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The Hypes are an upcoming band based in Leeds. Thriving from influences such as Oasis, The Beatles, The Who, Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys. They have created a distinctive Rock 'n' Roll sound which always brings a satisfied appreciation from all they play to including acts they support. Having gained more new fans along the way it was inevitable a northern stroll has taken them to perform in some of the most noted & popular venues, in & around cities of Leeds & Manchester. With demand now claiming their arrival this should take them further afield, ventures have pinned them down to other areas with strong music scenes.
The band have an EP out called '7 Years Of Change' which you can check out on their myspace.

''Finally today 'The Hypes' brought their distinctive brand of rock 'n' roll to the crowd. They also brought a great following. Anthemic songs were delivered well by each band member. They seem to be improving by the day. Watch out England''
Yrock - review

''Leeds lads 'The Hypes' have formed themselves into a solid gimmick free guitar band in the 21 months they have been playing together. They opened with a building number and the set continued with tune after tune of melodic Indie-Rock. Forceful drums and quirky tempo changes drove the rare sounds you could nod your head and shake your hips to.''
Surface Unsigned semi final - review.