This is a review of "Chickenhawk" recorded by Chickenhawk. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2009.

Chickenhawk's debut long-player is an ambitious and heroic montage of many different types of metal. Crunching riffs swing themselves between battering rhythms and off-kilter tempo changes, and are often interspersed with throat-destroying vocal theatrics and glitches of weird electronica. Although primarily metal, the release does demonstrate a certain amount of genre hopping and is a more interesting and involving listen for having done so.

Opener 'Dude-a-tron' is a short burst of pounding, bastardised electro-house, before Chickenhawk switch operations to their main forte of bruising riffage with the Dillinger-esque guitars of 'Piglosaur' and the Helmet-style riffs that offset the more retro (almost seventies Sabbath) vocals of 'The Let Down.'

Elsewhere 'Minus Infinity Killswitch' mirrors Yousluts! style of combining-band-names-as-song-titles (see MyBloodyJesusExplorerOnFire from the aforementioned outfit) and produces some calming passages of fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Forthcoming single 'Nasa vs Esa' reverts to the familiar levels of brutality and power that are a constant theme throughout this release, with fast alternating dual riffs underpinned by solid and hard-hitting drum patterns. Amongst this riff odyssey Chickenhawk manage to maintain their sense of humour and adventure: 'Duel-a-tron' showcases a neat line in country-style "chicken picking" guitar, which raises a smile.

An adventurous and imaginative release that is helped along by a high standard of musicianship, "Chickenhawk" is recommended to anyone with a metal disposition.