit before thrashing himself into a Columbia sized riff.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2970/ | 1,080 hits
Live Review: Vae Solis + Action Directe + Beyond Redemption
So, metal night at the Royal Park, and the turnout looks quite good as the first band, BEYOND REDEMPTION, take the stage.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/923/ | 321 hits
Band Profile: Being 747
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1635/ | 3,522 hits
Band Profile: The Bacchae
NME- "A Dirty, skuzzy garage-rock band whose tracks sound like they were actually recorded in a shed in Detroit by Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 'Man' in particular makes us want to neck a bottle of JD, turn up the stereo and shake it like a Polaroid picture."
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9605/ | 1,220 hits
Live Review: We Are The Ocean
We Are The Ocean's Autumn club tour kicked off 3 days ago in Exeter and tonight brought the Essex four-piece to Leeds to show off some brand spanking new songs from their freshly released third album 'Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17008/ | 456 hits
Band Profile: Offramp
rock metal grunge
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3683/ | 1,125 hits
Band Profile: Fabulous 23s
Fabulous 23s (real name Joe Young) has been making music since 1988 using analogue synthesizers drum machines 8bit and 16bit computers and samplers.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10110/ | 517 hits
Live Review: Cosmo Jarvis
Half way through tonight's Cosmo Jarvis gig in the aircraft hangar-like environs of the Cockpit 3 comes a shout from the crowd for Gay Pirates, the Devon-based singer-songwriter's most well known composition.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17384/ | 377 hits
Live Review: Hot Club De Paris
The background listening I did for Hot Club De Paris, just in case I saw them, consisted of 'Shipwreck'; a jumbled scouse mess.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8506/ | 594 hits
Live Review: The Red Pills + Arizona Bay + The Asa Hawks + Alaska
Another Friday night at the Library pub and the 360 Club is back on brilliant form. First band of the evening Alaska are greeted by a packed out room and the three piece rock band don't waste any time impressing them.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14453/ | 1,728 hits
Live Review: Two Gallants + Blitzen Trapper
Excitement is the word that probably best encapsulates the ambience this evening. Legitimately so, as through the room whispers of Two Gallants' frankly astounding show this time last year at Joe's Well are passed around eagerly.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8982/ | 559 hits
Live Review: The Phoenix Fall + Bright Sons + Robbie Redway + Tom Bradley
The Phoenix Fall have been gathering momentum in the Leeds music scene for some time now and tonight's sold out event is the climax of their latest efforts on new single: 'Tearing Me Apart' which is available through all the usual suspects: iTunes, Amazon and 7digital.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11490/ | 707 hits
Live Review: CryBabyCry
Jonny Firth has been in a number of bands over the last few years but with his new-ish band CryBabyCry he may have hit the jackpot.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19057/ | 799 hits
Live Review: Porcelin + Trash Heap Heroes + Esclavage + Misled Vision + Stroodle
I was really surprised when I turned up early to see the place packed! I've been to the Valley a few times before and have not seen it like this for ages...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/780/ | 559 hits
Live Review: Hawk Eyes + Turbowolf + The James Cleaver Quintet
[This review has been reproduced with permission from penguinorchestra] Last time I was in the Cockpit, I got extremely drunk and was a bit of an arse to Metronomy.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15730/ | 833 hits
Live Review: Escort Knights + Artibella + Rich Legate
This is going to be the last of the 2009 360 Club events before it goes into a festive hibernation period, and returns in the New Year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11570/ | 777 hits
Live Review: Midtown + Consumed + Lucky 13 + Mercy Suite + Appease
The 'Well' quickly filled up with sweat, a good turn out. Pat on the back for everyone that turned up, especially the few sporting spiked Mohican's.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/752/ | 297 hits
Live Review: The Dykeenies + Figure 5
This was the last night of The Dykeenies' latest tour, and by the time Figure 5 took the stage the big room in the Cockpit was already filling up in anticipation.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9418/ | 1,503 hits
Live Review: The Creeks + Scams + Cut Out Shapes + Geek
First up tonight is Geek, a title that should not be regarded ironically, and what a promising opener this is.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16334/ | 668 hits
Interview: The Bonnitts
Victoria Holdsworth catches up with Hull band The Bonnitts before they go on stage at Beach 2006 in Scarborough
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7268/ | 708 hits
Live Review: M83 + Maps
Still riding the wave of last year's incredible album 'Saturdays = Youth' and fresh from recent tour support slots with Kings Of Leon and Depeche Mode, French shoegazers M83 have enjoyed a steady rise to indie stardom since the release of their self-titled debut record some eight years ago.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10937/ | 681 hits
Live Review: Saving Lenny + Polarized + The Lake Resistance
How could any one miss this gig?!! No, I'm not talking about the fact that this gig is free. I'm not even saying how could anyone miss one of the best young acts in Leeds in Saving Lenny.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1327/ | 500 hits
Live Review: Aghast + Tintagel + Psython + Rectal Implosion + Cryptic Shift
Aghast, Tintagel, Psython, Rectal Implosion, Cryptic Shift Leeds, Fox and Newt October 6th 2014 It's been a long time since Aghast played in Leeds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18773/ | 810 hits
CD Review: Kasiuss - Untitled
After watching the promotional clip, and certainly after listening to this five track EP from Harrogate band Kasiuss, one cannot help but wonder how they manage to musically multi-task to produce a complete sound with only two band members.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10558/ | 806 hits
