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Band Profile: Modo Stare
Modo Stare is an electronic / alternative project from Jon Headley. | 515 hits
News Article: Anechoic release their single "Just Like You" on Monday 14th March...
Leeds-based Anechoic release their single "Just Like You" on Monday 14th March on Sony. The CD comes b/w "Be Patient Please" and "Clockwork", and the band have been described as having a sound consisting of "vintage pianos, synths and guitars [that] can easily be placed alongside Doves, Radiohead and at times even Brian Eno". | 653 hits
Band Profile: Metonym
Metonym - Ambient Pop Duo | 301 hits
CD Review: Mi Mye - The Last
Three nice tracks featuring the fractured brogue of Jamie Lockhart, born in Scotland (I assume) but currently folking up Wakefield with some well chosen accomplices. | 542 hits
CD Review: Superkings - Little Hope
Beautiful pianos and tear jerking melodies are the order of the day from Superkings. Based mainly on a skilled Joanna and forlorn vocals their lyrical content is quite simply depressing. | 379 hits
Band Profile: Coordinated Attack Patterns
Coordinated Attack Patterns are a two piece band from Leeds. Their sound is an eclectic mix of styles with a grounding in heavy rock music mixed with electronic sounds and beats. | 330 hits
CD Review: Tompkin's Square - Untitled
Tompkins Square, from what I can gather, are a female vocalist and male guitarist playing to an overproduced backing track comprising of keyboards drums and pianos. | 213 hits
CD Review: Captain Wilberforce - Mindfilming
The captain(s) in question are Simon Bristoll and Daz Battersby, a duo split between Leeds and Birmingham. | 831 hits
CD Review: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Lounger
Tumbling from bumpy jangly bit to even better bumpy jangly bit, Dogs Die In Hot Cars' latest morsel is a dizzy stumble through a maze of all the best bits of pop ever invented fused together with colourful bits of Meccano. | 656 hits
CD Review: Lupen Crook - A Silver Boot for Sam
When Lupen Crook's fragile, heartbreaking voice echoes out against a backdrop of country-based folkified O'Brother Where Art Thou banjos, pianos, double bass, fiddles (reversed!) and deep, beautifully low, four-part male vocal harmonies (phew!), I know I'm in deep-west acoustic heaven. | 350 hits
CD Review: The Earlies - No Love in Your Heart
The Earlies sound weird. Think Trumpets, violins, synthesisers, beats and pianos.  It shouldn't work, but it does. | 359 hits
CD Review: Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon
Tindersticks are one of the UK's most talented, and rather unfortunately, overlooked bands of the past 10 years or so, and 'Waiting For The Moon', their latest LP, should go a long way to help give the band the attention they deserve. | 675 hits
CD Review: Adjágas - s/t
An exciting mix of European promise. There should be more of this available in the shops. Creating polyrhythmic grooves, to fantastic effect every up and coming musician should study the scrupulousness in this tribal chant. | 283 hits
CD Review: Misty's Big Adventure - The Solar Hi Fi System
Here it is folks, the single most bizarre CD I've ever come across. Musically, it's impossible to label, as they have so many different guises and sounds on this record that you lose yourself trying to second guess where the album is going to go next. | 874 hits
CD Review: The Go! Team - Proof of Youth
From the outset this album grips the listener like the titular vice of the first track, and only slackens once or twice as it cavorts noisily through a joyous 36 minutes. | 310 hits
CD Review: Drums Of Death - Blue Waves
"Who is that nutter in the facepaint?" was my first thought when I saw Drums of Death almost exactly a year ago DJing at Beatherder festival. | 676 hits
CD Review: Deadstring Brothers - Sao Paulo
The beginning of 2009 saw one of Josh Homme's many side projects, Eagles of Death Metal, release 'Heart On,' a kind of classic rock concept album; deliberately pitched as being semi-pastiche. | 831 hits
CD Review: Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
Patrick Wolf is a great man. He has fabulous taste in fashion and thousands share his dislike of Lynx deodorant. | 429 hits
Live Review: Pure Reason Revolution + Benjamin Wetherill
Due to Vib Gyor pulling out, it was a good two hours before Benjamin Wetherill took to the stage to play his trademark set of Formby covers, banjo strumming and all those minor keys. | 2,033 hits
CD Review: Motion Picture Soundtrack - Departure
As a precursor to their forthcoming debut album, Canterbury's Motion Picture Soundtrack release three track EP 'Departure.' Lead single and title track 'Departure' is a dramatic sweep of sound that'll convince you Motion Picture Soundtrack couldn't have picked a more apt name for themselves. | 612 hits
CD Review: Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
There are a few things you should know about this EP before we get started. Here's basically a run down of the few major facts that led to this EP being recorded by Sigur Rós. | 589 hits
Live Review: The Pattern Theory + Conquering Animal Sound + Juffage
The Packhorse isn't a space that lends itself to Juffage's usual live acrobatics (his typical antics make swinging a cat look positively risk-free and space-saving), but it's testament to the substance behind the eccentric style that his set stands sturdy without some of the visual trappings. | 866 hits
