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News Article: The Leeds Music Hub set to host free Music Industry sessions
A range of free music industry support sessions for 2012 at The Leeds Music Hub are now open for booking via the Music Industry Yorkshire website. | 330 hits
News Article: 360 Club and Musicians Union to host free music industry event
360 Club has teamed up with Musicians Union to host a free music industry event on 13th January 2015 at The Library in Leeds. | 694 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm talks to Mile Spilsbury about the state of the industry, his upcoming tour and, erm, Chaucer? | 872 hits
News Article: Music to the ears of Leeds 6! Cloth Cat offer free music courses...
Cloth Cat continues to run a series of exciting free courses based around music in association with the Workers Education Association, for people in the Woodhouse & Hyde Park ward of Leeds. | 1,461 hits
News Article: West Yorkshire bands invited to enter a music video making competition.
Leeds has had music competitions and Leeds has had film competitions. 20/20/2 Vision is the first of its kind to combine the two as it gives 20 film makers and 20 bands the novel opportunity to make 20 music videos under the supervision and mentoring from industry experts. | 774 hits
News Article: Music Production and DJ Academy
Retrograde Academy is a digital skills learning academy based in Leeds city centre. Through the Digital Ninjas program, the first of many training courses has just launched aimed at music producers and DJs of the electronic dance scene. | 1,312 hits
Band Profile: Dan Burnett
Dan Burnett has proven to be one of the UK's leading piano vocalist and was spoon-fed blues, soul and rock music from an early age. | 826 hits
Feature: Opinion: "Not So Cheap Appeal"
Ashley Battye considers the possible ramifications of Universal Music's proposed EMI takeover. | 384 hits
Feature: "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - the importance of written band agreements.
A look at band partnership agreements - the first in a new series of advice pieces for local musicians from Blacks' music law man Pete Bott. | 453 hits
Interview: The Blueskins
Cathy Simpson talks to The Blueskins about music, festivals, The Beatles and lazy journalism... | 785 hits
Feature: Interview with Steve Hackett on his upcoming solo and Genesis appearance
Steve Hackett (SH) has a music career spanning 5 decades. The former Genesis guitarist is in the middle of a very busy year, with a new studio album, retrospective box set and an extensive tour. We caught up with him as he passed through York to chat about his year and look forward to the appearance at Leeds Town Hall on 20th October. | 944 hits
News Article: Fifteen bands announced for Bright Young Things 2007
Fifteen musicians and bands from across the region have been given the chance to shine through Bright Young Things 07, the annual Leeds showcase organised by Leeds City Council that offers young local bands and solo artists the opportunity to work directly with industry professionals. | 1,113 hits
News Article: Young Leeds bands and musicians are invited to enter Bright Young Things 2006 ...
Young musicians in Leeds are being offered the chance to follow previous participants The Music, Bodixa and 10,000 Things by taking part in the annual Bright Young Things showcase organised by Leeds City Council. | 671 hits
Interview: International Trust
When it came to getting a Q&A with Leeds Music Scene there was only one man they could turn to - the guy that misspelt their lead singer's name and alluded to the fact that he'd like to stone their heads in... | 1,279 hits
Feature: Cosmo's Song
Leeds Music Scene talks to the Devon-based musician and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis about his career so far and what lies ahead. | 373 hits
Interview: The Veils
Playing their first full-length tour over here in years (as support to Ed Harcourt), Leeds Music Scene caught up with Finn Andrews and Dan Raishbrook from Rough Trade-signed The Veils as they rolled into Brudenell Social Club, to discuss their recent tour of America, file-sharing, and the horrors of white reggae bands... | 1,481 hits
News Article: 360 Live launches in Leeds in February
'360 Live' is a county-spanning live music event aimed at showcasing some of the North's great music talent. | 1,310 hits
CD Review: Fran Rodgers - The Green Room
The first thing you notice about Fran Rodgers is how beautiful her voice is, angelic almost as she attempts to break into an industry dominated by rock and pop artists. | 434 hits
News Article: Calling all Leeds musicians, bands and filmmakers... 20/20/02Vision 2007 revealed.
