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161 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3ED


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About Fenton.

The Fenton is located on Woodhouse Lane and has been established as one of Leeds leading live music venues for well over a decade.

Over the years the venue has seen a myriad of bands and artists play.

Bands such as Sisters Of Mercy frequently appeared in the small 70-capacity venue, and the upstairs room was a host to Leeds Sound City in 1996.

The upstairs room is available to hire by visiting the Fenton and asking for the manager.



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Pearl Jammed

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 10th April 2010



Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 5th May 2001


Tempting Kate

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 4th May 2001



Live @ Fenton on Friday, 23rd March 2007


Waking Theo

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 17th November 2006


Nerve Engine

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 20th October 2006



Live @ Fenton on Friday, 21st July 2006


Insect Guide

Live @ Fenton on Thursday, 8th June 2006



Live @ Fenton on Thursday, 23rd February 2006


Palo Alto

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 27th January 2006



Live @ Fenton on Sunday, 20th February 2005


Ali Whitton

Live @ Fenton on Sunday, 28th November 2004


Baby Food

Live @ Fenton on Monday, 9th February 2004


Pilot to Gunner

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 7th February 2004



Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 25th November 2000


Little Japanese Toy

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 4th April 2003


les Flames!

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 31st August 2002


The Hayze

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 27th July 2002



Live @ Fenton on Friday, 1st October 1999


Pop Threat

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 6th April 2002


30 Day Hex

Live @ Fenton on Saturday, 6th April 2002


8 Day Decline

Live @ Fenton on Friday, 8th June 2001