Live Review: Ooberman + Beautiful Feet
Cleverly deciding I was going to go to this at the last minute, I made it to the Roscoe just in time to find Beautiful Feet sitting down with their drinks and having a few pats on the back.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1215/ | 361 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Innoncence
For as grandiose as their biog describes them, employing such everyday phrases as "dramatic melodic edge", "distinctive atmospheric sound" and those favourite biog-bites "inspiration" and "soaring", The Xenith Sound are a rock band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/218/ | 474 hits
Live Review: The Datsuns + The Cribs
The Cribs take the stage to Somewhere In My Heart by sensitive Eighties tunesmiths Aztec Camera, but this soon turns out to be a red herring from a band who clearly want to be identified with a more en vogue music trend.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1038/ | 942 hits
Live Review: Cud + Miles Hunt
The poster on the door has an ominous message - "last gig for at least 9 months" - dare we expect then a classic Cud set, with all the drama, trimmings and japery?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7307/ | 679 hits
Live Review: Maps + Ulrich Schnauss
I had high hopes for this one, their Mercury award nominated  'We Can Create' has been getting daily spins at Casa Stevish all through our so called summer and hasn't faded.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8934/ | 763 hits
CD Review: Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage
As soon as this DVD begins you know it is going to be a special treat. I had no prior knowledge of Rush, although I have seen them once before and it's the memory of seeing the legend of Neil Peart play that monster of a 360 degree drum kit that made me interested in watching this feature length documentary.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13137/ | 622 hits
Live Review: Ikara Colt + The Parkinsons + The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Quick, someone call Tony Blair. If Saddam Hussein gets his paws on this lot we're all shafted!!!! Forget exocet missiles and hydra bombs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/774/ | 441 hits
Band Profile: Bearfoot Beware
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11304/ | 1,962 hits
Live Review: Valleys + L-Mo + The Talk
Back from its summer holidays, the 360 Club is in full swing tonight, albeit with a modified bill due to some last minute events.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11243/ | 537 hits
Live Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. + Walter Schreifels
Walter Schreifels (ex- Quicksand and Rival Schools) is up with his acoustic guitar. A charming New Yorker, now residing in Berlin, he has many songs revolving around bicycles that mend themselves, friends ('Distressed Friends'), people he meets and things he eats.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7901/ | 595 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + Thomas Truax + Fonda 500 + Yellow Stripe Nine
Harsh reviewers could accuse Yellow Stripe Nine on past form of being little more than Franz Ferdinand copyists.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3894/ | 884 hits
Band Profile: Nil Carborundum
Brutal misanthropic & anarchistic death/black-metal
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8126/ | 736 hits
Band Profile: Idiot Box
Idiot Box are a quirky power pop/rock band based in Bradford, UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1752/ | 1,436 hits
Live Review: That Fucking Tank
That Fucking Tank, confounding expectations as usual, are here on the BBC Introducing Stage like basking sharks in a paddling pool.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9967/ | 779 hits
Live Review: Parva + Mohair + Ryder + Mojo Pin
I don't know what it is about Joseph's Well, but even after numerous visits, I still can never remember how to get there.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1101/ | 843 hits
Live Review: The Charlatans
A little bit of magic happened on Thursday night. That enchantment was provided by two of the greatest indie giants the UK has seen over the past two decades.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13649/ | 756 hits
Live Review: Bridewell Taxis
The second coming of Bridewell Taxis was given the official seal of approval by fans after a barnstorming set at Pudsey's Bien Venue.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6121/ | 1,050 hits
News Article: Archetypal's new EP "Emanations" is available now to stream
Brimming with electronic occult conjurations and zodiacal turn of phase, Archetypal's second creation is nothing short of magical in its ritualistic construction.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17742/ | 280 hits
Live Review: Damien Rice
Damien Rice is already on stage as I enter the hall and I later discover I have missed support act Carrie Tree.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1305/ | 803 hits
Live Review: Brazil + Phluid + Monkey
Interpol had to drop out due to pressing engagement catching criminals in Paris airports (actually they were doing a Peel session if I heard rightly).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/911/ | 341 hits
Band Profile: Stricken
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2019/ | 650 hits
CD Review: Rebel Yell - Live
From the first notes of 'My Primrose' it's easy to hear that Rebel Yell are a highly talented band. And to top that they are from Leeds, as the first track sounds like it's about a little known pub down Meanwood way...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10934/ | 588 hits
Live Review: Soulwax + Brassy
Entering the Cockpit the first thing that hits you is the heat, the second is the fact that Brassy are already on stage.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1128/ | 416 hits
CD Review: Juliette & The Licks - Four on the Floor
Who can be expected to empathise with Miss Juliette Lewis other than her equally hard done to peers? It must be a real bitch knowing that celebrity A is worth X many more millions than you and queen bitch B got that movie role you wanted.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7363/ | 1,632 hits
CD Review: The Dresden Dolls - Yes Virgina