20 Bands, 20 Filmmakers, 2 Weeks: details of the third annual 20/20/02Vision opportunity have this week been revealed and organisers of the 20/20/02Vision 2007 event are now looking for Leeds bands and filmmakers to take part in the exciting film and music festival, which educates and celebrates the raw talent within the UK film and music sectors. | 518 hits
CD Review: Deckard - Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity
The wonderful music industry in this country is so thorough you can totally rely that if there's a band out there you should know about they will do their utmost to work hard in ensuring the music will reach you via the airwaves, live performances and on a format affordable for your pocket! | 485 hits
Feature: 360 Club
Rebecca Atkinson speaks to Richard Watson of 360 Club. | 2,273 hits
News Article: BBC Radio 1Xtra announce project for 7,000 young people in Leeds and Bradford
BBC Radio 1Xtra have this week announced a month-long outreach and education project for 7,000 young people in Leeds and Bradford. | 662 hits
News Article: Calling all young musicians! Bright Young Things 2008 announced.
Are you the next big thing to hit the charts? Think you could follow in the footsteps of Corinne Bailey Rae or The Music? | 719 hits
CD Review: The Scaramanga Six - Cursed
Well named is the LP, given the history that lies behind it. Working with Tim Smith from the Cardiacs on an LP provisionally entitled "A Pound of Flesh" a few years back, Tim was taken seriously ill and the sessions appeared to have created a lost mythical work. | 723 hits
Feature: Momentum PR
Rachel Gardner spoke to Mandy Weetch, managing director of London-based Momentum PR. | 751 hits
News Article: Live At Leeds 2008 to feature a Demo Doctor and 'Local To Leeds' panel
Music lovers will get the chance to see some of the finest new bands in the country next month following the announcement of the line-up for Live At Leeds 2008, the now annual event that began last year as part of Leeds' 800th year celebrations. | 1,157 hits
CD Review: The Singles - Start Again
This February will have an extra day this year, as it's a leap year and all. But another day in that month which could indeed be good for the music industry is the 11th. | 391 hits
News Article: Calling Leeds musicians: Bright Young Things 2007 applications now accepted.
Leeds' hottest new bands and musicians are again being given the opportunity to shine in the annual Bright Young Things project. | 488 hits
Band Profile: Little Vegas Lies
Lively, Progressive Northern Brit-Rock | 675 hits
Band Profile: K.O.Kaine
metal | 1,483 hits
Band Profile: Lula
Lula is a young, London-based singer-songwriter, who's unique music has both a Folk and Pop essence. Her colourful life has shaped her vibrant sound and has already garnered the attention of industry taste-makers. | 103 hits
Band Profile: Rachael Hannah Mccaul
Simplistic and Soulful sounds of a solo vocalist and her acoustic guitar. | 260 hits
CD Review: The Xenith Sound - Innoncence
For as grandiose as their biog describes them, employing such everyday phrases as "dramatic melodic edge", "distinctive atmospheric sound" and those favourite biog-bites "inspiration" and "soaring", The Xenith Sound are a rock band. | 452 hits
News Article: 309 studios release free digital mixtape
309 studios - one of Leeds' well known music rehearsal and recording studio - have released a digital mixtape showing off some of the greatest musical talent found around Leeds and across the North of England. | 304 hits
CD Review: Surferosa - Shanghai My Heart
Some music genres never die. The recent wave of highly polished new wave music a la Stellastarr, The Killers, and even Fountains of Wayne is looking to get even bigger, especially with this neon nugget set to blow the charts skyward. | 669 hits
News Article: Being 747 to release their debut album "Fun & Games"...
