This is a review of "Our Love's Enormous" recorded by Buen Chico. The review was written by Alexander Rennie in 2008.

This self-released long player from the Leodensian three-piece is a solid example of their warm guitar pop. It's packed with jangly hooks, engaging melodies and quite a few endearing lyrics (charmingly laid out in the gatefold libretto for those sensible individuals that pick up the disc).

The album charts the full terrain from the jittery and danceable (such as the shouty 'Tell 'Em!' or recent single 'See Who Wins') through the anthemic ('It Wasn't About That') to the smolderingly orchestrated slow build-up of 'Just As Long As There's A Spark' that rounds off this LP. The band move between the sparse and stripped-down to the lush and string-augmented with relative ease and never fail to be easy on the ear, even at their most cacophonous.

The journey is a pretty varied one. Whether the same people that dig the scuzzy low-fi of 'Rag & Bone Man' will also be smiling along with the saccharine harmonies of 'There's No Machine' is debatable, but it's all well crafted stuff that benefits from the avoidance of re-ploughing a predictable indie rock furrow. Half an hour in the company of this album is certainly time well spent.