The duo of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione return for their second album, still wearing their cynicism-tinted spectacles and still with wit, melody and taboo in tow.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6697/ | 349 hits
Live Review: Happy Daggers + Phonetics + Deadwall
My first musical excursion of the New Year found me at Leeds' own little hidden gem, Baby Jupiter. A wonderful little bar nestled underneath Wellington Street, no bigger than a northern line carriage but with considerably more visible signs of life.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16027/ | 2,469 hits
Live Review: All Its Worth + Kilter + Negative Opinionz
Well, well, well (ignore the early bad pun) this is the first time that I have ever been specifically asked to do a review, so maybe I am doing something right, and what better place to do my review than at Joseph's Well?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2888/ | 668 hits
CD Review: Crack In The Sun - Jim'll Fax It EP
Firstly I will say I am not a huge fan of new punk bands but somehow after seeing these guys live in some place in Northwich the other night the energy and humour onstage from these Mansfield lads compelled me to grab a hold of one of their free CDs which humorously had several cut-outs of Jim Bowen (one complete with a doll of Bully!) on the cover along with...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3749/ | 581 hits
Live Review: Middleman
Middleman have become one of a very few bands who I have seen three times at Leeds Festival. Lee Smith, their irrepressible bass player, is probably unique in being someone I have seen four times on stage at Bramham Park.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11176/ | 861 hits
Live Review: Brutal Tinkerbell + Erin's Third Incident + Future Sons of Rome
If ever there was a lesson for new bands to learn then Future Sons Of Rome are it. 1) Your singer should never wear sunglasses unless you are playing on the main stage of a festival or have sold out a well lit arena.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1229/ | 804 hits
Live Review: The Wave Pictures
"There's a lot of you here tonight but we feel like we're playing to no one at all," remarks The Wave Pictures singer and guitarist David Tattersall somewhat wistfully, motioning to the empty space in front of the stage.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10696/ | 630 hits
Live Review: Wrinkle
Having never seen or heard of Wrinkle until a friend told me I should go - I had no idea what to expect.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/844/ | 396 hits
CD Review: Sketches - Slow Start
I've been getting to grips with Leeds indie-rockers Sketches latest single, but first I have to quickly slag off U2, for reasons which will then become clear.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11063/ | 837 hits
Interview: The Concetines
After a year and a half of being a young indie boy band from Leeds, I finally got the chance to have a chat with the boys from The Concetines. And needless to say, the interview was full of banter and sarcasm from each one of them. The band has recently begun to grow more and more successful grabbing an opportunity to share their wonderful music with the audience at Live at Leeds 2013 this summer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17516/ | 515 hits
Interview: Blacklisters
Jonny Mawson caught up with Billy and Owen from Blacklisters at the Leeds Festival Press Day 2011.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15108/ | 986 hits
Live Review: Cud
So Cud are back, or are they? On the strength of this evening's performance they are, well at least for now.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16729/ | 1,007 hits
Live Review: Fanfarlo + Race Horses + Heart Ships
What has happened to Fanfarlo? Three years ago they produced one of the best debut albums in years, Reservoir, which caught the indie-folk mood at just the right time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16212/ | 591 hits
Live Review: Aces & Eights + The Voltaires + Honeycomb Love
Aces & Eights are one of the only recent bands who have not come directly from MySpace. Rather than relying on the support of their, admittedly, over 1000 "Friends" they've worked their way up through the grimy Leeds pubs to arrive, not quite signed and slightly tainted, at the Cockpit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9580/ | 1,054 hits
Live Review: Infadels + ¡Forward, Russia! + Electric Eel Shock + The Rifles + Keith + Smother
For the uninitiated in things Nasty, Nasty Fest is the coolest, most fashionable festival in Leeds. This is the land of the true fashionista, where colossal hair for the boys; plunging neck lines for the girls and the most god damn cool clothing available to mankind are compulsory!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4128/ | 1,790 hits
Band Profile: St Vincent
Annie Clark is an American multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who performs under the moniker St.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10968/ | 318 hits
Band Profile: Western Suburbs
Western Suburbs are Joss Worthington - Vocals, Guitar, Keys Marc Ransley - Guitar, Pedal Steel Michael Lawless - Bass, Vocals Katie James - Drums Western Suburbs take their inspiration from songwriters and groups such as Smog, Bonnie Prince Billy, Wilco, Pavement, Mercury Rev and Red House Painters etc.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4008/ | 1,742 hits
Live Review: Sposh + Maria Leahy + Last Night's TV + Davina + Danny Carr
I enjoy acoustic music and being able to sit at tables is great (ok I admit it - I'm old... I like to sit down sometimes) I knew Danny Carr was playing, but wasn't sure what else was on.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1172/ | 774 hits
Live Review: Gay Dad
Despite all the bad press, Gay Dad still have the songs you can spin your gran round to. So, it was somewhat surprising to see the size of the crowd that had made the uphill trip to the Carling stage from the main arena.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1191/ | 508 hits
Live Review: 1990s
Article criteria suggests the writer be completely neutral to the topic of their article. When Jackie, Michael and Jamie, components of the 1990s, took to the 'O2 Blueroom' stage on Saturday 16th June 2007 to tune their own instruments; my neutrality died.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8688/ | 272 hits
Live Review: Seth Lakeman
