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Band Profile: Us4//U2
U2 tribute band | 604 hits
Band Profile: Roxyrama
A Tribute To Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music | 1,072 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Pledge - Kerbdog Tribute
As soon as I saw this album was being released I was straight onto the email asking to review it. I have been a long-standing fan of Ireland's metal sons Kerbdog, and just as the world seems to have forgotten about them along comes this tribute album crammed full of covers from their small back catalogue, and featuring a broad array of bands with varying musical influences. | 994 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Stereogum Presents... "Stroked: A Tribute to Is This It"
It's hard to believe that ten years have passed since the release of The Strokes' debut album 'Is This It.' A surge of great singles in the early noughties from The White Stripes, The Hives and The Coral saw indie guitar pop re-enter the public consciousness in a way not seen since the mid-nineties, but there was one group scaling the heights of popularity like no other. | 545 hits
Band Profile: Little Elvis
Elvis tribute act from Leeds | 737 hits
Feature: Salvation - 30th Anniversary
Salvation are one of the bands to come out of Leeds music scene's most diverse and prolific periods, the early to mid 80s. We caught up with vocalist Danny Mass (DM) and guitarist Ben Farvak (BF) at Heart Café, which sits at the center of LS6 the spiritual home of many of the bands from that period. | 1,009 hits
News Article: Moor Music Festival announce more bands for their 2009 festival
Moor Music Festival organisers have this week revealed more bands for the August 2009 outdoor music festival. | 743 hits
News Article: First bands announced for Clarence Park Free Music Festival...
The Wakefield Music Collective have spent the last few months listening to over 100 demos, going to see as many bands as possible, scouring the internet and music press, and are pleased to announce the first batch of bands we hope to confirm for the ever popular free music festival. | 1,037 hits
Live Review: Fall Out Boy
They may not be the most fashionable of bands amongst some music snobs out there but you can't deny that Fall Out Boy make some extremely enjoyable music. | 869 hits
CD Review: The Ordinary Boys - Week In, Week Out
Here's yet another over hyped band from the NME school of how to rock. It's very strange how exciting "new" bands these days seem to be ripping off old bands. | 481 hits
News Article: Leeds welcomes a new dedicated music Podcast - "It's A Mean Old Scene"
A new music based Podcast has been created in Leeds, titled "It's A Mean Old Scene". Produced by Gary Kaye (an award-winning broadcaster and poet) from his home studio in Leeds, the Podcast features songs, interviews and sessions with local bands. | 526 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers + Rezillos
There's a time in your life when you are looking for new experiences, to open doors, to seek novelty and thrills, and for the majority of the audience at the 02 tonight, that time was approximately 1978. | 1,254 hits
Live Review: Nervana
For a grunge fan like myself this was the perfect line up... Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Alice In Chains tribute bands all in one place, not far from my house. | 454 hits
CD Review: Nevertheless - Session 49
Nevertheless are a student band influenced by Keane, Coldplay, Idlewild and Snow Patrol. Bios like this usually mean that they are basically a tribute act to these bands. | 392 hits
News Article: Trio of Leeds artists feature on Peel-inspired station's fifth anniversary compilation
Dandelion Radio, the internet radio station that keeps alive the spirit of John Peel, is celebrating its fifth birthday with a free exclusive release of favourite bands of the last five years - and artists from the Leeds area are well-represented. | 544 hits
Live Review: Duncan McFarlane Band
Hmm.... the New Roscoe you say? Isn't that where the tribute bands play? Well yes I suppose it is, but periodically they offer a night over to a group of performers who can really write songs and play them without pretending to be someone else. | 577 hits
CD Review: The Lost 45s UK - What Time Do You Call This?
