This is a review of "Roads To Rome" recorded by Pete Briley. The review was written by Amelia Rivas in 2009.

On the first listen, Pete Briley resembles this island's most hated solo artist - James Blunt. I didn't think this was a good sign, but I gave it a shot. I reluctantly warmed to first track, 'Two seats.' Pete charmed me with his intricate guitar melodies and sincere sing-song about bicycles and the sea-side. Track two, and that funny feeling of James came back. With it came bongos, scratchy vocals and not much else. Awkward bongo solo over and I found myself swallowing bitter words with 'sPutnik', a dainty ballad with the charisma of 'The Rosie Taylor Project'. Here, acoustic guitar and frank verse are jeweled with glockenspiel, and it's just right.

Unfortunately the flag fell for the remainder of the songs, but to be fair this fellow has done a moderate job of making an acoustic EP, it's just I really despise Mr. Blunt.