This is an archive of the band profile for El Cartel.

"el cartel" were founded in 2007 and have since developed their own sound with a mix of indie/britpop with jazz with funky ryhthms and dirty disco beats. They are gigging hard and always on the look out for more venues. Their trademark is happy, feel good Indie rock numbers kept short and sweet!

Likened to The Bluetones / Shed Seven / Travis / Embrace and One night only, they have a well rounded 'feel good' Indie sound to their three and a half minute creations, which they describe as: "summer pop with funky rock 'n' roll undertones".

They are looking for exposure for their radio friendly sounds so looking for anyone who can give them a helping hand...

el cartel like:
Tea, cigs (some of us), bouncy happy music and love to play!

Vocals: Tom Last
Bass/Backing Vocals: Harry Kendall
Rhythm Guitar: Sarah Andrews
Lead Guitar: Ally Bolton
Drums: Martin Birks.