The Lost 45s UK nobly continue their campaign to make beat music a force to be reckoned with on this long awaited debut album. | 450 hits
Band Profile: Stricken
metal | 650 hits
Live Review: Grammatics
Grammatics are another of those wonderful, ambitious Leeds bands who have played on Bramham Park's new talent stage and then come back to a bigger stage with a more expansive, more authoritative sound. | 623 hits
CD Review: Alexisonfire - Crisis
Spunky Canadian Punks Alexisonfire - that's pronounced Alexis On Fire, not Alex Is On Fire, apparently in tribute to the "famous" lactating contortionist stripper Alexis Fire, fact fans - return with their latest long player "Crisis". | 4,242 hits
Live Review: Mambo Jambo
Mambo Jambo are, in fact, Pete and Frankie from Hull, they have been performing their own unique brand of world music for years too numerous to mention both abroad and in the UK. | 387 hits
CD Review: The Bluebirds - The Bluebirds Album
The unwritten law that states "All blues bands must attempt to have either the word blue or blues or some clever word play with the word blue in their name" strikes again... | 406 hits
CD Review: Micah P Hinson - Yard of Blonde Girls
Jeff Buckley drowned in the Wolf River in Tennessee on the eve of recording his sophomore studio album My Sweetheart the Drunk in 1997. | 676 hits
Live Review: Beat Route 62 + Felix Leiter + TV John
The first "Whatever..." night I have been to at the New Roscoe has left quite an impression on me. An unassuming venue that looks like it should play host to tribute bands, it has a Wednesday night local talent night where three bands play and finishing work early I decided to call in. | 406 hits
Band Profile: The Pretty Machine
rock | 1,373 hits
Band Profile: The Pattern Theory
The Pattern Theory's first foray into the financially insecure wasteland known as 'high-fidelity-smooth-rock', began in 2007 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. | 950 hits
News Article: The Scaramanga Six announce immediate release of 'Trouble'
One of UK's most prolific and consistent underground rock bands, The Scaramanga Six have this week announced the immediate release of a new single. | 356 hits
Live Review: Dionysus + Insense + Living Thing
Tonight sees the coming together of a trio of Leeds bands, including newcomers Living Thing, recent winners of the Bright Young Things 2000 competition Insense, and headliners Dionysus, the relative veterans on the night. | 605 hits
Live Review: Bobby Conn + Being 747 + Lorimer
American bands are cool these days. What with this and adventurous promoting from Melting Vinyl, we have a healthy throng at Joseph's Well to see performance art-rock straight outta Chicago. | 429 hits
Live Review: Wannadies + Soulwax
Imaginative, Intelligent, Witty and Funky is how I would describe tonight's openers, Soulwax. However, there is one other word that sums them up. | 427 hits
CD Review: Double Muscle - Tommy
With a dirge of UK bands currently releasing tracks heavily inspired by the 90s alternative rock scene, many have fallen by the wayside seemingly spending more time picking distortion pedals than penning a catchy tune. | 489 hits
Live Review: O Fracas + Downdime + Palo Alto
At surely one of Leeds' most important live venues, the monthly Engine Room is always worth a visit. Unfortunately it would seem that due to soundproofing deficiencies, the Council have threatened the Brudenell with closure. | 1,295 hits
CD Review: Dusty Not Digital - Solarise EP
In their list of influences on MySpace, Dusty Not Digital do a particularly good job of trying to draw you away from the truth. | 470 hits
Live Review: Born To Run
I'm not big on lookalike/soundalike "tribute" bands as it all seems a bit naff to me, but I am a big Bruce fan, so I thought what the hell, it's only a fiver in and The New Roscoe is only about 20 minutes drive away and there's not much else happening this Thursday night. | 313 hits
CD Review: ABBA - ABBA
When people think of ABBA they conjure up images of Eurovision camp or perhaps the musical 'Mamma Mia' and the accompanying film, something that kind of irritated me for a while. | 1,138 hits
Live Review: Little Match Girl + Evil Little Sister + Stealthman + Living Thing
It is a tribute to the Leeds' live music scene, its followers and local promoters, that tonight boasts four completely different bands, completely different styles and, for yet another Lock & Load event, a top gig. | 496 hits