The old days when folk was seen as only for the "crusties" are gone. Thanks to troubadours like Willy Mason, Frank Turner and Get Cape,Wear Cape, Fly, folk is now in the lug holes of many young as well as old people.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8888/ | 1,038 hits
Live Review: Sparklehorse + Gemma Hayes
In the dereliction of Leeds' nineteenth century railway arches Mark Linkous coaxes sublime and fragile music from a tangled mass of leads and electrojunk from the twentieth.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/722/ | 775 hits
Interview: Beat Route 62
Dave Sugden gets five minutes with Beat Route 62 in the Cockpit dressing room
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9855/ | 626 hits
Live Review: The Terminals + Jack Afro + The Absolute Zeroes
Mother always said, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all". With that in mind perhaps I should just progress directly to talking about Jack Afro.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4311/ | 1,401 hits
Live Review: Talons + Blacklisters + Jazz Hands
I was excited for this gig after listening to 'New Topographics', the latest from Talons, a number of times recently.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18727/ | 711 hits
Live Review: Fightstar + The Humour
Standing around the Cockpit, waiting for my interview slot, I got chatting with the drummer from The Humour, who were getting ready to soundcheck.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8932/ | 930 hits
Band Profile: Mr Pasty
THE STORY SO FAR ... Mr Pasty. He is neither a person nor a bakery product consisting of peas, meats, vegetables and sometimes with cheese.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10960/ | 372 hits
Live Review: Motion + The Bilderberg Group + Saving Lenny
SAVING LENNY The first impression I got of this band was the noise. Two guitars can often be noisy and in this instance that was the case.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1113/ | 486 hits
CD Review: Ethan Daniel Davidson - Free the Ethan Daniel Davidson Five
A chance encounter with a couple of drunken Americans leads to me receiving a few albums from Detroit's Times Beach Records for review.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3466/ | 848 hits
Live Review: Milf
I ventured out to see Milf after a recommendation from a friend (who is however slightly biased, being the bassist's girlfriend!).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/676/ | 680 hits
Interview: Brody
Andy Roberts talks to Brody ahead of their end of year festivities at the Royal Park...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1615/ | 514 hits
News Article: Coast review
"Third time we've seen COAST now and they ROCK!! • Great vocal harmonies, • Great musicians, • Good fun on stage, • Massive repertoire of old/modern, pop/rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13936/ | 330 hits
Band Profile: Further From The Truth
Further From The Truth are a super-charged, female fronted heavy rock band from West Yorkshire, UK, formed in 2008.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12836/ | 840 hits
Live Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. + Keith
I completely missed Dartz; slack I know. I did get stopped at the door though, where I was stood queuing with non other that Get Cape.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7450/ | 863 hits
Live Review: Zelig + On Porter + Maggie8 + R. Tetley + Maia
It's midweek and outside is an Arctic wasteland, let's go out! I got my woolly hat and crampons on. Filled the St Bernard with brandy and my pockets with dried fruit, switched off all my appliances at the plug (my kettle being switched off might stop it from getting colder outside, possibly, it's science) and set off like an explorer, an explorer looking to discover new musical landscapes, new Kings and Queens and peoples and customs.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10236/ | 661 hits
Live Review: Saving Lenny + Three 33 + The Fuss + Erin's Third Incident
The first band to take to the stage tonight are the local three-piece punk-rock outfit Erin's Third Incident.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1093/ | 498 hits
Live Review: And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
Now almost two years since its release, though not dated a single day, "Mistakes & Regrets" is greeted with the loudest roar of the night before even a word is sung as the unmistakable slow melody line builds up into a blast of intense raw energy, a Stateside version of The Cooper Temple Clause's "Panzer Attack" for want of a comparison.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/793/ | 503 hits
Live Review: Feeds + St. Somebody + City Dukes + YOUNG
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the local music scene, you can't get much better than 360 Club at the Library in Hyde Park.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18521/ | 764 hits
CD Review: The Search Map - Tiny Victories EP
Hearing genuinely talented musicians for the first time is something that I experience very rarely. The Tiny Victories EP by The Search Map gave me one such experience.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8245/ | 396 hits
Live Review: PINS + Post War Glamour Girls
Well, this is getting repetitive. It seems most of my reviews on here revolve in some way round those pesky Post War Glamour Girls.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18000/ | 550 hits
Live Review: Ols Moore And The Gypsy Dogs + Ajanta + This Many Boyfriends + Danny and the Lost Souls
Danny and the Lost Souls pull a big crowd early on with their charming brand of funk, soul and rock'n'roll.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14280/ | 696 hits
CD Review: Saving Lenny - Easy Way Out
Ska Punk is one of those phrases that fails to describe the music of Saving Lenny. They have primitive songs (punk-ish) and occasional spurts of up-beat horns (sort of ska-ish nearly).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/250/ | 591 hits
Interview: Father
Justin Myers caught up with Croatian metal band Father when they visited the Fenton in Leeds
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8239/ | 934 hits
Live Review: The Who + Super Furry Animals + The Flaming Lips + Robyn Hitchcock + The Zutons + Bob Mould + Eels
We are ferried at high speed towards said venue by Geldard's Coaches, allowing us time to fuel up on Heineken.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6971/ | 1,209 hits
Live Review: Fujiya & Miyagi + Mirrors + Plank!
