This is an archive of the band profile for State Of Error.

State Of Error originally formed in March 2006, out of the ashes of Queensbury High School band Giant Inflatables. A couple of vocalists came and went before Richard (formerly with short-lived Halifax punk band The Unplanned) joined in July 2007. Since then we have gigged regularly around West Yorkshire, and other parts of the north of England, performing everywhere from church socials to slots with bands from UK Subs & Stiff Little Fingers to My Passion and Amy Can Flyy, from stages the size of The Cricketers Arms to the one at Bingley Music Live

We'd like to think that we're an energetic and exciting live band, but we'll let you judge that for yourself! We have reams of videos streaming across the interweb ( is a good place to start!)... or if you want a better representation, why don't you come see us at a gig (free drinks are warmly accepted).

We draw our influences from everything and anything to create punky rock music that we all enjoy thoroughly! And we owe more than you can shake a stick at to anyone who enjoys listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it!.