Live Review: Lorimer + Kenosha + sammyUSA
Despite some speculation as to the true identity of The Rebellion Threat Kills, tonight's mysterious support band, it's clear that much of the enthusiastic audience at the sold-out Pack Horse venue were given a tip-off that Sammy USA were the act in question. | 525 hits
CD Review: The Zico Chain - s/t
After spending some time listening to this new mini album from Brighton's angry grungers, The Zico Chain, I have learnt several things.  My grunge threshold is considerably lower than I previously thought.  Comparisons to legendary bands can be a thankless task.  Confidence in yourself can be a saviour. | 376 hits
Live Review: Taking Back Sunday
The sun started to set over Leeds University Union as hoards of sweaty, sun burnt show goers made their way into the main room. | 582 hits
Live Review: The Transmission + The Surgeons + Boxing Club + JBW and The Rakers
The penultimate evening of the year brings the final 360 Club of 2011 and everyone here is in festive spirit and drinking plenty of them too. | 1,052 hits
Live Review: Trembling Bells and Bonnie Prince Billy
What is it about Bonnie Prince Billy and Scotland? Not content with adopting a moniker almost the same as The Young Pretender so famously defeated at the battle of Culloden, William Oldham has now linked up with Glasgow psychedelic mediaeval folk band Trembling Bells in a collaborative venture not quite as daring as a Jacobite uprising. | 683 hits
CD Review: Viva Stereo - The Surface has been scratched EP
Sounding like the bastard love child of Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and Death In Vegas' Richard Fearless, Viva Stereo are cooking up quite a sound. | 431 hits
Live Review: Capital State + Sposh
I eventually got down (taxis eh, only an hour late) to Joseph's Well in time to see Sposh. Rumour has it that before the Sposh set, I'd missed a most excellent opening act called Mahwa. | 454 hits
Live Review: Misled Vision + Cutout Hero + Dum Flux
DUM FLUX The first band on in the New Roscoe pub was a rarity; a talented punk band. Their set included strong drumbeats, nice bass lines and good guitar chords and riffs to make it an enjoyable one. | 463 hits
CD Review: Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
For over 25 years Def Leppard have been one of the UK's biggest rock bands, selling over 30 million records worldwide. | 1,268 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Junction 47
This double CD is an awesome achievement. It is truly good stuff. By all reckoning, 18 different bands from one part of the country should make a complete pudding of an album. | 382 hits
CD Review: Fold - Oil-Powered Machine / Detroit Red
Fold are an experimental live trip-hop four-piece based in Leeds, UK. Their double A-side release "Oil-Powered Machine / Detroit Red" gets a pair of BIG thumbs up from me. | 737 hits
Interview: The Dave Bakewell Plot + Herrod + Buen Chico
Andy Roberts finds out about the Halifax music scene... | 1,065 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - New Slang Compilation
Bloody students, what do they know? They come to your city bringing their vital contribution to the local economy, eating an inordinate amount of take away pizzas, disturbing residents who have lived here for years and then some of them have the nerve... | 550 hits
Live Review: Downdime + Insect Guide + Laboratory Noise
'A night of shoegaze.' Hmm. There seems to be some confusion over what shoegaze is. I mean...some of my friends don't even know and they're hip as fuck. | 776 hits
CD Review: Me Vs Hero - Days That Shape Our Lives
After two different versions of the same EP originally recorded in 2007, it is perhaps long overdue that Me Vs Hero are finally releasing their debut full length 'Days That Shape Our Lives'. | 777 hits
CD Review: For Those Lost - This Is Our Fight
When a band comes to you promising to sound like Slayer, Mastodon and Sick of It All, as a metal fan you could be forgiven for getting over excited. | 342 hits
Live Review: Future Of The Left + The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
A locked Faversham at 10pm, what is going on? Eventually, we get in to wander the empty spaces, waiting for punters and atmosphere to appear. | 646 hits
Live Review: Stiff Little Fingers
