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Live Review: The Wedding Present
Part one of a two-off pair of gigs to celebrate the release of the bands ample 6 CD box set of all things Peel and BBC, sees the Weddoes gracing Holmfirth for the first time ever. | 656 hits
Live Review: Apollo's Basement + The Creeks + Empire Safari + Martin Plock
A bluesy start to tonight's proceedings from the brave Martin Plock. Brave for several reasons: Firstly, it's a tough ask to start off a night with nothing but a guitar and microphone for company. | 1,009 hits
Live Review: Muse
The long wait for Muse had the crowd watching the skies with a glimmer of hope that the rain would hold off long enough for the Teignmouth trio to warm them up. | 1,467 hits
Live Review: Amen + Ikara Colt
As Minus are about to finish their set at 7:40 I stroll into the venue... shit. Ikara Colt take to the stage in the form of a British Von Bondies with ladies at either side of lead singer Paul Resende. | 656 hits
Live Review: Martyr Defiled + Black Tongue + Heritage
Ahead of their new album 'No Hope No Morality' being released on April 29th, Martyr Defiled are back in Leeds. | 490 hits
Live Review: Fenech-Soler + Paper Crows + Escort Knights
After cancelling a myriad of festival appearances and rescheduling their UK tour due to lead singer, Ben Duffy undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer, Fenech-Soler arrived back in Leeds on a bitterly cold evening following a tumultuous year. | 747 hits
Live Review: Taking Back Sunday
Of course, the main room for the Atticus/Jagermeister stage was completely packed out for Taking Back Sunday, headliners of Slam Dunk North 2012. | 577 hits
Live Review: That Fucking Tank + Downdime + The Somatics + Wild Beasts + It Takes Bridges
The monthly Packhorse night, Leeds On The Bone had moved to the significantly bigger Brudenell Social Club for a bumper edition. | 1,577 hits
CD Review: Middleman - It's Not Over Yet
Now if you haven't heard of Leeds based greats Middleman, then the most fitting introduction to them is this upbeat, fast paced, storm trooper of a single. | 2,762 hits
Live Review: Nerve Engine + Father + Forced To Die + Hot Prophecy
When Hot Prophecy first start their set, two things become apparent very quickly. The first being that the sound quality is very good considering the size of the venue and the second being that the band are clearly in love with what they're playing. | 772 hits
Live Review: Dry the River + Kyla La Grange + Hey Sholay
Day 1 I arrive in the beautiful setting of Muker with the sounds of Hey Sholay echoing out across the hills. | 793 hits
Live Review: Chvrches
It's quite possible that seismic shifts were recorded in Leeds Metropolitan's foundations during Chvrches' gig. | 576 hits
Live Review: Skunk Anansie + Beware of Darkness
My first experience of Skunk Anansie, like many others came in the late 90's when an exciting new wave of bands were combining indie with a grungier sound. | 651 hits
Live Review: Rob Nichols + All Star 69ers
Your reviewer failed to make it in time for Matthew Hill or the Frankling Mint, but enthusiastic punters reassured him they'd been good. | 810 hits
Live Review: One Night Only + Nick Harrison + Clocks
With a top ten single and a top ten album to their name in recent weeks, it is of no surprise that tonight's gig is sold out with the standard touts outside asking for any spare tickets. | 1,308 hits
Live Review: The Diamond Sea + Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles + Claymore Avenue + McCarthy Vigil
It's Christmas at 360 Club and in addition to the customary excellent bands tonight we are greeted by fairy lights and a healthy dose of festive cheer amongst the relatively healthy crowd gathered here, especially considering most of Leeds' student population has cleared off home for the holidays! | 687 hits
CD Review: Let's Go To War - Life We Live
Hot on the heels of the current crunkcore / screamo crunk explosion spearheaded by Hollywood Undead and 3OH!3 (and introduced to us by Kerrang! | 588 hits
Live Review: Tiger Army + Deadline + Buzzkill
