This is a review of "s/t" recorded by Aces & Eights. The review was written by Alice Booth in 2008.

After seeing Aces & Eights at The Cockpit many, many nights ago, I was extremely excited to see that they’d been signed. Raucous Records had taken them under their leopard-printed, psychobilly wing and they had released an awesome record named simply, “Aces and Eights”. Ok, so it’s not the most original name, but what does that matter when the tunes are so goddamn grand?! After first hearing them on MySpace I was just the tiniest bit sceptical about the CD, I mean let’s face it, a couple of tunes on MySpace and a bit of stage presence does not a musician make. But I was bowled over by the sheer quality of the album. Every single song has so much energy, so much fire, and it’s so damn well-played you’d think the Antichrist himself had appeared in the studio with them, to dance his diabolical fingers over the strings and tap his cloven hoof to the beat. The album is made up of fast-paced, crashing drums, guitar riffs that are so goddamn catchy, stand-up double bass played the way I’m sure Beethoven did not intend, but Lee Rocker definitely did and lyrics that would turn the most prudish, Catholic nun into a corset-clad, nipple-tasselled, burlesque dancer with a fetish for S+M Priests. Overall, it’s just an awesome piece of psychobilly/blues that’s been updated to slither its way into the mainstream, just like the serpent in Eden, aiming to bring decadence, debauchery and god-honest damnation to the waiting masses.