This is an archive of the band profile for A Cuckoo.

A Cuckoo creates a dusty and nostalgic blend of acoustic based esoteric poetry. Songs of love and light weave in and out of musical paintings that are delicately splashed with the auburn colours of strings, the oak texture of acoustic guitars, the glistening silvers of music boxes and glockenspiels, subtle golden tints of bells, the vermilion and sepia sound
of melotrons and vibraphones and the gentle breeze that is A Cuckoo's voice.

The sound can been described as the reminiscent echoes of a dusty sepia tinted past. An enchanting and whimsical blend of curious memorabilia that conjures images of old Edwardian streets.

"There is something reassuringly old fashioned about A Cuckoo, a singular individual who dwells on the Yorkshire Moors and has a fixation with sepia-toned Edwardiana, music boxes and the like. We hope that A Cuckoo's forthcoming album will be available on 78. It would seem impolite if it wasn't." MOJO Magazine.