This is an archive of the band profile for TNT.

TNT - The New Testament formed in Bradford University with an open jamming session held in the local music centre. Many young talents passed through the door, and so emerged a band of various geographical positionings...

Throughout the following months of rigorous practices and learning some of the best rock tunes available, a line-up was established! This band (commonly known then as Funk On Fridays) changed their name to TNT. They then went on to play their first concert together at Bradford's Love Apple Cafe on 16th March 2007, taking the venue by storm, and receiving many great accolades from the onlooking crowd. Although, during the summer of 2007, the departure of two members - Jack from Guitar and George from Lead Vocals - meant the line-up to TNT was now reduced to just 6. The ongoing search for a permanent singer continued...

Until the new University year lead us to some new talent. Gilan and Naz came to try out as new vocalists for the band. Impressed by their performance, twin harmonies and shared love for rock, they were swept on board as the new front women of TNT!

During May 2008, some of the band collaborated with other students at the University of Bradford, to create the charity single that is 'Scream Out!'. IT was released on the indiestore website topping at number 5 on its chart.

The 2008/09 academic year brings joyous occasions. It also brought us sadness.

The jollyness would be the fact that we have now outstretch from Bradford into Leeds covering them in our stickiness. However the night holds some sobriety for the band as it is when Stu decided to call it a day, for the time being, with TNT.

TNT have decided to take a break from gigging until February/March, to get some originals down..