Not many people are here to watch Buzzkill; a real shame, as they give it their all. Unfortunately there is a problem with the saxophone, meaning we don't get to see Matt Perrot strut his stuff, and this leaves half a brass section by the name of Ben Whittington, who's trumpet can barely be heard except during his fiddly solos. | 922 hits
Live Review: Maggie8 + Tokyo Heat + Forty Million Mexicans
First on tonight's roster are Forty Million Mexicans: veterans of previous 360 Club gigs, but this time they are back with a slightly amended line-up. | 1,002 hits
Live Review: Willy Mason
Always something of a contradiction - a grunge-attired, rock-loving, Martha's Vineyard-raised young folk singer before such a thing had become fashionable and mainstream - Willy Mason ambles on stage wearing an ill-fitting suit and a wispy prairie beard that give him the appearance of an Amish english teacher or a dust bowl preacher making ends meet by working a nine-to-five office job. | 479 hits
Live Review: Death From Above 1979 + The Fever + Controller Controller
Hailing from Toronto, the first band of the night was the five piece Controller Controller. Minuscule singer Nirmala Basnayake took to the stage in a cheap black dress and fake pearls and shouted her way through a string of de-structured sequencer-laden dirty disco tracks from their forthcoming album 'History'. | 697 hits
Live Review: The Paddingtons + The Old House
Christ this was a tough call. Kasabian, Spring and The Paddingtons all playing the same evening. Despite having high expectations of the Bears, (sorry! | 1,230 hits
Live Review: Biffy Clyro + The Pigeon Detectives + The Young Knives + Micky P Kerr + Mute Math
Mute Math - The Carling Stage The New Orleans quartet are perhaps only known thus far as recently re-doing the Transformers theme and for their excellent video to "Typical" which has attracted over 1 million views on Youtube. | 1,541 hits
Live Review: The Warlocks + Dead Combo
The night begins as Dead Combo take the stage, and this electro-rock duo have a rather big challenge in front of them. | 755 hits
Live Review: Jesse Malin + Tommy Stinson + Alien Crime Syndicate
On arrival at The Cockpit it appears I'm not on the guestlist after all. Spotting a man with a clipboard who looks like he must be part of the touring entourage I explain my predicament. | 1,873 hits
Live Review: Ooberman + Beautiful Feet
Cleverly deciding I was going to go to this at the last minute, I made it to the Roscoe just in time to find Beautiful Feet sitting down with their drinks and having a few pats on the back. | 364 hits
Interview: Marsicans
I'm at Leeds Festival and it's Sunday afternoon, the Marsicans have just opened up the BBC Introducing stage and tore it apart! Still on a high, I caught them for a chat after, to see how it was to play their first festival! This is what James, Joe, Ollie and Matt had to say about worms, hotel room videos and stage diving!! | 822 hits
Live Review: The Idol Dead + Further From The Truth + Luva Gunk
After unfortunately missing the first band of the night, Beretta Suicide, it was refreshing to arrive at the 360 Club, a breeding ground for fresh young talent that is definitely becoming the best unsigned night in Leeds, to hear positive comments buzzing around the room. | 802 hits
Interview: Liam Frost
Three years after releasing his debut album, 'Show Me How the Spectres Dance' to critical success, Liam Frost has returned with 'We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain', an album dominated by love songs, released late 2009. | 738 hits
Live Review: Man Can't Fly + Charlie Straw + City of Lights + Arthur and The Antidotes
The doors open at 8 pm to The 360 Club, on one of the first truly freezing days of the Leeds winter. The line-up for the night was an eclectic mix of punk rock, bluesy soul and, as Arthur and The Antidotes describe themselves,'aggressively happy pop-rock'. | 692 hits
Interview: Ivy Sins
Charlotte Oxnard speaks to Hull all-girl band Ivy Sins | 867 hits
Live Review: The Pigeon Detectives + The Holloways + Last Gang
Yesterday, The Pigeon Detectives did a little instore thing in Jumbo at 4pm. I nipped in at three-ish to rifle through a few bits, spend money I don't have and then drop things. | 1,373 hits