First onto the Brudenell's stage are Plank! from Manchester, a 3-piece consisting of a drummer, a multitasking guitar and keyboardist and a bassist.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14391/ | 692 hits
CD Review: Nursery - 8PM
I've only ever seen Nursery once, on that occasion they were opening up for Icelandic outfit Bellatrix over in Bradford, but from all accounts I remember it being quite a memorable set.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/191/ | 580 hits
Live Review: Chapter Thirteen + Itch + Riot Star + Bill Posters
The kids are where it's at, man. Every teenage band I've seen at the Well have got all their mates from school down and all of them get the hallowed moshpits.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1170/ | 455 hits
Live Review: Iodo
It's a familiar story. All too familiar for my liking: young band comes all the way to Leeds from afar (Lincoln in this case) with the promise of a headline slot at a decent venue.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4163/ | 539 hits
Interview: Kram
Leeds band Kram release their new double A-side single through GrooveStealer Records on Monday 12th March. Rachel Wilson caught up with the band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7929/ | 1,807 hits
Live Review: Sweep The Leg Johnny + The Propagumbhies + Bilge Pump
I was really looking forward to this gig - I'd experienced 'Sweep' live before when we played an all-dayer with them in Wigan, so I knew the treat that was in store.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/931/ | 447 hits
Live Review: The Machines Will Take Over + Storytellers + Samskara + Kate Is Cool
First impressions of Featherstone's The Railway? Normal pub... ominous looking equipment lying around...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2565/ | 972 hits
Band Profile: The Cubes
rock pop
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2513/ | 1,266 hits
Live Review: The Tonic + The Agents + Booth 13
Well this was my first time to the new live venue on the Leeds circuit that is The Kirkstall Lites, and boy was I impressed after the night was over!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1338/ | 637 hits
CD Review: Dialog - Far Too Long EP
For a while now I've been searching for something fresh and new to add to my heavier collection, but at the same time something that still clings to the roots of the legendary bands that I grew up with - thank god for Dialog.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7717/ | 408 hits
Live Review: Zane + Visa + Divided by Zero
Well, despite spending an hour and ten minutes waiting for a bus that didn't turn up and a taxi that didn't turn up either, I eventually made it to the rocket in time to catch most of Divided by Zero's set.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1141/ | 374 hits
Interview: Charly Six
Proper Charlies: Andy Roberts catches up with Charly Six prior to their Royal Park gig...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1626/ | 412 hits
Live Review: Arch Enemy + Stampin' Ground
Formed from the ashes of seminal 90s metallers Carcass, Arch Enemy typify the ferocious intensity that is death metal.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2462/ | 539 hits
Live Review: Vendettas
There must be something in the Leeds' water at the moment. During the nineties Mark Lamarr carried the torch for fifties/early sixties nostalgia but now it seems the mantle has been passed on to the northern indie scene in the form of The Carnabells and tonight's support for The Family Rain, Vendettas.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18524/ | 696 hits
Live Review: Killing Joke + Lowrider
For a Sunday night in the Met, it's all gone a bit weird. Tonight is the opening night of the Met's new Drum n Bass weekly session.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1299/ | 555 hits
Live Review: It Takes Bridges + Bad Beat Revue + The Acutes
Is this night at the Mixing Tin proof that the traditional guitar / bass / drums / vocals band set up is dying out and becoming tired?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3519/ | 1,351 hits
Live Review: I Was A Cub Scout + Rochelle + U R Penetrators + Mother Vulpine
Do you ever find yourself boasting to chums about the time you saw some bloated stadium-fillers back in the day when they were bottom of the bill at Joseph's Well?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8195/ | 505 hits
Feature: StrangeForms Interview - Monsters Build Mean Robots
Pete from Brighton-based post-rock/shoegaze act Monsters Build Mean Robots chewed some StrangeForms Festival fat with us...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18360/ | 491 hits
Live Review: The Chapman Family + The Chiara L's
A small crowd have assembled in the plush surroundings of the Hifi club to see what this month's New Slang has to offer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9235/ | 591 hits
Interview: Sky Larkin
One EP and one gig sums up Sky Larkin's musical contribution to planet Earth so far, yet for a band so young, there's a lot of promise locked away in the three piece as Gavin Miller explains...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4254/ | 3,756 hits
Live Review: Beth Jeans Houghton
'Sonic theatre' is a term coined by bassist Rory Gibson to describe the music of Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny and you can see where he's coming from.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16213/ | 820 hits
CD Review: Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Currently treading the boards Stateside in support of this, their fourth full-length album, Killswitch Engage are slowly but surely taking over the world.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7663/ | 1,054 hits
Live Review: Pray For Hayden + Esper Scout + Gentle Breeze + The Laurels