Live Review: Mother Vulpine + Samsa + Downdime + Massive Heron + David Broad + Wintermute
Such is the packed out full of goodnessness of tonight's On The Bone, I rudely enter the Brudenell a couple of songs into Wintermute's set. | 1,086 hits
Band Profile: Pet Accessories
Pet Accessories are a Leeds-based band who are unashamably genre-whoring, fusing subversive electronic music and experimental guitar-driven pop, all surrounding a solid core of song-writing. | 845 hits
Live Review: Tunng with Tinariwen
Many great musicians have collaborated over the years but no collaboration is as exciting as this: a folk-electronica group and Touareg desert blues musicians from sub-Saharan Africa. | 592 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - I Can Count Volume One
Mmm, electro, n' stuff like that. Good, innit? 'Specially if you're signed to I Can Count Music, a record label fresh from Bob-Monkhouse-himself's seal of approval. | 482 hits
CD Review: Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
It's the big one, folks. It's finally here and it's been given to me. On a first listen, it's like being reminded of watching those live shows from a year or so ago. | 3,150 hits
CD Review: Hail Animator - We Live In Boxes
The two highlights from Hail Animator's debut EP, are both lifted from their 2009 'Days For These Nights' demo, reinforcing how eerily spot-on Hail Animator got it the first time around. | 597 hits
CD Review: Elliot Minor - Solaris
The overall impression of Elliot Minor's sophomore effort, is that they've taken it down a notch in order to concentrate on melding their classical flourishes and rock guitars into a more coherent whole. | 975 hits
CD Review: ABBA - ABBA
When people think of ABBA they conjure up images of Eurovision camp or perhaps the musical 'Mamma Mia' and the accompanying film, something that kind of irritated me for a while. | 1,138 hits
CD Review: Bat For Lashes - Haunted Man
The fancy dress costumes have been put away, and the haunting claustrophobia of Natasha Khan's previous albums Fur and Gold and Two Suns have been traded in for a sound that is cinematic in scope and mature in outlook. | 342 hits
Feature: Top 10 alternative Christmas songs
Jon Cronshaw's rundown of alternative Seasonal tracks. | 1,062 hits
CD Review: Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead
Young Guns have a meatier, hard-rock and metalcore influenced take on melodic punk rock. Although this album delivers a sugar-suckerpunch, it has the big riffs to extend that headrush into something more long-lasting. | 2,538 hits
CD Review: White Belt Yellow Tag - Methods
There's something very 'Comfort in Sound'-era Feeder about the earnest sentiment and melodic indie-rock of White Belt Yellow Tag's debut full length, 'Methods.' This band have a real talent for taking the anthemic indie-rock blueprint and injecting it with a healthy dose of alt-rock (primarily in the shape of echoes, lilting falsetto vocals and military drum-rattles) without compromising on the glutinous epicness of it all. | 555 hits
CD Review: Feldspar - Bright Day
'Bright Day' from folk-inspired Feldspar is a prime example of how you can keep on repeating a winning formula, until it loses its shine. | 625 hits
Live Review: Low + Fortdax + Geoff Smith
Leeds Parish Church is such a perfect venue for a band like Low. As soon as the bright eyed crowd had filled up the carved choir stalls, the boxed pews, the balconies and the nave seating it was obviously going to be something special. | 696 hits
CD Review: Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
Although the phrase 'symphonic, atmospheric doom-metal' may conjure up visions of ten minute long, utterly thankless, glum-faced instrumentals, the eighth full-length offering from Swedish doom-metallers Katatonia administer eleven shots of compact, melodic doom-metal that bucks the genre's trend for self-indulgence. | 541 hits
News Article: Come The Desert (LP) - Album Release
Give this new album a look.... Black Diamond Bay - Come the Desert (LP) "Poised and delicate" TRAFFIC MAGAZINE "Amazing" WHO'S JACK "Beautiful" JOHN KENNEDY XFM "Epic" MTV "Amazing" NO TITLE "Spine tingling" METRO Take two excellent vocalists, add an Iranian electric guitarist with a penchant for effects pedals, add one drummer with an electronic kit and a mac, throw in a seasoned bass player, a laptop wizard and the occasional violin, mix in some beautifully written songs with catchy choruses and you have music that's pretty hard to describe but brilliant to listen to. | 548 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Cabin Fever
"Glad you all could join me, on another pointless journey".  So begins the 2nd album proper of Wrath's finest premium export The Scaramanga Six. | 1,026 hits
Live Review: Liars + Broken Social Scene + Chickenhawk + Los Campesinos! + Sky Larkin
I'm fat, and I'm old, and my back hurts. I want this noise to stop, and I wanna go home. I'm watching Liars. | 718 hits
Live Review: Foals + LUH (Lost Under Heaven) + Strong Asian Mothers + The Mexanines
THE MEXANINES Saturday rolls around and I make my way down an almost hidden path to the left of the main stage, where I find The Mexanines setting up on the 'Jack Rocks/This Feeling' stage. | 1,083 hits

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