This is a review of "The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds" recorded by Skint & Demoralised. The review was written by Joseph C Seager in 2008.

The first thing on receiving the single I notice is the use of an Alan Ball & Billy Bremner image. Great stuff! That’s where the greatness kind of ends though. ‘The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds’ would maybe be better as a thirty second thrilling track. It all seems a bit dated. There isn’t anything new here to get your teeth round. The singing in a broad accent thing hit its climax a while ago and Skint & Demoralised may be just that by turning up to the party a little late. The lyrics are fine, a bit random at times, there is obvious talent in the playing of the instruments but it’s not anything special. It picks up a bit toward the end, but does go on a tad. A basic, average release. I wish them all the luck in the world, they might need it.