The Laurels are an indie rock band with a very 1960's sensibility, think The Rolling Stones meets The Libertines and they provide an accomplished start to the evening.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14418/ | 715 hits
CD Review: Shallowend - Shining Brighter / Tigers
Back in May last year I reviewed Shallowend's first release "The Waterfall" EP and at the time made the point about the difficulty I faced in being objective in reviewing a band where I new one of the members quite well.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/70/ | 367 hits
Live Review: Atholl Ransome
The cognoscenti gathered in the music room of the Grove as light slowly faded across a daylong sky of flawless blue.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3815/ | 956 hits
CD Review: Lux Lisbon - Bullingdon Club
Before we begin, a confession: I am a Labour Party member. There I've said it. And it's probably not that shocking - it's hardly akin to a passion for toe sucking, or some other strange habit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19038/ | 735 hits
Live Review: Nine Black Alps + Giant Drag
The first band Giant Drag arrived on stage at around 8.30pm. The crowd were full of energy, evidently as 15 minutes beforehand they had been chanting away, clapping for the show to start and at one point actually stroking the security guards (they loved it and they know it).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4345/ | 680 hits
Live Review: The Ataris + Last Days Of April + Neils Children
As an avid The Ataris fan, I'd been waiting a long time in anticipation of seeing the band once again.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8383/ | 632 hits
Live Review: Ghosts in the Nightclub + Bearfoot Beware + The Talk + Daljit Dhaliwal
A new branch for the 360 Club tonight, as the four act unsigned bill is moved over to the Library for a Friday band session, and I was intrigued to see how this would work out.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11361/ | 1,202 hits
Live Review: Hit The Lights + Bayside + Oh No Not Stereo
I arrive at the Cockpit on what is quite a cold Saturday night to find an ample sized crowd waiting to be let into the venue and out of the cold.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10344/ | 513 hits
Live Review: The Dizzy Club
I am from the small village of Boston Spa on the outskirts of north Leeds but until tonight I have never checked out the local jazz club, which bears world acclaim and attracts the big names on the Yorkshire jazz circuit, as well as visiting artist from the USA.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9233/ | 793 hits
Live Review: Hot Snakes + The Sex Maniacs + That Fucking Tank
A popular place with the alternative crowd, the Bassment was an impressive half full as That Fucking Tank took the stage at 8 o'clock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3216/ | 1,545 hits
CD Review: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Ok, so enough of this Libertines nonsense. The good ship Arcadia is well and truly sunk and there are new boys in town.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4321/ | 1,706 hits
Live Review: Sons Of Cream
For those of you out there reading this, who grew up listening to your parents' record collection, depending on their musical persuasions, then you may have come across the elders of this band.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17608/ | 598 hits
Live Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen + Drenge + To Kill A King + Dan Croll + Modo Stare
Seven strong, Modo Stare, fill up the BBC Introducing stage with a few familiar faces, and they have a quite a gathering for the time of day.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17886/ | 505 hits
Live Review: Tsunami Bomb + Hopesfall + My Awesome Compilation
"Let's rock 'til we drop" says My Awesome Compilation frontman Chris Driver to kick off tonight's proceedings, the 18th leg of this European Atticus tour, featuring the Leicester four piece as well as Americans Hopesfall and Tsunami Bomb...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3892/ | 691 hits
CD Review: The Grates - 19-20-20
The Grates are a difficult band for a young man such as myself to review. Having seen them live I am aware of something which cannot fail to cloud my judgement of their latest record.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6947/ | 642 hits
Live Review: Glass Caves
With the vast majority of the audience soaking up the dregs of a balmy summer evening in the beer garden at the Brudenell Social Club, London based support act Judas pretty much played to an empty floor.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19205/ | 676 hits
Live Review: Experimental Audio Research + Quack Quack + Random Number + Elizabeth
After 6 hours of a mix of all sorts of music at the Woodhouse Liberal Club, a benefit gig for Love Music, Hate Racism, it's time for the next gig just down the road from where I used to live.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6604/ | 998 hits
Live Review: Ghosts in the Nightclub + The Troubadors + Silverlode + Frankie Eisenhower
I missed Miranda Arieh tonight and I have no excuse for it, sorry. But I stumbled in eventually and had the pleasure of seeing Frankie Eisenhower.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10138/ | 724 hits
Live Review: Food Fighterz + Hot Red Chili Peppers + This Is Nirvana
Legends of Rock hits Wakefield tonight with 3 of the biggest names in the nineties onwards alternative scene; the grungey Nirvana, the funky Red Hot Chili Peppers and the rocking Foo Fighters.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18229/ | 549 hits
Live Review: Catylyst + Esclavage + Fifth Goodbye