Oddball, jerky pop whatnots Being 747 are about to embark on a voyage of quite ordinary proportions as they tour the country up and down and then back up again very quickly. | 364 hits
Interview: High Tyde
Described as "The band to watch in 2013" I couldn't wait to meet the boys from Brighton, High Tyde, before they played The Cockpit | 1,025 hits
Interview: Liam Frost
Three years after releasing his debut album, 'Show Me How the Spectres Dance' to critical success, Liam Frost has returned with 'We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain', an album dominated by love songs, released late 2009. | 685 hits
Interview: The Pigeon Detectives
Stacey Loren caught up with The Pigeon Detectives ahead of the 4th April release of their third album. | 1,085 hits
Band Profile: Sarah Brickel
Funky Soul/Jazz Singer-Songwriter | 196 hits
Interview: Amsterdam
Victoria Holdsworth speaks to Ian Prowse of Amsterdam and Pele. | 640 hits
CD Review: Fulc - Biting Insomnia
There are few bands on the local scene that are capable of producing a piece of work as accomplished as this. | 713 hits
Live Review: White Miles
White Miles are a 'dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo' from Madagascar, via Austria. Their last appearance in Leeds was in May, when they opened for Courtney Love. | 718 hits
News Article: 360 Club Xmas gig for Martin House Childrens Hospice.
Leeds based 360 Club which is rapidly becoming one of the UK's most respected live music events, showcases the very best in up and coming acts, whilst also assisting them with music industry advice and guidance, having seen several of its bands feature at Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading festivals this year as well as extensive coverage on BBC Introducing and Radio 1 play list being achieved for one act working with 360 Club's founder Richard Watson, the well respected gig night has had a very exciting year so far. | 598 hits
CD Review: Amycanbe - Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated
Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated - sure is! Reflecting the alternation into adult life, Amycanbe's awaited debut album portraits music from the body and the soul. | 480 hits
CD Review: Hiromi - Alive
Ok, I'd like to begin with an experiment. Close your eyes (no peeking now) and tell me what comes to mind when I say the words: "Japanese Jazz"? | 461 hits
Interview: Ash
Will Ridge interviews Tim Wheeler and Rick McMullen of the band Ash and tries to establish what the future has in hold for them now they have turned their back on the conventional album. | 919 hits
Band Profile: Olvidar
hardcore metal | 609 hits
Interview: Merchandise
Jessica Thornsby caught up with Brad from Bolton-based Merchandise | 1,096 hits
Live Review: Passion Pit + Ellie Goulding + Little Death
Tonight the crowd have piled into Leeds Met early with the anticipation of BBC Sound of 2010's winner Ellie Goulding and highly popular Passion Pit. | 546 hits
CD Review: The Alarm - In the Poppy Fields
The Alarms' fresh new CD has two halves. Tracks one through six are clear throated, sharp sounding 80s post punk rock, evoking U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Country and The Alarm. | 1,369 hits
CD Review: Dimbleby and Capper - Slick Maturity
I think we all know by now how new artists work: regardless of whether they acknowledge it or not, they strive to be the sum of all their influences whilst maintaining some degree of originality. | 567 hits
Interview: Being 747
Dave Cooke talks about life after Landspeed Loungers, Wrath Records, the local scene and the fortunes of his new band... | 663 hits
Band Profile: Finka
indie rock | 1,906 hits
Interview: Tom Hingley
Tom Hingley - Madchester Man - Musician - Hat sniffer and a legend! Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions. | 1,167 hits
News Article: Bright Young Things 2008: the 15 successful bands are revealed
Following an intense two-day judging process, the fifteen successful acts for Bright Young Things 2008 have been announced today. | 2,392 hits
CD Review: Chris Barber - Memories Of My Trip
This new offering from legendary English jazz trombonist Chris Barber is a double CD retrospective of his sixty years in the music industry working with some of the most important names around. | 537 hits
Interview: The Naked and Famous
Rosie Driver meets up with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous. | 1,075 hits
Interview: Vib Gyor
Sam Robson catches up with Leeds five-piece Vib Gyor following the release of new EP "The Stalker" | 1,684 hits