Stiff Little Fingers in Holmfirth? The sound of tinkling tea cups shattered by Belfast power chords? Mohicans mixing with the blue rinse brigade? | 648 hits
Interview: Minus
Guitarist with Icelandic rockers Mínus (pronounced "Meenush") Frosti, has an informal chat with Gavin Miller about touring, singing songs in English and why Iceland is the hip place to be nowadays... | 1,938 hits
Live Review: Mother/Destroyer + Micky P Kerr + Nigel Passey + Simon Pollard Band + Delirium Theory + Connect 2 + Baby Jupiter + Dan Burnett
Eiger Studios offers some of the best rehearsal and recording studios to be found in Leeds. It has a reputation which rises above the many similar facilities in a city which is inundated by bands of all shapes and sizes. | 678 hits
Live Review: Goo Goo Dolls
It's easy to see why the Goo Goo Dolls picked Johnny Lloyd to open for them on their latest UK tour. Promoting his new EP Foreverland, Lloyd is out on his own after calling time on Tribes three years ago. | 523 hits
Live Review: The Charlatans
A little bit of magic happened on Thursday night. That enchantment was provided by two of the greatest indie giants the UK has seen over the past two decades. | 757 hits
Live Review: The Young Knives
On the surface of things, The Young Knives do not come across as an instantly likeable band. Their whole geek-chic image, seemingly meaningless moniker and ludicrously named bass player (The House of Lords, those of you who were wondering) make it easy to mark them down as achingly hip, annoyingly pretentious passengers on the indie scenester bandwagon where being able to pout is much more important than being able to play. | 751 hits
News Article: Ricky Fleming EP Launch Show - Sat 19th March - The Key Club
Tickets (£5ADV) are now available here: This is the official event page for the Launch Party of Ricky Fleming's debut EP We Could Be More, at Key Club on Saturday 19th March. | 246 hits
Live Review: The Zar + Dog City + The Heist
Occasionally bands with edgy names proclaiming gritty sounds can sell themselves short, others should be seriously checked under the Trade Descriptions Act. | 743 hits
CD Review: Volcanoes - Vexihomp
I'm a fool for CD covers. The art of downloading has taken a hell of a lot of the magic away for me, as an ugly itunes tracklisting doesn't really have the same appeal as a Beatles or Stone Roses masterpiece. | 391 hits
Live Review: Black Nielson + The Somatics + Little Japanese Toy
The Vine is hardly buzzing tonight, which is a shame I think - all three bands here tonight have some definite potential, and some support early on in their careers wouldn't hurt. | 688 hits
Band Profile: Evile
thrash metal | 926 hits
Live Review: Food Fighterz + Hot Red Chili Peppers + This Is Nirvana
Legends of Rock hits Wakefield tonight with 3 of the biggest names in the nineties onwards alternative scene; the grungey Nirvana, the funky Red Hot Chili Peppers and the rocking Foo Fighters. | 549 hits
Interview: Vib Gyor
Sam Robson catches up with Leeds five-piece Vib Gyor following the release of new EP "The Stalker" | 1,712 hits
CD Review: Little Roy - Battle For Seattle
Cover albums can be really, really good or really, really bad. This collection of ten of Nirvana's best songs recorded in a reggae style are superb. | 614 hits
Live Review: Deerhunter + Lower Dens + Kogumaza
Once again Bradford Cox and co make a welcome return to Leeds. This time however, the public and critical acclaim for latest record Halcyon Digest has necessitated a step up in venue size from their usual haunt of the Brudenell to the much roomier setting of the Irish Centre. | 691 hits
Live Review: Pulled Apart by Horses + Emily Levy & Rich Arthurs + Bill Lawrence + Big Wave + Winter North Atlantic + Grammatics + Peter Wright + The Seal Cub Clubbing Club + Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band + Fuse[d]
There are countless laudable aspects of the weekend that will have been taken away by all of the festival-goers, but arguably it's Moor Music Festival's inclusive eclecticism that deserves the biggest pat on the back. | 1,060 hits
Live Review: Design + Lazer Kid + Beautiful Feet + Draco + Icarus Smith
The annual Bright Young Things showcase has been very much like a 'Kinder Surprise' over the last few years - yes you may look back fondly enough, but you'd rather have a 'Fizzy Cola Bottle' (Futuresound competition) or even a 'Flying Saucer' (local band nite at Joseph's Well) because, at the end of the day, while the 'Kinder Egg' promises much, open it up and a crappy toy that you play with for five minutes and then lose down the back of the sofa is all that confronts you. | 652 hits