WOODKIRK VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB is turning into one of the most popular venues in Leeds with a mix of local, novice, signed and professional bands playing week in week out.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1116/ | 739 hits
CD Review: i concur - Able Archer
In many ways, I Concur have been ready to release this album for quite some time. A large proportion of the songs on 'Able Archer' have been happily settled in their repertoire and have nestled together within an increasingly assured and engaging live show.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11352/ | 942 hits
Live Review: Wonderswan + Cissy + Trapdoor Minotaur
The first-floor room at Milo's is, under normal circumstances, easily missed. You may have passed it en route to the facilities, but normally you'd be loafing around downstairs thinking that the (admittedly consistent) bar soundtrack was about as much aural stimulus as you'd require for an evening's drinking-cum-socializing.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10155/ | 681 hits
CD Review: The Sugars - The Curse Of The Sugars
The Sugars appear to have been purveying their darkly sweet brand of rock 'n' roll to us lucky Leodensians for some time now, but this semi-eponymous long player is their debut full-length offering.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9788/ | 584 hits
Live Review: Eels
Student feeding-ground by day, 'The Refectory' at Leeds University Union may not seem like the obvious location for a night of top musical entertainment, but I was certainly impressed by the sound and light show at the excellent Placebo gig here this time last year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/721/ | 430 hits
Band Profile: DC66
Pete Higginson - Vocals and Lead Guitar Leigh Green - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals Kim Hudson - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Liam Allen - Drums and Harmonies DC66 started life as Harvey Dent in 2004 but, re-launched themselves in 2009 with a new drummer, a rhythm guitarist, and a new name.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10943/ | 898 hits
Live Review: The Rakes + The Paddingtons + Five O'Clock Heroes
Up first tonight are US based band Five O'Clock Heroes. Perfecting cheerful pop sensibility alongside dirty rock they possess a fiery sound, with each beat of the drum, each bouncy bass line and vocal melody perfectly executed to produce a catchy rock sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3333/ | 1,041 hits
Band Profile: Ultraxine
Powerpoppunkrock for the masses
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9428/ | 543 hits
Live Review: Duke Special + David Ford + Alec Townsend
Last time I saw Duke Special was in Leeds at Joseph's Well about a year ago when his gramophone refused to work and his piano packed in leaving him to do a cover of "You are my Sunshine" while banging two cymbals together.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3981/ | 718 hits
Interview: The Boxer Rebellion
Leeds Music Scene talk to Piers from The Boxer Rebellion on the eve of their appearance in Leeds
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11277/ | 940 hits
Live Review: 65 Days Of Static + That Fucking Tank + ¡Forward, Russia! + Eiger + Pixel! Pixel! Pixel! + Falconetti + Bracing Ed + Blind Jackson
Aaah the all dayer. The closest thing you get to a mini festival, and with a rather interesting 8 band bill scheduled for the Tasty Fanzine event, the Brudenell Social Club seems to be slowly buzzing with prospect for the bands to come.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3540/ | 2,784 hits
Live Review: Wire + PINS
First up, PINS (uppercase) is an all-girl five piece - and yes, I'm aware I wouldn't describe Wire as an "all-male four piece" but this band's gender does make a difference.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19089/ | 624 hits
Live Review: Big Audio Dynamite
I am a fan of The Clash. I am a fan of Dreadzone. I understand the legendary status of DJ Don Letts. Therefore who was I to turn down a trip to see B.A.D.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14554/ | 722 hits
Band Profile: TesseracT
TesseracT is a progressive metal band from Reading, UK, that uses math metal, djent, ambient and technical metal elements in their music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19365/ | 150 hits
Live Review: Lightning Bolt + a.P.A.t.T. + Action Beat + Chops
With the world's loudest band, underground noise legends Lightning Bolt, playing to a sold out Brudenell, the stage, or the floor, was set for a night no-one there would forget.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11568/ | 1,375 hits
Live Review: Drowning Pool + Torna-K
Review featured with permission from www.whisperinandhollerin.com Upon walking through the front doors, the first thing you notice tonight is just how young looking 90% of the 300 strong crowd is inside the aircraft hanger like Cockpit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/809/ | 533 hits
Band Profile: The Hollow Men
Leeds indie band who released four albums between 1985 and 1991.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19552/ | 216 hits
Live Review: Japanaro + Diverse + Chevron + Stealthman
A forte of young bands tonight graced the Well on Friday night. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there was one performer tonight that was older than 20 and many were under 18.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/687/ | 442 hits
Live Review: Willy Mason + Elvis Perkins
Elvis Perkins and backing band Dearland are the perfect band to get people in the mood for some folk.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8428/ | 903 hits
Interview: Blackbud
With their "Heartbeat EP" out now, Nicholas Sell caught up with Wiltshire three piece Blackbud prior to their Club NME gig in Leeds
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6026/ | 1,030 hits
