This is a review of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" recorded by International Trust. The review was written by Justin Myers in 2008.

'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is an odd track to say the least. It's a perfectly crafted indie/pop song with radio friendly keyboard hooks and half decent production values. However this is where the pop sound starts and ends because lead singer Neil Hanson is the key element in the sound of International Trust. His edgy vocals, at times a little out of tune and reminiscent of The Pogues, grab your attention firmly whilst he rants about the system and censorship in the verses, only to hit you with a killer chorus, which means nothing but makes you want to stand up and follow his instruction to go up to the left, right, and then forward. This is by far the best pop song you'll hear this year, even if the guitar solo is rather dubious.

B-side 'There's no I in International Trust' is more along the rock side of the tracks, opting for a more crunchy, less synthesized sound to the track and again Hanson haunts the track with his edgy but firm vocals. Plus there's an International Trust chant in it, which doesn't hurt. 'Bruce Lee' again starts in the same manner as 'Kiss Kiss...' and again provides the same killer chorus, which will undoubtedly keep these songs in your head for a long time.