This is an archive of the band profile for Mhyst.


At age 6, I started piano lessons and worked my way up to ABRSM Grade 8 at aged 15 with 142/150 marks, the highest in the country at the time. At age 7, I started violin lessons and passed ABRSM Grade 7 aged 15.

I started to write trance and ambient aged 13 with a band. It was really bad and we only ever had one gig and that was a disaster but it was the start of my journey into composition.


At aged 17, I had enough cash to get some studio gear of my own. I got a Tascam 4 track tape deck, borrowed a 1970's unidyne microphone and got a cheap hundred quid Casio keyboard (which I still have for it's BOSS piano sounds) and also bought a Zoom RFX 2000 Rack Mountable Effects Board. I thought it was amazing to be able to lay down my own tracks.


In 2006, I began writing Trance Music when Trance was popular, I did most of it on cheap music software that really didn't cut it and although some of it was excellent, it did not seem to take off. I used a lot of sample packs then as I did not have the right gear to make my own samples.


In 2007, I got Reason Software plus a USB Oxygen 61 Midi Controller. I began to write Ambient Electro music using the reason factory sound bank, plus refill packs. I learned how to program drums and use all the effects. I also bought a Marshall condenser microphone with shock mount/pop shield, a Fostex MR8 8 track Digital Recorder, Casio HT6000 80's Synthesiser, MicroKorg Synthesiser and a Fender Strat Guitar.


I met Robb in 2007, we started writing music together and now we are taking off on the internet, I am getting our stuff on Itunes/Amazon and CD Baby. We are sending our stuff off to various places and we are trying to go live. We are already featuring on 3 radio shows about new talent. We have an investor who wants to help us, and we have had a lot of success on myspace, getting 15-25 thousand plays a day..