Live Review: Erin's Third Incident + Plutonium + Eukanuba
Eukanuba (I think that's what they're called) look like your dad playing rock music, squeezed into tight leather trousers (disappointingly I already used the World of Leather comparison in a previous review, but it applies here, too) with too much hair in some cases, and not enough in others, and being festively plump from the seasons celebrations.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1072/ | 351 hits
Live Review: The Blackout + Lost Alone + Rat Attack
The Blackout playing in Wakefield, at the town's venue Warehouse 23, is the best news of 2014, and the year hasn't even kicked off yet!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18223/ | 468 hits
Live Review: The Scaramanga Six + Galitza + Farming Incident + Being 747
Review featured with permission from www.whisperinandhollerin.com Wrath Records are a new label in Leeds, based around 4 bands who have a lot in common.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/798/ | 573 hits
Live Review: Being 747 + The Container Drivers + Jail
First up are an intriguing prospect called Jail. This band features a front man armed with a yellow fluorescent tube (lit up, of course), wandering around the stage and the crowd and it's not really obvious if he knows what he's doing or not.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3510/ | 1,157 hits
CD Review: The Subways - Oh Yeah
'Oh Yeah' represents everything that is thrilling about The Subways; their beauty, youth and passion all rolled into just under three minutes of loud, racy punk rock.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3700/ | 1,985 hits
CD Review: Clarkesville - The Last Chapter
A drop of rain was the final ingredient for propelling Travis into the major league of the UK's recording artists.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/599/ | 384 hits
Live Review: Dartz! + Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames + Hot Club De Paris
Ah, the mighty Dance To The Radio night strikes again. Never a month goes past without another three bands more than worthy of headlining a show all by themselves being wheeled out and cast asunder to a crowd that in the most part aren't overly familiar with the talent on show but are more than willing to co-operate (or at least pensively listen) to what DTTR has to offer.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6567/ | 1,459 hits
Live Review: Against Me! + Pylon + The Leif Ericsson + Dugong + Indicator
As ever I'm late, it looks like I've already missed 2 bands and I've already missed the first song from Indicator.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/2726/ | 1,649 hits
Interview: Funeral for a Friend
LMS writer Daniel Powell spoke to Funeral for a Friend before their show at Leeds Met in December 2008
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10267/ | 1,015 hits
Interview: Dead Disco
Dead Disco release their debut single on Monday and are coming to the end of their current UK tour. Mark Shahid caught up with the girls (and boy) on their travels...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6551/ | 2,787 hits
Live Review: Example + Wretch 32 + Sway + Mz Bratt + Nina Nesbitt
On the 5th of May, Example performed at his final scheduled date on his UK tour at a packed Millennium Square in the centre of Leeds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16564/ | 666 hits
CD Review: Uprights - Wall Ball
'Wall Ball' by Leeds' Uprights, is one of those albums where the vocals play second fiddle to all the strange noises the band are able to twist out of a guitar.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11204/ | 455 hits
CD Review: White Miles - The Duel
White Miles have been through a lot in the last 5 months. They've toured with Blues Pills, done their first gig in the USA and supported Eagles of Death Metal on both legs of their European tour.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/19445/ | 520 hits
Live Review: Carnabells + Jack's aTTic + The Spares + The Firing Line
It was predominantly an evening of throwbacks music-wise at 360 Club this eve, with each band going for more classic genres of rock music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17949/ | 855 hits
Live Review: Hopesfall + Nora + A Destructive Issue + Shot By Both Sides
Before I start I'd just like to say that I've eaten the nicest tea I've had in ages tonight. It was a stir-fry.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3004/ | 1,310 hits
Live Review: Clinic + The Lucid Dream + King Champion Sounds + The Probes
Tonight's venue, Hebden Bridge Trades Club, is a little outside our usual city limits, but well worth a visit.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18846/ | 784 hits
Live Review: Cave In + Oceansize
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for any action on stage and supping the over priced bottles of beer (because the draft had run out!) Oceansize took to the stage amidst an array of guitars (6 in total), laptops and large drum set-ups.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1091/ | 400 hits
Interview: The Breech
High up in the 7th floor apartment of The Breech's keyboard player Davoc, overlooking the streets and at the weird and wonderful architecture of Leeds buildings it seems an appropriate place to talk about the state of the Leeds music scene, and more importantly the burgeoning and healthy looking future of The Breech.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3974/ | 707 hits
Live Review: White Miles
White Miles are a 'dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo' from Madagascar, via Austria. Their last appearance in Leeds was in May, when they opened for Courtney Love.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18805/ | 807 hits

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