This is an archive of the band profile for Kill All Enemies.

Kill All Enemies was originally formed by Matt - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Auste - Lead Guitar, Calvin - Drums and Pete - Bass/Backing Vocals but due to musical differences and personal issues Calvin and Pete left Kill All Enemies, leaving Matt and Auste with no Bass or Drums. After a few phone calls Matt and Auste recruited former InFanOcide members Jaz and J to complete the line up, Jaz changing from Guitar in InFanOcide to Bass and J playing Drums. But due to musical differences and other commitments Jaz left leaving KAE without a bassist yet again.

After a few beers in Carpe Diem, Auste found the next Bassist for KAE in the form of Panda and everything was rolling again until Christmas of that year when Kill All Enemies disbanded and stopped talking - no-one knows why. Everyone has a story about it, but no one knows the real reason.

A couple of months had passed and Matt was having a few brews in Carpe Diem and it was open mic night and he was joined by Calvin and decided to get on stage together and jam out a few KAE tracks prompting to resurrect Kill All Enemies with Calvin back on Drums and Diggle (Tripp) on Bass and found themselves a Manager and the Kill All Enemies train was back on the rails heading full speed ahead for the top.

Again this did not last long as Calvin and Diggle both left leaving Matt left finding a Drummer and Bassist. Matt recruited former Unhallowed Drummer Jay to play bass and after a few phone calls and a few beers recruited Former InFanOcide Drummer J again to fill in on Drums.

After 4 months of heavy rehearsing and being left by the manager J, Jay and Matt felt that something was missing. Since Auste left the band no one had filled that empty Guitar slot and that was what was missing so Matt Jay and J put their heads together trying to think of someone that could fill the slot. One day one of J's parents' friends, Nick, was round at the house with his Guitar and Matt asked him if he wanted to try out, so Matt and Nick went to have a jam and after 5 mins Matt was blown away and asked Nick to join Kill All Enemies, which Nick happily agreed to and from the moment Nick said yes he was committed and Kill All Enemies LIVES ON!

To all the past members of Kill All Enemies we would like to say thank you for all your Commitment and Dedication you put in the mix whilst you was in the Band.

Matt, Jay, Nick & J.