Live Review: Aces & Eights + The Voltaires + Honeycomb Love
Aces & Eights are one of the only recent bands who have not come directly from MySpace. Rather than relying on the support of their, admittedly, over 1000 "Friends" they've worked their way up through the grimy Leeds pubs to arrive, not quite signed and slightly tainted, at the Cockpit. | 1,054 hits
Interview: The Subways
Billy Lunn talks to Nick Kearns about working with Butch Vig, festival experiences, live injuries and Welwyn Garden City. | 1,179 hits
News Article: Jupiter Falls "Revolution" Album Review From The USA
Review By Leslie J. Bialik (Music Critique, California, USA "Revolution" by Jupiter Falls October 9, 2013 "Revolution", the debut release by UK band Jupiter Falls really is a showcase for their excellent songwriting, singing, musicianship and production skills. | 312 hits
Live Review: Milburn + Rivers
My day started off surreally, an early morning phone call from my old dear asking me if I've heard of a band from Sheffield, called Milburn? | 869 hits
Interview: Brody
Andy Roberts talks to Brody ahead of their end of year festivities at the Royal Park... | 514 hits
Live Review: 65 Days Of Static + That Fucking Tank + ¡Forward, Russia! + Eiger + Pixel! Pixel! Pixel! + Falconetti + Bracing Ed + Blind Jackson
Aaah the all dayer. The closest thing you get to a mini festival, and with a rather interesting 8 band bill scheduled for the Tasty Fanzine event, the Brudenell Social Club seems to be slowly buzzing with prospect for the bands to come. | 2,784 hits
CD Review: Various Artists - Bright Young Things 2002
The Bright Young Things CD for 2002 is being distributed by Leeds City Council in April as a free addition to the glossy and widely available Leeds Guide. | 535 hits
Live Review: Parva + The Bluefoot Project + Mr Shiraz + Galitza
A gig in aid of 'A GOOD CAUSE' eh? (the 'good cause' in question being Wheatfields hospice). Thankfully tonite's gig and the Junction 47 II CD it is designed to promote owe more to the 'Help' album than they do to 'Live Aid' - bringing together genuinely good bands from Leeds to do what they do best - play quality music with scarce a lighter-waving ballad featuring a children's choir in sight... | 888 hits
CD Review: Galitza - Do You See? Do You?
Drifting, as they do, in a special dimension of their own, Galitza pulsate on a separate cycle to the ones we can normally understand. | 935 hits
Live Review: The Paddingtons + Five O'Clock Heroes + The Old House
Matt Knee is the smiliest drummer I have ever had the pleasure to watch! It made my night to see someone up there who was clearly enjoying every moment and who was not too ashamed to show his excitement. | 1,610 hits
Live Review: The Incredible String Band
"You may have gathered by now that we're a bit of a nostalgia act" quoth Mike Heron after a oddly banterless opening of two ISB classics, "you might say we are our own tribute band", well, yes, but I for one couldn't have asked for anything more. | 472 hits
Live Review: The Stranglers + Nine Below Zero
It strikes me that there may be people out there who are, through no fault of their own, too young to have even heard of The Stranglers. | 1,601 hits
Live Review: Queens of the Stone Age + Catfish and the Bottlemen + Enter Shikari + Drenge + GirlsOnDrugs
Opening the BBC Introducing stage on Saturday morning were this year's Centre Stage competition winners, GirlsOnDrugs. | 765 hits
Live Review: Frightened Rabbit + The Pigeon Detectives + Castrovalva + Sam Airey + Penguin
We're half way through Live At Leeds 2011, and with the Royal farce out of the way it's time to concentrate on important matters: a full day of quality live music for our lovely ears to listen to. | 1,121 hits
Interview: Chichino
Part One of a two-part interview with Leeds band Chichino, who are set to release their new single "It Could Happen To You" | 1,283 hits
Live Review: Truvine + Kill Manticore + Interruptor Jones + Colin Mounsey
So this is the location for Wakefield's newest acoustic night (featuring two non-acoustic bands tonight, just for the hell of it). | 884 hits

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