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31-33 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT


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On 29th May 2011 at 18:21 Anonymous 14227 wrote...

Tomorrows set times are as follows!
Main Stage times
10.20pm Blood Oranges
9.30pm Albert Ross & The Otters
8.30pm Michael Kiwanuka
7.30pm Moody Gowns
6.30pm Pirouettes
5.30pm This Many Boyfriend
4.30pm We Were all made in China
3.30pm Afghan Hounds
2.30pm Clifford Village Band

Acoustic Stage Times
10pm A Kick Inside
9pm Gary Stewart
8pm Lunchtime Disco Club
7pm Abbey
6pm Midnight High
5pm Fuzzie Jones
4pm Something In The Loft (Joe)
3pm Alistair James

DJ's to follow from 11pm onwards!


Gig Listings

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  • May 1 2017The Tenmours
    Plus support.
  • May 8 2017Lauren Kindelan
    Plus support.
  • May 9 2017Jerry Harmon
    Plus support.
  • May 10 2017Skies
    Plus support.
  • May 14 2017Misfires
    Plus support.
  • May 15 2017Poor Nameless Boy
    Plus support.
  • May 16 2017Eli West
    Plus support.
  • May 17 2017Victories At Sea
    Plus support.
  • May 21 2017Lisa Mitchell
    Plus support.
  • May 22 2017Erin Costelo
    Plus support.
  • May 23 2017Into The Ark
    Plus support.
  • May 24 2017Blyss
    Plus support.
  • May 29 2017OtherPeoplesLives
    Plus support.
  • May 31 2017Wovoka Gentle
    Plus support.
  • Jun 4 2017Low Island
    Plus support.
  • Jun 12 2017Alex Golisti
    Plus support.
  • Jun 19 2017Charlie Barnes
    Plus support.
  • Jul 10 2017Simon Widdowson
    Plus support.
  • Aug 14 2017Tom Kay
    Plus support.
  • Aug 21 2017Ree Nay
    Plus support.
  • Sep 13 2017Lewis Capaldi
    Plus support.
  • Sep 19 2017Banfi
    Plus support.
  • Sep 24 2017Van Zeller
    Plus support.


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