This is a review of "The People EP" recorded by The Music. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Oh my gaawwwd, they've only gone and bettered themselves! Maturing fast into a psychedelic rock crossover act with huge prospects for the future, Leeds four-piece The Music have released an extremely impressive follow up to last year's debut single. By now I'm sure everyone will have heard title track "The People" - it was play-listed at Radio One very early on and the video (filmed in the arches under the station in Leeds) features on MTV2 most evenings - it's possibly the sing along anthem for 2002, a foot-stomping head-nodding Led Zeppelin-influenced mix of effect-laded guitar riffs, some incredible vocals and an insight into the future possibilities. There's also an introduction of that late-night dance festival sound (remember the Josh Wink tune of the late nineties?) around four minutes in, indicating a possible move towards the creation of more of the club vibe that has merely been threatened to date. Saying that, fans will argue to the contrary as for 10 seconds of track two, "Let Love Be The Healer", we're treated to what is possibly a wandering towards 70's punk darlings The Damned - before The Music remember they have an identity of their own and immediately relax back into another great tune. The different styles work in the band's favour, especially as appealing to a wider audience base is almost certainly a healthy position to be in at this early stage in their career.