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CD Review: Nick Hall - The Golden Time
I always deem it wise to respect an artist's decision to go solo (rather than ask questions) and especially those who then decide to produce a solo album, all that despair, loss; love and heartbreak in one album must surely be an intense experience to put yourself through?
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/314/ | 663 hits
News Article: Civic Hall in Pudsey to host the first Leeds Guitar Show
Buying a guitar is an exciting, if not at times daunting, experience. The best way to buy a guitar is to see, feel and hear the instrument and that's not always as easy as it sounds.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8742/ | 1,343 hits
Interview: Editors
Chris Urbanowicz - Editors' lead guitarist and synthesiser player - joins David Brookmyre backstage at St Georges Hall in Bradford for a few words
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12648/ | 863 hits
Live Review: The Music + The Rain Band + The Bandits
I was excited about this gig. I've enjoyed The Music's debut album and have been looking forward to tonight for sometime - tickets sold out about 4/5 weeks earlier so I was expecting an electric atmosphere inside this rather strange new venue under Leeds train station.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1031/ | 649 hits
News Article: The Music announce the release of a new single in June
Leeds four-piece The Music have today announced that their next single will be released on Monday, June 9th 2008.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9434/ | 765 hits
Feature: Live At Leeds Preview
Leeds Music Scene writers Steven Knowles and Sam Monk preview this Saturday's Live At Leeds line-up, offering some recommendations with a focus on local acts.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18411/ | 1,356 hits
Interview: Kyte
Leeds Music Scene caught up with Nick, the lead singer of Kyte, for a bit of a chinwag.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10452/ | 877 hits
Feature: Cosmo's Song
Leeds Music Scene talks to the Devon-based musician and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his career so far and what lies ahead.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17396/ | 302 hits
Feature: Constellations Festival 2010
In Leeds Music Scene's first ever feature, Nick Rowan gets us psyched up for the inaugural Constellations Festival, 13th and 14th November 2010.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13741/ | 1,813 hits
Band Profile: Add9
Fat, Heavy, Funky Grooves supplied by 8 smiling musicians. Add9 are one of the best live acts around!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6542/ | 543 hits
News Article: ¡Forward, Russia! confirmed for Live At Leeds 2014
In association with local independent record label Dance to The Radio, Leeds Town Hall has been confirmed as a new venue for Live At Leeds 2014.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18242/ | 423 hits
Live Review: Hot Club of Cowtown
The ghosts of Bob Wills, Dan Hicks and the Hot Club of France smiled down on the ornate interior of the Victoria Hall in Saltaire last night (although it should be emphasised that Dan is still alive, well and still knocking them dead), as Texas western swing trio Hot Club of Cowtown rode into town.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12800/ | 615 hits
Live Review: PINS + Post War Glamour Girls
Well, this is getting repetitive. It seems most of my reviews on here revolve in some way round those pesky Post War Glamour Girls.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18000/ | 383 hits
News Article: Rupert Stroud to release 'Talk To You' EP
Rupert is no stranger to the Leeds music scene and his powerful vocal has garnered support from XFM, BBC 6 Music and Radio 2, amassing fans along the way.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18920/ | 282 hits
Live Review: Kate Rusby
The sheets of dainty fairy lights adorning the pillars of the town hall set the mood perfectly for tonight's (slightly early) Christmas feast.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18116/ | 318 hits
Band Profile: Clayhill
Clayhill are a British 3-piece folk band comprising of long-time Beth Orton collaborators Ali Friend and Ted Barnes, and vocalist Gavin Clarke.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5552/ | 178 hits
CD Review: The Dead 60s - Loaded Gun
Oh dear. The general consensus in the mainstream music press is that this group of chancers are trying to start a ska revival.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/3965/ | 473 hits
Live Review: Linton Kwesi Johnson
Black History Month brought Linton Kwesi Johnson to a lectern near you. Britain's senior black poet is no stranger to Leeds, having past connections with the Uhuru project in Chapeltown, and there were those in his audience tonight who gratefully remembered him for it.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4350/ | 514 hits
Band Profile: Hank Williams
Hank Williams (September 17, 1923 - January 1, 1953), born Hiram King Williams, was an American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as one of the most important country music artists of all time.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16644/ | 37 hits
Band Profile: Northern Torch
Northern Torch blend a mixture of vibrant piano, sweet guitar licks and strong vocals, which produces a unique indie pop sound.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13883/ | 546 hits
Live Review: Handsome Family + Blanche
Never let it be said that Leeds Music Scene does not offer you variety, not so! For tonight I have sat slap bang in the middle of a whole different generation, yes, hilarious as it may sound I've just been the youngest person in a sea of Radio 2 listeners (don't get me wrong, I actually love Radio 2).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1324/ | 472 hits
