This is a review of "Let It Go" recorded by Remo. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2001.

Remo are from the growing collection of "alternative" rock bands hailing from the city of Bradford lately. However with this latest offering it is a borderline rock/metal affair that does itself real justice on this CD, as the production is excellent. Each song on this EP employs a different vocalist. A strange concept? Lets find out...

Let It Go - This is the title track of this 3 song EP. It is just a straight-ahead rock song. No frills, no spills, just straight in yer face ROCK! I mean this in the sense of the driving power chorded guitars, which adds to the texture of the song itself. In all the songs there is some excellent guitar work and this has a nice wah solo towards the end. The "original" singer, who performs on their material live is featured on this track and has an exceptional voice that carries the song throughout. There has been use of samples on this song also which I think the band will find hard to re-create live. A very good opening song.

Project X - This is a foray into the "hard" rock mode here. The song starts off with a riff almost reminiscent of a band like AC/DC or some other band from the 80's, and vocals are used sparingly. This tune was originally written as an instrumental, so there was no need to really rely on the vocals to carry it. The riff that starts the song could have so easily been used in one of their other songs. It just seems so "out of place" on this EP.

Stalker Song - This track shows Remo's lighter side. The lyrics were inspired by an article they read in a paper about Tracy Shaw getting stalked (now see, that's inspiration kids!) There is some very good guitar work in this song. I personally would have used the original vocalist from the 1st track on this song, as some of the vocals are off key. A very catchy song.

There is no doubt the band are a very tight unit and if you like to ROCK hard then go and see this band.