This article was published in 2009.

Northerner is West Yorkshire-based musician Martin Cummings. Drawing from a diverse cross section of influences including the textured ambience of Labradford, Arthur Russell and Christian Fennesz 'The Ridings' creates a sometimes melancholic, always deeply involving listening experience.

'The Ridings' is Northerner's first full-length record after previously releasing an all too quickly sold out EP 'There'll Be Other Holidays' on Bristol's Misplaced Music imprint. It is made up of eleven beautifully crafted pieces for guitar and other instruments, ranging from the deceptively simple acoustic variations, to moments of warm, ethereal drifting ambience.

'The Ridings' is released on February 23rd via Home Assembly Music and comes with a full length bonus CD of remixes courtesy of Bracken, The Declining Winter, Portal, aus, Epic 45, Fieldhead, Gareth S Brown, Glen Shipley, Part Timer, Winter North Atlantic and Yuri Lugovskoy.