Interview: Arcane Roots
Two days after the release of their debut album 'Blood & Chemistry', Jamie O'Neill met up with Andrew, Adam and Daryl of Arcane Roots before they played the Cockpit to discuss the making of the new album, their intense tour schedule and the future of the band... | 464 hits
Live Review: Capital State + Helen + Suki
The first time I ever went to the New Roscoe the audience consisted of two men, a dog, and myself. It was like a completely different venue on this occasion, packed out almost to capacity, with a decent sound system and great atmosphere. | 508 hits
CD Review: Billy Bragg - Mr Love & Justice
Everything I don't really want to say about Mr Love and Justice is forced out of me by knowing that the slack and meandering four and half minute first track is also the single from the album. | 534 hits
Interview: The Sounds
Justin Myers interviews Felix Rodrigues, the guitarist from rising Swedish band The Sounds | 2,312 hits
Interview: New Young Pony Club
Is 'New Rave' dead? Or is it just older and wiser? I delve into the dark side of pop with NYPC. | 845 hits
Interview: The Futureheads
On a cold, wet and dark Tuesday night Gavin Miller talks with Ross Futureheads from the highly showbiz and rock and roll location of a Leeds Travel Lodge... | 1,201 hits
Interview: Club Smith
Joseph Seager had a chat with Sam from Club Smith, after their Leeds support slot at the Academy with The Sunshine Underground, and before their own headline gig on March 19th at The Cockpit. | 1,173 hits
CD Review: Chasing Dragons - Take Flight for a Firefight
In December of last year, with the release of their first EP just a few short months away, Chasing Dragons faced the thankless task of finding a new member with bass player Joe (who has no surname apparently) departing. | 321 hits
CD Review: The Adventures of Loki - Feminine Side
I don't write reviews. I've rarely felt moved enough to bother taking the time to do it, and I categorically do not do pannings. | 728 hits
Interview: Thunder
Victoria Holdsworth spoke to Luke Morley from Thunder before another sell out gig in Sheffield. | 1,633 hits
Band Profile: The Bluefoot Project
The Bluefoot Project are an amalgamation of urban heads fusing many different styles into a vocal-led, beat-driven, 21st century soulful funk with nods in the right direction to reggae, hip hop, gospel and leftfield. | 920 hits
Band Profile: Kelly Mueller
heartfelt pop | 1,355 hits
Interview: Carina Round
"Don't call me PJ" - Gemma Hinchliffe caught up with Carina Round at Joseph's Well... | 1,585 hits
Interview: Daniel Pearson
Stacey Loren chats to Daniel Pearson. | 1,061 hits
CD Review: Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
"100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong" declared the New Jerseyites' career spanning box set. Whilst there is no doubting that Bon Jovi have consistently 'shipped units' for over 20 years and won just about every music award going (along with Jon Bon Jovi's Oscar nomination for his solo work) there's a serious divide over the band's credibilty. | 2,208 hits
Interview: Gomez
Nick Henry interviewed Paul "Blackie" Blackburn, bassist of Gomez | 740 hits
Interview: Kava Kava
Victoria Holdsworth chats with Kava Kava main guy Pat Fulgoni. | 804 hits
Interview: Mike Randle (Baby Lemonade / Love)
Sam Saunders chats with Mike Randle, a member of long established and mild mannered Baby Lemonade, who have a secret life as superhero band Love, playing alongside Arthur Lee on the "Forever Changes" Tour that hits the UK this month... | 1,047 hits
Interview: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man
Revenge of The Psychotronic Man are still smoking | 625 hits
Interview: I Like Trains
I LIKE TRAINS are set to release their new album 'He Who Saw The Deep' next week - LMS gets the lowdown from guitarist/vocalist Dave Martin. | 1,103 hits
CD Review: Little Comets - Hope Is Just A State Of Mind
Little Comets are an interesting band. They have been teetering on the edge of indie excellence for the last 5 years, and I cannot for the life of me work out why they aren't one of the biggest guitar bands in the country. | 463 hits
Live Review: The Killers + The Futureheads + Bloc Party + Kaiser Chiefs
It doesn't seem all that long ago that you would see a Kaiser Chief every week, most often behind a bar. | 4,527 hits
CD Review: Josh Lees - Faith In A Box
The most impressive thing about Bradford-based Josh Lees' debut album, is his ability to tweak the usually restrictive acoustic pop formula, to give each song its own distinct character. | 539 hits
