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Hailing from Yorkshire, The Grown Up Scandals are a band with That Classic Sound. Urban? Yes, but more than that. They put down their roots with early shows in Leeds and found the stage their natural home. With a love of Jazz, a keen ear for melody and the soul as well as the soul in a song, The Grown Up Scandals take their writing as seriously as the music, their pen having touched many issues - from love to liberation, politics to pain - their song writing is something to be recognised, no doubt.Whilst being uniquely "Scandalous", their sound calls to mind the funky beats and soulful vocals of a mix between James Brown and Seal. The effortless rhythms are captivating many at live shows and building a steady and unswerving fan base at the same time. Bursting with enthusiasm and ready to go the distance, Grown Up Scandals lives by 'Carpe Diem' - and certainly plans to Seize The Day!.