Live Review: Down Radio + Rawschac + Terra-ist + Strangers In Paradise
Strangers In Paradise Strangers in Paradise kicked off proceedings for the 360 Club special at the HiFi Club, with a simple friendly greeting the band immediately went straight into their first track, an heavy number with a grunge rock n roll feel to it.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18790/ | 734 hits
Live Review: San Cisco
This was the Australian quartet's first gig in the fine city of Leeds, outside of the annual mud bath that is our county's summer festival.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18008/ | 272 hits
News Article: Jumbo Records - Local Pick of the Month for October 2014
The lovely boys at Jumbo Records have been really busy with the influx of students that hit our city for the start of the new academic year, but Matt Bradshaw still had time to put together the best of the local artists' recent releases, for the month of October.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18756/ | 369 hits
Band Profile: Dr John
There are at least two bands/artists with the name (band name) Dr. John. (1) Malcolm John "Mac" Rebennack, Jr.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13070/ | 136 hits
Band Profile: Freewheeler
Freewheeler was born in the later half of 2001 in London, England. Brought together & inspired by their love of real loud, ballsy, good-time Rock bands, like: AC/DC, G'n'R, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Rolling Stones.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4941/ | 213 hits
CD Review: Rufus Wainwright - House of Rufus
Rufus Wainwright is a musician whose career unravels the more you stop to look back, and with this latest offering we see the release of Wainwright's entire back catalogue under the fitting title 'House of Rufus', an astonishing collection of songs which are of their own genre.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15015/ | 749 hits
CD Review: Decoration - Untitled
Back when I was 16 and in my snotty indie-kid phase (yes I have grown out of it), back in Manchester, I used to wander round Affleck's Palace and buy dodgy tapes of bands like the Happy Mondays and Northside that sounded like they had been recorded at the back of a church hall.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/202/ | 426 hits
Live Review: Levellers
curious: arousing or exciting speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual; odd; strange Anybody who has followed the Levellers from any sort of distance, near or far, will recognise in that definition the excitable, dreadlocked, childlike spirit of Jeremy Cunningham, aka Jeremy Leveller.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18978/ | 193 hits
Live Review: The Wedding Present + Gruff Rhys + Too Many T's + Post War Glamour Girls
Ah, Long Division festival. This is the third time I've trotted along (out of the four so far), and I've never been anything other than wholly enamoured.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18714/ | 718 hits
Live Review: Nightmares On Wax
George Evelyn is anything but new to the electronic music scene. As Warp records' longest serving serving artist he has put out seven albums, with a career spanning from 1991 to the present day.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18102/ | 236 hits
News Article: Leeds University students present concert for Leeds Children's Charity
Leeds Town Hall will welcome back the Leeds University Union Music Society (LUUMS) in association with Artforms on Sunday 20th March for its annual charity concert.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14424/ | 599 hits
Live Review: Killing Joke + Lowrider
For a Sunday night in the Met, it's all gone a bit weird. Tonight is the opening night of the Met's new Drum n Bass weekly session.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1299/ | 451 hits
CD Review: Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
The 'Laura Marling and Friends' concert at The Royal Festival Hall this last August was an important symbol in just how popular contemporary folk music is, how relevant people find it is to their lives, and how vast and talented the new generation of young British folk artists have proven themselves to be.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/11290/ | 679 hits
Band Profile: Gerry McNeice
solo acoustic
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7419/ | 748 hits
Feature: Evi Vine Interview and Preview
Evi Vine is a singer songwriter who crafts beautiful and deeply atmospheric songs. Together with Steven Hill they on the verge of a UK tour to support the release of a second studio album, 'Give Your Heart To The Hawks'
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18929/ | 397 hits
Band Profile: Meschalina
MESCHALINA started its activity in 1998 as a Rage Against The Machine cover band. The band was then made up of 4 boys: Vittorio Pignatelli (drums), Francesco Quintiliani (bass), Stefano Teatini (vocals), Matteo Valente (guitar).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4664/ | 145 hits
Band Profile: Duke Special
Duke Special, a.k.a. Peter Wilson, is a Belfast artist with an unique sound, often referred to as 'vaudeville'.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5810/ | 321 hits
Live Review: Emily Wells + Eaves + Dirdsbead
Belgrave Music Hall has popped up onto Leeds music scene in the last few months as a fantastic new venue, offering not only great live music, club nights and beer but food as well.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18114/ | 299 hits
Live Review: Beth Jeans Houghton
'Sonic theatre' is a term coined by bassist Rory Gibson to describe the music of Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny and you can see where he's coming from.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16213/ | 490 hits
