This is a review of "Bonnie & Clyde" recorded by The Jutes. The review was written by Kevin Richardson in 2008.

I will admit on first listening of this CD I was a bit underwhelmed. It sounded a bit too samey, nothing original. But then I listened to it throughout the day and found myself singing along and hearing new things each time. There are only three tracks on this demo but with all three coming in around four minutes they are not short. All three tracks have had a lot of care taken and are well structured.

The first track ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is an indie power pop jaunt that is really infectious. The male and female vocals working together in the chorus works really well and the whole track has a light summery feel. The guitar riffs are kept simple but toe tappingly infective. Perhaps the greatest compliment I could give to this song is that it would quite happily sit alongside the tracks on The Strokes ‘Room On Fire’ and not sound out of place.

‘Euphoria’ sounds different with less emphasis on riffs, but still with an underlying dancey feel to it. I like the way they hold back in certain sections before coming back in and raising the energy back. It shows great control and works brilliantly. The track has a sound of early Bloc Party mixed with the underlying riff sounding very Interpol. I can imagine being at one of their gigs and this song being one of the highlights it really gives the whole band to show off and shows a very different sound to the first track.

The final track ‘My Fiasco’ again shows a different sound to the other two, and is my favourite on the CD. This is more of a straightforward rock and roll track and has the classic rock structure. Heavy riffs and pounding drums are the highlight along with flashes of rocking guitar solos that crescendo brilliantly and I loved this song from the first listen.

All three tracks sound great and for a demo the quality is faultless. The mixing is flawless and the overall sound is really professional. I would be really interested in hearing more from The Jutes as they show a wide range of variety and more importantly focus. Not once does something sound out of place or sloppy this five-piece seem to have everything in place to go on to big things.