This is an archive of the band profile for Misled Icons.

The band was started a few years ago by Mike and has undergone a couple of member changes to get to the point it is at today. In the beginning the band was created while Mike was at Richmond School and they used to practice at lunch times, they played a couple of gigs then decided to part ways with their drummer Tom. Adam was brought in to pick up the sticks and things looked quite rosy for a while.

Jonny was then recruited to play guitar which bolstered the band to a 4 piece, Scott then left the band and as did Adam due to University, This allowed Jonny to moved onto bass, Dave picking up the sticks and Addsy taking up Jonny's vacant place as guitarist. After a few more gigs The band recorded the E.P Welcome to Misled Territory. Addsy then left the band and Milo was brought in to replace him as guitarist and backing vocalist, which leaves us with the line up today of Mike, Jonny, Dave, Milo aka Misled Icons.

The past 12 months have seen lots happening in the world of Misled Icons: they have played close to 100 shows all over the UK, toured England and Scotland with their good friends 2 Many Units, and also recently signed to Bad Luck Records. In the coming months a debut album will be recorded (8 - 12 tracks) to be released Dec 08/Jan 09..