Interview: Swimming Lessons
Ahead of his appearance for Live at Leeds, I managed to pin down Ben Lewis, the creative force behind Swimming Lessons, for a chat. There is a Peter Andre admission, talk of onstage clumsiness and YouTube inspiration!!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17576/ | 337 hits
News Article: Long Division 2012 venues and set times confirmed
Long Division 2012 takes place across nine venues around the Wakefield city centre between 1st June and 3rd June, with the main all-day wristband event taking place on Saturday June 2nd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16425/ | 1,469 hits
Live Review: The Twang + The Priory
Even the torrential downpour as we got out of the car, couldn't dampen the enthusiasm for tonight's gig.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8070/ | 1,194 hits
Live Review: Neil Cowley Trio + Joel Purnell Quartet + Steve Parry And The Big Band From Hell
The Leeds Jazz festival has become an easy way for the average music lover to be exposed to a whole host of talented Jazz musicians from across the UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9994/ | 522 hits
Band Profile: Oliver Pinder
Oliver Pinder is a young, acoustic singer-songwriter from Halifax
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18418/ | 357 hits
Live Review: The Rifles
So here we finally were, The Chingford quartet more commonly known as The Rifles had arrived to play to an eager, tightly-packed Leeds crowd.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10545/ | 610 hits
Band Profile: The Mutts
2 bands: 1) Formed in Los Angeles in 1983 by Spencer Eldridge, Larry Fortunato, Kevin Grover, Jacques Olivier and Eddy Sill, The Mutts became an influential garage rock group during LA's post-punk period and played on bills with many popular acts of the era, including The Go-Go's, The Bangles, Adam Ant, The Dickies, The Minutemen, X, Fishbone and many others.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5843/ | 289 hits
Live Review: Editors
As show time approaches and the Editors backline is prepared by their crew there is a buzzing crowd twelve deep on the barrier.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12588/ | 1,024 hits
Feature: Jumbo Records Pick Of The Month - September 2014
It has been a busy few months for the boys at Jumbo Records, with the departure of the Founders Hunter and Lornette Smith, handing over the reins to Nick Fraser and Justinia Lewis. So we missed the August pick of the month, but here we are, back and better than ever with the latest Jumbo hot list from Matt Bradshaw
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18708/ | 759 hits
Interview: Get Machine, Destroy!
In anticipation of his next release, I popped in to Adam's rehearsal space to have a chat about what is happening in the world of Get Machine, Destroy!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/17984/ | 948 hits
Band Profile: Glasvegas
Glasvegas are an alternative/shoegazing band which formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003, the band is composed of James Allan (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rab Allan (lead guitar), Paul Donoghue (bass guitar) and Jonna Löfgren (drums).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9212/ | 662 hits
News Article: I Like Trains announce City Museum Show plus Beacons EP
I Like Trains have announced plans for a ten date tour of the UK and a brand new EP entitled Beacons.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16724/ | 694 hits
Live Review: Damien Rice
Damien Rice is already on stage as I enter the hall and I later discover I have missed support act Carrie Tree.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1305/ | 718 hits
Interview: Volcanoes
Lesley Jackson talks with Leeds and Sheffield four piece Volcanoes
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10998/ | 608 hits
Interview: Amy Wadge
Joseph Seager had a chat with Welsh wonder Amy Wadge.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/12647/ | 550 hits
Interview: Amsterdam
Victoria Holdsworth speaks to Ian Prowse of Amsterdam and Pele.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14617/ | 555 hits
Band Profile: Jens Lekman
Jens Martin Lekman (born February 6, 1981 in Angered, Sweden) is a Swedish pop musician residing in Melbourne, Australia.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6356/ | 225 hits
Interview: Andy Whittle
Matt Bentley speaks to Andy Whittle.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13959/ | 575 hits
Band Profile: Eels
Eels is an American alternative/acoustic indie rock band formed by singer/songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, better known as "Mr.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4772/ | 373 hits
Live Review: Polytechnic
From Chambers Dictionary we have the following: 'Polytechnic - adj. of many arts or technical subjects; n.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/8024/ | 436 hits
Band Profile: Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein, a unique source of creative energy in America's music throughout his entire adult lifetime, was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on August 25, 1918.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/16642/ | 50 hits
Live Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + Brian Jonestown Massacre
So then ladies and gents lets go back a couple of years when Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Strokes and the White Stripes were unleashed on us surrounded by a haze of media frenzy and unadulterated cool.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1331/ | 634 hits
Band Profile: U2
U2 is an Irish rock band which formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. Since the band's formation, they have consisted of Bono (real name Paul Hewson) (vocals, guitar, harmonica), The Edge (real name David Evans) (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen, Jr.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5629/ | 212 hits
