This is an archive of the band profile for Maggie8.

There are few bands that create their own genre but Maggie8 have done exactly that. The music they make incorporates western folk and indie styles with Hindi Raags and elements of Bollywood. A strange mix at first glance but what is stranger, is just how well it works.

Mark Wright played in the awesome Wetherby band Hood (Domino, Slumberland) and when they went on hiatus he created Maggie8. Mark swapped the guitar for a banjo and a couple of years were spent slipping down the Leeds side streets playing lovely layered folk tunes that sounded a bit like Beirut and a bit like Hood. 'Maggie' released a couple of CDR's that drew acclaim from a small but discerning record buying public.

A chance meeting in 2008 drew Nivedita Pisharoty into the Maggie8 fold and soon her song writing was taking the band off in a new direction. Nivedita grew up in Madras and brought a whole new perspective and range of influences to the music. The songwriters' ideas flowed into one another and came out sounding like this; Pentangle and Asha Bhosle, The Smiths and Geeta Dutt, Beirut and A.R Rhaman, Stereolab. This organic melding of styles is difficult to describe but easy to enjoy.

Maggie8 are making plans to tour England and India. Oh, and according to Youtube they have a large following in Botswana, which is nice. So it might be worth heading there too? East, West, whatever....