Live Review: The Glitterati + The Black Velvets + Hurricane Party
Firstly an apology. I'm going to get a bit nostalgic in this review. Please bear with me. Back in the crazy days of the Leeds Music Scene (circa 2001) I saw a band play several awesome gigs at The Well. | 1,901 hits
Live Review: Pretty Riddles + La Machine + Jasmine Kennedy + Benson
With the winning prize being a place opening up the NME/Radio1 Stage at the legendary Leeds and Reading Festival, I have some high expectations for tonight. | 841 hits
Interview: To Kill A King
To Kill A King are back on home turf for a gig at The Brudenell and I managed to catch the band (Ralph Pelleymounter, Josh Platman, Jon Willoughby, Ian Dudfield and Ben Jackson) for a chat, before they take to the stage. I wanted to find out what they had been up to since I last saw, read on to find out about Guerrilla activities, Howling and Touring with Rihanna! | 1,072 hits
Live Review: Suicide Silence + Deez Nuts + Bleed From Within + More Than Life + TRC + Heart In Hand + Evita + Basement + Polar + Silent Screams + Crossbreaker + The Ocean Between Us
The Ocean Between Us have a tough job in opening up the 2nd day of Ghostfest, but rise to the occasion in spectacular style. | 1,410 hits
Interview: The Maccabees
Ahead of their headline NME tour slot at Leeds Academy, I cover all the important topics: tea and go-karting, with the lovely Hugo from The Maccabees. | 1,627 hits
Live Review: Foo Fighters + Trash Talk + Mark Lanegan + Crooked Tongues + Pulled Apart by Horses
Since forming in 2008 Pulled Apart by Horses have built a formidable live reputation, playing several times on the various stages across the dual sites working their way up to today's billing. | 928 hits
Live Review: Gallops + Redtrack + Lafaro + Exit International + Reaper in Sicily + The Brilliant Things + Wilder + Nerves + Peers + Runaround Kids + Kvelertak + Blacklisters
The quality marking out the artists who did well at Leeds Festival (and maybe in real life too) was that they engaged an audience with themselves and with their music. | 1,459 hits
Live Review: Tristan Mackay + Andrew James O'Brien
I like expanding my musical tastes, seeing a diverse range of gigs in random venues and this one was different in more ways than one! | 1,116 hits
Feature: The StrangeForms Interviews: Falls
Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Falls guitarist, Phil, before their StrangeForms appearance next month. | 489 hits
Interview: Charlotte Hatherley
Kate Zezulka meets up with Charlotte Hatherley to counteract the Spice Girls' comeback by spreading a little real girl power... | 1,285 hits
Interview: Amsterdam
On the 17th December '05, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the hardest working front men in the music industry, Ian Prowse (no relation to the bloke that played Darth Vader). He is the lead singer with the band Amsterdam. | 1,024 hits
Live Review: Arctic Monkeys + Architects + Die Antwoord + Marmozets + Beardyman + Basement + Brutality Will Prevail + Borgore + Jack Plant + The Hell
I've only ever been to Leeds Festival once, despite living in Leeds all my life. I went in 2002, when Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot and Aphex Twin played. | 913 hits
Interview: Elliot Minor
Following the release of their second album 'Solaris', we spoke to Alex Davies, singer and guitarist in York band Elliot Minor. | 1,074 hits
Interview: Jesse Malin
Upon entering Jesse Malin's dressing room at Sheffield's Club Zero we encounter not only the man himself but also a bowl of jelly babies. This can only be a good thing... | 2,076 hits
Interview: Grammatics
Leeds is a graveyard. Here lies buried This Et Al, Immune, Forward Russia, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst In To Flames, Polaris and Wintermute in amongst many others. Grammatics were added to the list of casualties on Friday 20th August 2010, their name now etched in stone, and I'm left with the distinct feeling that we fucked this one up more royally than most... | 1,734 hits

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