Live Review: Uiscedwr + Birkenschawe
There aren't many indications Cleckheaton is the place to be. Five minutes from Leeds on the westbound M62, the town sits unsignposted beside junction 26, where the distant Bronte zone and none-too-close Salt's Mill are announced.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4041/ | 603 hits
Band Profile: Chiodos
Chiodos is an American post-hardcore band from Davison, Michigan, formed in 2001. Originally known as "The Chiodos Bros." the band's name was a tribute to filmmakers Stephen, Charles, and Edward Chiodo, responsible for the movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6146/ | 426 hits
CD Review: Aidan Smith - Allotments
'A trip through London, Paris and the Nag's Head' is what I was promised when I first looked at the promotional blurb on the front of the CD.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9457/ | 815 hits
Band Profile: Born Silenced
Born Silenced are a heavy metal band from Leeds, UK.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18215/ | 113 hits
Band Profile: Rufus Wainwright
Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright (born 22 July 1973) is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter. Wainwright was born in Rhinebeck, New York, USA, to folk singers Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle (they divorced while he was a child).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6065/ | 242 hits
Band Profile: Les Savy Fav
Les Savy Fav is an indie rock band which formed in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1995, where the members were attending the Rhode Island School of Design.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4762/ | 314 hits
Live Review: Chapter Thirteen + Itch + Riot Star + Bill Posters
The kids are where it's at, man. Every teenage band I've seen at the Well have got all their mates from school down and all of them get the hallowed moshpits.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1170/ | 368 hits
Band Profile: The Detonators
There are two bands with the name The Detonators: 1) Formed in 1979, The Detonators were a part of the early hardcore scene in Los Angeles.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5256/ | 1,285 hits
Live Review: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
I know there are a lot of cool families out there whose kids were influenced by their parents' love of great music but in my eyes whatever my dad liked was spawned by the devil himself.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14848/ | 455 hits
Band Profile: Deerhunter
Deerhunter is a band which formed in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The band consists of Bradford Cox (vocals, guitar, piano), Moses Archuleta (drums, synths), Lockett Pundt (guitar, organ, vocals) and Josh Fauver (bass, vocals).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/14502/ | 158 hits
Band Profile: Will Young
William Robert Young (born January 20, 1979), is a British singer and actor. He catapulted to fame after winning the inaugural UK Pop Idol contest in 2002.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/10331/ | 313 hits
Interview: Mike Randle (Baby Lemonade / Love)
Sam Saunders chats with Mike Randle, a member of long established and mild mannered Baby Lemonade, who have a secret life as superhero band Love, playing alongside Arthur Lee on the "Forever Changes" Tour that hits the UK this month...
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/1620/ | 937 hits
Feature: 2013 - A Year In Review
The LMS team got together for a chat and a drink to discuss the musical highs and lows of 2013 in our fair city. And you know what; it was a pretty busy year!
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18194/ | 1,114 hits
Live Review: Soft Cell + Fuzz Light Years
In all the years of being a fan this was the first time I saw Marc 'live'. I had seen former associates of his from Vicious Pink some time back.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/724/ | 393 hits
Live Review: Maximo Park + Arctic Monkeys + We Are Scientists + The Mystery Jets
It all sits a bit on knife-edge this one; I can't be the only one that feels it. The sweet, sweet taste of anticipation impregnates ever fibre of my body and, in empathy with a dog on heat, I pace round the Refec like a chained beast.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6300/ | 1,202 hits
Band Profile: Ray LaMontagne
Ray LaMontagne (born June 18, 1973) is a folk singer-songwriter currently living in Wilton, Maine. He is currently the lead singer of Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs After hearing a Stephen Stills song, Treetop Flyer, he decided to quit his job and pursue a career in music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6910/ | 403 hits
Live Review: Slipknot + Cowpuncher + Rage Against The Machine + Blink 182 + Mo-ho-bish-op-i + Turn + The Crocketts + Cay
When I set off to the Leeds festival this year, I'd decided upon writing a full length weekend review.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9762/ | 1,172 hits
Band Profile: Slayer
Slayer is a thrash metal band from US, formed in 1981. The band was founded by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/7228/ | 623 hits
Band Profile: Andrew WK
Andrew W.K. was born Andrew Wilkes-Krier in Stanford, California in 1979, before moving to Michigan at age 4.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4999/ | 200 hits
CD Review: Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish
Badly Drawn Boy's "Have You Fed the Fish" (AKA All Possibilities) is a recording project devoted to two questions: "who is Damon Gough?", and "how can he survive as an aspiring artist in 2002?".