Band Profile: Kid Ink
Covered from head to toe in tattoos, 27 year-old Los Angeles-based rapper Kid Ink is wrecking havoc on the streets and in cyber world. | 29 hits
Interview: Charlotte Hatherley
Kate Zezulka meets up with Charlotte Hatherley to counteract the Spice Girls' comeback by spreading a little real girl power... | 1,219 hits
Live Review: Department S + Expelaires + Klammer
Post-punk Thursday descends upon Hyde Park's Brudenell Social Club, with some the UKs finest - old and new - entertaining an intimate and dedicated crowd this evening. | 773 hits
Interview: The Yards
Sam Saunders spoke to Chris Helme of the Yards in January 2004... | 1,135 hits
Interview: The Somatics
Andy Roberts heads round to The Somatics' house for a cuppa and a chinwag about their debut platter, local themes canal spotting and how prog will be cool once they release their new album... | 605 hits
Interview: My Passion
Sam Panasuik interviewed My Passion's Laurence Rene and Jamie Nicholls before their headline show at The Cockpit on 24th April 2011. They talk of festivals this summer, the new album and how they're hoping their friends The Blackout take them on tour in October or they will no longer be friends... | 850 hits
Live Review: Jake Bugg + Hudson Taylor + Skinny Living
Tonight First Direct, having turned promotors, are putting on their first of many (it is hoped) shows at the arena that bears their name. | 955 hits
Live Review: Bobby Conn + The Cribs + Kaiser Chiefs
So it's my first time back at the Well since that whole unfortunate 'incident' when The Stills overran by about six hours or something. | 2,933 hits
Interview: Ricky Warwick
Ricky Warwick was, and still is, the formidable front man for one of the heaviest rock acts the UK has ever seen. Victoria Holdsworth asks the questions... | 2,523 hits
Interview: Local Natives
Chris Haywood caught up with Local Natives before their headline gig at The Brudenell. | 839 hits
Band Profile: Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys are: Alex Turner: guitar, vocals Jamie Cook: guitar Andy Nicholson: bass Matt Helders: drums Maybe you're about to read this and find out about a band called Arctic Monkeys. | 11,876 hits
Live Review: The Reds + The Working Parts + The Red Shades + Stand Alone
At least once a week, 'The Library' pub based in Leeds plays host to the music event known as the '360 Club'. | 782 hits
Interview: Funeral for a Friend
LMS writer Daniel Powell spoke to Funeral for a Friend before their show at Leeds Met in December 2008 | 967 hits
Interview: ˇForward, Russia!
The scheme brewing in the collective mind of ˇForward, Russia!, Leeds' pioneers of screeching, mercurial noise, is a simple one. It goes like this... | 2,314 hits
Interview: Doll & The Kicks
Steve Wright interviewed Doll on Friday October 30th, the day after the band had played at Leeds Academy | 1,145 hits
Feature: British Jazz Blog
Gale Searcher speaks to Josh Jennings of British Jazz Blog | 859 hits
News Article: DAN AUDIO- By Ben Bradford
Dan Audio - Interview Published by Ben Bradford May 20th, 2009 in Interview. Pop and soul band with an edge and an ambition, plus they're not afraid to take on U2. | 422 hits
Interview: Chichino
Part One of a two-part interview with Leeds band Chichino, who are set to release their new single "It Could Happen To You" | 1,239 hits
Interview: British Fiction
British Fiction: Twilight's Lost and Dreaming of Modern Peacocks | 916 hits
Live Review: The Mexanines + British Daylight + PaperPlane + Indecisive Crisis + Another Life + The Artists + Inlaze + The Scandal + Traffic Wire + Distorted Sky + Euthemia + Seas-Of-Green + Glassbody
In the middle of April this year, just over thirty bands competed in the heats of the third year of the Centre Stage competition, where bands compete whilst raising gratuitous amounts of cash for a well-deserving cause in Martin House Children's Hospice. | 1,202 hits
Live Review: AntiProduct + The Scaramanga Six + Mr Shiraz + Phluid
Sex, Drugs, Profanity, Leaping, Stripping, Heckling, Moshing, Exploding Equipment, Biting the heads off bats... | 1,142 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
Matt Bentley catches up with Jon Gomm. | 1,827 hits
Interview: Jon Gomm
"Being a promoter is terrifying" - Leeds guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm takes on the promoter-role as he brings his 'Leeds Guitar Night' concept to the Brudenell Social Club on July 6th. | 1,906 hits

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