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280 Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2HZ


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About Primrose.

The Primrose is a small music venue located on Meanwood Road - opposite the Jet Garage - just a short drive away from the Leeds City centre.

The venue provides a PA and sound engineer, plus a backline of drum kit, bass amp and guitar amp if required.

The popular venue has played host to bands from across the globe, as well as a few well-known names from the local Leeds area. Their music policy is varied and nights cover a wide range of genre, including punk, indie, funk, acoustic and open mic nights.

The Primrose is also a regular host to charity fundraisers.



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On 9th January 2010 at 23:41 Anonymous 7522 wrote...

The Primrose is the best venue we have ever played at!

we love it so much here.

thankyou primrose!


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  • Jun 28 2017Rhgcovers
    Plus support.
  • Jun 30 2017Karl Phillips
    Plus support.


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Live @ Primrose on Friday, 16th March 2007


Blah Blah Tin

Live @ Primrose on Tuesday, 27th February 2007


Unexploded Shells

Live @ Primrose on Saturday, 3rd February 2007


Wilful Missing

Live @ Primrose on Friday, 16th June 2006


Billy No Mates

Live @ Primrose on Tuesday, 10th May 2005


Unexploded Shells

Live @ Primrose on Saturday, 7th May 2005


King Tonka

Live @ Primrose on Friday, 16th July 2004


The Cat Pack

Live @ Primrose on Saturday, 11th January 2003


Base 4

Live @ Primrose on Friday, 18th August 2000