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/461/ | 613 hits
Live Review: Smoke Fairies + Rasputina
If proof were needed that the special relationship between the UK and the US is alive and kicking a trip to Leeds College of Music would have put your mind at rest.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18013/ | 515 hits
Band Profile: Of Montreal
of Montreal is an indie pop band which formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1997. The band is fronted by Kevin Barnes, who writes, composes, and plays most of the music for his albums.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/6018/ | 221 hits
Live Review: Wild Beasts + Vessels + Givers + Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks + Stalking Horse + Double Muscle + Dutch Uncles + Exitmusic + Big Deal
Big Deal's slightly awkward, nonplussed banter alone warms up the room noticeably (a half-full, darkened-out Riley Smith Hall at 2 o'clock in the afternoon seems to be a slightly peculiar experience for both audience and band) but, luckily, their bittersweet melodies are pretty winning, too.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15726/ | 556 hits
Band Profile: Manic Street Preachers
Manic Street Preachers are an alternative rock band from Blackwood, Wales, formed in 1986. Often referred to as "the Manics", they are James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitars), Nicky Wire (bass, occasional vocals) and Sean Moore (drums, backing vocals, occasional trumpet).
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5745/ | 463 hits
Live Review: Pulled Apart by Horses + The Amazing Snakeheads + Royal Blood + Autobahn
So here we all are again. Periodically researching bands since the line-up was released in January. Sculpting a potential plan of attack since the timetable was announced in March.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18430/ | 735 hits
Band Profile: British Sea Power
British Sea Power are a four-man indie rock band based in Brighton, England, although three of the band hail originally from Kendal in Cumbria.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4616/ | 640 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Charles Ives: Four Sonatas
Hilary Hahn seems to be championing new, modern and often misunderstood music of late. In 2008, she recorded the opinion-dividing Violin Concerto of Arnold Schoenberg, about which the great Jascha Heifetz himself said one would need six fingers in order to play.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15700/ | 645 hits
Band Profile: Madness
1) Madness are a pop/ska band from Camden Town, London, England that formed in 1976. As of 2007, the band has continued to perform with their most recognised lineup of seven members, although it's varied slightly over the years.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15211/ | 154 hits
Band Profile: Hawkwind
Hawkwind is an English rock band and one of the earliest space rock groups. The band was formed by ex-busker and blues man Dave Brock in Ladbroke Grove, England, who intended to marry simple three-chord rock with experimental electronic music.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5038/ | 898 hits
Feature: 2014 - A Year In Review
The team at LMS have penned our 'best of' moments from 2014, from gigs and festivals, to the best Albums and EPs from local artists and further afield. We collated our most memorable moments and what you should be seeing in 2015 ... not forgetting the all-important, Idiot of the year.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/18878/ | 1,596 hits
Band Profile: Venom
Venom is an extreme metal metal band formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 1979. Coming to prominence towards the end of the 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal', Venom's first two albums - Welcome to Hell (1981) and Black Metal (1982) - are considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15064/ | 495 hits
Band Profile: Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters are an American rock band formed by singer/guitarist Dave Grohl in 1995 in Seattle, USA.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5893/ | 459 hits
Band Profile: Def Leppard
Def Leppard are an English rock band from Sheffield, who formed in 1977 during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4506/ | 425 hits
Band Profile: Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield (born Michael Gordon Oldfield, 15 May 1953, Reading, Berkshire, England) is largely known for Tubular Bells, his groundbreaking album from 1973, the success of which also bankrolled Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Records, for which Tubular Bells was the inaugural release.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4601/ | 982 hits
Band Profile: Weezer
Weezer is an American alternative rock band. Formed in 1992, they have released eight full length albums, six EPs, and a DVD.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/4968/ | 455 hits
Band Profile: Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band's line-up consists of Fred Durst (lead vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums) and DJ Lethal.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/9769/ | 526 hits
Band Profile: Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth is an influential experimental rock band which formed in New York City, New York, United States in 1981.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/15429/ | 268 hits
Band Profile: Green Day
Green Day is an American rock trio formed in 1987. The band has consisted of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass guitar, vocals), and Tré Cool (drums, percussion) for the majority of its existence.
www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/5121/ | 449 hits

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